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Thursday, July 31, 2008


Followup sometimes pays off: Look what has popped up in the last five days...

First I see this in my reading list at KABOBfest: With Friends Like these: Ludicris...

Which reminds me of this comment 25 JUL 2008:
PD-The Carney’s are just now showing up at the fairground. I saw Dick Morris on Fox, earlier tonight saying that if Obama is ahead in the polls come October, Israel will invade Iran.

also, you might find this one interesting Bilderberg VA

But also this great stuff:

And in the comments is this: Mustache Wars: Hamas-Fatah...

"The Aksa Martyrs Brigades issued a statement strongly condemning the shaving of Namnam's mustache and threatening retaliation. It said that Namnam and his son were also tortured while in detention.
Earlier this year, another senior Fatah official, Ibrahim Abu al-Naja, also lost his mustache in the power struggle with Hamas."

So then only a month ago was the news: Mustache Chronicles

I bring this up because the whole thing is about Mastering your album, that is probably nameless and in no particular order up to this point:
I have a tentative (weather permitting) meeting with Bill Dees this afternoon. We’ve mixed the record and the next step is to send it off to mastering. The mastering process is very mysterious. ...Mastering is tweaking. It can turn out bad, for sure. It can be like trying to even up your mustache or shortening a table leg. Conversely, mastering done well, can take your record to a whole new level.

Mastering is having another set of ears, professional ears, give your hard work a final say. ...(Pribek; 11 Feb 2008)

The short answer is that they didn't want it badly enough. Technology isn't just a matter of what a society knows how to do, or can afford to do. It's also a matter of what the society wants to do. The Romans and Greeks could make mechanical devices, they just chose to do other stuff -- and thereby missed out on the advantages which mechanization could provide.

How a Man Ages -- UPDATED- how the space shuttle ages

Space Shuttles | First flights | (real or hypothetical retirement dates) | Years Service
Atlantis - 1985 (2010) 25 yrs.
Columbia - 1981 [ note: Exploded on re-entry - 2003]
Challenger - 1983 [note: Exploded after launch - 1986]
Discovery - 1984 (2009) 25 yrs.
Endeavor - 1992 (2012) 20 yrs.
Enterprise - [note: Test model only. Never launched]
New Shuttle -> Intrepid - (March 2010 to March 2020) 10 yrs.
2012 to 2020 - 2 Space Shuttles until in 2012, 1 until 2020

2008 - Atlantis, Discovery, Endeavor
2009- Atlantis, Endeavor,
2010- Endeavor, Intrepid
2011- Endeavor, Intrepid
2012- Endeavor, Intrepid
2013 to 2020 - Intrepid

I have become
All things unattractive
where once a jaw

Now a roll
Where once a crouch
Now a pouch

Where once a leap
Now a creep
Lonely as a lighthouse keeper

-- Third generation keeper that is --

Perturbed at day and night
fretting against lifestyle I inherit
Witness many shipwrecks
On stones of stand and rocks

Hidden midst panes of light
and ‘midst uncertain sea life
Where once sea froze

Was it safe to walk under
Relying might we
with what we chose

to use boots as boats
Frozen toe and guts
Alone as a wind gust
Nature christened "Bad Temperament"

safe to christen also
Other souls letting go
Bodies mashed 'tween wall
Of water and toe of tower
warnings turn in bearings

to signal friendlies journeys

Friendlier and friendliest peers
Neighbors look into vapors
stare at sea wave bombs

-- Some frightened; some remain calm --

And ask ‘What can we do?’

We built a pier
To tie me froze boat

We sank down below water line
And towed it,
pulling lines in tow

Till we froze and float
Yet yonder, at tide line
Dry patches pavement

Scant puddles left
Like toed nails appointment
Against climates
addled temperament

On piers lay soldiers’ wives
at shore children’s wails
Crying, bereft against torrents
of ignoble swales

Uncertain rigors prevents
Eternal pathos to prevail
though abundant trouble

To die, turn up one’s toes

A chap should be what he can do!

And not as he's told.

  • PD / 24 Jan 06


That is why Mankind is so Special in God the Father's Creation

  1. Why do you think God gave mankind the gift of choice?

I think it is because omniscience makes for no need, or rather, no requirement for choices to be made. If you want to continue creating as God the Creator does, then there must be some thing, or factor of choice.

That alone is enough to keep watch whether the kettle boils, as I see it. pd/mpw 07.2008

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mouse Potato

July 22: mouse potato

Someone who spends all their time on the computer surfing the net or playing games. Similar to couch potato.

You spent seven hours on the internet creating meanings for words on urban dictionary? Wow, You're such a mouse potato

comment on this definition

Blogs are a labor of love. If you try to make it it productive, forget about it!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

ponder the Past; reap the Future

You muffed your lines again

Sallow nose
when I saw you last
your face a trace

fenescule 'd brow
jade 'd with guile
over waitress's smiles

Said I
where noble humble
where sultry sashay
where character map
clap trap, take thirty-three,
dead trunk sap
swallow these words
repeat your script
put boards together
in a boiler plate retro-fit

Life never lived
like they say
in present tense
saddle 'd instead
wait now for
final rinse

Clickety click click
clap trap -- Cut!
you did it wrong-- again

you are trying our patience --
switch to wholesome my friend
or I'll hire another waitress

Monday, July 28, 2008

Des is B*tchen >.^

I Drew This. Nobody Steal, Only Promote! <3 Dez

Neighborly Blogging

A Ubiquitous Comment to leave whole or in part when you cannot think of anything else to say about someone’s blog... introducing:

MooPig's Ubiquitous Comment Department

Hello [~~~~]

Am I having too much fun! Yes. You may have seen tracks of mine. I have been tip-toeing through your site, like an obese fisherman's wife American princess in a Godiva chocolate Shoppe.

So, if you want me to stop nesting in your blog like a brown Norwegian garage rat, taking up residence in you walls, I plead with you don't call the exterminators.

Just plead your case, but I will claim squat-tars' rights to boomer sooner than later.

Believe you me, reading the back forty or so of your rants have been making my morning coffee break more pleasurable, as I eagerly look for what bug crawled up and bit you last night to jump start you into prose. I don't find any drab crabbing in here, just logical query and opinion.

As a matter of fact, I get some inspire, as well. Right now I think I will figure out how to get Freddie the Freeloader to perform for a music video. I wrote the lyrics last weekend... I'll keep you posted on that one.

I think collaboration is the key. Eh? Wit and edit falling trippingly off the tongue, is energizing...

: Like British Petroleum asks: "Energy by the barrel, bushel or both?"

Springboards of bafflement and issues, and a constant stream of tasteless subversion, it just has to be all good for the heart and soul of America.

So, good morning to ya, and do drop in soon; there's a couple more moon pies waiting for you over here.

>>Ignobly yours,

FAP Linkbac

Peruvian Guinea-Pig Festival

An Andean woman holds a 'cuy' or guinea pig dressed as a miner during a fashion show at a guinea pig festival in Huacho, Peru...

Read the article HERE

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Key to being Fat is to love your Fat !!!

Fat isn't so bad. Its accumulation around the belly, butt, and jowls is a prerogative of a very efficient body metabolism. That's right; ever known a skinny guy (sic) who tries to put on weight but stays in a constant state of boniness?

Learn to love your Fat is MooPig's new Mantra -- Here is Reason Number One

Want A Reason To Love Your Lower Belly Fat? It's Rich In Stem Cells Main Category: Cosmetic Medicine / Plastic Surgery
Also Included In Stem Cell Research; Article Date: 24 Jul 2008 - 2:00 PDT

"The value of stem cells harvested through fat is the ready and ample supply available," said ASPS President Richard D'Amico, MD. "Using stem cells will some day have very practical applications to the specialty of plastic surgery. That we may be able to generate new tissue or bone that can be used in many of the reconstructive and cosmetic procedures we do every day is tremendous." (Read the entire article HERE)

Stem cells are unspecialized cells that have not yet developed a specific function. Not only are they capable of self renewal, stem calls can divide and produce others that become specialized cells. Scientists and doctors theorize that stem cells will be able to repair or replace damaged or diseased cells. Clinical trials researching the potential of stem cells from fat are ongoing in Europe and Asia. In the U.S., there are many investigators doing pre-clinical trial work to meet the stringent safety guidelines the FDA sets for clinical trials.

That's Right !! Love me some of that Flank, and dig down deep into my joints and that is the top Reserve Prime soul-bending Fat tending Cell Stemming !!!!

We may be able to more permanently and naturally get rid of pesky wrinkles or augment breasts with stem cell enriched fat in the future as well. Knowing more about the biology of stem cells will be of great value when we are ready for clinical trials in this country."

In the study, 23 female patients having liposuction in at least four different body areas agreed to have their fat isolated for adult stem cells and analyzed to determine stem cell concentrations. The body areas that were liposuctioned were: lower abdomen, upper abdomen, inner knee, inner thigh, flank and hips.

Retrieved here for critical review today: circle c -- 2008 MediLexicon International Ltd

Cell Structure Additional References: Oregon LipoDissolve

Q. What are the chemicals being injected?

LipoDissolve® consists of phosphatidycholine and deoxycholate (fosfa-tid-ul-koleen and de-oxy-kolate). Phosphatidycholine (PPC) is a naturally occurring substance within the body that comprises up to 60% of cell membranes, facilitates cell membrane transport, and is a component in bile that is responsible for emulsifying the fat we consume in our diet for absorption. The PPC used in most injectable fat reducing formulas is derived from the soybean lecithin. Deoxycholate, present in the body as sodium deoxycholate, is a bile salt that functions to make the PPC soluble in water. It acts as a detergent and also aids in the breakdown of fat consumed in our diet. Benzyl alcohol is present in the solution as a preservative and antimicrobial.

Q. How does it work?

First the injected solution disrupts the fat cell membrane. This causes the cells to burst, releasing their enzymes and fatty content. Second, an inflammatory response ensues, allowing the debris to be “cleaned up” by the macrophages that have migrated to the area. This inflammation is responsible for the redness and soreness but also allows for tissue retraction. Lastly, new collagen is deposited in the area, causing skin retraction with denser, firmer skin character. The fat and cellular debris that are removed are collected as waste and excreted through the body’s normal metabolic pathways (urine and feces).

Okay, this Gets my Attention

Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music is so well established as a canonical text that you'd think Smith must've had tenure somewhere like Harvard ... he didn't. And it's easy to miss how perverse an idea the Anthology originally was.

As Greil Marcus wrote in the book that launched a thousand ships, Invisible Republic:

... the Anthology was disguised as a textbook; it was an occult document disguised as an academic treatise ... This was in Harry Smith's grain. A polymath and an autodidact, a dope fiend and an alcoholic, a legendary experimental filmmaker and a more legendary sponger, he was perhaps most notorious as a fabulist. He liked to brag about killing people.

For generations before him, Smith's family was deeply involved in the more marginalized traditions of American mysticism — the Knights Templar, the Freemasons, the Theosophists. Smith often claimed to be Aleister Crowley's illegitimate son.

The Anthology as Tarot Deck, by The Celestial Monochord July 5, 2008

When you first read the fake newspaper headlines in Harry Smith's liner notes for Volume One of his Anthology of American Folk Music, you're forced to stop what you're doing, sit down, and read them all very closely.

Harry knew what he was doing.


MooPig Critical Thoughtists might have something to say--

Few people could appreciate this George Plimpton approach to a Tarot Card game that uses a codex of folk music as mentioned above: "And it's easy to miss how perverse an idea the Anthology originally was."

MooPig CT's think that the intent of the word perverse is used in today's context of worm wood and progress. "However, it occurs to us that the writer is referring to the origins of folk music which is always been the land. Mundane observations of soil, animals, procreation, birth and death, add up in folk songs."

Every life is a song in the hearing heart of God, and some are actually remembered by humans, the lessor infinite beings.

MooPig always appreciates masterful use of satire to get a thing noticed. "Celestial Monochord is one sneaky bastard with that witted slaughter... folksy genius... and we likes it." mpw-cta

MooPig Wisdom Critical Thought Area

(Go ahead -- Read entire article(s) by Celestial Monochord HERE: Retrieved in part for review and lampoon today.)

Black Umbrella Project Commercial Photo-Shoot Surprises

This routine panorama time-lapse footage was supposed to show the Bucolic Beauty of the shores around Jack's place. It soon turned into a buzz-o-sphere of kozmik development.

On July the fourth, In only one hour, shore to shore became teeming with unidentified species; and we are not just talking about the guests on jet skis.

It left the usual happy campers with a question on their minds: "Do they have fourth of July in London?"

Some of the residents around the lakes have evidence that this frenetic group is part of the Black Umbrella Project, and will eventually open a casino.

[This is MooPig at the news desk in Toronto reporting.] pd/dp

Read more about the Black Umbrella Project at
Black Umbrella Project "My Interview with Russell"

also: see
Chimera LESSON Plan-- DNA Technology

and --
Hybrid and Chimera Embryos...

if you dare!!!!


Desiree performs a Hobbitsectomy

Question for today:
Where do the pop ups go when I scroll down? [Dancing lizards, talking geckos with British accents... leaping lizards. ]

The Hobbit By: Des Darnell

In The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, a considerable young and plump Bilbo Baggins undergoes many interesting changes. He changes through three different ways, which are physiology, sociology, and psychology. Physiology is how or what the character looks like. Sociology is how the character socializes or interacts with others. Psychology is what is going on in a characters mind, and why they think in that state.

Bilbo shows one dramatic change in physiology through his noticeable increase in self-confidence. Baggins is much wittier and believes he has the capability that may be strong enough to battle enemies, “Bilbo, however soon slipped away to a different place. The idea came to him to lead the furious spiders further and further away from the dwarves, if he could; to make them curious, excited and angry all at once. When about fifty had gone off to the place where he had stood before, he threw some more stones at these, and at others that had stopped behind, then dancing among the trees he began to sing a song to infuriate them and bring them all after him, and also to let the dwarves hear his voice” (Tolkien 198). In Bilbo’s case he sees his dwarf companions in trouble, along with the spiders that are their enemies, webs, and darkness. Bilbo has to overcome the fact that he feels awkward by singing and throwing rocks at spiders. He also feels brave, clever, and accomplished by bantering and infuriating the giant spiders, so they would stay away from the dwarves. The reader sees spiders, dwarves, and the dark forest. One also feels proud of Bilbo for tricking the spiders and curios about what is going to happen to him, the dwarves, and the spiders. Bilbo has transformed into an enterprising hobbit with the confidence to overcome obstacles.

Bilbo shows another change in sociology through his dramatic transformation in occupation. He is much more confident, sneaky, and gropes for unfamiliar objects, “Bert and Tom went off to the barrel. William was having another drink. Then Bilbo plucked up the courage and put his little hand into William’s enormous pocket. There was a purse in it, as big as a bag to Bilbo. ‘Ha!’ thought he warming to his new work as he lifted it carefully out, ‘this is a beginning!’” (Tolkien 32). The little hobbit sees churlish trolls, the food they are eating, his first target, while being surrounded in the woods. Bilbo reaches into William’s huge pocket because he feels confident and sneaky enough to attempt burglary. He also feels that he has accomplished a task. The reader also sees the trolls and the other surroundings. One also feels anxious to see what is going to happen to Bilbo. Mr. Baggins transformed from a normal hobbit to an anxious burglar with his high self esteem to overcome the fear of burglary.

Baggins shows a third change in psychology through his noticeable change in temperament. He is very unsure about adventures, “I should think so- in these parts! We are plain quiet folk and I have no use for adventures. Nasty disturbing uncomfortable things! Make you late for dinner! I can’t think what anybody sees in them,’ said our Mr. Baggins, and stuck one thumb behind his braces, and blew out another even bigger smoke ring” (Tolkien 13-4). Bilbo is blowing smoke rings while talking with Gandalf. After a while he felt quite cross and uncomfortable. He disagreed on going on an adventure, and became quite stubborn and did not collaborate on listening to Gandalf. One sees Bilbo conversing with Gandalf while blowing smoke rings, and also understands why he does not want to be part of an adventure. Baggins has transformed from a hobbit that is uncooperative, short tempered, and afraid of changes, to a hobbit that enjoys adventures.

As you can see, in The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, a legendary Bilbo Baggins undergoes many interesting changes. Bilbo changed in three different ways, which are physiology, sociology, and psychology. In physiology he changed by jostling his way into defeating spiders. Through sociology Baggins evolved from a hobbit into burglar. In psychology Mr. Baggins veered from a wanton and stubborn hobbit to one that is agreeable and cooperative. One can learn that good and evil do actually battle, and one side will always try to rule over another. Good may not always win, but in this case, good did overpower evil.

nickelodeon -- SPLAT

Why do I like Nickelodeon?
Natural progression from Sesame Street
Non experimentally progressive

Now tell me all the stuff that you are sitting there wanting to tell about Nickelodeon.

MooPig's Music Depreciation Chart... latest in Quantifying Subjective Science Industries

Discussion of Pop "Music" and the Maturing Organism being Cloned Piteously into Replicate Fade

We enter the conversation in mid-stream where the bombastic glam rock Guns and Roses group of last century is being discussed. MooPig took a front position with a more severe bombastic stance to guild out guile and ferver of commentators: Read the Post HERE --

MooPig's Pat Darnell...But, but but…. wait a minnit in New York!! or versa vica:

I just came from Sans’ page on the tuning issues… and some other intonation issues… it must be that time of the month. 1-3-5, and concert C, b flat on the B flat clarinet.. …and the subject page at Pribek’s, well forget about it in my universe.

Now, reproduction tech has a flaw: replicate fade — more copies will result in loss of integrity.

I have a had a rough ride through my personal experiences with recorded music history.

Let me explain — Inheriting from my mother… I was born with perfect pitch, but cannot sing perfect pitch.. you know the type, I got half my Mother’s skills and twice as much as you. As I listened to vinyl and then tape then eight track, then cassette in my car, at home… … then I try to tune my guitar to what I am supposing is actual!! Not so. I tuned to exactly the frequencies of the turntable Hifi, etc. It was not to my or my mom’s pleasure. I remained stubbornly self oppressed about it, for a long time.

Wow, I decided some where in time that I am a loser, and will never be able to tune a guitar. I went around grimacing every time I heard Sinatra records, “Man he sings flat!” A lot of people wanted me dead for that.

You see those tapes had a flaw… they were a half step flat. So when I showed up at fellowship with a flat tuned ax, all the people looked at me like I was the last puppy at the pound; respectful but piteous.

When did I discover this? When I heard my first CD. Guess what, Suite Judy Blue Eyes was for the first time ever on pitch to my bloody brain, and I weeped.

How old was I at that time.. about thirty something. I am supposing that digital maintains integrity of tone better than all the other reproduction types.

Now, in the YT subject, everything in the whole presentation is a hodge podge of flatness. Even the drums sound like they’re pushed through the community pool.

I suspect something is amiss with the reproduction. Otherwise I would say the group here has provided a rendition that is worse than its original by GnR. I give this rendition a 1.5 or so… no grievances, just a little sad.

My scale of music appreciation low to high:
1 Grimace
2 Nervous
3 Eyes shut, nasal cavity resonating
4 BTU at normal respiration of 3.14 btu per hour
5 Sporadic Yawning
6 Tingling Sensations from head to foot on one side
7 Tingling “Ditto” on both sides
8 Full frontal body resonating
9 Entire body experiencing to point of dancing in the aisles
10 Converging arts in cranium resulting in visions and edifications

Author: MG Comment:
I like this version, Ovidiu. I thought that flat note might be just that acsending "harmony/root-third thing" he was getting into at that point.? Oh well. Uhhmm...I don't get that Pat Darnell thing-wtf!?
Full frontal body resonating”? That sounds a bit disturbing… (Dr J)

A lot of folks play half a step down, if you think about it. Actually while in GnR, Slash did the same and here I guess he had no reason to change it. Plus that is easier for the singer and has a lower tension in strings, which gives a nice sound to the guitar, if you listen to his guitar sound, I think the low tension in the string due to that half step down tune is also responsible for this.

@Dr J: looking closely, indeed, Slash takes a F instead of a F# in D, you would have said that after all those years such mistakes are not easy to make, buy hey, we are all human, I guess nobody could say never played a flat note, right? I know it happened to me :-(

The interesting part is that he didn’t seem bothered by this and let this recording when I guess he could have taken another one.

It’s like this MG, I’m making a statement about quality :
:this is and example of Ax’s only mentioned musical influence:

:notice any similarities in the soloists and Axl?? Just screw down GnR stuff and there it is.

The performers today, who have no musical talent like GnR, play a half step flat because they grew up copying tapes that are always technically inferior repro’s. Dupes, Duds, and 2% is the game now. I am only judging the performances and the growling going on now is like an amphibian drowning in a vat of alcohol.

And I fully understand that most patrons are tone deaf… but

Screaming and caterwauling is now a trend. My youngsters play the most awful sounding stuff and I ask them is that nice?

That wtf means? why the flats?

Ovidiu is right, the song Patience is absolutely beautiful, and I love its possibility but the out take here and with the original GNr is akin to a Buck Owens performance, the flattest in the West, God forgive them.

Please look at the flatness factor as a high priority. The rhythm guitar seems off on two strings, tambourine is off on some tempo…

This argument of mine comes from a long time love/hate relationship with Rock, and these guys are eat up bad. Usually a flat or sharp in a band situation is a “look at me” tactic, “I’m the solo act all the others are just clowns.”

I am suggesting the flat fault theory is a de-evolutionary quirk, that most quality experts in other industries would stop the production lines.. no?

Do you drive a Honda with flat tires?

(pd/ 24 - 27 July 2008 wtf)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Blog Roll

And Now for some More Dirty Boxing: e-Bama Scrap-booking

Is Barack the sleepless Genius; or just preamble to the AntiChrist?

Can he dunk like Michael, or putt like Tiger? Can he flame on like Johnny Storm?

More than that; can he withstand the tsunami of media coverage being placed on him, his family, and his footsteps?

Historically, humanity crucifies its prophets. Hopefully this will not be the ebb tide of Barack's demise. He will resist turning water into wine... won't He?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Barack Obama Scrapbook from the e-Campaign Trail

This has just been released to the public and now MooPig Editors for critical review. It is rare to find a sentimental journey these days...

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A Fantastically Flawed Script for a Jazz Rock Opera -- "GAZA"

A Fantastically Flawed Script for a Jazz Rock Opera -- "GAZA"
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