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Monday, August 31, 2009

No News Day :: Muncheritis -- and other Urban Legends

Today: A ... 'Dubious Smoke, the Shoe, Cat Food for Black Sorority, and Dusk to Dawn Ramadan Pork' ... no News Day
Retrieved by Pat Darnell and Guest 'ismokedoobies'

MSN News: A juicy-red tomato fight, scorching wildfires and Muslim fasting during Ramadan highlight this collection of eye-catching images. [HERE] -- and -- [HERE]
NBC News correspondents and producers across the U.S. shed light on the news of the day.

Illegal Aliens were hired to watch over now retired Marijuana Grove in Sierra Nevada

This week’s bust in California is one of the largest yet, and is the first time Sequoia National Park had to close down an exhibit as a result of a drug bust. Sadly, that exhibit is a well-known cave, with a crystal-covered interior.

Beth Fritsch, who was visiting the park from Maryland, told the AP:
“I’m fine with the trees, but I really wanted to see the caves. It’s sad to see that this is happening now inside the national parks.”
"America's public lands are under attack," Mr. Walters said. "Instead of being appreciated as national treasures, they are being exploited and destroyed by foreign drug-trafficking organizations and heavily armed Mexican marijuana cartels," said Drug Czar John P. Walters.
-- and --

Ramadan Mubarak Decorations, Free Ramadan Mubarak eCards, Greeting Cards ...
Ramadan is the holy month of fasting from dawn to dusk and offering our prayers to the almighty. Reach out to your friends, family and loved ones with our warm and wonderful May Allah Be With You!
A warm and heartfelt Ramadan wish for your near and dear ones. [HERE]
-- and --

Muntadhar 'the Shoe' Al-Zeidi Freed SOURCE [ ... ]
Muntadhar Al-Zeidi, the Iraqi man who threw his shoe at President George Bush, will be freed from prison next month after being put in jail for the shoe throwing. [ ... ]
Al-Zaidi was initially sentenced to three years after pleading not guilty to assaulting a foreign leader, then the court reduced it to one year because the journalist had no prior criminal history. The act of the 30-year-old reporter during Bush's last visit to Iraq as president turned him into a folk hero across the Arab world amid anger over the 2003 invasion...
-- and --

Sorority, 'the Zeta Phi Bettys', accused of making pledges eat cat food [SOURCE]
Zeta Phi Beta's Web site says the sorority was founded in 1920 by students seeking to depart from the traditional coalitions for black women.

Colorado State suspends group over food, sleep deprivation allegations. A police report obtained by The Rocky Mountain Collegian newspaper says pledges told authorities they were forced to eat cat food and perform "strenuous physical activity" that made one student seek medical attention.

FORT COLLINS, Colo. - Colorado State University has withdrawn recognition of a sorority after an investigation into several alleged incidents of hazing, including being deprived of sleep and being made to eat cat food. (AP. updated 8:32 a.m. CT, Fri., Aug 28, 2009)
-- and--

In Conclusion:
Comment 10 [HERE]

ismokedoobies Says:
August 31st, 2009 at 3:25 am
ummm, it shoulnt be legalized, all that we’ll get is dirt weed, and people that have never done it before will start doing it. that will start problems i think. they shouldnt do it. but they shouldnt criminalise it so harshly either

Best Yet Article Found :: 4 Fez, "You'll be my Day and Night"

Retrieved by Pat Darnell [HERE]
March 11, 2009; TATA says: "... I happen to love the fez, though I have no cultural attachment to it and it doesn't amplify my already ample beauty. Which is ample."

[ ... ]
"For a party, years ago, I cut up my hat to make a pattern. I then wrote instructions for a friend in Wisconsin whose access to paper fezzes was spotty at best. Some sacrifices must be made! ..." [Read on HERE]

TATA !! Did you just say a "friend in Wisconsin... ??" Wow: We truly identify with that sentiment. We love it ...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Art History :: Rat Fink and WIERDO vs Monster Source

Cultures Lost -- Slot Cars
Retrievances by Pat Darnell

SECONDS: Rumor has it that Ed Roth stole the Rat Fink from the work you were doing –
MOUSE: Well, he stole my mouse image and took my character Freddy Flypogger and turned him into a rodent. You take the tail, ears and nose off and you have Freddy Flypogger.
I was painting on the East Coast car show circuit and Roth came from the West Coast to a show in Pittsburgh. He was showing his car off and said, “Hey kid, can I paint at the show with you? You’ll learn how to make three hundred dollars instead of a hundred.”
I said, “Let’s do it.” He set up next to me and he had a pair of Levis, a giant stomach and no shirt on and he sat on his little stool that was about a foot high and started painting.
He was painting snakes and skulls, groovy stuff, but he was real slow and he only painted in black and white. I went fast and colored everything in and wound up making a thousand dollars. He made three hundred.
He took a bunch of my catalogs back to L.A. and had his artists copy all my stuff and they created Rat Fink out of my characters.
I called my shirts Monster shirts and he called his Weirdo shirts. Then he started calling his stuff Monster shirts and even stole the pointed hat idea from me and called them Rat Fink hats.

...Back to Ed "Big Daddy" Roth...Greg Holland has a tribute to him: [read article HERE -- VSRN Tribute to Ed "Big Daddy" Roth]

More on Freddy Flypogger and the Monogram Model kits can be found on MENOOSHEA'S Blog

Little League World Series 2009

Luke Ramirez and Bulla Graft also hit consecutive homers in the first, and Graft added a two-run drive to center in the third. California has 19 homers in five World Series games. [Read Article HERE]

By GENARO C. ARMAS [ap]- Published: August 30, 2009

S.WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. — California's mini-mashers bashed their way into the Little League World Series championship on Saturday night.

Andy Rios hit a grand slam in Chula Vista's nine-run first inning and the Cali sluggers routed San Antonio, Texas, 12-2 to advance to Sunday's final against Taiwan.

"USA!, USA!" the frantic California fans chanted after their team won the U.S. bracket.

Chula Vista will try to extend the United States' four-year winning streak in the World Series title game. Taiwan advanced with a 9-4 victory over Mexico.

But it was hard to tell that Mexico lost when the skies opened up again as soon as the game ended and the grounds crew hurried to cover the infield.

The squad of 12- and 13-year-old boys danced in the showers, and some opened up their jerseys and started belly flopping and sliding on the waterlogged tarp to the delight of the crowd.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

UPDATE -- MooPig's Reader is Back !! Here at MooPig's Thursday Matching Game

UPDATE: We have a Winner -- D2R2 with correct answer:

"The answer is 'to Fargo, ...'

"If you put all of the guitar, mandolin, fiddle, bass, sitar, banjo, cello, ukulele and zither strings in the world end to end how far would they go?"

Back on August 20th , '09 --

Today's rules: Match the Fez with the Guitar; or just look at the pictures for laughs... I had a hard time making a game out of these photos .. obsconded from Google Images ... someday I will have to reckon with plagiarism demons .. until that day -- Carry on my wayward sons and daughters .. don't you cry, no more ..


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