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Sunday, September 29, 2013

MooPig Tech Coroner :: "Nuclear Missiles"

Uranium and Other Heavies
Half-life Articles Mashed by Pat Darnell  |  Sep 20, 2013  |  Bryan TX

[Picture LINK]

I have a friend on faceBook who has been posting blurbs about movement of Uranium ore around the world. It seems the mining and handling of Uranium is a clusterfrak, like everything else in the world of technology, industry, banking, living, etcetera ... etcetera ... etcetera. The uranium supply chain is prone to misdirection or black-market-like foiles, and used as a political football, or is it ... no one really knows. But from her blurbs I gather that the primary motivator in mining uranium and other heavies is "Money, Profit, and Corporations' Financial Health."

It turns out the mining, processing, refining, enrichment of uranium and other heavy metals continues despite the end of the Cold War. Yes, MooPig Uranium Enrichment Department is a musky closet with spider webs and the smell of Grandpa.

Very little is ever discussed about uranium and rare earth metals. If you search faceBook for "uranium" you get a page about a social club. We have missiles in rural areas throughout the USA, and many more that are in unknown locations. The entire Titan II missile and its underground silo is a toxic chemical nightmare.
" ... Absent the Soviet threat, it's easy to forget that these ungodly devices are still all around us. An entire generation, as Schlosser told me recently, is blissfully unaware of the specter of nuclear devastation. (Michael Mechanic | Sun Sep. 15, 2013. LINK) ... "
Special thanks to rebellious Mother Jones Magazine for posting a review on Eric Schlosser's new book, Command and Control. Schlosser tells of danger lurking in American landscapes that could match the Japanese Earthquake-Tsunami-Nuclear Disaster at Fukushima. If one of these "dormant" Titan II nuclear missiles was caught in an earthquake, it would blow up in dozens of ways, for dozens of reasons.
" ... The nose cone on top of the Titan II was deep black, and inside it sat a W-53 thermonuclear warhead, the most powerful weapon ever carried by an American missile. The warhead had a yield of nine megatons—about three times the explosive force of all the bombs dropped during the Second World War, including both atomic bombs. (Michael Mechanic | Sun Sep. 15, 2013. LINK) ... "
A Sneak Peek at Eric Schlosser's Terrifying New Book on Nuclear Weapons | Mother Jones: "Here's the truth: Just days after JFK was sworn in as president, one of the most terrifying weapons in our arsenal was a hair's breadth from detonating on American soil. It would have pulverized a portion of North Carolina and, given strong northerly winds, could have blanketed East Coast cities (including New York, Baltimore, and Washington, DC) in lethal fallout."
" ... EXCERPT  | Eric Schlosser: 'I spent some time with the Air Force ... I was interested in the future of warfare in space: space weapons, particle-beam weapons, lasers, directed-energy devices. A lot of the people who were involved in it had started their careers as missile-crew officers. As I spent time with them, I became more interested in their stories from the Cold War about nuclear weapons than I did in the future of warfare in space. ... I find it remarkable how little public attention has been paid to the safety of nuclear weapons since the end of the Cold War.' (Michael Mechanic | Sun Sep. 15, 2013. LINK)... "
'via Blog this'

Friendly fire and collateral damages will be understatement if one of our own nuclear warhead missiles does detonate on American soil. Our US Government, and all its affiliate corporations working for it, has misinformed the American public about the threat of this happening.

We quoted it once, we'll do it again -- this one is for you Dr Patton:
" ... What is the greatest threat to humanity? We are, of course….and our technology. Like a dangerous weapon in the hands of a child, technology has overtaken our capacity to control potential consequences. Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute, led by director Nick Bostrom, says we have entered this new kind of technological era that we have no track record of surviving.

Our technological intelligence may have the potential for creating a better world, but so far, in areas of the economy, genetics and biologics, arms and warfare, security and surveillance, as well as the environment and energy, technology is also completely indifferent to the law of unintended consequences.

Fukushima is what happens when we have the moral responsibility of infants and the technology of adults. (Dr Caldicott. March, 2011. LINK)... "


MooPig Brain Industries :: "Sabotage"

Let's examine the issue and attempt to get at the truth behind the myth.
Mashed articles by Pat Darnell | Sep 29, 2013 | Bryan TX

Have you ever heard the claim that mankind is perverse? Well, here is a theory being bounced around. Our own intelligence is being sabotaged by our aggressive neediness of "wanting to believe." And some say we only "use 10% or 11% of our brains capacity."

No matter how you slice it, those who think they know stuff about our brains, heaven help them, may try to stimulate logical brain activities with truthful factoids, but many brains will rebel just because that is the brain's predetermination.

"The climate is not changing because of increased CO2 in the atmosphere," says the brain of someone who lives on the edge of denial.

Most Depressing Brain Finding Ever | Marty Kaplan: "Maybe climate change denial isn't the right term; it implies a psychological disorder. Denial is business-as-usual for our brains. More and better facts don't turn low-information voters into well-equipped citizens. It just makes them more committed to their mis-perceptions. In the entire history of the universe, no Fox News viewers ever changed their minds because some new data upended their thinking. When there's a conflict between partisan beliefs and plain evidence, it's the beliefs that win. The power of emotion over reason isn't a bug in our human operating systems, it's a feature."

  'via Blog this'

Today in our society brain industries is quackery, say we. How many times do we "brain carrying species" have to be reminded that our capacity to use it in a constructive way, is below par? That brain bucket of ours just doesn't want to behave logically in the face of catastrophe. Let's look in at Wikki ...
" ... The 10% of brain myth is the widely perpetuated urban legend that most or all humans only make use of 20%, 10% or some other small percentage of their brains. It has been misattributed to people including Albert Einstein.[1] By association, it is suggested that a person may harness this unused potential and increase intelligence.
Though factors of intelligence can increase with training,[2] the popular notion that large parts of the brain remain unused, and could subsequently be "activated", rests more in popular folklore than scientific theory. Though mysteries regarding brain function remain—e.g. memory, consciousness — the physiology of brain mapping suggests that most if not all areas of the brain have a function.[3][4] (Y ikki peed ya. nd. LINK) ... "
Who you going to believe? Do we or don't we use our brains for anything useful?
" ... The human brain is complex. Along with performing millions of mundane acts, it composes concertos, issues manifestos and comes up with elegant solutions to equations. It's the wellspring of all human feelings, behaviors, experiences as well as the repository of memory and self-awareness. So it's no surprise that the brain remains a mystery unto itself. ... (Robynne Boyd. Mind & Brain :: Fact or Fiction :: February 7, 2008. LINK) ... "

Our brains are not fully understood, but the myth that we don't use it is an attempt to explain why we sabotage logic all the time, with our beliefs. Ten percent of the brain is made of neurons, and the other 90% is glial cells. We don't yet know how the glial cells function or what they do -- glial cells, which encapsulate and support neurons, but whose function remains largely unknown.

It's not that we use 10 percent of our brains, merely that we only understand about 10 percent of how it functions.

1. ^ Jump up to: a b c "Do People Only Use 10 Percent Of Their Brains". Scientific American. 7 February 2008. Retrieved 2008-02-07.
Jump up ^
2.University of Oxford (2009, October 16). Juggling Enhances Connections In The Brain. ScienceDaily. Retrieved May 30, 2012, from /releases/2009/10/091016114055.htm "We’ve shown that it is possible for the brain to condition its own wiring system to operate more efficiently.’"
^ Jump up to:
3. a b Radford, Benjamin (8 February 2000). "The Ten-Percent Myth". Retrieved 2006-04-13.
Jump up ^
4. Chudler, Eric. "Myths About the Brain: 10 percent and Counting". Archived from the original on 2006-04-02. Retrieved 2006-04-12.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Costa Concordia UPDATE :: "Ship Righted"

I May Not be the Most Interesting Man Alive ....
Captured by Pat Darnell | Sep 17, 2013 | Bryan TX

[Photo's LINK]

"I may not be the most interesting man in the world, but give me $400 million dollars and I will flip your ship." Senior Salvage Master Nick Sloane is welcomed by the inhabitants of the Giglio island after the parbuckling operation which succesfully uprighted the Costa Concordia

Check out all the latest News, Sport & Celeb gossip at

Members of the US salvage company Titan and Italian firm Micoperi work at the wreck of Italy's Costa Concordia cruise ship near the harbour of Giglio Porto.

Salvage workers attempt to raise the cruise ship today in the largest and most expensive maritime salvage operation in history, so-called "parbuckling", to rotated the ship by a series of cables and hydraulic machines.

A photo of Indian waiter Russel Rebello is shown by his brother Kevin near the stricken ship Costa Concordia
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Friday, September 13, 2013

MooPig Wisdom's Exit Strategy #2

Hire Freelancers
Matriculated articles by Pat Darnell  |  Sep 9, 2013  |  Bryan TX

Why is this an "exit strategy" you ask? It turns out, MooPig has written itself into a clausterfrack ... and now corporate thinks it should invite freelance writers to contribute and compartmentalize their reports to specific MooPig Departments. Through compartmentalizing we then can spread our miserable anecdotes in markets before-to unheard of. And no one will be the wiser.

Pick a MooPig Department that you fancy --
  • MooPig Report from the Middle
  • MooPig TECH Coroner
  • NASA Talks
  • MooPig Activism,
  • MooPig ads council, 
  • MooPig Art History Nano-Second, 
  • MooPig Brands, 
  • MooPig Church of the Beach, 
  • MooPig Cloud Computing Segment, 
  • MooPig Dance Trends Department, 
  • MooPig Earnings Tracking Department Presents, 
  • MooPig Feed for Thought, 
  • SUPER BOWL XLIV Commercial Break for MooPig, 
  • so I guess MooPig's heart of darkness comes from mass media influx, 
  • MooPig State of the Art Department, 
  • MooPig IAD, 
  • MooPig Graphiques and ReWildings, 
  • MooPig FWD Email
  • MooPig Fraud Busters
  • MooPig GREEN
  • MooPig Movie Reviews
  • MooPig Paint
  • MooPig Parody Contention and Cookies
  • MooPig Mad Libs
  • MooPig Re-Defining the Cliche
  • MooPig reserves the right to not be responsible for irony of this subject,
  • MooPig Wisdom
  • MooPig Woodwinds
  • MooPIg TV Series Reviews
  • MooPig Gruesome Department
  • MooPigsters
  • MooPig Tee Shirts
  • MooPig Patsy Department
  • MooPig Olympic History Nanosecond 
  • MooPig Tech Solutions Department 
  • MooPig Free Range Grazing Rights Department 
  • MooPig Wisdom's Exit Strategy
... Did we forget any Departments? This list is good enough for our exit strategy.

Now, submit your curriculum vitae to MooPig Enterprises for the department you prefer to work in. Say what ever you want to, and it can be as long as you desire, but remember if we can't compartmentalize you, you will receive no compensation. Consequently you will receive no compensation otherwise ... because we don't have any money to give.

We figure that if we insult as many writers as possible, we will receive the rewards that will come from an all negative press we will receive when you writers in turn scorn the pants off us for being deadbeats.

If you want to be compensated for your posts, you should read Nick Usborne's articles:

One simple question that can increase all your online writing fees.: "1. Asking the question makes you look good. One thing I hear consistently from clients, and not just my clients, is that they love to work with freelancers who display a genuine interest in their business. They really like freelancers who truly want to understand and help. One way to express your interest in their business is to ask how the project you're working on fits into the bigger picture. It shows that your interest in their business expands beyond the one thing you are being paid to do." (September 5, 2013 by Nick Usborne. LINK)

'via Blog this'

This Exit Strategy #2 just might work!


Sunday, September 08, 2013

MooPig Tech Coroner :: "Health Insurance"

Most Americans could Care Less about Obamacare
retrieved by Pat Darnell  |  Sep 8, 2013  |  Bryan TX

Say good-bye to Health Care as we know it.

Yes, we know premium prices under Obamacare. No, we don’t know if people will think they’re affordable.: "Let’s focus on Seattle, since it has middle-of-the-pack premiums and happens to be where I grew up (Go Huskies!). There, the second-lowest-cost silver plan costs $283 a month for a hypothetical 40-year-old. For purposes of this exercise, we’ll call her the Seattleite." (Sarah Kliff, Published: September 6, 2013. LINK)

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Health care as we know it is unaffordable: health care as it will be, is still totally unaffordable. Good luck with that.


MooPig Tech Coroner :: "Pacific Ocean"

Japan is – by orders of magnitude – many times worse than Chernobyl
Mashed articles by Pat Darnell | Sep 8, 2013 | Bryan TX

"... The overwhelming scientific consensus is that there is no safe level of radiation … and radiation consumed and taken into the body is much more dangerous than background radiation ... scientists tagged a bluefin tuna and found that it crossed between Japan and the West Coast three times in 600 days: All Pacific migratory fish are likely Fukushima contaminated ... It’s more than obvious that TEPCO officials have no idea what they’re doing, and the big question is why aren’t world governments jumping in to contain what’s going on? Meanwhile, the Pacific Ocean may very well be dying. (Gary Stamper. N.D. LINK)"

At the Very Least, Your Days of Eating Pacific Ocean Fish Are Over | Collapsing Into Consciousness: "It now appears that anywhere from 300 to possibly over 450 tons of contaminated water that contains radioactive iodine, cesium, and strontium-89 and 90, is flooding into the Pacific Ocean from the Fukushima Daichi site everyday. To give you an idea of how bad that actually is, Japanese experts estimate Fukushima’s fallout at 20-30 times as high as as the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombings in 1945 There’s a lot you're not being told. Oh, the information is out there, but you have to dig pretty deep to find it, and you won't find it on the corporate-owned evening news."

'via Blog this'

Today I suggest we make it rain on Syria. But no ... wait ... any climate manipulation usually causes violent weather in other parts of the world. At one time I did not realize this, and suggested we use climate manipulation as a weapon against our foes in wars all over the mideast. There is some rumors that the USA manipulated climate patterns and made it pour down rain on the VC Ho Chi Min Trail during Vietnam War.

If the USA did it before then there must be some information out there about climate manipulation. For instance, there is the gnawing feeling in my gut about clandestine operations of HAARP, a military-funded project called the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), located on remote tundra in Alaska, and other places around the world. "Conspiratorial Theories" of HAARP's purpose are all we plebeians have in this age of information. I watched Joe Rogan's Question Everything on SyFy channel, and it was described that when you focus radio waves into the earth, it can cause earthquakes.

But the only real way to know what is going on, we must observe nature -- "Environment" -- sightings of ailing wildlife warrants a declaration of an Unusual Mortality Event by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on December 20, 2011," the USGS stated.
An MSNBC article in April of 2012 reported that seals and polar bears were found to have “external maladies” that consisted of fur loss and open sores, obvious signs of radiation burns from the Fukushima meltdown, despite the conclusions of the article.  (Miguel Llanos, NBC News. April 8, 2012. LINK)
We must remain skeptical when it comes to Internet information; I know doctors always cringe when I bring some topic up from my Web surfing. But seldom has a cataclysmic event ever been witnessed by Internet users and TV viewing people of the world, as the Japanese Earthquake-Tsunami-Nuclear Disaster. Agreed? It is really happening.

And folks of every walk in life know that radiation does not "go away." It lingers for thousands of years. German Scientists have calculated the dispersion of Cs-137 in the Pacific Ocean:

Radioactive debris from Fukushima, Kyodo, will full-on cover the western shores of the North American continent by 2015. Just two years from now we will get a full dose of radiation. Evidence is all around the Pacific Ocean.

Some of us may think this Japanese Earthquake-Tsunami-Nuclear Disaster is old news, but it is only just beginning:
Researchers find high cesium in some Pacific plankton

Scientists said Tuesday they have detected radioactive cesium from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant in plankton collected from all 10 points in the Pacific they checked, with the highest levels at around 25 degrees north latitude and 150 degrees west longitude. [...]

The researchers collected plankton at 10 points in the Pacific from off Hokkaido to Guam between January and February 2012.

They detected cesium-134 in plankton at all 10 points. The density of radioactive cesium was the highest at 8.2 to 10.5 becquerels per kilogram in samples collected from waters around 25 degrees north latitude and 150 degrees west longitude. [...]

The density of cesium in seawater was highest in waters at around latitude 36 to 40 degrees north, the team said. (May 22, 2013. enews. LINK) [...]
We have questions, but information is not focused enough to come up with answers. Is Fukushima Radiation Causing the Epidemic of Dead and Starving Sea Lions In California?


WHAT’S GOING ON WITH THE PACIFIC OCEAN FOOD CHAIN? Plankton, and the radiation they contain, moves right up the food chain through fish, whales, seals, etc., and when larger fish eat smaller fish.

Highest levels of Fukushima contamination in plankton already found east of Hawaii? Unlike some other compounds, radioactive cesium does not quickly sink to the sea bottom but remains dispersed in the water column, from the surface to the ocean floor. Fish can swim right through it, ingesting it through their gills, by taking in seawater or by eating organisms that have already taken it in.

" ... What is the greatest threat to humanity? We are, of course….and our technology. Like a dangerous weapon in the hands of a child, technology has overtaken our capacity to control potential consequences. Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute, led by director Nick Bostrom, says we have entered this new kind of technological era that we have no track record of surviving.

Our technological intelligence may have the potential for creating a better world, but so far, in areas of the economy, genetics and biologics, arms and warfare, security and surveillance, as well as the environment and energy, technology is also completely indifferent to the law of unintended consequences.

Fukushima is what happens when we have the moral responsibility of infants and the technology of adults. (Dr Caldicott. March, 2011. LINK)... "

Many commentators are saying it is two year old news. Which is true. These installations were built out of Vietnam War era specifications. Jesse Ventura did an expose on HAARP a while a go, and the youTube 's have all been taken down.

HAARP, or the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, was developed by international oil companies as a high-powered way to communicate with submarines utilizing extremely low frequency (ELF) radio waves to penetrate the ocean. When the U.S. military realized its potency, it bought HAARP.

Jesse Ventura in his new TV show Conspiracy Theory investigates HAARP which is housed in a massive 35 acre, 180 tower complex in Gakona, AK. The antennas can shoot 3.6 million watts of powerful radio waves into the uppermost part of the Earth's atmosphere, heating it up and creating irregularities that cause the ionosphere to bounce the radio signals back to the ground. But many skeptical Alaskans believe that HAARP is actually a sophisticated weapons system that can destroy incoming missiles, manipulate the weather and even control human brains.
Tags: Conspiracy Theory HAARP Jesse Ventura (Darnell, Pat. Dec 9, 2009. LINK) ... "


Saturday, September 07, 2013

Moopig Wisdom's Exit Strategy #1

"I grew up in Europe, where the history comes from." -- Eddie Izzard

For MooPig Wisdom to go legit would take a major investment in scruples.


MooPig Free Range Grazing Rights Department :: "Porn and HIV"

Sensitive Types may find today's Topic Offensive: ... Porn Actors are Positive for HIV
by Pat Darnell  |  Sep 7, 2013  |  Bryan TX

[Picture LINK]

Michael Weinstein, whose Aids Healthcare Foundation led the successful 2012 campaign to require condoms in porn productions in Los Angeles County, expressed dismay at the new infection.
"I'm sad for the person involved," he said. "But I'm really sad for our community, that we're treating these people as utterly disposable."
Porn star's positive HIV test prompts calls for industry shutdown | Culture | "A US-based porn actor has tested positive for HIV, the third such case reported in less than three weeks, leading a Los Angeles-based trade group for adult filmmakers to call a fresh nationwide moratorium on productions."

'via Blog this'

Yeah, sure, the USA without porn is like the USA without toilet paper. 'Mareicans ... one of the most sexually repressed populations ever to live on earth ... would scream for their toilet paper, and porn, like crack babies. Face it, HIV hasn't killed enough people for 'Mareicans to care about fixing the problem.
"While we don't have evidence to suggest an on-set transmission as opposed to a transmission from non-industry (off-camera) related activity, we are taking every measure to determine the source and to protect the performer pool," the Free Speech Coalition said in a statement. The group quickly called for another moratorium on porn productions to remain in effect indefinitely, Cachapero said. (Reuters in Los Angeles, Saturday 7 September 2013)
Porn actors have HIV.


MooPig Report from the Middle :: "CO2 is the Biggest threat to the Middle"

Now I know I've got a heart because it is breaking. - Tin Man” (L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz)

"For God so loved the World ..." this is how every Southern Baptists' boilerplate verse from the Bible; John 3:16, begins. What is not fully understood by all those evangelists is that God is not speaking of just the world of humans ... rather the Creator Almighty is speaking of all of creation of Earth, which might be fairer without the inclusion of humankind. It turns out, by all measurements of CO2 today, it is a big mistake to think otherwise.

While mega-turd politicians act confused about the Syrian front, there is a greater threat to American security.

The years should not gauze over how the world was conned into an awful conflict. To keep the water from rising we have to mandate a worldwide cut in Energy-related CO2 emissions by half by 2050 (compared with 2009) and continue to fall afterwards.

How Many Gigatons of CO2? | Information Is Beautiful:

'via Blog this'

It is MooPig Wisdom's hope that you dear reader will find some helpful information starting with the chart and LINKs, graphs, statistics and numerical predictions on CO2, included in today's post. In our own search for answers we find terrifying warnings, and abominable shortcomings by countries.

Will anything be done to curb our self-destruction -- anything that is humanly possible? Apparently only an act of God will make the earth long-term-inhabitable by all creatures, and, things big and small. Is it only a test of humans' resolve? Hard to say for sure.

Let's pretend that humankind takes a backseat in destroying all its natural resources, and actually puts the environment in the driver's seat. And let's give it a date to be transformed: let's go with August 29th, 2045. I will be 90 years old and still poor. But by then will the earth's oceans cover many shorelines that existed in 2013?

The only thing that can survive fifty or a hundred years is a sovereign, focused, linear derived family unit; one that can invest right now outside the given rules, today, and reap their benefit in 2100, in tomorrow's long term. That brings to mind Rothschilds and those like them. They seem to have all the luck when putting the brakes on things magnanimous. It would be a shame to lose all of the earth and everything in it.

Will robber barons be the ones who finally step up and clear the air? I am holding my breath.

That's our concerns for this hour from the Middle -- where the women are strong, the men are good looking, and the children are all above average.


Friday, September 06, 2013

State of the "MooPig Wisdom" Address

by Pat Darnell  |  Sep 6, 2013  |  Bryan TX

After 3000 posts in MooPig Wisdom, and five years, it becomes necessary to explain what we stand for. It should be the other way around, but a blog is an evolving beast. What we know now, we didn't have a clue on in the beginning. [Do you notice that I am using the peculiar plural "we" in this message?]

Five years ago, 60 months, I went to key players and asked them to give me 60 months of truce. What for you may ask. In that time period two major events took place. The last two remaining Hynds kids had a kind of reunion in Dallas. [See CLOG Here] And now both of them have passed away. If they resolved themselves with the "key players," or not, was a major concern of mine. I can't speak for the key players, whether they took stock in the foretelling or not. But at that time in 2006 a light bulb went on and I conceived of using the Internet to journal the 60 months; and to possibly open up a forum for key players to communicate in.

In 2006 I had the knowledge of how to open a blog site using Google Beta Blogger, and also the knowledge of how to "cut and paste." Thus I spent long hours skidding through Google Images and other blogs looking for content. I discovered formats, tricks, news sites, and lots of other first timer bloggers. A list at this time of all MooPig Wisdom's discoveries is improbable if not totally moot.

And, the opportunity for others to join in never happened. What is important is that in its completion is a message. Without communication of thoughts, ideas and desires there is no chance for resolve. Now that the last of the Hynds children have passed, there is a lull in writing posts. Maybe the inspiration for blogging messages is lost.

Blogs are labors of love, MooPig Wisdom surely is. MooPig wisdom has about 400 pageviews per day. We are not read widely and, well, it kind of sucks. If you are not familiar with that term, labor of love describes a work that has merit, but few recognize its value.

Also, as in our case, Blogs are also master works of piracy. We tried to put MooPig Wisdom into a book format to put on our shelves, but found out that Blog 2 Print has a limit on how many pictures it can process from blogs to paper copy. MooPig Wisdom has over 8000 illustrations. It's like the KaaZaa of mostly pirated pictures and illustrations collections.

Not a brag, just a fact.

Now the 60 months are up, and MooPig Wisdom has run its course. Or has it?

NEXT WEEK :: "Finding a Graceful Way to Exit ... "

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