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Friday, March 29, 2013

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bitcoin: Can a virtual currency do away with banks? PART TWO

FOFOA: Bitcoin Open Forum: "To summarize, this guy had 25,000 Bitcoins stolen from him around noon on Monday. At that time, Bitcoins were trading for around $20 each, so he lost almost $500,000 worth of Bitcoins! I'm just learning some of the technicalities of Bitcoins now, so please correct me in the comments if I get anything wrong. I imagine this will make for a lively discussion! It seems Bitcoins have been quite a trade recently, running from less than half a penny up to $30, back down to $10, and up again to $20. Here's the chart:"

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Monday, March 25, 2013

What do you know about the Top Tax Rates?

How did this Report get Past Us?
Retrieved by Pat Darnell | Mar 25, 2013 | Bryan TX

As early as September, 2012, a report made by the Congressional Research Service, CRS, pointed out that taxes were not correlated to GDP in the way that Republican ideologues preach it. In fact the opposite was true.

The report was "taken down" before the elections in November, 2012. The report was re-published by Democrats HERE.
" ... The top income tax rates have changed considerably since the end of World War II. Throughout the late-1940s and 1950s, the top marginal tax rate was typically above 90%; today it is 35%. Additionally, the top capital gains tax rate was 25% in the 1950s and 1960s, 35% in the 1970s; today it is 15%. The average tax rate faced by the top 0.01% of taxpayers was above 40% until the mid-1980s; today it is below 25%. Tax rates affecting taxpayers at the top of the income distribution are currently at their lowest levels since the end of the second World War. (CRS. Thomas L. Hungerford. Specialist in Public Finance. September 14, 2012. HERE) ... "
Non-Partisan Congressional Tax Report Debunks Core Conservative Economic Theory-GOP Suppresses Study - Forbes: "“The reduction in the top tax rates appears to be uncorrelated with saving, investment and productivity growth. The top tax rates appear to have little or no relation to the size of the economic pie. However, the top tax rate reductions appear to be associated with the increasing concentration of income at the top of the income distribution.” (Rick Ungar, Contributor. 11.02.2012. HERE)"

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The conclusion?

"Lowering the tax rates on the wealthy and top earners in America do not appear to have any impact on the nation’s economic growth. (Ungar. ibid.)"

Apparently, solid, well researched data no longer matters—at least not when it comes to the Congressional Republicans. They got the report pulled, somehow. Republicans didn't like some of the wording: "Bush tax cuts" and reference to "tax cuts for the rich."

This is some real sad shit.
" ... While a spokesperson for the C.R.S. refused to comment on the discussions between the Senate Republicans and her agency, she did confirm that the report was no longer in ‘official circulation’. However, the New York Times reports that a source requesting anonymity confirmed that the decision to pull the study was done against the advice of the economics division and that the author, Mr. Hungerford, stood by the report’s findings. (Rick Ungar, Contributor. 11.02.2012 HERE) ... "

Republican tax strategy? Debunked; total failure.


NASA Talk :: "Soyuz"

Soyuz Capsule on Re-entry
by Pat Darnell | Mar 25, 2013 | Bryan TX

[Picture LINK]

Soyuz TMA-06M Spacecraft
JSC2013-E-017269 (16 March 2013) --- The Soyuz TMA-06M spacecraft lies passively on its side March 16 after bringing home Expedition 34 Commander Kevin Ford of NASA, Soyuz Commander Oleg Novitskiy and Flight Engineer Evgeny Tarelkin to a landing northeast of Arkalyk, Kazakhstan following a one-day delay due to inclement weather in the area.

The Soyuz initially landed upright before being tilted on its side for servicing after touching down to wrap up 144 days in space and 142 days for Ford, Novitskiy and Tarelkin at the International Space Station. The three crew members were flown by helicopter to Kustanai, Kazakhstan en route to their homes in Houston and Star City, Russia. Photo credit: Sergey Vigovskiy

Page Last Updated: March 20, 2013
Page Editor: Amiko Kauderer
NASA Official: Brian Dunbar


Saturday, March 23, 2013

MooPig Zazzle Department :: "They don't show the flip side"

T-shirts ...
Re-hashed by Pat Darnell  |  Mar 22, 2013  |  Bryan TX

[Picture LINK] Reuters/Reuters - A Viking-era woollen mitten found by a shrinking glacier in the mountains of south Norway in 2011 is seen in this undated handout picture released by the Oppland county council March 21, 2013. REUTERS/Oppland county council/Handout

Pre-Viking Tunic Found In Thawing Glacier Shows How Climate Change Aids Archaeology (PHOTO): "Reuters reports that the woolen garment was uncovered in 2011 in south Norway, 6,560 feet above sea level on what is believed to have been a Roman-era trade route. Carbon dating revealed that the greenish-brown tunic was made around the year 300."

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While Kim and Kanye are naming their baby "NorthWest," while Amanda Bynes is proving her mental state-- unaware of her new reputation, and as Britney S picks up some KFC, archaeologists find a "tunic" in glacier ice.

[Picture LINK] Marianne Vedeler of Norway's Museum of Cultural History shows off a 1,700-year-old tunic used as warm outer clothing, found in the mountains of southern Norway in 2011, in Oslo March 21, 2013. The pre-Viking woollen tunic found beside a thawing glacier in south Norway shows how global warming is proving something of a boon for archaeology, scientists said on Thursday. (Alister Doyle/Reuters)

They don't show the flip-side of the oldest Tunic shirt because ...
... of copy-right issues!!!


MooPig Trends :: "Computer Graphics"

Chill out 
Pat Darnell and HERE  |  Mar 23, 2013  |  Bryan TX

'Please Please Me' Turns 50: The Ultimate Beatles Song Charts (INFOGRAPHIC): "The Beatles' early years were simple, instrumentally speaking, compared to those that followed. As they experimented with new sounds, drugs and philosophies, four-piece rock songs gave way to the psychedelic tracks of "Sgt. Pepper" and "Magical Mystery Tour."

Their later music was packed so full of instrumentation that it would seem impossible to map out who was playing what — but our friends at Pop Chart Lab did just that, and the stunning results are below.

"At the height of their experimentation, the Beatles used nearly every instrument imaginable, from sitars and dilrubas to full on brass arrangements to banging on an anvil and having someone count eerily in the background of a track," they told us."

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Do we ever get tired of the BEATLES?


Cage Match #11 :: "Popemobile vs the White Bronco"

First Ever to Include "Cars" in the Cage Match
by Pat Darnell and Google  | Mar 23, 2013 | Bryan TX

OJ Simpson in his White Bronco


Pope Francis in his White Mercedes Popemobile

Is the Popemobile a second-hand car? - Telegraph: " And if you want the same paint job for your C-class you'll have to ask your dealer for "Vatican mystic white". As with all Popemobiles, it carries the registration "SCV 1" (an abbreviation of the Italian and Latin names for Vatican City, Stato della Città del Vaticano and Status Civitatis Vaticanae, respectively)."

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This is about uber-economics. What was the real cost of OJ "Orenthal James" Simpson's trial and error, not in that order? You see the jurors in the OJ trial were sequestered, average age of the juror was 43, exhibits presented during testimony: Defense 369; prosecution 488, cost: estimated $9 million for Los Angeles County--includes costs for court and prosecution--defense costs not known, the cost of Simpson's defense is estimated at $3 million to $6 million.

Think, 1.2 billion voices. So much for all the pre-conclave speculation and scenarios. For those of you who view papal elections in terms of brackets, e.g., Religious News Service's "Sweet Sistine, the election of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio is even bigger than a play-in team upsetting a #1 in the first round, and then going on to win the championship. (Brian Olszewski on Mar 15, 2013. HERE )

Calls to mind that Jesuit cardinal and eventual doctor of the church, St. Robert Bellarmine, who, when he resided at the Vatican in the early 1600s, tore the tapestries from the walls of his room in order to clothe the poor. He was said to have remarked, "The walls won't catch cold."

As for the "real cost" of papal switching, good luck with that. In other words we came up empty in our Googling. There are 1.2 billion Catholics in the world. That is one-seventh of the world's population. Now if every Catholic gave just one Euro ...

-- By the way, Pope Francis, from Fathead, get yours today: Put your passion on display with the Pope Francis Mural Fathead from! Note: there's no Fathead for OJ Simpson.

MEANWHILE :: In Conclusion
Down in the mouth: Root Canal Awareness Week begins this Sunday. 

Cage Match is an invention of ...

Thursday, March 21, 2013

MooPig Activism :: The Real Costs of Profiteering

Consequences are Deep; the Perpetrators are Shallow
Retrieved by Pat Darnell at Matthew Bach/faceBook  |  Mar 21, 2013  |  Bryan TX

When this war dragged on past Dubya Bush's speech when he said the US has prevailed in the Battle of Iraq; his speech given from the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, it awoke a beast in me. I did not know that I would have such hatred for a president as I did on that day. Now years later, in the wake of our Iraqi occupation, I think Dubya was standing on the stern of the carrier. He must have been preaching to the seagulls on the fan tail.

Whatever he was doing, turned out to be a lot of barking at the wind. Dubya Bush is a lunatic, and living proof that privilege allows men to go free even when they are mass murderers.

A dying Iraq veteran pays his last respects to the men and women who killed him.

Dangerous Minds | Dying vet’s ‘fuck you’ letter to George Bush & Dick Cheney needs to be read by every American:

To: George W. Bush and Dick Cheney
From: Tomas Young
EXCERPT  |  " I write this letter on behalf of us all—the human detritus your war has left behind, those who will spend their lives in unending pain and grief. I write this letter, my last letter, to you, Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney. I write not because I think you grasp the terrible human and moral consequences of your lies, manipulation and thirst for wealth and power. I write this letter because, before my own death, I want to make it clear that I, and hundreds of thousands of my fellow veterans, along with millions of my fellow citizens, along with hundreds of millions more in Iraq and the Middle East, know fully who you are and what you have done. "
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[READ entire Article HERE]

When we find these "Internet" derivations of fact, we are as wary as anybody that it is possibly the work of imagination. But we find this letter expressing many Americans' heart felt opinions of what has happened.

If the letter is a knock-off, well, even so, it should still be regarded as a declaration of independence from the misogyny, hegemony, dilettantism, dreck, and confusion brought on by privileged progeny of rich, bombastic, war profiteers:

at Letter EXCERPT | " ... I write this letter, my last letter, to you, Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney. I write not because I think you grasp the terrible human and moral consequences of your lies, manipulation and thirst for wealth and power. I write this letter because, before my own death, I want to make it clear that I, and hundreds of thousands of my fellow veterans, along with millions of my fellow citizens, along with hundreds of millions more in Iraq and the Middle East, know fully who you are and what you have done. You may evade justice but in our eyes you are each guilty of egregious war crimes, of plunder and, finally, of murder, including the murder of thousands of young Americans—my fellow veterans—whose future you stole. ... "



Tuesday, March 19, 2013

MooPig Gossip Mill Department :: "Huh?"

[Picture LINK]

Bilderberger’s Arrive in North Korea to Examine Economy and Social Media | "PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA — Google Chairman Eric Schmidt and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson both Bilderberg Group and Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) members have arrived in North Korea Monday on a commercial flight to initiate a series of talks with North Korean officials pertaining to the countries economy and social media."

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Look left in MooPig's sidebar ... that's former Governor Bill Richards. He gets around, that guy is everywhere but in New Mexico.

This story is in the NYTIMES, HERE. Bill Richardson with journalists on Monday after arriving in Pyongyang, North Korea. Mr. Richardson, who has visited the North several times, called his trip a private humanitarian mission.

"intellihub" must be trying to make this into a Bilderberger Hall of Fame event. Although, Americans traveling to North Korea seems far fetched. We now wonder how many others are going to North Korea, with little or no media coverage? Who can afford trips like this? And who is paying the tabs for a "private humanitarian mission." Like the Kissinger faux era of taking hot babes to parties, then sneaking out to fly around the world on secret diplomatic "whatevers" ... is Gov Bill in the same maneuver?

Gossip sites would like to know. And MooPig Gossip Mill Department would pay good intentions for information.


America's Got Talent :: "Guitar Face or Poker Face ... "

Orchestra at square dance. McIntosh County, Oklahoma, 1939 or 1940. Reproduction from color slide. Photo by Russell Lee. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress


UPDATE !!! MooPig Dance Trends Department :: "Zendaya’s Debut"

Youth Spirals Past the Geezers of Dance
Disambiguate'd by Pat Darnell and Plethora  |  Mar 18, 2013  |  Bryan TX

This is Dancing With the Stars Debut History. Youth explodes and runs past all the Geezers who would be dancing stars. Call Zendaya the only brightest spiral galaxy in an otherwise black hole of reality television madness. Call it what you want, but I never would have watched this ridiculous show if it were not for the champion effort of Zendaya and Val Chmerkovsky.
" ... Z[endaya] did actually stand out last night though, and we're not just biased. She earned the top spot with 24 points out of a possible 30.

We don't want to jinx it, but we totally think she's going to win this season. Check out Zendaya's DWTS debut in the video below, and don't forget to vote for her all season long!

More on: dancing with the stars, zendaya coleman (Posted 2 hours 48 min ago by Rachel Samara for Global Grind Staff. Read more: LINK) ... "

Some of you might know that MooPig Family was once on a TV Reality show called: "Honey, We're Killing the Kids." We kicked ass on that show, and we know the difference between schlumps and schumpeters. 

MooPig Odds Maker Department says, "Our money is on Zendaya to win, 100 to 1." Zendaya chuckles all the way to the bank, she's just sixteen!


MooPig Hegelian Dialectic Department :: "Rothschild's Solution"

Economic Viral Porn
Juxtaposed by Pat Darnell  |  Mar 15, 2013  |  Bryan TX
The Rothschilds are one of the wealthiest of the ruling class bloodlines and share the biggest piece of the global tax and land plunder with the Merovingian bloodline, then with the Rockefellers following close behind. The primary way that the Rothschild bloodline has maintained their control, is through monopolizing the money supplies of entire countries. This allows them to covertly extract wealth from billions of people through their governments without them even realizing it.

Another Rothschild Comes Forward to Speak on The Economy…Is this the Hegelian Dialectic Researchers Predicted? | "For years activists and researchers have been predicting that the ruling class would begin coming out of the shadows when the world was on the verge of economic collapse, to offer the preplanned solution to the problem that they themselves created."
" ... Interestingly enough, in the past week two different members of the Rothschild family have come forward in rare media appearances and editorials to give their comments on the global financial crisis and its implications. They have not yet announced the establishment of a one world currency or massive tax hikes yet, but that’s what many are expecting. Right now though, it seems as if they are just getting warmed up to the media and setting the tone for future political action. (JG VIBES. January 4, 2013. LINK) ... "
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Did you realize that every time MooPig Wisdom publishes a post it is hastening Hegel's dialectic? "Hegel's Dialectic is the tool which manipulates us into a frenzied circular pattern of thought and action."

We think we are stepping outside of the box, when we are actually promoting a sort of a pinball table game of reasoning. It helps in eventual dictatorship of the "proletariat" to bind ourselves within the dialectic.
" ... The only way to completely stop the privacy invasions, expanding domestic police powers, land grabs, insane wars against inanimate objects and transient verbs, covert actions, and outright assaults on individual liberty, is to step outside the dialectic. (Niki Raapana and Nordica Friedrich. October 2005. LINK) ..."
In a recent movie, Julia Roberts, playing the part of a college professor, turns to her colleague and asks: "Do you ever wake up in the morning and realize your whole life is a fraud?" (paraphrased. Larry Crowne.  LINK . 2011.)  How to be part of something, but, not be a part of something? "Dialogues and consensus-building are primary tools of the dialectic, and terror and intimidation are also acceptable formats for obtaining the goal. (ibid. Raapana)"

Everyone is a schmuck, in the dialectic world. And because the law of attraction overwhelms human beings, we fall in love with each others' conversations. YIKES!!
" ... Today the dialectic is active in every political issue that encourages taking sides. We can see it in environmentalists instigating conflicts against private property owners, in democrats against republicans, in greens against libertarians, in communists against socialists, in neo-cons against traditional conservatives, in community activists against individuals, in pro-choice versus pro-life, in Christians against Muslims, in isolationists versus interventionists, in peace activists against war hawks. No matter what the issue, the invisible dialectic aims to control both the conflict and the resolution of differences, and leads everyone involved into a new cycle of conflicts. (ibide. Raapana) ... "

So, back to the dialectic: "How about that Bears', Packers' game?"


MooPig Report from the Middle :: "Infrastructure"

Report Card for Texas Infrastructure 2008 / 2012, a dismal "C"
Retrieved by Pat Darnell and Assid Reflux  |  Mar 19, 2013  |  Bryan TX

Every 4 years, the American Society of Civil Engineers releases a Report Card for America’s Infrastructure that depicts the condition and performance of the nation’s infrastructure in the familiar form of a school report card by assigning letter grades to each type of infrastructure.

PART ONE: Local, Texas
There are twelve categories in America's report card:
  1. Schools
  2. Drinking Water
  3. Waste Water
  4. Dams
  5. Solid Waste
  6. Navigable Water Ways
  7. Roads
  8. Bridges
  9. Aviation
  10. Transit
  11. Flood Control
  12. Energy
Focusing on the report card for Texas, let's pick on one tiny part of this assessment, Modernizing Our Schools:  per National Education Association (NEA), Texas has a "D-" for Schools, which has not improved from 2008.
" ... From 2000 – 2010, the population of Texas grew 20.6% according to the U.S. Census. In 2010, 19.5% of the population in Texas was school age, a percentage that has remained relatively constant. These figures indicate a current increase in school populations of just about two percent per year. Texas enrollment is the fastest growing for the 15 most populous states over the last decade. ... "
Compare to a 50-state estimate of the need for school modernization in the United States along with recommendations: Key findings show the total funding needed for public school modernization is $321.9 billion, and that total funding needed for public modernization varies dramatically across states, ranging from $50.7 billion (New York) to $333 million (Vermont).

Texas spends just $8,908 per student each year, which is well under the national average of $11,463, according to the National Education Association. Per student annual spending dropped $500 after the Perry education budget was approved by lawmakers.

" ... In Texas, the gain in jobs from 2009 to 2011 has been a loss for the Texan student. During those same three years average spending per enrolled student declined 10.4%, while nationwide, the same measure increased 3.7 % over the same period, according to the Dallas News. ( Alex Rogers. Feb 05, 2013. LINK) ... "
" ... The conservatives of the Texas legislature are about to try again to fool the state's taxpayers into funding private schools with a voucher program. The Republican argument, which falls apart under scrutiny, has been that no child should be condemned to attend a failing public school. No conservative wants to talk about why the public school system might be troubled, however, nor do they contemplate the even greater long-term damages to be wrought by school choice. (James Moore. 1.06.2013. LINK) ... "
So, by deductive reasoning, Texas schools will stay at the substandard level of "D-" for a long time here after. Political fervor to not spend on public education will cause stammer in any attempt to pass bonds for education, or attract Federal funding for our ailing public schools. We think as the public schools go, so will the private schools. Let's call it "Dismal," a D-, for Texas school children. And Texas ends up with inadequate public schools.
' ... State Senator Dan Patrick (R), who promises to push a repackaged vouchers bill in the 2013 legislative session, portrays himself as the champion of parents wanting to free their children from the prisons of public school ignorance and failure. He is, instead, a lost horseman leading a misguided herd off of a cliff into a far canyon. Vouchers will create even greater disparities in educational quality and new forms of segregation. (James Moore. 1.06.2013. LINK) ... "
Question for you; let me know in the comments if you understand this "State funding" statement:
" ... State funding to support school districts with debt principal and interest expenditures related to public school facilities is provided through the Instructional Facilities Allotment and the Existing Debt Allotment. These programs ensure equalized funding related to the Interest and Sinking (I and S) tax effort at rates of $35.00 per penny per student in ADA. The EDA assistance is limited to 29 cents of tax effort, a limit that does not apply to IFA. Higher property wealth school districts rely upon local tax property taxes and receive no state aid from these state aid sources. (ASCE Texas Section. LINK) ... "
So, in Texas, State funding for schools comes from property tax? Is that all they are saying? And the richer the community, the less that community receives for schools?
" ... If less money comes from Austin to local districts, those schools simply have to make cuts or find new ways to raise revenue, which often occurs through increased property valuations on homeowners... (Moore, James. 1.06.2013 LINK)... "
Here is the entire Texas Infrastructure Report Card:

PART TWO: The Nation
What will it cost to bring up our Nation's rating?

In context of our "federal" ailing infrastructure, we hover around a "D" grade overall. Proposed “key solutions” in the 2009 report, included:
  • Increasing federal leadership
  • Promoting sustainability and resilience
  • Complementing a national vision
  • Addressing life-cycle and maintenance costs
  • Improving infrastructure investments from all stakeholders
How much? It will cost the United States of America $2.2 to $3.2  trillion: "the report estimated that $2.2 trillion is the required five-year investment to increase the infrastructure’s condition to “good.” ( Melanie Wong. May 7, 2012. LINK) ... "

TABLE: Estimated 5-year Investment Requirement in Billions of Dollars. Source: ASCE Report for America’s Infrastructure, 2009

The Rothschild's are worth about $700 trillion. (LINK). Bill Gates Net Worth: a measly $67 Billion as of March 2013 -- Harvard Drop Out -- (LINK). Current Governor of the state of Texas and Republican Presidential primary candidate Rick Perry has a net worth of $3 million. He's accumulated that net worth largely through his family's fortune, and his numerous published books... (LINK)

As we lie awake at night, with gurgling stomachs, and 3 AM beckons us to nervous paranoia ... our imaginations are taxed, and we perceive our children sleep in an unsure state of being.

What socio-pathic government morons are doing at this hour? I can only suspect they are sleeping the sleep of the evil damned. Their home life is not thwarted by their own "denial" and cock-a-mania "conservative agendas." Their children sleep in the throes of voucher privilege. Their infrastructure is covered by the government check they receive, and government vehicles they are given. Yes, given ease of living by us generous folk out here.

Those others, the sleeping rich guys, are born on third base, and never get the pleasure of gutting out a real life struggle to just get on first base, like us. Their idea of work is flying a jet airplane.

It always sounds like sour grapes from us at MooPig Enterprises. What it really is, is acid reflux. So, next time your State votes on education bonds, be sure you are on the right side of that matter.

And that's our Report from the Middle; Where the women are strong, the men are good looking, and the children are hopefully above average.

2012 Texas Report Card FINAL.pdf [LINK]'s%20guide%202012_Revised.pdf,0,4904502.story

Monday, March 18, 2013

MooPig Dance Trends Department :: "Zendaya’s Debut"

Access Hollywood Says: ...
Disambiguate'd by Pat Darnell and Plethora  |  Mar 18, 2013  |  Bryan TX

[Picture LINK]

Zendaya’s Dancing With The Stars Blog: Getting Ready For Premiere Night!: "Last week we wrapped Season 3 of “Shake It Up” and I already miss my “Shake It Up” family. My TV brother Roshon was on “DWTS” and he has been giving me a lot of advice. He was like, listen, what you need to know is to blow your nose before you go out on stage. Because it’s live, snot will fly! I think that’s genius advice and I’m definitely going to have that in the back of my mind when we perform tonight! -- Zendaya"

'via Blog this'

Okay so it is attrition time. Pull an orange card from the Attrition Game Deck ...

MooPig Dance Trends Department has been following the career of Zendaya and her cohorts of Disney's "Shake It Up!" kids TV. The kids on the show are dancers on a local TV show called "Shake It Up Chicago," so, they are in a show about a show. Zendaya 's name on the show is Rocky, and her best friend is CeCe, real name: Bella Thorne.

What we noticed first time we saw the show was that none of the regulars could dance a lick. but that does not stop the General Audience rated action. We found the show refreshing, so we channel back to watch for new episodes.

Well, it is only the third season, and already star actress Zendaya is Dancing With The Stars, DWTS, tonight. so for sure we will tune in.

When asked "Why the one name billing for you, Zendaya?" She replies "My Dad made up the name and like 'Madonna,' you know, Zendaya!"

That is attrition in all its glory. Move over Madge, Beyonce, Charo, and the rest ... Zendaya!


Saturday, March 16, 2013

MooPig's Vacation Like the Kennedy's :: "Carnival Cruise 'Dream'"

Re-hashed by Pat Darnell  |  Mar 15, 2013  |  Bryan TX

[Picture LINK]

New Ad Reflects the Reality of a Carnival Cruise | Mad Magazine: "For the second time in a month, a Carnival Cruise ship — this one called “The Dream” and henceforth known as “The Nightmare” — is suffering power outages and pesky plumbing problems.

Note: by “pesky plumbing problems,” we mean what passengers call “large amount of human waste all over the floor in bathrooms and staterooms.” On the positive side, we hear the view from the stench-ridden cabins is lovely this time of year. "

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MooPig Earnings Tracking Department Presents :: "Eternal Wealth"

Could you use an Extra $100,000 ?
Retrieved by Pat Darnell  |  Mar 15, 2013  |  Bryan TX

[Picture LINK] No funk in this crowd!

The Rothschild family - $700 trillion (if wealth was equal, everyone would be worth a million): "The Rothschild family is estimated to be worth at least 500 trillion dollars today and some estimates over 900 trillion dollars.

Let's say it is the average estimate (700 trillion) If we divide their 700 Trillion by the population of planet earth (7 Billion), each person on the planet would have $100,000 additional to what they have...

If we divided the top 10 peoples wealth we'd all be very close to millionaires, while they could all stay trillionaires Just something to think about..."

'via Blog this'

When Tammy Faye and Jim Bakker prayed for cash, we can think that they had the Rothschild's in mind. Seek first the kingdom of God and live righteously, and these things will be given to you. Yes, that's right, but the tricky part is the "live righteously" part of that verse.

What on earth makes wealthy families, rock stars, misanthropes, and US presidents, all seek world domination? There is one drawback to world domination. When our nouveau riche establish their place, they must take into consideration community property. What is theirs to keep, and what will their own family members take with them when they split? Similarly, the world will take back its wealth too.

For instance: we know it is worrying a great many that Ashton K and Demi M are divorcing. "Demi earned her biggest paycheck ever just by divorcing first husband Bruce Willis. When Bruce and Demi split up, Willis cut a settlement check for a cool $90 million!" (Simon Gerard on March 8, 2013. LINK)

Yes, Bruce, and now Ashton, it's called community property. Now Demi will be entitled to 50% of Ashton K's $140 million, and half of his future earnings. Money grubbers have to plan for that kind of degradation of their wealth, while gold diggers soak up the residuals.

Another example of world domination: " ... When it comes to her career – or, as Elle calls it, her quest for “world domination” – Nicki Minaj is putting her family first.
“My goal in the beginning was to buy my mother a house. Now I realize, Okay, if I really focus and become a key player in business, then I can build an empire. I’m thinking of a legacy that I can be proud of and wealth that my grandchildren can use to go to college. So world domination- in terms of providing for my family — is absolutely my goal. (Breeanna Hare. The-CNN-Wire™, © ,2013 Cable News Network, Inc., a Time Warner Company. March 16, 2013. LINK) ... "
The Catholic church organization has its infrastructure preserved by its vow of celibacy, so that all the church's property stays with the Church. There are no pesky spouses to usurp the power and wealth of its global coffers.

Why does every body seek world domination? That's the million buck question.

I correlated wealth building with religion because the two "seem" related. One group devotes its life to its love of God; the wealthy devote their lives to the love of Money. And religions accept all denominations ... of money.

The Rothschild's are modern day version of a two hundred year quest started by the original Rothschild banker thugs in their trek to world domination. They are a subset of the larger set of the earth's citizenry, but:
" ... Whether you call it a dynasty or an empire, the Rothschild legacy is impossible to miss. Now entering its seventh generation, the Rothschild banking dynasty was founded by Mayer Amschel Rothschild, a German Jew who began his career in a Frankfurt banking house and began compiling his fortune during the height of the Napoleonic Wars between 1792 and 1815. Together with his five sons, Mayer established bank offices and branches in London in 1804, Paris in 1811, and Vienna and Naples in the 1820s. (Geoffrey Golden on August 8, 2012. LINK) ... "
You see, at MooPig Enterprises, we don't believe that anyone should dominate the world. We believe diversity rules the earth; not just in the human species, but in all life. Diversity brings wealth to all species. The Rothschilds, Bakkers, Nicki Minaj, and the Holy Roman Empire, seem to be on a very different paths.

At MooPig we find ourselves standing in the shadows of Motown Funk Brothers. Up to our eyebrows with useless, degrading, human schemes and collusion on how to dominate the world; and it makes us want the funk.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

MooPig Site Review :: Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

This Generation
Co-opted by Pat Darnell  |  Mar 13, 2013  |  Bryan TX

[Picture LINK]

MooPig Site Reviews are little more than glimpses at what is happening on other pages throughout the online kingdom. Believe you me, there is a lot going on!

We focused on this new Cheney stuff, because this is where we catch up with the man, Alex Jones. As Americans all, our troubles only started the day Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Dubya came to Washington. The clandestine operations of Cheney alone have far reaching, and deadly, consequences.

If laws are being written in our Congress today, based on what Cheney manufactured in his many lies, we all inherit his deleterious excrement.

Alex Jones comes on very strong in his radio presentation, and in his overall take on government in the USA. For reals, we at MooPig Enterprises want to believe what he says. But some others in their reviews of Alex Jones InfoWars have alluded to his mission might be CIA sponsored, to which we say, wasn't 9/11 also CIA sponsored? For an opinion on Alex Jones as a conspirator, See: The Mollygate Alex Jones Stratfor Scandal, [LINK].

That is the drama we experience daily in our blogging adventure. Some one tells us about Alex Jones, he goes on TV and slams Piers Morgan [LINK], and, we catch up with Alex Jones's updating his list on Cheney's oblique, sideways walk through his pitiful life.

» Cheney Admits that He Lied about 9/11 Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!: "In a documentary soon to appear on Showtime, “The World According to Dick Cheney,” [Cheney said]  “I got on the telephone with the president, who was in Florida, and told him not to be at one location where we could both be taken out.”

Mr. Cheney kept W. flying aimlessly in the air on 9/11 while he and Lynn left on a helicopter for a secure undisclosed location, leaving Washington in a bleak, scared silence, with no one reassuring the nation in those first terrifying hours."

'via Blog this'

From the InfoWars Site:  "Cheney lied about numerous other facts related to 9/11 as well. For example, Cheney:
-Falsely linked Iraq with 9/11 (indeed, the entire torture program was aimed at establishing such a false linkage; and Cheney is the guy who pushed for torture, pressured the Justice Department lawyers to write memos saying torture was legal, and made the pitch to Congress justifying torture. the former director of the CIA said Cheney of overseeing American torture policies)
-Falsely claimed that spying on Americans, torture, the Patriot Act, the Afghanistan war, the Iraq war and the “war on terror” were all necessitated by 9/11 … when none of it was true
-Falsely stated that an attack such as 9/11 was unforeseeable, when Al Qaeda flying planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon was something which American military and intelligence services – and our allies – knew could happen
-Falsely pretended that he was out of the loop during the 9/11 attacks
-Falsely blamed others for 9/11, when Cheney was in charge of all of America’s counter-terrorism exercises, activities and responses on 9/11. See this Department of State announcement and this CNN article …
-… And when Cheney was apparently responsible for letting the Pentagon get hit by an airplane(confirmed here and here)
-And was instrumental in squashing a real investigation into 9/11"
This article was posted: Friday, March 8, 2013 at 5:49 am, Tags: 9/11, government corruption, police state, terrorism


It's True -- Cheney Admits that He Lied

Sponsor this Lie
Collaborated by Pat Darnell and the Herd  |  Mar 13, 2013  |  Bryan TX

[Picture LINK]

» Cheney Admits that He Lied about 9/11 Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!: "“I gave the instructions that we’d authorize our pilots to take it out,” he says, referring to the jet headed to Washington that crashed in a Pennsylvania field. He adds: “After I’d given the order, it was pretty quiet. Everybody had heard it, and it was obviously a significant moment.”


When they testified together before the 9/11 Commission, W. and Mr. Cheney kept up a pretense that in a previous call, the president had authorized the vice president to give a shoot-down order if needed. But the commission found “no documentary evidence for this call.”"

'via Blog this'

Cover your eyes, hold your nose, cover your mouth, ... Dick Cheney's shit stinks to high heaven.


How Fast is Wikipedia?

Pope Francis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
[Picture LINK]

'via Blog this'

You know, folks, the new Pope was just elected about two hours ago. Here is a Wiki page already posted online. How smooth is that? Pope Francis: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Pretty darn smooth.

These images were posted to Google Images just 40 minutes ago. We are nearing the speed of light in our communications. Turn on, login, tune in, see life go by.
" ... Argentine Jorge Bergoglio has been elected pope, the first ever from the Americas and the first from outside Europe in more than a millennium. He chose the name Pope Francis. After announcing “Habemus Papum” “We have a pope!” a cardinal standing on the balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica on Wednesday revealed the identity of the new pontiff, using his Latin name. Bergoglio had reportedly finished second in the 2005 conclave that produced Benedict XVI who last month became the first pope to resign in 600 years. The 76-year-old archbishop of Buenos Aires has spent nearly his entire career at home in Argentina, overseeing churches and shoe-leather priests. ... "
[Picture LINK]
Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio walks in St. Peter's Square after attending a cardinals' meeting, at the Vatican, Wednesday, March 6, 2013 (Andrew Medichini/The Associated Press)

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