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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In Her Future Interview with Cigar Aficionado Magazine

Set yourself in the future; you are looking back at an era. Your grandchildren are asking about Sarah Palin. You explain:

The mystery is solved.
Her face has become a viral sensation and a Photo-shopper's favorite mash-up figure in the first twenty years of the new century: The woman whose Harpo Marx-like innocence, and handheld communication device ... yes, she has raised eyebrows of those among us examining some of your immortal Bilderberg Hall of Famers' moments in history ... or next to the Ryder Cup in a photo-shopped union of Sarah and Tiger  whose ball is heading directly at the photographer ... or not.

For her wide eyes, and constant smile, full blend stogie ambiance, and full head of hair blowing in the wind next to Old Glory, the spectator gone super star, will be dubbed "Cigar Lady."

Her face was inserted into the background ... or more often center stage ... of other iconic photos, eventually migrating onto other areas of the world stage - cavorting with singers, world leaders, on a Civil War battlefield with Abraham Lincoln, and with the cartoon Clutch Cargo and his pals Spinner and Paddlefoot. There's a Cigar Lady fan in all of us.

MooPig's From the Sketch Book :: "Why Wiki Leaked You.... eh?"

Plagiarism is what we do POOF !!

Love is Music in search of a word

Etheria exists in minds. So be it. You now have the ability to control molecular density, what are you going to do with that?

MooPig Graphiques and ReWildings :: "Give us a Caption... eh?"

Captions Please!

Haiti :: Recent Headlines -- Dangling Chads or Lost ID's, it's a "Ruse," they say.


"We need a new Haiti without fraud," he added.
Haitian candidates allege widespread fraud in national election
From Ivan Watson, CNN
November 28, 2010 3:25 p.m. EST

Monday, November 29, 2010


33% Batting averages Refresher: 'That means 1 'base hit' in three attempts at bat on offense. There are nine players on each team. Nine innings and three outs per inning. each player will bat a minimum of three times each game, in the purist sense, if every batter is called out during the game. Hitting safely and getting on base changes many variables, but in all of the statistical history of keeping records of the game, a percentage for batter's to average .333 is optimum for winning games. That means there are hits in every inning and some coaches say 'Nine hits' in a game is an average for winning at least 33% to 50% of the time. So you see 33 has a definite life of its own ... Yes, or not?

33% Approximate Land to Water Ratio of Earth
33.3 Speed of an LP Vinyl Album

33% wins is high for Chances of winning at Black Jack, or similar

Prophecy: 67% to 75% correct is a major correctness factor, leaving 33% [+\- 3%] as a risk margin

33% body mass to water in the human body .333 + .333 + .333 is still less than one.
Ahhh ... but, yes, that is too easy ... well then Here is the scary stuff:

Mormon Ecology Cognitive Dissonance: Mormon Prophet's heavenly projection requires one man and thirty-three wives
Gnostic Mormon Zeitgeist?

Joseph Fielding Smith institute [continued] :
Mormon Prophet's heavenly projection
Mormon Environmentalism: concerns?
There is some dispute as to the number of wives, thirty-three may be off the mark; six degrees of separation would imply 60 sisterwives to be the magic number. Further archival research by, the Joseph Fielding Smith Institute of Latter-day Saint History, scholars are aiding the mathematical / statistical number crunching for a, later to be published, paper on Latter-Day-Saint finding.
There may be some ammunition for the fledgling Environmental movement in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
(Thaddeus Quella.6-14-2007)


What's Up WikiLeaks, Whoa, Whoa, a-Whoaaa ? What's Up WikiLeaks....

I'm still reading the billion word documents previously leaked by WikiLeaks... how can I keep up this pace? This new bit of leaking documents sounds juicier than the others ... "Top officials have notified allies that the contents of the diplomatic cables could prove embarrassing because they contain candid assessments of foreign leaders. ..."

Aha, "candid," I like that word. Somehow, somewhere, when you least expect, someone will walk up to you and say: "Sweat, we don't know why Wiki Leaked Ya..!"

Retrieved in Entirety for Ed Purposes by Pat Darnell

WikiLeaks defies U.S. demands on leaked cables
250,000 documents provided to The New York Times, The Guardian of Britain and German magazine Der Spiegel

[Wikileaks founder Julian Assange listens during a news conference on the internet release of secret documents about the Iraq War, in London on Oct. 23.] news services  |  updated 11/28/2010 1:48:01 PM ET

WASHINGTON — The online website WikiLeaks says it will go ahead with the release of hundreds of thousands of classified State Department documents in defiance of U.S. demands not to publish the files.
The WikiLeaks website appeared to be inaccessible, and WikiLeaks said in its Twitter feed that it was experiencing a denial of service attack. Nevertheless, WikiLeaks said that publications in the U.S. and Europe would print the leaked diplomatic cables even if it could not.

The group's founder, Julian Assange, also tells the U.S. ambassador to Britain that WikiLeaks won't bow to Washington's demands.
The Obama administration has been bracing for the release for the past week. Top officials have notified allies that the contents of the diplomatic cables could prove embarrassing because they contain candid assessments of foreign leaders.
The State Department has warned that the expected release of classified U.S. documents would endanger countless lives, jeopardize American military operations and hurt international cooperation on global security issues.
The department's top lawyer urged Assange in a letter on Saturday to keep classified documents off the website, remove records of them from its database and return any material to the U.S. government.
Lawyer Harold Koh said the department has learned that WikiLeaks provided 250,000 documents to The New York Times, The Guardian of Britain and German magazine Der Spiegel.

The New York Times posted a story on the documents early Sunday.
The U.S. government, which was informed in advance of the contents, has contacted governments around the world, including in Russia, Europe and the Middle East, to try to limit any damage. Sources familiar with the documents say they include corruption allegations against foreign leaders and governments.
Koh wrote that publication of the documents would "place at risk the lives of countless innocent individuals" as well as military initiatives and cooperation between countries to confront problems from terrorism to pandemic disease.
The lawyer also rejected what he said was Assange's request for more information about individuals who might be at risk from publication of the documents.
"We will not engage in a negotiation regarding the further release or dissemination of illegally obtained U.S. Government classified materials," Koh wrote.

Past releases by WikiLeaks, founded by Assange, an Australian-born computer hacker, contained sensitive information about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which the United States had said compromised national security and put some people at risk.

Anticipating the fallout from the latest publication, U.S. Ambassador to Germany Philip Murphy wrote a letter to the German Sunday weekly Bild am Sonntag that the WikiLeaks revelations would be an embarrassment.
"Regrettably we will soon have something new to see: alleged confidential diplomatic messages from U.S. embassies around the world, including mine. It's hard to say what effect it will have, but it will at the very least be uncomfortable -- for my government, for those mentioned in the reports, and for me personally as American Ambassador to Germany."
The newspaper reported that some German politicians were severely judged in the reports.

On Friday, U.S. Ambassador to Iraq James Jeffrey told reporters he was worried about the documents coming out.
"WikiLeaks are an absolutely awful impediment to my business, which is to be able to have discussions in confidence with people," he said.
The State Department letter echoed concerns expressed by Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the U.S. military's Joint Chiefs of Staff, airing on CNN's "Fareed Zakaria GPS" on Sunday.

"I would hope that those who are responsible for this would, at some point in time, think about the responsibility that they have for lives that they're exposing and the potential that's there and stop leaking this information," Mullen said.
In October, WikiLeaks released nearly 400,000 classified U.S. military files chronicling the Iraq war.
In a Twitter message last week, WikiLeaks said its forthcoming document release would be seven times larger than the Iraq war cache. A person familiar with the documents said that comparison was based on the total number of words.
An item that was apparently posted prematurely, and then removed, from the Der Spiegel website over the weekend, said the new WikiLeaks cache constituted of just over 250,000 State Department cables and 8,000 "diplomatic directives."


Directions   ... Berlin ... AAAACCCCKKKKK!

Jim Sanborn, artist

MooPig Book Review Notes :: The Jimi Hendrix Experience

If I remember Correctly, the Biggest Question of the '60's was "Does it have Positraction?"
by Pat Darnell and the Porch Dog Hisself

Someone just mentioned a book by Gladwell in referencing an opinion about Jimi Hendrix. This is a positraction question if ever I read one.

For you little pumpkin bangers, try the movie "My Cousin Vinny" when his girlfriend is his hostile witness on the stand.

Epidemic of viral bubbles. Infestations?
QandA With Malcolm Gladwell: Connecting Facebook, Jimi Hendrix, and ...
Oct 28, 2009 ... Gladwell's first book, The Tipping Point: How Little Things Make a Big ... with one or two exceptions, like Jimi Hendrix… are English ...

As I mentioned in a prior post, I had an opportunity to do a quick “walk and talk” interview with The New York Times best-selling author and New Yorker writer, Malcolm Gladwell.

Gladwell’s first book, The Tipping Point: How Little Things Make a Big Difference, changed the way many of us think about the way information is shared and disseminated, and how individuals influence one another and, in turn, the crowd.

In many ways, Gladwell was well ahead of his time in that this key book really pre-dated the advent of the widespread use of social media and media democratization, and what his New Yorker colleague James Surowiecki later came to term “crowdsourcing.”

In the few short minutes I had to speak with Malcolm as we walked over to his book signing, I asked him about this evolution and some of his other key “memes.”

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Golden Raspberry Awards :: Sandra Bullock [Sandra Annette Bullock, born July 26, 1964]

If you were born before 1964, You better hurry up to win that Oscar
Retrieved by Pat Darnell  [SOURCE]

The Golden Raspberry Awards, called the Razzies for short, is an annual award ceremony held in Los Angeles to recognize the worst in film. Founded by American copywriter and publicist John J.B. Wilson in 1981, the event precedes the corresponding Academy Award ceremony by one day. The term raspberry is used in its irreverent sense, as in "blowing a raspberry". The awards themselves typically cost US$4.79 each, in the form of a "golfball-sized raspberry" which sits atop a Super 8 mm film reel; the whole of which is spray-painted gold.

COMPLETE LIST of ALL 2010 RELEASES  ::  January 1st thru April 23rd: 157 Titles HERE

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Haiti :: Recent Headlines

A new Prince
by Pat Darnell

Who is the new Prince of Haiti
He claims the rumpled boulders
that were once a city

Don't jump into the rivers
Keep yourselves clean
Don't panic.

A man with fever arrives
he is carried into the tent
he was living in a tent
in San Marc

In only hours
this Prince charged amongst us
it devoured many and left us grieving

He came at us from miles away
from upstream
from the clay and sand

This new Prince
is bigger than our president
bigger than our 1000 camps

bigger than Jan 12 earthquake
it claimed 300,000 lives.

This Prince ...
is bigger than God.

MooPig's "Overextended Borrowers and Flawed Businesses"

We were able to build real wealth for our members by seeing things as they are... telling it like it is... and investing in straightforward, world-class companies ahead of the masses. Companies like:

Marvel Entertainment (NYSE: MVL) -- A comic book publisher turned motion-picture powerhouse... over 1,563% PROFIT for our group!
Activision Blizzard (Nasdaq: ATVI) -- A video game software super-stock... over 539% GAINS for our group!
Quality Systems (Nasdaq: QSII) -- A company that automates medical records. Our group bought the stock and pocketed a 1,086% PROFIT...
Take a look: A $10,000 investment in Quality Systems in 2003, when Tom recommended it, has grown to more than $118,600! This isn't theoretical; our group is really making these kinds of gains...

"I have made a killing on Quality Systems (100K+). I bought it when Tom first recommended it, and I still love this stock. Without Stock Advisor, I never would've known this stock existed."
-- Mark T., Burr Ridge, IL


The government would have you believe the mortgage companies you're being forced to invest in (bail out) are being nursed back to health...

But would you believe these companies are actually
being directed by the government to lose money? It's true.

But would you believe these companies are actually being directed by the government to lose money? It's true.

According to The Wall Street Journal, "The loss cap is being lifted because the government has directed both companies to pursue money-losing strategies by modifying mortgages to prevent foreclosures."

In other words, Fannie and Freddie are now designed to lose money, transferring wealth from taxpayers like you and me to overextended borrowers and flawed businesses.

In other words still -- we're being forced (by the government) to invest in companies directed (by the government) to lose money. Can there be anything worse?

Friday, November 26, 2010

BooBieZ Trolls for Breast Cancer Awareness

Talk to Desiree Darnell for the Back Story on these ...

MooPig "From the Sketch Book" -- Black Friday's Effects

MooPig "From the Sketch Book" -- BP and Teddy

A Story for BLACK FRIDAY :: A Story of Hope

Please visit the Mystery Topic Challenge Blog to view all of the other entries. Once you've read them all, please be sure to vote THERE in the Sidebar for your favorite.
You awaken to find yourself stranded on a deserted island with nothing but a pocket knife, a bottle of Jack Daniels, and Britney Spears. How did you get there, and what do you do now?
After I open the whiskey bottle, and throw away the stopper, I share it with a bald girl who has accompanied me on the beach. After some time, I mistakenly think the emptied J. Daniels bottle is a glass slipper, and try all the rest of the day to squeeze the bald girl's foot into it. But since the Cinderella metaphor will not prove sustainable throughout this story, I swing into action and look for water.

Wow! There is a whole ocean of it. So, I drink some sea water, until I fall asleep on some driftwood. I awake occasionally but the bald girl is missing, as my last thoughts are of serious sickness; and as the night falls thick and moonless, the only sound I hear is the death groans of my spastic colon.

I dream strange things, like petting a horse as we lounge on a divan. At some time in the night, I awake shivering. Through thick fog of half-waking, I barely make out shapes, but the bald girl comes over to me. She is holding a small knife, a pocketknife, favoring her foot.

She says, "Hi, I'm Brit'ney... Britney Spears." In her other hand is a gutted raccoon, half-skinned, dripping blood on the sand. "We're stranded here," said the bald girl, "for at least a day. Are you my GBM?"

"Hello, again. Huh? Oh, sorry earlier about the glass slipper game," I say back. "Are we stranded here, you say?"

She is still standing over me, "Is the party over?" I ask. She says the party is long over, and something about a bridge. Then I begin again throwing up, heaving and roiling my own huge ocean of liquids, all over the sand.

Brit'ney stands by the whole hour I am sick. She crouches close by and watches me intently. After spasms subside, "I must have passed out," I said. I didn't want to mention I didn't know her from Adam, "Errr, Brit'ney, is it?"

"Yeah, that's right, and you had too much, and I wasn't much help, I was keeping up with you, though" she was condescending, then distracted. "You want some raccoon to eat?" she asked.

I begin dry heaving, "Excuse me a moment." I get up and stumble to a large palm tree to pee behind. I kept looking over my shoulder. My molars begin to float in my jaw, and my eyes rolled up to the sky, as I lean against the big trunk. "Where the hell am I?" ask I myself.

I return to the cozy fire Brit'ney had built. She has removed her wet evening clothes, and has wrapped herself with raccoon skins. She is nude from waist up. "Wow, she still has a semi-pubescent body," think I to myself.

However, I divert my eyes, so as to not be rude, and see off to the side is a pile of dead animals gutted and in various stages of rendering. "Wow, this young woman is a hell-uv-a hunter, and butcher!" I notice there are green alligators and long-necked geese; some humpty backed camels and some chimpanzees; some cats and rats and elephants, there is even a unicorn.

I sit by the campfire, and ask half-clad Brit'ney, "When did you, errr, kill all those creatures?" keeping my eyes above shoulders, so as not to seem overly interested in her nudity. Her bald pate was bleeding a little, but she continues silently pealing back skin off a lifeless a brown bear carcass.

"Do you know you are covered in those animals's blood, ...and are you bleeding as well?" I asked. She stood up and held the small pocket knife downward in her right hand. I tried my best to stay focused on her clavicles up. Her appearance is very strange: blood of the animals is dripping from the hand and knife.

"This is my blood," here she says, and points to her scalp. "Do you want some unicorn meat?" and she pointed to a skewer in the fire with a large animal leg is speared. "I am after all Brit'ney Spears, remember? I'm feeling better now. Have you ever been married? I have been, and have children. You have been in my mind for awhile, even when I was married. I sure wish I knew then what I know now! Did you know next Thursday is Valentines Day..."

She wasn't making much sense. "You have thought about me?"

"I can't say I thought, but I never forget a familiar..." she doesn't finish her sentence.

She stands there staring, maybe daydreaming. I direct my attention elsewhere, and I spy the tripe of the animals, guts strewn about close to where the water meets the sand, they begin to drift with the tide. "Miss, did you chase down all these animals yourself, with just that pocket knife?"

She still doesn't answer. I feel a very sharp pain in my limbs, arms and legs all at once. Then I swoon as before. Again I fall to the sand, I begin to shiver uncontrollably. I feel very cold, and my ability to move is hampered. Then I feel a tugging at my back side jacket and pants, pulling me away from the warmth of the fire.

I ask weakly "Are we going to get off this island?" as I lose conciousness once again. This time I dream of two empty houses, and children running about in neighboring yards. I am caught in spernatural spider webs, and can't move to free myself.

Later in the evening I awake to Brit'ney singing: "More kinds of animals than you've ever seen. They'd run around free while the Earth was being born, And the loveliest of all was the unicorn..."

"You've been knocked out for over three hours," she said. "I had some help from MR. I, and my PET. We had decided to segregate the fibers..." I listen but I don't understand a single word.

"And they are building a bridge of survival beyond the jungle." says Brit'ney. Then she sprints off, in the direction of the heavy jungle underbrush, and is out of sight as quickly as an impala.

"Who they?" too slow ask I, on the other hand, lying helpless, being tugged ever closer to the tripe at the water's edge. As I slide across the sand my clothes are sucked right off my body.

My finger tips are bleeding, and my shoulders ache. I gasp, then I notice tips of my toes also are bleeding. I have burns and pock marks all over my body, front and back. I am being attacked but I cannot move any of my limbs to see what it is. If I try it feels like I am in twice regular gravity, in slow motion, makes me helpless to defend myself.
Then in a great suction as if from a whirlwind, I am pulled from the beach, into a whirlstorm, and down the neck of a beaker that I thought was a Jack Daniels bottle, after I thought it was a glass slipper! I scream, but no sound comes from my mouth... "Brit'ney! Help!"

There is a voice somewhere afar echoing from behind the dawning horizon, "Do you think you have it all?" It must be the companions Brit'ney spoke about, who are building a bridge.... Then there is nothing at all --

sssssllluuuurrrrrrpppp; thwummmpp! flabadee flabadee bloink plink...blip^..............blip~~~~~~~~...............______________fffffft

"Nurse, get this down to the lab, please, stat!"
The nurse detachs the glass bottle marked [GBM / Dr. J. Daniels / Spears] and holds up the GBM tissue remains to the light, for all to see. "There's the bad guy!" exclaims the surgeon, Dr. Daniels.

"Good-bye old man," the nurse bids farewell to the gelatinous substance in the bottle. Then she passes it through the revolving door to the outside in a hermetic sealed vaccuum bag. "Patient is 120 over 90."

"Yes, I think it is all gone. I think we got it all. Show me the fMRI, please," says the surgeon. "Suction, please."

He puts down the blood-stained scalpel, and peers again into the photonic viewer of the Da Vinci S Surgical Robot comparing benchmarks deep in the brain of Britney.

"That was an abnormally large mass of tissue to be benign," said the student surgeon. "It looks like it multiplied in an uncontrolled manner."

"Yes, her immune system recognized these mutant cells and destroyed them, for a long time," said the surgeon. "I would say it might have been only weeks before the breakdown of her immune system. After it craters, lack of defenses would've allowed spreading and more likely malignancy."

"So you think her pregnancies delayed these abnormal cells; and we couldn't see them? We ceased scanning, but afterward they multiplied rapidly?" asked another attending understudy.

"Yes, exactly," answered the surgeon, "it got past the PET and we found it in the fMRI."
"As you know, tumors attempt to grow in all persons, but it is the failure of one's immune system which allows mutant cells to grow, and allows a tumor to form," adds Dr. Daniels.

"Someday we will be able to, but today there is no way to prevent tumors, because we surgeons and researchers really don't know what causes them to arise," replies the senior attending surgeon.

"Did you know Liz Taylor at 65 years old survived removal of a benign meningioma?" said Dr. Daniels. "Yep, eleven years ago this same month, 1997. Uncanny, isn't it?"

"Happy Valentines' Day, Brit'ney," whispered Dr. Jack Daniels.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Football Liability and Casualty Proof

Thursday Quiz :: Riding Lawn Mower OR Watermelon


OR -- Riding Lawnmower

MooPIg Site REview :: "Pigs, Barbecue and Wisdom... HEY, HEY, HEY "

[LINK Here]
Retrieved by Pat Darnell and the iHerd for the Pig's Sake

BBQ Ribs
[ ... Posted in BBQ Wisdom and Tales from the Pit ... ]

…and so it begins

Sunday, June 14th, 2009
EVERYTHING in a pig is GOOD.

What ingratitude

has permitted his name to become

a term of


-grimod de las reyniere

BBQ the Art of Pig

Tags: Quotes/Wisdom
Posted in BBQ Wisdom and Tales from the Pit 

Feed the Cow

It has been reported "... A man wearing a Bob Dylan [an Upstart Poet] backstage pass orders $3,900's worth of pizzas in an Amherst, Mass., restaurant and then never comes back. (CBS/AP) ..."

(CBS) A man wearing a backstage pass to a Bob Dylan concert showed up at a famous Amherst, Mass., pizza parlor in the wee hours of Saturday morning shortly after the music legend put on a concert nearby and ordered 178 pizzas, according to local reports.

The problem? He never came back.

Sean McElligott, manager of Antonio’s pizzeria on North Pleasant Street said the business was “too trusting” when it agreed to fill the man's order, reports The Republican, a daily newspaper.

McElligott said the man was in his 40s and asked if the restaurant could help feed the crew. The manager then offered to drive the pizzas to the Mullins Center, but the man never returned.

The final bill for the pizzas was $3,900, and the crew stayed up until 5:30 a.m. making them while looking forward to the promised big tip, reports the Associated Press.

While some pizzas were given away, many were tossed, the AP reports.

On Wednesday, Police said believe they have identified the man who placed the order, allegedly for a Mullins Center concert crew, reports the Daily Hampshire Gazette. (SOURCE)

Is it possible the man said "Feed the Cow" instead of  "Feed the Crew?" ... Dylan must've said "Don' wan' no pizza, man..."

MooPig's Architectural Watchdog -- "Abu Dhabi"

Ain't it a Thing of Preponderance and World View ...? Leaders Building Monuments to other Leaders
Sheikh Zayed’s concept of a modernised nation determined by strong guiding principles of education, culture, faith and the protection of the environment made him one of the world’s most respected leaders.
The museum is scheduled for completion in 2014. (Rendering)

Mohammed, Queen unveil design of iconic Zayed National Museum
Landmark set to raise UAE’s profile on the world’s cultural map
Article By Staff  |  Published Thursday, November 25, 2010
" ... As the UAE's first major national cultural institution, the museum serves as a memorial to the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, celebrating the rich history of the UAE and the cultural roots of the country.
Set to complete in 2014, the building is designed by Prizker Prize winning architect, Lord Norman Foster of Foster + Partners. ... "

Along with its Nuture Guild of Highnesses -- " ... The museum is set to stand alongside the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi and the Louvre Abu Dhabi among the iconic Saadiyat Island Cultural District’s institutions.

The design features five soaring pavilions, representing the feathers of a falcon’s wing, reaching a height of 124 metres, towering over the glittering waters of the Arabian Gulf. ... "

[Read Entire ARticle HERE] " ... [It] is being developed by Tourism Development and Investment Company (Tdic), the master developer of Saadiyat Island. It comprises sophisticated architectural techniques with a special focus on environmental sustainability, which was an essential element of Sheikh Zayed’s worldview..."

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

MooPig "From the Sketch Book" -- North \ South Korea

MooPig "From the Sketch Book" -- Happy Day

Let's talk about TORQUE

-- OR -- PONTIAC is Gone, Gone, Gone, Kaputz, Belly Up 
Gripe by Pat Darnell

Do you realize how much torque is involved in playing a horn or a woodwind? Moving concentrated flow of air through a well tuned instrument is the origin of much torque in our gadgetry.

And torque was at one time noticeable in your Pontiac or buick when you leapt off the line from the make-believe Christmas tree which really were the stop and go lights at Main and Congress Avenue.

There is a specific roar when slippage is added up throughout your vehicle to make it lift off, sometimes with too much horse power, on to its right rear tire, in a hyperbolic paraboloid steam thrust...? Eh? anyone familiar with this?

If you know it, believe me you are always sure of it and how it moves a enormous machine into locomotion, perambulation, or ambulation. Torque is beautiful.

The Best Defense is still a Great Offense

While we're on the Subject, Rumor has it:
for Ed Porpoises

A professional football team has installed secret IR, infrared, spectrum cameras on their light posts at home. The high definition, motorized 180 degree half spherical relay system is all wired in fiber-optics. That makes it almost undetectable...

What does it do? You may ask ... Spotters get read outs on HD Screens on the defensive line-men, linebackers, corner backs and safety's, on the opposing team. These heat signatures tell the home team who is winded, or overheated or laboring to catch one's breath. That info is radio'ed down to coaches who call the plays for the home team Offense.

During long breaks from play, like in a TIVO replay... it is crucial to call a play that will make the first down. This is when the IFR Screening really helps out. All the dawdling on the field after the coach throws the red flag out of his shoe, really messes with offensive strategy.

Who's fresh and who isn't takes the guess work out of the Offense's forward progress. Teams averaging 400 to 500 yards Offense per game are suspect. Teams that go undefeated also might have latched onto this high tech laser tag spectral analysis. We don't know yet how they take the system on the road for away games ... hmmm?

PARODY, a MooPig Staple.....

MooPig "From the Sketch Book" Labor Reform

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A Fantastically Flawed Script for a Jazz Rock Opera -- "GAZA"

A Fantastically Flawed Script for a Jazz Rock Opera -- "GAZA"
GAZA by Pat Darnell for the Age of Attritionally Challenged

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Bill Gaines said it

Bill Gaines said it
"My staff and contributors create the magazine," declared Gaines. "What I create is the atmosphere."