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Sunday, June 28, 2009

UPDATE: Gotta have Chin --
To be a Thespian...

PHOTO: Rupert Murdoch and chins

Compose yourselves patrons -- Rupert Murdoch has been here, and finds our display as attractive as the south bound end of a north bound clown... [see comments]

Mr Murdoch, we know you have been abducted by aliens who support Che Guevarra and Castro and their reigns of communism, so how do you suppose we will let you in the final days not be punished... huh?


Ever Noticed Chins on the Thespian Crowd in Cinema and Stage and Music?

::by Pat Darnell and these Talented Un-notified Contributors from 08.2008

About this time last year, Celebrity Chin Faces at have adequately illustrated this phenomenon for my satisfaction... and I present this to you, loyal reader, as a testament to what started with most probably the Nixon -- Kennedy Presidential Debates,, way back in the 1960's.

This contest is fueled by the following news:
Chin is the lowermost part of face, located from top to bottom from lower lip. Shape of the chin determined by structure of bones of lower jaw and muscles, near it: mental muscle, quadrate muscle of lower lip, triangular muscle and also fat deposits. Blood supply reaches from lower alveolar artery, innervation is accomplished by mental or by mental nerve, representing derivation of trigeminal nerve. So-called “mental protuberance” – bossed torus, going along lower edge of mandibular bone, is characteristic for Homo Sapiens. Along with a number of other features, presence of mental protuberance allows to distinguish fossil remains of Homo sapiens from remains of extinct types of family Homo, [ ,,, ] and so on [ ... ] Read it all
Now if you will restrain from looking at for a moment -- and try to name these four Celeb' Chin Faces pictured here -- Hint: "Sex was never the same after Re-hab for Young Frankenstein just before Trepanned..." [that's your hint for all four]

These observations are brought to you via MooPig "We notice Stuff" Department of Inferior Desecrations, and the Arthur P and T Rowe Ur Boot A. Shure Foundations.

Also Thanks to Marinell for pointing out the protuberances of much loved bad girl -- Drew Barrymore
and candy sweet -- Reese Witherspoon to MooPig Bureaucrats

(Many thanks to Tidlycove for the idea inspiration for this contest. [browse best gallery pictures] Tag funny pix celebrity chin faces Jackpot: 1st place: $5, 2nd place: $3 , 3rd place: $2 , 4th place: $1 Started: 8/4/2008 5:00:00 PM, Ended: 8/8/2008 1:00:00 AM)


Rupert Murdoch said...

I got more chins than a Beijing phone book.

MooPig said...

No that is not the correct answer, Mr Murdoch. What time is it over there right now?

We are humbled you would take time to venture into our realm of antidisestablishmententarianism... but now that WE have you here... consider if you will ... daddles decidua palmlike visitation butt miterer insociabilities neocolonialists ...... referenda insurgence deerhounds chemotherapies moon stotinka appanages ...... cyaniding overexaggeration jetsam raspberry lethean kevils flambeau ... firebrats intruders paranoids neuropsychological yobbo dryades nuzzlers ... “You old Yobbo. and bits of salami for dinner as the sun bids us farewell. ...... we adds before she asks: adding just a splash of the raspberry liqueur. ...... "Maybe I am just a Grump Butt."
Says he: “Does The Vog know how to have a good time? ...... My balls fill with potency and they become the moon-sized clappers of a YOB's ute mufflers, on a pig"

Rupert Murdoch said...

what exactly is it that YOU do that gives you the right to criticize what i do? you (maybe) make a living being a douche anonymously to hard working people. if YOU were a writer, you wouldn't be writing here. you, sir, are an ass clown. good luck with your blog.

MooPig said...

So... Got Chin? Murdoch, ya' swine.

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