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Monday, August 24, 2015

Sunday Funnies


" Coyote for Dinner ..."

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

MooPig Report from the Middle :: Idle Chat back in the Day

Back in the day, the 60's through the 80's men had a very different role in American society. When men of this era were recruited for jobs they had to make a decision to be part of the machine, or not. IBM for instance made their dress code look like Men in Black. Technicians wore black suit, black thin tie, and black Oxfords.

Men in the office were dressing like you see in the TV series Mad Men. Everyone who did not join the machine and work for the Man, was dressing in tie die and jeans. In other words what you wore described your social leanings. Thus, was my Dad, progressive JFK/LBJ all the Way, 60's mad man of the century.

"What's the good word," my Dad would say often to open up a conversation.

Another of Dad's openers was, "In the future people will stand in line for everything."

And it wasn't about ambition, it was about playing the game. Either you were in, or you were out. Curmudgeons not accepted. There was no time to dilly dally about your role in the game. And the game had a beginning, a middle, and an end. Be prepared, like a good Scout.

So when I met his buddies I always said, "How's it going? Are you in the money?"

But, what is happening today?

There is a kind of speed of thought disruption in today's rhetoric; and this new speed has no limits. It is leading to impatience in people who are tired of the old crappy sayings. Why don't we see any improvements? I think it is because we are not yet twenty years into our new century. After which rhetoric will catch up with itself. Things candidates are saying today in debates and press opportunities consist of old archaic, troubled dumbo jumbo.

We are ready for a new vision, and for a quick end to old bullshit. Let's play leap frog and go directly to newer business models. Forget about old money, and move on to generation "Do It!" F12 that motha, and put a new hat on it. It is time for a happenin' that won't depend on brain-washed outmoded politicians and their minions.

"It" is on the horizon, but looks like it will only take place in the 2020's. Too much trash to remove today. And lots of excuses put out there by mouth pieces. So be patient-kind and DON'T rewind!

So, dear reader, are you in or are you out? And how you gonna' dress to prove your convictions? If you equate old times with stodgy old worn out platitudes, you might get left behind in the 2020's.

We are working on our speech that will summarize our near future. It will be something like leap frogging alternate living self-sufficiency on a five acre plot essay.

And that is our Report from the Middle this Sunday afternoon where the women are strong, the men are good looking, and the children are above average ... thank you Garrison.

MooPig Design Nano-second Department :: "Introduction - Cradle 2 Cradle ..."

That's a Fact Jack
Redistributed Articles by Pat Darnell  |  August 23, 2015  |  Bryan TX

[Picture LINK]

Some might say, "I refuse to work with GREEN companies!" Working with GREEN seems to irritate many who might have start-up ideas, and for many who might have traditional industry that is fifty to eighty years old. Operations can be hindered in old industry by new Cradle 2 Cradle driven regulations. It looks like a new concept, but it is already fifty years in developing.

Because many industries like "building construction" lag behind other industries in absorbing new technology, our built environment suffers. Even in this century many father to son/Mother to daughter generational businesses do not embrace environmental friendly practices.

What is the "mountain" that society has to surmount to get industry less draining on the ecosystems of the world? In a word it is "ego." Yes a corporation can have an ego, since it is deemed a person in our mixed up oligarchy. Corp's can have id's and animus, and all the aspects of living things. But ego is the most obstructive wall to face changing times. The truth is that if change is not faced with diligence, then Nature changes it for us. YIKES!

Heart of Darkness is really the last chapter book of humans. From a summary of that book "...The impetus behind Marlow’s adventures, too, has to do with the hypocrisy inherent in the rhetoric used to justify imperialism ..."

Hearken the advent of Cradle to Cradle design:

William McDonough: Cradle to cradle design | TED Talk Subtitles and Transcript | "And in my business as an architect, it's unfortunate the word "humility" and the word "architect" have not appeared in the same paragraph since "The Fountainhead." So if anybody here has trouble with the concept of design humility, reflect on this -- it took us 5,000 years to put wheels on our luggage. So, as Kevin Kelly pointed out, there is no endgame. There is an infinite game, and we're playing in that infinite game. And so we call it "cradle to cradle," and our goal is very simple."
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We could talk in ad nausea about this monster topic. We instead just wag our heads at the difficulty in overcoming human egos to make stuff more environmentally friendly. Maybe some kind of rhetoric will arise that captures the imaginations of those who are imaginative enough to start up industries... eh?

We will keep you posted.


Thursday, August 06, 2015

MooPig Solutions Department :: "Cancer has its way with People"

This Little Known Chinese Herb Kills 12,000 Cancer Cells For Every Healthy Cell | Collective-Evolution: "Despite these statistics, new research is emerging everyday that puts into question the only two approved treatments for cancer, which are radiation and chemotherapy. It seems we are approaching a time where the medical community will be forced to open up to new options when it comes to cancer treatment. After all, scientists have discovered that chemotherapy fuels cancer growth and kills the patient more quickly, yet nothing has been changed, both are extremely toxic to the human body."

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MooPig Bank Watch Department :: "Whistle blown..."

Page 6 of The $9 Billion Witness: Meet JPMorgan Chase's Worst Nightmare | Rolling Stone: "Fleischmann is the central witness in one of the biggest cases of white-collar crime in American history, possessing secrets that JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon late last year paid $9 billion (not $13 billion as regularly reported – more on that later) to keep the public from hearing."
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A Fantastically Flawed Script for a Jazz Rock Opera -- "GAZA"
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