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Friday, April 17, 2015

MooPig Wisdom What Goes Around Department :: "Johnny Manziel 2015"

[Picture LINK unknown, from college days]

Woes of a Rookie's Choices
Mashed Martial Article by Pat Darnell  |  Apr 17, 2015 |  Bryan TX

If MooPig stayed local, we would probably have belabored this lackluster individual's story. However, MooPig wants to appear to be worldly. Big problem with that is we live in a valley, in the middle of nowhere.

So, back to Johnny Football. Eh? He hit rock bottom when he went professional. What if doctor's hit rock bottom when they start their practice, because medical students in general deny themselves a social life during their study years -- then goes ape-shit John Belushi/Animal House when he/she starts making money. But Johnny Cash wannabe hit the stage like a stooge last year, and it looks like he is damaged for this year.

Our spectrum of frequency's is flush with speculation about upcoming events. And the Cleveland team is not pleased with its frosh QB. The linemen don't trust Johnny Manziel. And if you are a quarterback you certainly don't want to disillusion your linemen.

We agree with the conjectures out there, pro football is an extreme form of entertainment in the blood sport category. But Manziel's spoiled brat acting out last year is like a Nero-ish fatal flaw in character, with consequences brought on only by Manziel's obvious mental abnormalities.

If, dear reader, you think that people are not typically flawed, then you should read some of our referenced articles from our "Brain Industry Department."

Up until recently, self awareness was our 'key' to being human. Now we consider Orcas and Honey Badgers as self-aware. Your pet ferret is probably as self-aware as Senator Boehner, which is not saying much for ferrets. Humans have tagged themselves with a badge that is not earned.

Humans have mustered energies into creating themselves as monsters. In two ways we humans have missed the boat: 1) by not embracing human imperfections, 2) making imperfections our standards of success.

Johnny Manziel apologizes to Browns, fans: "His well-documented escapades in the last year alone included swigging champagne from a bottle while floating on an inflatable swan in a nightclub pool; slurring his words while talking into a stack of cash meant to be a telephone; a picture from a nightclub bathroom that appeared to show him rolling up a $20 bill; a disturbance with a fan in the lobby of his Cleveland apartment building hours before the team traveled to a road game in November; and missing a walk-through and treatment session after throwing a party at his condo on the final weekend of the regular season." (Lindsay H. Jones, USA TODAY Sports 10:58 a.m. EDT April 17, 2015)
'via Blog this'

Emotional damage, brain damage, and institutional bullying are the basis for unwritten rules in sports. We are probably wrong to point out that Manziel is mentally challenged, but that has never stopped us or anyone else, now has it?

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Friday, April 10, 2015

MooPig Brain Industries Department :: Are you a Contender?

[Picture LINK ]

Right-Brain or Left-Brain Thinkers ... or Something more Subtle?
Mixed Martial Articles by Pat Darnell  |  Apr 10, 2015  |  Bryan TX

Whatever your local neurosciencetist says, we are only a wee bit further along in understanding how the brain works, as we were in 1800's. The Human Genome Map that was commissioned by Prez Clinton didn't pan out. It only makes sense if you are a gene looking for a place to live in the human body. Otherwise a gene found in the human genome is sometimes activated, and sometimes not, according to the "environment." Aha!

So follows the Human Brain Map that is rapidly coming into view in the next few years. Brain imaging has taken off, and many before and after images can be viewed. Before someone's brain is worked on is imaged, and then afterwards is the result of the work. Still sounds gruesome, invasive and 19th century-like, doesn't it?

Debunking 7 Popular Myths About the Brain: "Brain imaging technologies have also demonstrated that the entire brain shows levels of activity, even during sleep. "It turns out though, that we use virtually every part of the brain, and that [most of] the brain is active almost all the time. Let's put it this way: the brain represents three percent of the body's weight and uses 20 percent of the body's energy." - Neurologist Barry Gordon of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Scientific American"
'via Blog this'

What 7 myths are we concerned with today?

  1. You only use 10% of your brain. Does that mean 10% of cubic inches of your three pounds of brain matter, or what?
  2. Brain damage is permanent. 
  3. People are 'Right-brained' or 'Left-brained.' 
  4. Humans have the largest brain.
  5. We are born with all the brain cells we ever have, and once they die, these cells are gone forever.
  6. Drinking alcohol kills brain cells.
  7. There are 100 billion neurons in the human brain.

If these seven myths are not accurate depictions of the human brain, then our next president will use 100% of his brain, continue to grow brain cells even if he is a she named Gabby. It matters if the next prez can count and utter words, like it always has, right or left brained, random or dogmatic, as it will come out in the wash.

The new prez in 2016 should have a working knowledge of biology, and environment, to augment decisions. This prez must realize his life, and every living things' lives, cannot be defined without "environment."

Our new prez will drink if he wants to be more cognitive. In conclusion:
"We found that on average the human brain has 86bn neurons. And not one [of the brains] that we looked at so far has the 100bn. Even though it may sound like a small difference the 14bn neurons amount to pretty much the number of neurons that a baboon brain has or almost half the number of neurons in the gorilla brain. So that's a pretty large difference actually." (Cherry, Kendra. – Dr. Suzana Herculano-Houzel. captured 4/10/2015. LINK)


Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sunday Funnies :: Mashed Martial Articles and Memes


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Thursday, March 26, 2015

MooPig "How to Write a Blues Song" Department

Hey Jeff, Have you ever Fancied Someone you Shouldn't?
by Pat Darnell  |  Mar 26, 2015  |  Bryan TX

Hostility is worsened when humans try to intervene. Not a good opener for a Blues song, but very pertinent. As is oftener the case our lives are carved out not as a map of ideals we live for, rather by choices made along the way while in places that embed themselves in our heads.
"I was in the street
On Grand Avenue..."

There is a relentless hope in all to love and be loved no matter in what place one finds himself. Unless a person is fully jaded, he is looking for someone to share his journey. Many choices we make are begun while looking for a partner.
"People huddled
Cold and damp..."

Without partnership, cold places seem colder, hot places seem hotter, and wet places seem unbearable. But with chosen partners the coldness is manageable, more of a friend, and less of a ghost. Our Blues song lives in a sort of faded social corner in our minds, the in-between land, a non-committal zone. We liken our situation to others who magically have made choices that ease their lives. Our situation seems comical to others who fancied what they should have fancied and didn't shoot for the stars.
"My lady dropped me
from a four story building..."

In the pain of a mix up, like picking the wrong gal, if one were living on Venus, he would be frozen, fried, and crushed in a Venus-crush. Every field he walks in would be filled with cockle-burrs, and ticks, that stick onto his flesh. And he has little choice but to rip them all off his skin, and continue roaming.
"She sure enough threw me
Off a four story house..."

Then, as a form of self-preserving, our minds lock onto a repeated utterance or theme. In the Blues song this is the Refrain. Some of these utterances coupled with melody can become the chant of an entire generation of human offspring. It can rock the micro waves till hotter than a moon beam.
When I dove,
My blood froze,
On that cold avenue.
She clapped her hands
whipped her hair, and s'ed
'Papa, that weren't cool.'

And so it is questionable who threw who, and what will become of him that hit the floor? Reminded that this is written in late winter, say March, and the beautiful death of winter can be another yet softer snow, covering every available surface. Hollers of people on the avenue are strangely reflected off each snowflake as cars, houses, eyebrows slowly collect snow. Voices carry on snowy evenings, and various tragic and humorous situations are picked up. All around cars are stuck in peculiar positions, dogs jump and bite the air, "Wasn't there a sidewalk there?" And words never convey all that is going on.

Out of diversity of life comes genius of adaptability in snow muffled cries of success and failure.

Old Jeff, Old Jeff,
c'mere and rest...
...Your toasted self...
Feeling kind of hungry,
just might be that you could help.

Monday, March 23, 2015

MooPig Billionaire-diot Department :: "Make the Bible a Textbook in Schools"

[Picture LINK]

Ego of Billionaires is Implausible
Data Remix by Pat Darnell  |  March Madness 23, 2015  |  Bryan TX

Not to worry. Billionaires are too far out of the loop to ever get their way. HA! Who talks to them after their first fortune? Only people trying to stroke the ego's of billionaires remain in the loop. To be in the Wilk's entourage, we imagine one would have to take a lot of abuse.

So where did they manage to make all their b-b-b-billions?
"...Last year, [2013] the Wilkses added about 12,380 acres to their Fergus County holdings alone, where they now hold title to about 91,450 acres – about 143 square miles. In nearby Golden Valley County to the south, the Wilks brothers added more than 8,700 acres to their holdings in 2013, boosting their property there to about 43,750 acres. In adjacent Musselshell County, their holdings held steady at 64,000 acres, land that encompasses the Pronghorn Ranch previously owned by Earl Holding of Sinclair Oil fame.
As of 2012, the brothers owned 276,000 acres in seven Montana counties, not counting their holdings in other states.
The Wilks brothers acquired their fortune from selling their interest in Frac Tech in 2011, a deal that was reportedly worth $3.2 billion. Frac Tech was an oil fracking business, the same technology that’s being used to fuel North Dakota’s Bakken oil shale boom (BRETT FRENCH Billings Gazette. Mar 1, 2014. LINK)..."

If you want to make big bucks in this country, 'guess you have to own lots of land and all its mineral rights. I am not making any friends by looking down on robber baron's largess ... if I were a person with position and/or power, as a person who has something to lose, I might profess a totally different cause for this tirade. But for now I am in a dither about the wasting of our land.
"...A scam is a fraudulent business scheme, or a swindle, and a deliberate ploy to defraud ignorant, na├»ve, and stupid people out of their money or assets.  There are many reasons idiots fall for obviously dubious “deals,” and stupidity aside, greed is often the culprit. But fear of losing something certainly plays a role. Republicans have had a thirty year run convincing stupid poor people looking to get rich, and morons terrified of other Americans taking their “stuff,” that giving up everything they have to the wealthy will magically transform a dirt-poor imbecile into a billionaire, save Americans’ liberty in the process, and teach the government who’s boss.(Rmuse. Sunday, March, 22nd, 2015. LINK)..."
This all started with this article:
Meet the Billionaire Brothers You Never Heard of Who Fund the Religious Right: "The fracking boom has produced a surge in wealthy Texans. The fracking boom has produced a surge in wealthy Texans. In 2002, the Wilks brothers created Frac Tech, which produced equipment used in fracking, or in industry parlance, “well stimulation services.”  In May 2011, Dan and Farris sold Frac Tech to a group of investors led by Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund for $3.5 billion. Their share was reportedly 68 percent of that total, and they showed up on the 2011 Forbes 400 list of the wealthiest Americans with an estimated net worth of $1.4 billion each.  The most recent Forbes list put their estimated wealth at $1.5 billion each. (In our gilded age, that puts them near the bottom of the Forbes 400, and barely gets them into the top 40 in Texas. But you can still do an awful lot with $3 billion.)"

And, why are billionaires always "moralists?"
"...CBN’s Brody reported: “The Wilks brothers worry that America’s declining morals will especially hurt the younger generation, so they’re using the riches that the Lord has blessed them with to back specific goals.” One of those goals may be David Lane’s insistence that politicians make the Bible a primary textbook in public schools (ibid. ) ..."
'via Blog this'

Small fish need not join this ring of fire. [At this point in time I am having second thoughts about the simplest thing, re-financing my little house and property.] You see, Timmy, when you are dealing out there, and you are a high roller, very few legal actions are followed. Most of the robber land barons depend on loopholes, stealth, extortion, and any other means to achieve their objective to own "land." Citizen groups usually find out about a shady land deal two to three years after it has been developed. Then the local politicians are just a bunch of "small fish" barking at the moon.

In land deals it takes about ten to twelve years to realize the returns on investment. Holding large parcels of land can be paid for by divvying up small parts of the whole and selling off to developers.

My bonnie lies over the ocean ... my bonnie lies over the sea ... this ditty is just like a land deal. The meaning is unclear, the outcome is based on some sort of shielded loyalty, it depends on a minority largess in heaps, and just doesn't quell the angry spirit of the excluded class. You see, the bonnie is not a girl at all, it is 'Bonnie Prince Charlie' (Y ikki peed ya. LINK).

And we often say we are going to quit writing about billionaires, and kings, and hucksters, but we still find them as good contrast to the middle class that reads us as we go along. Here is a Boy Scout version of 'Bring Back ...'
My mother makes beer in the bathtub,
My father makes synthetic gin,
My sister makes fudge for a quarter,
Wouldja believe how the money rolls in?
My mother, she drowned in the bathtub,
My father, he died from his gin,
My sister choked on her chocolate,
My stars, what a fix I am in.
This post made me: __feel better, __feel good, __feel like middle class, __feel poor, __feel like opening my Bible, __feel like vomiting...


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