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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday 10:28 AM :: "I Feel Your Pain"

Tough Love has to be
by Pat Darnell and Capt T Blogger Zeroh

Human behavior is actually very easily manipulated. Most, who have performed a "behavior" test on human subjects, likely decide for themselves, it is not a procedure one would like done to oneself. This is why tests of behavior are guarded? We don't know for sure.

Tough love is a result of behavior manipulation. But most times manipulation is a cause in life, a personal feeling in humans, or a circumstance one faces alone.

If one could feel each other's loneliness, in the exact way of the others', we would be as lonely, even if we aren't. Also, if one could feel the others' pain, we would would never hurt another person due to the fact we would be hurting our selves.

I am not talking about self-abuse that many humans include in their days. I am referring to pain and real hurt like deep gashed wounds, gun shots, victimizing hitting and pummeling -- yes and Taser'd subjects would transmit pain to their subduer, us. Ouch!!

This statement goes along the lines of "if male Senators could bear children, abortion would become a Constitutional Amendment enforced across the land."

If I do not feel your pain, I remain as I am. If I inflict pain by self-abuse, then I remain all the same. We are unable to feel another's pain, as it really is. If I did feel your pain I am not going to hurt you, because it would be unbearable, making myself the victim.

Jesus was experiencing cataclysmic pain when he was crucified, and he simply said "Forgive them for they know not what they do."

And "they do not know" -- because the only pain they feel is their own pain; hardly the pain of a slowly murdered martyr. Their behavior is directly proportionate to their pain experiences, not to the pain someone else is feeling.

In conclusion, maybe it is the way of nature for humans to endure the pain of birth, only to be given each his own lonely passage through life.

Commercial Break :: Don't Go Away, fellow Conan's

Many a True Word is said in Jest
by Pat Darnell

Please curl your lips inward and puff out a little air. That little pop, and waggle of your lips is what we find most interesting.

Prepare yourselves for the correlation of "reverse engineering" and "business today."

Is it that simple? We shall see, shan't we?

It has to work.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Report from the Middle :: Have We Come Full Circle Yet ??

According to what Metric Measure has Humanity Progressed?
by Pat Darnell

I choose faceBook, and the recently abandoned, felon-infested, mySpaceas suitable measuring tools this morning.

Note; I was a member of mySpace when a friend asked me to aid in an experiment on "social" network possibilities. His venture into the surrogacy of mySpace led him to many avenues... See Here:

"[On mySpace, eventually] ... artists would also share in the ad revenue. But…only the major label affiliated artists.
But…at some point indie artists would get the same opportunity. You know…big things around the corner type jive.
"And really, it would only be right because there is so much of an indie presence on MySpace," says the author Pribek. [HERE -- MySpace Sucks Even More Than You Think!!]!
"Anyway, MySpace Music has now, finally, started to fulfill that promise and guess what? They found an easy, sleazy, cheesy way to do it. [ Note: Every time a "thing" is posted on a social network, it is already "old news" or "old business" (pdaf)]
Continues author Pribek:
"They [mySpace] are working in partner with TuneCore. Now, as far as I know, this only goes for the ad revenue part of it not the spins. In short, in order to ever have a ghost of a chance to see any dough, an artist has to have a TuneCore account and every song has to be distributed through TuneCore. Doesn’t matter if you’ve had your stuff up for years driving traffic to and filling MySpace’s pockets; you would need to re-upload them and distribute through TuneCore." (
So basically we are faced by faceBook and mySpace to work within their corporate structure, probably not a social network too. It must be a major stumbling block to our Entrepreneur-ically Insane IT Goth Bots, that for tax evasion purposes, or for lower tax rates, it behooves the company to spin-off a TuneCore Corp to handle the culture-aid promised by the Mother mySpace ... YIKES!!!

I no longer am a member of mySpace, but do vivaciously tour the annals of faceBook. I am looking for ... er ... looking for ... uh ... *[cursor blink blink]* ... well we should get back to that later.** D. C. al Coda [dal Capo al Coda]

I find I most often interject my Middle-aged Authentic Blues into discussions in faceBook -- which is what I mostly did in mySpace. This is peculiar because I never debated verbally, but now think I can graphically. [??]

I have found that my "Code" is now [already] vernacular, and my views are "Old Humor." This I can live with, no problem. The daily problem is that my same-age buddies, who would never tour the sites mentioned, do not see any of this, and show angst when I try to explain "This is our role in social networks today."

** Coda [dal Capo al Coda," or "from the beginning, to the tail]
*[cursor blink blink]*  Let's return to the above question: "I am looking for ... ." Suppose you are boiling some potatoes, and they have just started to boil. You walk away for a few seconds only to return to the pot all madly foamy, and boiling over ... It's a mad dash to move the pot or turn down the temperature... but always a mess that could have been avoided with a little more stirring and watching, or Tender Loving Care.

We all know a watched pot never boils... but this pot is the metaphor of middle-age angst of menopausal men of pause -- that is my group. And Dang 'it anyway.

If you are still reading in this drift with me, you will notice that this boiled-over mess always means "clean up -- now, or afterwards," but guaranteed there will be "clean-ups and burns."

What patterns most often encountered in mySpace and faceBook show lukewarm pots of water about to boil over? Adolescent behavior is the Key phrase. The surrogacy of IT social networking finds its kinship in incompleat logic of adolescent human ideology that short circuits every time the pot of potato's boils over. My minority group of crusty old men, is not targeted. Naivety is targeted.

As the spirit of social networking grows older will it banish adolescent behavior? We shall see fifty years from now if so. Good luck with that.
And that is our Report from the Middle this icy morning. Here in the plush Brazos Valley, where the Men are good-looking; Women are strong, and the children are all above average.

MooPig Announcements Segment :: 1:53 AM

@faceBook :: Too many cooks are gonna' spoil the stew ... 
Retrieved from fB by Pat Darnell

"Joey M :: got a boar tonight. Gonna have some tenderloins tomorrow. mmmm."
"Arline C :: what's boar taste like ??"

Thursday, January 28, 2010

State of the Union 2010 :: Everything but the Elephant

What's another Seventh ?

MooPig does not support gun Control of any Kind: That puts MooPig at the top of those Sevenths -- read on below:
Retrieved in entirety by Pat Darnell
Proposed Missouri Amendment Would Protect Hunting Rights
U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance
Missouri --( A new legislative proposal in Missouri begins the process of amending the state constitution to make it more difficult for the animal rights groups to attack hunting, fishing, and trapping at the ballot box. [SOURCE]

House Joint Resolution 76, introduced by Representative Mike Dethrow (R-Alton), would require a four-sevenths majority vote to pass any ballot issue dealing with hunting, fishing, or trapping to become state law.

Currently, these types of ballot measures only require a simple majority vote to pass. Both chambers of the legislature must pass the measure before the amendment is put before voters on November’s ballot.
The "antis" [Anti's] often go to the ballot box when they are unable to sway lawmakers into passing anti-hunting, fishing, and trapping measures. In their attempt to ban hunting, these ballot campaigns often aim to misinform voters by using emotional rhetoric instead of scientific facts.

Nationally, many losses by sportsmen at the ballot would have been prevented if a four-sevenths majority or slightly over 57 percent were needed.

Ammo Land distributes "This amendment would go a long way toward protecting Missouri sportsmen from these types of attacks."
“Increasing the percentage of votes required to pass anti-hunting laws at the ballot box would make it much more difficult for the antis to take away our rights,” said Doug Jeanneret, vice president of marketing for the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance (USSA). “Sportsmen need to let their legislators know that they overwhelmingly support this amendment.” [read entire page HERE]
The U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance is a national association of sportsmen and sportsmen’s organizations that protects the rights of hunters, anglers and trappers in the courts, legislatures, at the ballot, in Congress and through public education programs. For more information about the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance and its work, call (614) 888-4868 or visit its website,

Distributed to you by - AmmoLand.comThe Shooting Sports News source

A Thousand CHEERS for CHOREOGRAPHY from 1960

Bobby Vee :: "The Night Has A Thousand Eyes" 1960's Check out the dancers.. lol ...
Retrieved YouTube by Pat Darnell [Click Here SOURCE]


Those little WHITE lies in the NIGHT have two thousand ears -- NICE EARS !


.... And now for a wrapper:: CHOREOGRAPHY 2007 ... hmmmmmmmmm?


Juicy Bits from the Broiler

Published Wednesday, January 27, 2010 2:33 PM
Van Alstyne's wife points to why husband resigned, e-mail shows; Perry cited as an issue
Lt. Gen. John Van Alstyne resigned his post as Corps of Cadets commandant after Texas AandM Interim President R. Bowen Loftin told him of his intention to have the group directly report to the vice president of student affairs, the former commandant’s wife said in an e-mail obtained by The Eagle.

In a private e-mail to friends, Anita Van Alstyne said that she and her husband had a conversation and agreed that the 1966 A&M graduate could not tolerate reporting to the vice president for student affairs, Lt. Gen. Joe Weber.

“We are proud and thankful for the years we served the Corps of Cadets,” she said in the e-mail, declining to comment to The Eagle and saying it was not meant for the press. “It is my great sorrow that we will not be able to save it from Rick Perry, Mike McKinney, Bowen Loftin and the Board of Regents.”

Weber, a former roommate of Gov. Rick Perry, had wanted the commandant to report to the vice president for student affairs, knowledgeable sources told The Eagle.

Van Alstyne resigned Friday, the first full day that Loftin spent as sole finalist for the Texas A&M presidency, which he was unanimously offered by regents following a national search.

Jason Cook, a university spokesman, said Loftin would decline to comment on Anita Van Alstyne’s e-mail.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Evolution, or Contrivance --Welcoming the AGE of CYNICISM

Although the impact of this youTube is defaming for some leaders, what is the real impression all about? At MooPig we say the Internet is a natural order sort of humanistic evolutionary adaptation.

No one person alive could contrive our Internet as it grows today. No one person could accept the cynicism, parlay, and general democracy tagged onto miniaturizing society as we have done.

Everything in our household at MooPig since seven years ago is completely "out-of-date." How we shop and prepare our days has gone from piece part construction to bulk efficient mass production. Supply chains that provide our infrastructure -- water, power and sewer -- have been deregulated for no reason. If anything is constant it has to be inherent needs to keep lines of communication open.

Monday, January 25, 2010

If we lose our Right-to-Carry :: Then, only Criminals will carry ...

MooPig Enterprises does not support any kind of Gun Control 
Retrieved verbatim HERE by Pat Darnell

Gun Photos are “Offensive” at Walgreens
[SOURCE]  New Jersey Coalition for Self Defense, NJCSD
Belleville, NJ --( One of our members wrote to us recently about trying to get firearms photos printed at a Walgreens Pharmacy in Belleville, NJ.

The NJCSD member and his brother are both gun collectors and active members of the community as a whole.

The brother recently took photos of his collection for insurance purposes, and emailed them to Walgreens to have them printed.

Gun Photos are "Offensive" at Walgreens
When the brother’s wife went to pick up the prints, she was told by the cashier that Walgreens did not print them because they were deemed “offensive”.

Our member’s brother returned to the store and spoke to the manager, who told him that he personally found the pictures offensive, and so did his staff. When the brother asked if it was Walgreens’ policy not to print pictures of guns, he refused to give a straight answer.

The member’s brother contacted Walgreens Main Office on Tuesday December 29th regarding the issue. We’ll be following the story.

NJCSD – Defending Your Right to Defend Yourself Visit:

AmmoLand Comments: Please write Walgreens Corporation and tell them how offensive this is. Sample letter provided.
Sample Letter ——————–

Re: Wallgreens Anti-Gun Photo Policy

Dear Sirs:

I find your policy of refusing to print photos of firearms offensive and insulting.

As a believer in the Bill Of Rights I find your censorship of a persons photos, by employees, to be discrimination against gun owners is an attack on my first amendment right to free speech.

I demand that you change your policy and educate your employees of our right to keep and bear arms and issue a public apology or I will be forced to take my business somewhere else.



You can contact Walgreens Coprorate here at: = 2121

Distributed to you by - – The Shooting Sports News source.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

TELEvision ~X~ Tall Masted Sailing Vessels

Which would Draw the Largest Crowds in an Exposition?
by Pat Darnell

-- OR --


RETRO Source

Saturday, January 23, 2010


The recertification challenges you could face in light of the new regulations
Retrieved by Pat Darnell and Alfred E Neumann


Can't make it on February 3? Order the Recorded Version 

Brain Industry Offerings:

" ... 2009's sweeping changes to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) contain several provisions relating to requests for medical certifications.
EXAMPLE -- For instance, the regulations increase the amount of time an employer has to request certification from 2 days to 5 days after receiving notice of a worker's need for leave.

REASON -- The regulations also provide employers with greater leeway in authenticating medical certifications and allow them additional opportunities to request certain information from a medical provider. The catch? This leeway comes with increased compliance requirements. One small slip, and your organization could find itself in a huge legal mess.
Join on February 3 for an in-depth webinar, and learn all about
the potential legal pitfalls-and how to avoid them.
You and your colleagues will learn:
Webinar Benefits
Upcoming Events
Past Events

  • When and how to use the DOL's new medical certification forms

  • When you can and cannot contact a healthcare provider about a worker's medical condition

  • The questions you may ask a medical provider, and the legal line you must never cross when requesting medical information

  • What to do if a worker's documentation is incomplete, vague, or unresponsive

  • When you can legally deny leave on the basis of an employee's failure to provide sufficient and complete medical documentation

  • The recertification challenges you could face in light of the new regulations

  • When you may request a recertification

  • The major effect the new regulations have on your requests for fitness-for-duty certifications
  • -- AND -- YIKES!!
  • Potential liability that could arise under the Americans with Disabilities Act if you mishandle medical certifications"

About your Speaker:
Marc Jacuzzi, Esq., a director of Simpson, Garrity, Innes,  Jacuzzi, PC, in South San Francisco, has broad experience in employment law and regularly represents and counsels employers on a variety of matters. He advises clients on all aspects of the employer/employee relationship and has conducted numerous in-house training programs on a number of employment law topics.

Invite your colleagues to join you around a speakerphone and computer to share the benefits of this information-packed webinar. Your cost per listener drops drastically with each additional listener.

How Do Webinars Work?
A webinar is remarkably cost-effective and convenient. You participate from your office, using a regular telephone and a computer with an Internet connection. You have no travel costs and no out-of-office time.

Plus, for one low price you can get as many people in your office to participate as you can fit around a speakerphone.

Because the webinar is live, you can ask the speakers questionseither on the phone or via the webinar interface.

You will receive access instructions via e-mail several days before the event. You don't need any additional materials before the webinar starts. Your webinar materials will be available for you to view, print, and download when you log in to participate in the event.

Why You Can Sign Up with Confidence to Attend
With Business Legal Reports webinars, you're completely protected. If for any reason this program does not meet your expectations, just let us know and you will promptly receive a full refund.


Trees are already budding in Bryan, today

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Story of Hope

Please visit the Mystery Topic Challenge Blog to view all of the other entries. Once you've read them all, please be sure to vote THERE in the Sidebar for your favorite.
You awaken to find yourself stranded on a deserted island with nothing but a pocket knife, a bottle of Jack Daniels, and Britney Spears. How did you get there, and what do you do now?
After I open the whiskey bottle, and throw away the stopper, I share it with a bald girl who has accompanied me on the beach. After some time, I mistakenly think the emptied J. Daniels bottle is a glass slipper, and try all the rest of the day to squeeze the bald girl's foot into it. But since the Cinderella metaphor will not prove sustainable throughout this story, I swing into action and look for water.

Wow! There is a whole ocean of it. So, I drink some sea water, until I fall asleep on some driftwood. I awake occasionally but the bald girl is missing, as my last thoughts are of serious sickness; and as the night falls thick and moonless, the only sound I hear is the death groans of my spastic colon.

I dream strange things, like petting a horse as we lounge on a divan. At some time in the night, I awake shivering. Through thick fog of half-waking, I barely make out shapes, but the bald girl comes over to me. She is holding a small knife, a pocketknife, favoring her foot.

She says, "Hi, I'm Brit'ney... Britney Spears." In her other hand is a gutted raccoon, half-skinned, dripping blood on the sand. "We're stranded here," said the bald girl, "for at least a day. Are you my GBM?"

"Hello, again. Huh? Oh, sorry earlier about the glass slipper game," I say back. "Are we stranded here, you say?"

She is still standing over me, "Is the party over?" I ask. She says the party is long over, and something about a bridge. Then I begin again throwing up, heaving and roiling my own huge ocean of liquids, all over the sand.

Brit'ney stands by the whole hour I am sick. She crouches close by and watches me intently. After spasms subside, "I must have passed out," I said. I didn't want to mention I didn't know her from Adam, "Errr, Brit'ney, is it?"

"Yeah, that's right, and you had too much, and I wasn't much help, I was keeping up with you, though" she was condescending, then distracted. "You want some raccoon to eat?" she asked.

I begin dry heaving, "Excuse me a moment." I get up and stumble to a large palm tree to pee behind. I kept looking over my shoulder. My molars begin to float in my jaw, and my eyes rolled up to the sky, as I lean against the big trunk. "Where the hell am I?" ask I myself.

I return to the cozy fire Brit'ney had built. She has removed her wet evening clothes, and has wrapped herself with raccoon skins. She is nude from waist up. "Wow, she still has a semi-pubescent body," think I to myself.

However, I divert my eyes, so as to not be rude, and see off to the side is a pile of dead animals gutted and in various stages of rendering. "Wow, this young woman is a hell-uv-a hunter, and butcher!" I notice there are green alligators and long-necked geese; some humpty backed camels and some chimpanzees; some cats and rats and elephants, there is even a unicorn.

I sit by the campfire, and ask half-clad Brit'ney, "When did you, errr, kill all those creatures?" keeping my eyes above shoulders, so as not to seem overly interested in her nudity. Her bald pate was bleeding a little, but she continues silently pealing back skin off a lifeless a brown bear carcass.

"Do you know you are covered in those animals's blood, ...and are you bleeding as well?" I asked. She stood up and held the small pocket knife downward in her right hand. I tried my best to stay focused on her clavicles up. Her appearance is very strange: blood of the animals is dripping from the hand and knife.

"This is my blood," here she says, and points to her scalp. "Do you want some unicorn meat?" and she pointed to a skewer in the fire with a large animal leg is speared. "I am after all Brit'ney Spears, remember? I'm feeling better now. Have you ever been married? I have been, and have children. You have been in my mind for awhile, even when I was married. I sure wish I knew then what I know now! Did you know next Thursday is Valentines Day..."

She wasn't making much sense. "You have thought about me?"

"I can't say I thought, but I never forget a familiar..." she doesn't finish her sentence.

She stands there staring, maybe daydreaming. I direct my attention elsewhere, and I spy the tripe of the animals, guts strewn about close to where the water meets the sand, they begin to drift with the tide. "Miss, did you chase down all these animals yourself, with just that pocket knife?"

She still doesn't answer. I feel a very sharp pain in my limbs, arms and legs all at once. Then I swoon as before. Again I fall to the sand, I begin to shiver uncontrollably. I feel very cold, and my ability to move is hampered. Then I feel a tugging at my back side jacket and pants, pulling me away from the warmth of the fire.

I ask weakly "Are we going to get off this island?" as I lose conciousness once again. This time I dream of two empty houses, and children running about in neighboring yards. I am caught in spernatural spider webs, and can't move to free myself.

Later in the evening I awake to Brit'ney singing: "More kinds of animals than you've ever seen. They'd run around free while the Earth was being born, And the loveliest of all was the unicorn..."

"You've been knocked out for over three hours," she said. "I had some help from MR. I, and my PET. We had decided to segregate the fibers..." I listen but I don't understand a single word.

"And they are building a bridge of survival beyond the jungle." says Brit'ney. Then she sprints off, in the direction of the heavy jungle underbrush, and is out of sight as quickly as an impala.

"Who they?" too slow ask I, on the other hand, lying helpless, being tugged ever closer to the tripe at the water's edge. As I slide across the sand my clothes are sucked right off my body.

My finger tips are bleeding, and my shoulders ache. I gasp, then I notice tips of my toes also are bleeding. I have burns and pock marks all over my body, front and back. I am being attacked but I cannot move any of my limbs to see what it is. If I try it feels like I am in twice regular gravity, in slow motion, makes me helpless to defend myself.
Then in a great suction as if from a whirlwind, I am pulled from the beach, into a whirlstorm, and down the neck of a beaker that I thought was a Jack Daniels bottle, after I thought it was a glass slipper! I scream, but no sound comes from my mouth... "Brit'ney! Help!"

There is a voice somewhere afar echoing from behind the dawning horizon, "Do you think you have it all?" It must be the companions Brit'ney spoke about, who are building a bridge.... Then there is nothing at all --

sssssllluuuurrrrrrpppp; thwummmpp! flabadee flabadee bloink plink...blip^..............blip~~~~~~~~...............______________fffffft

"Nurse, get this down to the lab, please, stat!"

The nurse detachs the glass bottle marked [GBM / Dr. J. Daniels / Spears] and holds up the GBM tissue remains to the light, for all to see. "There's the bad guy!" exclaims the surgeon, Dr. Daniels.

"Good-bye old man," the nurse bids farewell to the gelatinous substance in the bottle. Then she passes it through the revolving door to the outside in a hermetic sealed vaccuum bag. "Patient is 120 over 90."

"Yes, I think it is all gone. I think we got it all. Show me the fMRI, please," says the surgeon. "Suction, please."

He puts down the blood-stained scalpel, and peers again into the photonic viewer of the Da Vinci S Surgical Robot comparing benchmarks deep in the brain of Britney.

"That was an abnormally large mass of tissue to be benign," said the student surgeon. "It looks like it multiplied in an uncontrolled manner."

"Yes, her immune system recognized these mutant cells and destroyed them, for a long time," said the surgeon. "I would say it might have been only weeks before the breakdown of her immune system. After it craters, lack of defenses would've allowed spreading and more likely malignancy."

"So you think her pregnancies delayed these abnormal cells; and we couldn't see them? We ceased scanning, but afterward they multiplied rapidly?" asked another attending understudy.

"Yes, exactly," answered the surgeon, "it got past the PET and we found it in the fMRI."
"As you know, tumors attempt to grow in all persons, but it is the failure of one's immune system which allows mutant cells to grow, and allows a tumor to form," adds Dr. Daniels.

"Someday we will be able to, but today there is no way to prevent tumors, because we surgeons and researchers really don't know what causes them to arise," replies the senior attending surgeon.

"Did you know Liz Taylor at 65 years old survived removal of a benign meningioma?" said Dr. Daniels. "Yep, eleven years ago this same month, 1997. Uncanny, isn't it?"

"Happy Valentines' Day, Brit'ney," whispered Dr. Jack Daniels.

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