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Thursday, December 03, 2015

MooPig Bipolar Disorder Department :: Am we Bi-Polar? PART ONE

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Find Someone Who will Listen to You
Mixed  Mashed Articles by Pat Darnell  |  Dec 3, 2015  |  Bryan TX

13 Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder: Are You Bipolar? | Health Cure Center: "Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder that affects millions of people from all walks of life. According to medical professionals, people who suffer from this condition experience episodes of mania, which are typically followed by episodes of depression and vice versa."
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MooPig Bipolar Disorder Department :: Am we Bi-Polar? PART THREE

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It's a Good Thing, or No
Mashed Martial Articles by Pat Darnell   |  Dec 3, 2015  |  Bryan TX

One time I asked friends to comment on some free verse that I had written. One of them said, "It's a good thing he never did drugs."

For reals, he may have said a summary of my life in the Hypomania ... "his difficulties preclude him from leading a normal life" ... the sign of a good friend who can tell me to my face what is happening. I have held that comment near to my heart for all this time. In other words, at least one person got me.

That is why I am attracted to this article:

21 things you only know if you’re bipolar | Health Care Plans: "3. It doesn’t mean you’re up and down all the time Everyone’s different – you can have rapid cycling (where you quickly go from high to low), mixed state (when you have symptoms of depression and mania at the same time), or go gradually up and down with periods of ‘normality’ in between. 4. You may be mildly amused by people who take drugs recreationally There’s something rather tame about pill-popping in a field of muddy campers on a Bank Holiday weekend when you’re walking around with what feels like a permanent pharmacy dispensing random chemicals in a Russian roulette style in your head."
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Carry on.


MooPig Bipolar Disorder Department :: Am we Bi-Polar? PART TWO

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Talk About, Talk About, Talk About ...
Mashed Martial Articles by Pat Darnell  |  Dec 3, 2015  |  Bryan TX

What scares a parent more than anything? I think it scares parents when their child doesn't fit in with normals, or their child might stand out in odd ways. Consider Vincent Van Gogh's parents for a moment:  they probably grew old never knowing why their son could not fit in.

Where do I find all these bipolar articles? I find them on faceBook.

Three Bipolar Disorder Symptoms No One Wants to Talk About | Cure Connect: "I work with parents and partners of those with bipolar disorder. In the majority of situations, people who are in a strong dysphoric manic episode can be dangerous, aggressive and violent. Physical assault and weapons are not uncommon. Many men go to jail because of this behavior when they actually need psychiatric help. People, both men and women who are mild mannered and kind when well, get super human strength along with the aggression- ripping a sink out of the wall- punching through windows- throwing chairs and other dangerous behavior are not uncommon."
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There was a time in the not so far off past when people were not labeled. With the advent of the human DNA mapped, and constant crush of Healthcare and Pharma, and lists to be made, we have labels now for every phase of existence. And we say, "Isn't that all silly."


Friday, November 20, 2015

UPDATE ~~ MooPig Report from the Middle :: "Causality..." UPDATED

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by Pat Darnell  |  Nov 12, 2015  |  Bryan TX

Professor Longshadow smoothed out the ends of his mustache. The nubile on row three, seat four asked a question he could not understand.

"Could you repeat that, please Miss?" Professor Longshadow squinted at her.

"My name is Miss Pembroke. What I am saying is Alaskans chill out; we in Chicago spazz out!"

"Do you feel lacking in some way in your urban life, Miss Pembroke?"
"... Such an institution of coercion, centralizing immorality, directing theft and murder, and coordinating oppression on a scale inconceivable by random criminality exists ..." was what Professor Longshadow had just said in his lecture.
"What is this really about?" asked the Professor.

"Winter; that's what I am talking about," said Miss Pembroke. "I need a philosophy of Winter."

"But I am lecturing about philosophic models of the Free Market," said Professor.

"Well, that is maybe good for you, but all you are saying is what other philosophers say about each other," explained Miss Pembroke. "I need 21st Century material."

The lecture hall began to hum with under breath mutterings of the other students. It is common fact that Professor Longshadow had been putting students to sleep for many years. Miss Pembroke's interruption awakened many of the sullen tide of undergrads.

"I'm fed up with Philosopher number two talking smack about Philosopher number three," said Miss Pembroke.

All she got was the "Longshadow thousand mile stare."


"...The venerable lecture has few allies today. While many in the humanities have long preferred seminar-style instruction, our friends in the sciences have begun to give the lecture a second look. A growing body of research suggests that lectures simply are not that effective, especially when compared to active-learning models.( WILLIAM FENTON.  NOVEMBER 12, 2015. LINK)..."
"So what you are saying, Miss Pembroke, is that the streets are not a comfortable place for you?" asked Professor Longshadow.

"The streets in Chicago during winter are treacherous, dirty, slushy, mind-boggling dangerous, and yes I am uncomfortable on the streets IN WINTER," said Miss Pembroke, "and what I need is a philosophy that helps me cope with Chicago winters."


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

MooPig GERD Department :: "I am tired of being Toxic!"

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Diary of a Misshapen Dysphemism
by Pat Darnell  |  Nov 17, 2015  |  Bryan TX

Yes, it is that bad. Mirror, mirror, everywhere, who is the pear-shaped Honkey in your glare? Emasculated by the ones who love me, cursed by a dying, incontinent, elder, and once a breeder now impotent, I am thus.

"Ring, Ring," goes the phone.

"Hello, is it really you?" says the caller, me.

"Yes, it is me, after all these years," says the other.

 "Help," say I in a moderate tone. "Am I just another victim of bad science and big business?"

If you didn't follow that one, that was me today calling me of yesterday. It's not so far fetched.

"So, what'd you eat today?" asked I past.

"Pretzels and lunch meat," respond I present, "and diet-cola."



Thursday, November 12, 2015

MooPig Genetic Industry Department :: "Genetic Memory"

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Epigentic Inheritance
Mashed articles by Pat Darnell  |  Nov 12, 2015  |  Bryan TX

Have you ever been told you have your mother's eyes? Or has anyone ever told you you have your father's maniacal three personality bombastic attitude? Hey, it is not so far-fetched that our family patriarchs and matriarchs have passed on their physical and behavioral traits to us siblings. Eh?
"...According to convention, the genetic sequences contained in DNA are the only way to transmit biological information across generations. Random DNA mutations, when beneficial, enable organisms to adapt to changing conditions, but this process typically occurs slowly over many generations.(Ewen Callaway and Nature magazine | December 1, 2013. LINK)..."
As far as D. D. Faraday can see, sitting editor of MooPig's Biological Basis of Behavior Department, epigenetic inheritance is possible in first generation of humans, if habitat is a big factor. "Epigentics is a new area of study," Says D. D. Faraday.

Observers have long thought that traits are only passed down if there is a biological link from parent to child. Evidence now shows up in experiments with mice that DNA might be the ultimate link for many passed down behaviors.

Researchers Discover That Memories Can Be Passed Down Through Changes In Our DNA | Collective-Evolution: "Adding further complexity to our often mystifying genetic code, research from Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia has shown that it’s possible for information to be inherited biologically through our DNA. More specifically, their research shows that behaviour can be affected by events in previous generations which have been passed on through a form of genetic memory. (November 12, 2015 by Arjun Walia. LINK)"
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"...Humans inherit epigenetic alterations that influence behaviour, too, Ressler suspects. A parent’s anxiety, he speculates, could influence later generations through epigenetic modifications to receptors for stress hormones. But Ressler and Dias are not sure how to prove the case, and they plan to focus on lab animals for the time being. (ibid. Callaway)..."
Epigenetic --  relating to, being, or involving changes in gene function that do not involve changes in DNA sequence -- epigenetic inheritance.


How can I generate passive Internet cash flow? - Quora

(2) How can I generate passive Internet cash flow? - Quora: "Passive income is something everyone wants to know how to create. Some people do it through real estate and some do it through stocks. But the point of this post is to create it through the internet. Many methods are viable solutions such as buying low and selling high on eBay and Amazon (which both I have tried) or even affiliate marketing and developing websites. But all of these take so long to build up and have success with and can require risking money (though once built up can be great earning options). However the system I display below has proved the most viable for me. Remember through reading this I am only 15, so if I can figure it out and do this imagine what you can do. Okay, Here we Go!"

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MooPig Follow-up Department :: "War Crimes of Bush Era"

Is Germany Filing War Crimes Charges Against George Bush And Dick Cheney?: "The problem with the stories from Ryan Denson and Tiffany Willis (besides from being very misleading and using large chunks of the original text with a couple of words changed) is that human rights groups don’t have the ability to indict anybody for war crimes. The German government could take up the case as this group has requested, but doing so would jeopardize German relations with the United States, which is a strong ally and fellow member of NATO. In addition to that, Brookings points out that indicting anyone for war crimes and attempting to prosecute them creates diplomatic issues that have to be taken into careful consideration."
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"...Cheney’s claim that he would approve torture again highlights a key question: Are top officials above the law, and will the impunity of today lead to more abuses in the future? The question spans a wide chain of command from Cheney, President Bush and other White House officials, who kickstarted the torture program after 9/11; to the lawyers in the Justice Department, who drafted the memos providing legal cover; to the CIA officials, who implemented the abuses and misled Congress and the public; and to the military psychologists, who helped devise the techniques inflicted on prisoners at U.S. military prisons and secret black sites across the globe..." (Gonzalez, Juan--Democracy NOW! Dec 19, 2014. LINK)

The issue is "Did we torture or did we not torture?" There is no middle ground for this activity so loved by Cheney and Dubya, Rumsfeld and Rice. Torture is still amoral, up there with cannibalism, and only in America could these people get away with it, is what we are telling the world?

If I were Dubya, Cheney or the others I would drink myself blind and shoot myself. But that won't happen. So, more questions are raised than can be answered.


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

MooPig Climate Change Parley Department :: "Paris 2015"

Dubai started its tourist business in response to "we won't always have our oil business to depend on." Arctic drilling contracts have been cancelled. The tide is changing. Or is it?

The LINK'd article below has this question for humanity:
"... Can the world’s political leaders, for the first time ever, come together and agree on a collective plan for the future of the Earth, for the future of humanity?"

COP21: Paris Climate Talks Could Save The World. Here Is What You Need To Know.: "The insurance industry is waking up to the uninsurability of uncontrolled climate change, leading to stark warnings, notably by Mark Carney, chair of the Financial Stability Board, that disclosure of risk and risk management has to increase quickly."
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Reduction of HFC's depends on "government" intervention. We built the world on fossil fuel energy, established markets to sustain use of fossil fuels, and take it for granted pretty much all over the world. Now conditions exist that tell us we will die if we continue with using fossil fuels.

COP21, which stands for Conference of Parties meeting number 21, since 1995, will have 40,000 delegates attending. All the leaders of the world will be there, and possibly the Pope will attend. Can this population of delegates influence government leaders to impose restrictions on HFC emissions, well we will just have to see if it does.

One of the forgotten reasons for the existence of government is that we organize and vote on situations that we cannot control in our communities. Crime, transportation, and taxation, and other distasteful functions like controlling fossil fuel emissions are the governments's tasks.


Friday, November 06, 2015

MooPig Up-cycling and Re-purposing Department :: "Glass Walls

[Picture LINK]

Build Walls
Mashed Article by Pat Darnell |  Nov 6, 2015  |  Bryan TX

Donald Trump says "Just build a wall between Mexico and the USA." Old drunken fart Dubya Bush actually built a wall, that today has a myriad of sophisticated tunnels under it.

We at MooPig Up-cycling and Re-purposing Department say: "Build walls using recycled bottles, Bitches."

HEINEKEN WOBO: A Beer Bottle That Doubles as a Brick | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building: "Upcycling is a 21st century term, coined by Cradle to Cradle authors William McDonough and Michael Braungart, but the idea of turning waste into useful products came to life brilliantly in 1963 with the Heineken WOBO (world bottle). Envisioned by beer brewer Alfred Heineken and designed by Dutch architect John Habraken, the “brick that holds beer” was ahead of its ecodesign time, letting beer lovers and builders alike drink and design all in one sitting."
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[Picture LINK]  EcoARK Pavilion made from 1.5 Million Plastic Bottles


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

MooPig GERD Department :: "GAPS"

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What to Do; What to Do...?
Mixed Mashed Articles by Pat Darnell  |  Oct 27, 2015  |  Bryan TX

I am here to bemoan the condition of many of my friends, relatives, and acquaintances. Our condition is remarkably dismal. It now seems forever and a day that I suffer being "large." Every birthday I say to myself "I will not have this girth next year." But two decades of girth not going away has eluded my every mental and physical attempt. How did I get like this? YIKES!

Yes, it runs in my family. Yes, siblings have similar battles. Yes, diet pills turn me into a SHRIEK! Yes, I get twenty-five new "wonder" substance emails every day. I have talked to nutritionists, and reformed fat people, and to a chiropractor. When I was 210 lbs. I thought I was obese. It turns out that is 100 lbs. ago.

After twenty years of it, I now know that this heavy weight is not going to go away without a fight. Most every one says just to make your mind up and eat more healthful. So the question is:

What Foods Do People Eat Healing Their Autoimmune (Bipolar and Arthritis ) Disease Now | My Med Clinic: "The book Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) is an eye opening read about how the environment within the gut can affect a person’s neurology and/or physiology."
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Decades of putting it on has left me in a state of fright. I am not a dummy; I am rather clever, but this girth abides ne'ertheless. Shitty food is more available than righteous food, that is a fact. Hunger is a mood that overrides all other moods.

How and what we eat affects our whole outlooks. Writing about it doesn't seem to help very much; and going to the extreme with detox methods is very expensive.


MooPig Memo Department :: "The Historical Powell Memorandum"

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In this Era of Secret Emails: Remember the Secret Memorandum?
Matriculated articles mashed by Pat Darnell  |  Oct 27, 2015  |  Bryan TX

"A Memo to explain American economic system under attack," yes, that is the opening to the Powell Manifesto. Powell's assumption that there is an American Economic System should be the preamble to Powell's ramble. The American financial System is basically a "Boom/Bust" cycle that repeats ad nauseam. Is that a secure system?

Powell Memo also known as the Powell Manifesto or Powell Memorandum: Found in the Memo:  ..."Perhaps the single most effective antagonist of American business is Ralph Nader, who — thanks largely to the media — has become a legend in his own time and an idol of millions of Americans. A recent article in Fortune speaks of Nader as follows: “The passion that rules in him — and he is a passionate man — is aimed at smashing utterly the target of his hatred, which is corporate power. He thinks, and says quite bluntly, that a great many corporate executives belong in prison — for defrauding the consumer with shoddy merchandise, poisoning the food supply with chemical additives, and willfully manufacturing unsafe products that will maim or kill the buyer. He emphasizes that he is not talking just about ‘fly-by-night hucksters’ but the top management of blue chip business."... (EGBERTO WILLIES. DECEMBER 26, 2013. LINK )
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Were Ralph Nader not so passionate, he would be sage for us who inherit all of Corporate Dog Ass-ity in America. What a mess in 2015, corporations take from a locale and give absolutely nothing back. And if they advertise that they give back, it is a gambit that you will believe them in their lies.

That's not the only attacker of the American economic system. In his obvious paranoia, Powell claims attacks from:
"...The most disquieting voices joining the chorus of criticism come from perfectly respectable elements of society: from the college campus, the pulpit, the media, the intellectual and literary journals, the arts and sciences, and from politicians. In most of these groups the movement against the system is participated in only by minorities. Yet, these often are the most articulate, the most vocal, the most prolific in their writing and speaking..." (ibid. Willies)
Then with another broad brush stroke Powell identifies the crux of this bizkit that in 2015 has come to a head:
".. Favorite current targets are proposals for tax incentives through changes in depreciation rates and investment credits. These are usually described in the media as “tax breaks,” “loop holes” or “tax benefits” for the benefit of business. As viewed by a columnist in the Post, such tax measures would benefit “only the rich, the owners of big companies.”
It is dismaying that many politicians make the same argument that tax measures of this kind benefit only “business,” without benefit to “the poor.” The fact that this is either political demagoguery or economic illiteracy is of slight comfort. This setting of the “rich” against the “poor,” of business against the people, is the cheapest and most dangerous kind of politics...." (ibid. Willies)
The Powell Memo/Manifesto is kaputz. Powell is a Corporate Putz. His Memo is a piece of crap. Anyone who believes this Memo has no credit as they are so far out of the loop of reality, that there is no hope for them.

Powell too often defaults "...survival of what we call the free enterprise system, and all that this means for the strength and prosperity of America and the freedom of our people..." as if American Economy is an established form of business worldwide. Bollocks! If I may, the most recognized form of business world wide is probably "barter." Powell is delusional in his broad stroke discussion of American business. I can only speculate he has no business experience. He was an elitist lawyer politician. Poor old Powell, he thinks America is a nation of collective minded worker bees, who work only to please the "system."

The world would be a better place if  Lewis F. Powell, Jr.had not written this secret Memo to the Chamber of Commerce back in 1971. The very system Powell thinks he is defending, American Economic System, has in 2015 developed into a plutocracy, fascist system that takes what it needs from regions and gives nothing back, all for the eternal dividend it pays its stockholder.

Here are the sources listed at the end of Powell's Memo:
"...Although origins, sources and causes are complex and interrelated, and obviously difficult to identify without careful qualification, there is reason to believe that the campus is the single most dynamic source ..." (ibid memorandum. Willies)

Conclusion (Powell's)
"It hardly need be said that the views expressed above are tentative and suggestive. The first step should be a thorough study. But this would be an exercise in futility unless the Board of Directors of the Chamber accepts the fundamental premise of this paper, namely, that business and the enterprise system are in deep trouble, and the hour is late."
 Footnotes (Powell’s)
Variously called: the “free enterprise system,” “capitalism,” and the “profit system.” The American political system of democracy under the rule of law is also under attack, often by the same individuals and organizations who seek to undermine the enterprise system.
Richmond News Leader, June 8, 1970. Column of William F. Buckley, Jr.
N.Y. Times Service article, reprinted Richmond Times-Dispatch, May 17, 1971.
Stewart Alsop, Yale and the Deadly Danger, Newsweek, May 18. 1970.
Editorial, Richmond Times-Dispatch, July 7, 1971.
Dr. Milton Friedman, Prof. of Economics, U. of Chicago, writing a foreword to Dr. Arthur A. Shenfield’s Rockford College lectures entitled “The Ideological War Against Western Society,” copyrighted 1970 by Rockford College.
Fortune. May, 1971, p. 145. This Fortune analysis of the Nader influence includes a reference to Nader’s visit to a college where he was paid a lecture fee of $2,500 for “denouncing America’s big corporations in venomous language . . . bringing (rousing and spontaneous) bursts of applause” when he was asked when he planned to run for President.
The Washington Post, Column of William Raspberry, June 28, 1971.
Jeffrey St. John, The Wall Street Journal, May 21, 1971.
Barron’s National Business and Financial Weekly, “The Total Break with America, The Fifth Annual Conference of Socialist Scholars,” Sept. 15, 1969.
On many campuses freedom of speech has been denied to all who express moderate or conservative viewpoints.
It has been estimated that the evening half-hour news programs of the networks reach daily some 50,000,000 Americans.
One illustration of the type of article which should not go unanswered appeared in the popular “The New York” of July 19, 1971. This was entitled “A Populist Manifesto” by ultra liberal Jack Newfield — who argued that “the root need in our country is ‘to redistribute wealth’.”
The recent “freeze” of prices and wages may well be justified by the current inflationary crisis. But if imposed as a permanent measure the enterprise system will have sustained a near fatal blow.
(ibid. Willies. h/t Reclaim Democracy)

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

MooPig Story Teller's Minute :: "This is my Riff on Babushka"

Let’s call this one the Babushka's Paradox.
Re-run Son of a Gun Pat Darnell  |  OCT 20, 2015  |  Bryan TX

If I have many thoughts roaming in my head while I watch the grass grow in Bryan/College Station, and I feel that any action I take will require money, I simply do not take any action. If I feel the action is warranted then maybe I will act, and if it is pending with danger Post-its all over it, then I will have to act regardless.

This is the definition of my tension, and stress. My life as married man is: commiserating with corollary of need and accomplishment. Sustenance of the married man: sex shat shower shave, and after that limerick of self-preserving, the toil is in finding tricks for staying ahead of the children and pets in their constant shape shifting and urges to emerge.

Babushka was in turmoil because her accomplished ability of preparing for the needs of the present bled over into her future on a tragic basis. She would clean house, organize and prepare for the event to be, but to a degree of neglect of self. I know all mature parents know what I am speaking of.

Because Babushka never factored in the need to sleep after toiling over floors, cabinets and recipes, she fell asleep and missed the camel train to Bethlehem. Our wise men were reticent to wake her the next morning, and left at sun up without her. She then arrived too late to see the swaddled newborn son of man, as she just missed them in their flight from genocide.

It turns out, my present and future plan is to continue as a bureaucrat ossifying in my own bona fide capacity. I will regard my toil as the continued management of the project of married male with children, dog and companion. The bones we pick over now will assuredly be of use to others in the future. I very much look forward to fully confusing readers in the near past, with my spectrum of waiting, watching and pretty much being what I have been.

You see all the projects will have been completed in the multiplicity of our time traveling. So I am not stressed as before about finishing all the tasks, rather I ponder the completion of dreams through the children. >>pd

MooPig Brain Industries :: "Do You Like Lists?"

If you like Lists, there are some Tests that you can take
Mixed Mental articles by Pat Darnell  |  Oct 20, 2015  |  Bryan TX

"I don't know what to think," said the mother of her two year old daughter. "She talks in paragraphs already, and looks out for her little brother in the most altruistic manner."

This doesn't sound much like a problem. It sounds like a bonus to having her beautiful little doll-like daughter at her side. I am here to let all parents know, there is no "Normal" child pattern. Pre-schoolers are beings from another time and space. So, lighten up. There is no "narrative" of children because there are no five year old authors. Childrens' books are written and illustrated mainly by adults. No child is writing his memoirs while a child, that is not how they communicate. Blah, blah, blah.

Get this though, most planet-sized-corporational-mega-industrial-conglomerates would bust a hemorrhage to get into a child's head. It would open up markets to exploit, that remain confusing at best to capture. We will soon enter into the Exploits of Brains era.

But at last writers in unflaggingly personal ways, are publishing their daily experience with their own minds:

12 Struggles Of Having An Outgoing Personality But An Anxious Mind: "Outgoing people with anxious minds - or minds that overthink - tend to feel anxiety the most intensely, often because we don't talk about it. And by "often" I mean never."
'via Blog this'

MooPig has spent some effort in recognizing humanity's ongoing search for itself. The next hundred years will be the "Brain Age" as humans gaze into their own heads. Leading up to this Brain Age is what Mack Jones, MooPig Editor of Cognitive Dissonance, has termed Brain Industries.

The current way many brain specialists look at your brain requires a personality quiz. They are about $200, and can be taken at any psychologist's office. They do help in determining if you and your brain are depressed, or manically inclined, or both.

"I have exposed myself to these tests, and have become somewhat more tolerant of others," said Mack Jones.


Monday, October 12, 2015

MooPig Site Review :: ""

11 must-see TED Talks | Playlist | "Here's a primer on TED Talks, featuring 11 classic talks on a range of topics — and beloved speakers including Amy Cuddy, BrenĂ© Brown, Sir Ken Robinson and Chimamanda Adichie. Find your next favorite talk ..."
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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Sunday Funnies "Blind and Dumb Man Blues"

MEME from 2013 ... we have been subjected to this diseased human's flatulence for two whole years

Unless referenced with a LINK or caption, Sunday Funnies is a bunch of pirated MEME's from faecesBook, YouTuber, Tweet'um and Tweet'um dee, Redditt, and other places where sources have been lost and are unknown. Give 'em Hell Henry. If you are offended then ASWC ... ask someone who cares.

MooPig Followup Department :: "Cliven Bundy and Stuff"

Old News

Facebook Posts Reveal Vegas Shooter Thought Bundy Ranch Was 'Start Of Revolution': "The couple who allegedly shot and killed two Las Vegas police officers and then killed another person Sunday [June 7th, 2015] before killing themselves have been identified as Jerad and Amanda Miller, according to multiple news reports. While neighbors had already pegged the couple as supporters of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who has been facing off with the federal government in recent months, a review of what appears to be Jerad Miller's Facebook page reveals someone who has long harbored extreme anti-government views and saw the Bundy Ranch standoff as a possible start to a revolution."

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UPDATE :: "...Deadbeat Rancher Cliven Bundy: Rand Paul is Back"

Deadbeat Rancher Cliven Bundy: Rand Paul Will Make Nevada A ‘Sovereign State’ If Elected | Deep Left Field:

'via Blog this'

Here’s some friendly advice for the Paul campaign: You were already on the outside looking in when it came to getting the nomination. But if you keep associating with nutjobs like Cliven Bundy, you will become the laughingstock of the 2016 race, a title you can share with Donald Trump.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Sunday Funnies


" Coyote for Dinner ..."

Unless referenced with a LINK or caption, Sunday Funnies is a bunch of pirated MEME's from faecesBook, YouTuber, Tweet'um and Tweet'um dee, Redditt, and other places where sources have been lost and are unknown. Give 'em Hell Henry. If you are offended then ASWC ... ask someone who cares.

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A Fantastically Flawed Script for a Jazz Rock Opera -- "GAZA"
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Bill Gaines said it

Bill Gaines said it
"My staff and contributors create the magazine," declared Gaines. "What I create is the atmosphere."