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Thursday, April 25, 2013

What is Mother?

12:30 PM Greeting by Reverend Byron Miller

12:35 PM Psalm 121 by Rev Miller

12:40 PM Lord's Prayer by Assembled in Unison

12:45 PM Eulogy for Mom by Patrick Darnell

12:50 PM Reflections -- by Hunter Paniagua
-- by David Darnell
-- by Bernadine Foster

1:00 PM Sermonette by Rev Miller

1:10 PM Closing Prayer

In Loving Memory
Jerre Jean Hynds Darnell

December 3, 1926

Entered into rest
April 19, 2013
Houston, Texas

Celebration of Life Services
The Chapel of SouthPark Funeral Home
12:30 PM
April 24, 2013

Reverend Byron Miller
* * * 
A Eulogy for Mom

Some of you know Jerre Jean Hynds Darnell as your coworker. Others know her as your party planner. Some know her as their dance partner. The board of Directors knew her as that fastidious worker. You might have caught her style as she walked the runway at the Country Place style show. Maybe you see her in her yard. You might see her praying with her church circle. Many know her as your top secret confidante. Many, many know her as that ravishing beauty. I don't often use the word ravishing, but in Mom's case she is.

But you see, Jerre Jean Hynds Darnell is my Mother!

She bore me, she named me with her heart of hearts husband, and she raised me.

My brother and sisters know of what I speak.

Most important to me is that Mom always speaks the truth. Jerre Darnell always tells the truth. That is her way. The truth isn't always the most popular thing we want to hear. Sometimes when she said those truths, it would make me want to run and hide. And she always stuck to her guns. If you fidgeted, she tells you to sit tight. If you tried to pull her away from her important task, she tells you to hold your horses.

When conversations become nonsensical, Mom relies on her maternal wisdom. Her truth statements have become pearls in her children's, grandchildren's, and great-grandchildren's lives. Mom's wisdom, you see, comes back to her.

Mom and her steadfast friend, Robert, are blessed with long lives, 67 years of which they have been husband and wife.

What is Mother --
what is Mother,
without her house
and her child?

Her babies are born
and grown in her domicile

Many houses
Mom has known
Many seeds she has sown,

Where she settled
she made it her own.

As years gathered numbers
some ideals are put to rest
her children, now with children,
are wiser, never alone, at best,
for Mother journeys with us ...

See all their bright little faces
Hear their falsetto voices,
... full of trust, truth, and whim,
Creating such a din.

Thank you all for coming.

Friday, April 19, 2013

MooPig Advertisement Section :: "All Natural"

Udder Delight
by Pat Darnell  |  Apr 19, 2013  |  Bryan TX

"I am looking for corporate or private sponsors who see the great potential in sponsoring a potential reigning Ms. America Queen. Attached you will find information about sponsorship.
"The absolute greatest investment is the exposure of supporting me as the current Ms. California America title holder and also the potential of Ms. America when I win the title!
"I am available for appearances for corporate and social networking functions. Advertisements of my support for whatever company needs you may have. In addition, the higher sponsorship tiers include exposure on my worldwide website ... Please inbox me for sponsorship details  .....xoxoxoxoxoxo.....

Friday Funnies April 19, 2013

Pictures from Across the Web
Pirated by Pat Darnell  |  Apr 19, 2013  |  Bryan TX

Sources unknown

MooPig Media Watch :: "New York Post Editor's Bestiality"

Barhoun said there were only two reasons he had been labeled a suspect: his bag and his brown skin. (AP)

" ... A teenager says he is scared to go outside after he was portrayed on the internet and on the front page of the New York Post as connected to the deadly Boston Marathon bombings. (Aljazeera. 19 Apr 2013. HERE) ... "

According to GAWKER
Retracted by Pat Darnell  |  April 19, 2013  |  Bryan TX

" ... We would not say that, any more than we would say that Col Allan fucks pigs. He is from Australia; if he were to engage in bestiality, it's much more likely that it would be with sheep. But we are not saying Col Allan fucks sheep, either. It could be that Col Allan fucks pigs or sheep. We do not know. It would be irresponsible to speculate. (Tom Scocca. APR 18, 2013. HERE) ... "
Is the New York Post Edited by a Bigoted Drunk Who Fucks Pigs?: "Sources have also suggested that Col Allan may drink to excess, but we have no direct knowledge that he is an alcoholic, or that he was drunk at any time that he was guiding the Post through its various blunders in the marathon coverage. Col Allan may have been too drunk to recognize the mistakes that the Post was making—say, to see that it was publishing a front-page photo of young man carrying a royal-blue duffel bag when the authorities were saying the bombs had been in black bags. That is a mistake that a drunk person could conceivably have made, but we do not know that Col Allan was drunk when the Post made it. (ibid. scocca)"

'via Blog this'

" ... We are not saying that Col Allan, motivated by bigotry, is intentionally trying to use the Post to stir up hostility against Muslims. We do not know that Col Allan is a racist. The evidence may suggest that he is a racist, but we are not saying that Col Allan is a racist. (ibid. scocca) ... "

" ... But we are not drawing any conclusions about that. Perhaps Col Allan and the New York Post are having an incredibly unlucky week. Perhaps the worthlessness of every single scoop the Post has had—its inability even to get the body count straight—does not prove that the editor is a booze-addled, race-baiting, information-illiterate moron who has neither the common sense nor the journalistic skills to avoid repeatedly humiliating his newspaper. (ibid. scocca) ... "

What we, MooPig, are saying is that New York Post Editor Col Allan is about twenty-five pounds of chicken shit.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

MooPig Carbon Footprint :: "Saudi Money"

Retrieved by Pat Darnell  |  Apr 18, 2013  |  Bryan TX

“While this refinery has a long and proud history, it now has an even brighter and more promising future,” Al-Falih told dignitaries and guests gathered to celebrate this milestone event.

The expanded facility allows for the production of about 23 million gallons of transportation fuels a day and will help in reducing bottlenecks that contribute to higher gasoline prices in the United States.

Texas Refinery Is Saudi Foothold in the U.S. -
EXCERPT  |  " ... Saudi Aramco’s investment in the refinery expansion is meant to ensure that Saudi Arabia will retain an important market for its crude in the United States at a time when American politicians are declaring their intention to wean the country off imported oil. Adding to the urgency for the Saudis is the fact that the United States is vastly increasing its production and replacing OPEC crude with that from oil sands in Canada. ... "
'via Blog this'
" ... The giant Motiva oil refinery, which just completed a $10 billion expansion that makes it the largest processor of gasoline, diesel and other petroleum products in the United States, is owned by Saudi Aramco and Royal Dutch Shell in a 50-50 partnership. (CLIFFORD KRAUSS. Published: April 4, 2013. LINK) ... "

Texas might as well have Arabic as a second language: الدولة كله يعتمد على المال العربي لتوسيع واحتكار صناعة النفطية .


ReRun :: "Don't be alarmed: those are the sounds of modern construction ..."

WAHOO Homes Developments 1965 to 1976
Case Study in Progress by Pat Darnell along with the Two Sisters RE`al Est`Ate Sundries

I wish I could say that there has been progress over my lifetime. I wish the buildings we built back when there were master craftsmen walking the streets, in pre-one million population days Houston, had not somehow became land-locked.

Soap Box: It is a felling of wistful nostalgia that notices a soul can no longer see Lindens or Dutch Elms sewn in background of new yearbooks pictures, of our old school grounds. (Sayings lifted from Deadwood, fully plagiarized)

My Dad and our projects, those homes and apartments, are part of a totally differential [nearly unfathomable] demographic, and next to newer buildings. Some of the units are gone to seed. Later built edifices surrounding our beauties, are built on restricted hundred year flood plains.

However, as I think of  after-1960's decades of framing out homes and apartments, with smashed and broken fingernails, using a 32 ounce framing hammer, Lufkin retractable tape ... and a four foot straight edge bubble level ... it is one time I actually am serious, and shed one large salty cheek burning tear, pitying my self and my righteous mindset.

In 1968, we build a house over the next 90 to 120 days. I know you know the kind of bedroom community house -- a two story on a slab, federal barn seductive to look like a conversion ... oooh yeah ...  including some custom elements and plenty of curb face -- we spend a ratio of about one third cost for foundation, one third for doors, windows, and 'glazing.' The last third of construction money goes to subcontractors in the trades. 'Subs' who provide installations according to shop drawings, after code-checked necessities approved at the state of the art of the time.... have to be scheduled around other jobs they are doing.

Drawing on Short Money Market
Particulars of years '65 to '75 -ish, makes for a preamble to what was to be. It seems to me ... in a personally constructed opinion ... that a revolution began in our United States of America banking system in that twenty years from 1960 to 1980.

Money became less fluid for homebuilding die to restricted money supply overlapped starts on newfangled "master planned communities." P-shaw... I said   back then, and blah-ba-blah-bah humbug to a defunct paper money mill, I still say today. Savings and Loans, and Main Banks in towns all over failed to keep up with 'know it all Bank owners.

What built America is no longer available to builders. It seems one needs a minimum US$250,000,000 in collected blood money just to borrow US$75,000 to build a house. That's a paper money system fer' ya'. YIKES, again!!
Soap Box: Give me back the old grind-house, gold, and silver banking system standards mills. Return USA's gold and silver from Swiss controlled money hostels. Don't take away our rights to bear arms; and we will look after it. (Sayings lifted from Deadwood, fully plagiarized)
Eh'rr ... back to our stroppy home building, the old fashion way:
We list it. Realtor Annie Schatte comes back with a contract for 20% under our asking price. We wait.

90-120 days becomes 180 days -- and home unsold, stays listed even though  many contracts offered -- but each is too low for our jewel of denial.

At 240 days, eventually the bank calls us and we must find a buyer. Most the time, we go back to the previous offers... YIKES!!

We end up making only 3% profit for all that effort, a margin down from 28% to 33% wishfully thinking when we started stick framing this modern WAHOO home, house, home sweet home. that is a house that we built on speculation someone would buy it and close no longer than 45 days after construction comple'.

file :: Unsolicited Opinions of a Dubious Nature -- by Barney Barnsmell Constructs and Buddy Decks

MooPig Musicals Department :: "Kinky Boots"

It's Good to Read a Musical Review Now and Then
Grouped by Pat Darnell  |  Apr 18, 2013  |  Bryan TX

[Picture LINK]

‘Kinky Boots,’ the Harvey Fierstein-Cyndi Lauper Musical -
" ... “Kinky Boots,” with a book by Harvey Fierstein and directed by Jerry Mitchell, is a reminder that you don’t always have to be a masochist to enjoy being smashed by a steamroller. From the outset, this show comes rushing at you head-on, all but screaming: “Love me! Love me!” It’s a shameless emotional button pusher, presided over — be warned — by that most weary of latter-day Broadway archetypes, a strong and sassy drag queen who dispenses life lessons like an automated fortune cookie. ... "
[Photo LINK]

'via Blog this'
Inspired by the little-seen 2005 movie of the same title, “Kinky Boots” is assembled from plot parts that have shown up all too frequently during the past decades in shows that were also based on films. Like “The Full Monty” (choreographed by Mr. Mitchell) and “Billy Elliot the Musical,” it is set in a hard-times British factory town, where jobs are in jeopardy and spirits need lifting. Like “La Cage aux Folles” and “Priscilla Queen of the Desert,” it presents drag queens as the show’s official spirit lifters.

[Read entire Review HERE...]


Monday, April 15, 2013

MooPig Cage Match #42 :: Farmers vs Golfers

Till the Soil
Touted by Dave Darnell  |  Apr 15, 2013  |  Bryan TX





Roam over large fields, beat at the ground with long sticks, plant a seed, farmer's tan on sleeves and brow: while the modern game of golf originated in 15th century Scotland, the game's ancient origins are unclear and much debated. Some historians cite chuiwan ("chui" means striking and "wan" means small ball) as the progenitor, a Chinese game played between the eighth and 14th centuries.

A Ming Dynasty scroll dating back to 1368 entitled "The Autumn Banquet" shows a member of the Chinese Imperial court swinging what appears to be a golf club at a small ball with the aim of sinking it into a hole. The game is thought to have been introduced into Europe during the Middle Ages. (LINK

Chui wan (strike pellet), one of the colorful ball games in ancient China , is believed to be the origin of golf, a modern outdoor game. The club, ball, course and rules of cui wan were almost the same as those of the modern golf. In Europe, the game of golf was first seen in paintings of the 14th and 15th centuries, but that was several hundred years after the Chinese games of chui wan. (Kaleidoscope. no date. HERE)

Like most things that become fashionable, a monarch observes some peasants out in a field doing something and presto the politicians in court copy them. This "pellet" hitting with "sticks" game could have its origins in something peasants were doing while farming.


Jim Healey, July 2003 | Golf Club Atlas: EXCERPT | " ... In late 1894, following the construction of America’s first and oldest eighteen-hole golf course, Chicago GC, Charles Blair Macdonald wrote to Robert to come to America for the position of golf professional at his new course.

" ... Macdonald and the Foulis’ had met when he was a student at St. Andrews University, where Macdonald lived with his grandfather, and had obviously thought highly of their skills. Robert, who was still under contract to Ranfurly, would not think of breaking his commitment to them, so in his place he recommended his older brother Jim.

" ... Jim had learned his golf from Old Tom as well, and had also worked for Forgan aand Company. An excellent player, he and Robert had had many great matches over the Old Course. Arriving in this country aboard the SS Umbria out of Liverpool on March 11, 1895, it wouldn’t take long for the 24-year old to quickly make his mark. Jim immediately traveled to Chicago where he became the first golf professional at Chicago GC, and the first golf professional in the western United States. (Feature Interview with Jim Healey. July 2003. HERE) ... ""

'via Blog this'


Bye Bye Bitcoin | Uncommon Wisdom Daily

Retrieved by Pat Darnell  |  Apr 13, 2013  |  Bryan TX

Out there is a strange world. Cyber wars are wreaking havoc on certain investments. MooPig Finance and Witchcraft Department has been posting blurbs about the BITCOIN phenom HERE and HERE.

Do you trust paper money and Ben Bernanke's ability to manage it? If you don't, and all your friends don't, then your price for paper money goes up, or like the experts say, it gets more scarce.

We are not Bitcoin experts, and certainly not investment wizards here at MooPig enterprises. But these guys advertise that they are:

Bye Bye Bitcoin | Uncommon Wisdom Daily: "When was the last time you saw an equity, ETF or currency drop more than 75% in one day, only to have trading halted to allow the market to “cool down” … If I asked you that question yesterday, your answer should have been “never.” That all changed, however, when the infamous electronic currency Bitcoin made history. In the aftermath of the Cyprus bailout debacle, interest in this alternative currency skyrocketed, sending the price parabolic and pushing Bitcoin to an all-time high of $266 just yesterday."

'via Blog this'

Whatever the case against bitcoin as an alternative currency, there’s one country where people probably won’t need much persuading to join the craze. Here’s why China could drive a further bit-boom:

1. They’ve already done the whole virtual currency thing—with Q Coin. (Gwynn Guilford — April 13, 2013. HERE)


Saturday, April 13, 2013

 AZZAM Wig-Wam
Floating turd gathered by Pat Darnell  |  Apr 13, 2013  |  Bryan TX

The largest motor yacht in the world was just launched by Lürssen, a German luxury boat builder. Its name is Azzam and it is 590 feet long.


(Photo by Getty Images)

There are no immediate descriptions available of the interior, though we know it's in the hands of French interior designer Christophe Leoni, who's using a "turn of the century Empire style."

Your Wait-Staff Awaits your Command:

What is a Penis Boat? They are defined by a number of criteria:

1. They are long and penis-shaped, usually with a very long covered bow section.

2. They have one or more V-8 engines with straight exhausts through the hull and are very, very loud.

3. They have loud graphics schemes or colors, and usually a name in 2-foot high letters across the side. The name should be something tough-sounding like "The Eliminator"

4. They have relatively small cockpits for their length, usually upholstered in gaudy colors. Below decks is a cramped cabin, usually decked out like a custom van from the 1970's.

Penis boats come in a number of sizes - from simple single-engine 28 footers all the way to triple engine 50-footers and beyond.

I think we have definition.

Friday, April 12, 2013

MooPig Movie Reviews :: "ARGO"

Dedicated to Jonathon Winters*
Treatment by Pat Darnell and Belinda Bingemeister  | Apr 12, 2013 | Bryan TX

Are you a Wheel Watcher? You know, when the contestant spins the Wheel of Fortune and has some good luck, and then spins and lands on Bankrupt? That is a good metaphor for the lack of credibility in ARGO, the movie. Since the debut, actual participant former Canadian ambassador, Ken Taylor, has come out with the real story.

However, if wheel watching makes you tense, you will probably experience fibrillation during ARGO, the movie. In real life and in the movie the solution to rescuing six of would be hostages throws out Occam's Razor that says the simplest answer is often correct. As one skeptic derisively observes, "Mendez’s plan comes from the long-standing 'so crazy it just might work' school of problem-solving."

[Picture above LINK] These are the real persons who were rescued, meeting with Jimmy Carter.

[Picture below LINK] "When the movie was screened at the Toronto International Film Festival, the former ambassador, Ken Taylor, wasn't invited, even though he was in Toronto at the time."
" ... Ken Taylor, still fit, fashionable and unflappable at 77, understands full well that Argo is Hollywood, not history. (Jim Coyle Feature Writer, Published on Sun Oct 07 2012. LINK) ... "
'Argo': Former ambassador Ken Taylor sets the record straight | Toronto Star: "In Tehran, moreover, Mendez “was totally in our hands,” Taylor said. His involvement over his weekend in Tehran was “not much . . . just some visa stamps. Ottawa had provided everything else.” In fact, the CIA almost scuppered the plan by making passport notations that used the wrong Iranian calendar and would have essentially had the Americans leaving the country before they arrived. Canadian official Roger Lucy, who spoke Farsi, spotted the error. Otherwise, Taylor said, “that would have been game over.”"

'via Blog this'

Confused yet? We are. How does a well documented, November 4, 1979, Iranian revolution reaching its boiling point, militants storming the U.S. embassy in Tehran, taking 52 Americans hostage, become a thriller with Ben Affleck, John Goodman, and Alan Arkin?

That is easy: it's not the story, it's how you tell the story that counts. "ARGO is a rollicking yarn, easily the most cohesive and technically accomplished of Affleck's three films so far, but a part of me wishes the director hadn't cast himself in the lead role ..." says Dana Stevens from Slate.

Which brings us to John Goodman playing comic relief. John Goodman's character teams up with Alan Arkin's character, to shamooz Hollywood movie establishment with a bogus movie project. As if it were business as usual, all the pieces fall into place, and ARGO is born.

Belinda Bingemeister, our Editor of MooPig Movie Reviews and Tubes, told us her purged view of the flick. "You see, guys, we never get to know the real characters -- the hostages. We forget them as soon as the last frame blips out."

That brings to mind several issues in today's movie making by actor/directors. First, as much as we can't name the hostages, we know all about Ben Affleck's character, Tony Mendez. We can still see his face when we close our eyes. John Goodman and Alan Arkin are pretty steadfast in our cerebrals too. There is almost no mention of Canadian Ambassador Ken Taylor, the real life headpin of the operation. But sure enough we have plenty of silhouette close ups of Ben Affleck, and repeatable one liners he so cutely delivers.

Second, this is opposed to the character Affleck is supposed to play. Tony Mendez is a CIA shadow person, best known for his anonymity, and ability to blend in. Instead we get the heavy hand of the actor/director throwing himself in every scene, like the egomaniac millionaire celebrity we suspect Affleck to be. Whoops.

And third, think about this: how many movies today are based on the movie industry, show business, or writing? Are they real industries, or just make believe like cinema itself? That brings us to our synopsis ten words or less, of Affleck's ARGO:
A group of veteran actors satirize the movie industry.

... So, it is a Mad Mad Mad Mad world after all.

*Jonathan Winters, Unpredictable Comic and Master of Improvisation, Dies at 87.
Jonathan Winters on the set of “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” in 1962.

MooPig Home School Department :: "Universities" PART ONE

Treatment by Pat Darnell | Apr 12, 2013 | Bryan TX

[Picture LINK]

The Practical University -
"What is a university for?

Are universities mostly sorting devices to separate smart and hard-working high school students from their less-able fellows so that employers can more easily identify them? Are universities factories for the dissemination of job skills? Are universities mostly boot camps for adulthood, where young people learn how to drink moderately, fornicate meaningfully and hand things in on time? (DAVID BROOKS. Published: April 4, 2013. LINK) ... "

'via Blog this'
" ... A recent article in the Washington Post began with the statement that today’s college students “may be part of the last generation for which ‘going to college’ means packing up, getting a dorm room and listening to tenured professors.” By using these three aspects of college life – packing up, dorm rooms, and tenured professors – the writer was able to clearly illustrate the ritualized process of traditional university education, setting the stage for major changes coming in the very near future.
In 2007 I released a paper on the future of education, culminating an 18 month effort to probe the likely evolution of a system that has become emotionally linked with many of our country’s and the world’s deficiencies. (By Futurist Thomas Frey. no date. LINK) ... "
Thomas Frey describes in his article deficiencies that come with dominant world powers. He relates dominant world power with a kind of tunnel vision mentality. The Romans, while in power, did not add much to mathematics because of their numbering system, Roman numerals. Because each Roman numeral was more of a "formula" than a "place holder" number. As a deficient numbering system, Roman numerals did not "promote" higher math.
" ... [What] made Roman numerals so inferior was that each number lacked specific numeric positioning, making each number more of an equation than a single integer. The added layer of complexity prevented people from doing higher math. (ibid. Frey, Thomas) ... "
Unfortunately, in our cataloging society, we are today, like the Romans, too deeply immersed in our systems:
" ... Most of these systems we take for granted – systems for weights and measurement, accounting, banking, procurement, traffic management, and food labeling. With each of these systems we are much like the Romans, immersed in the use of these systems to a point where we seldom step back and question the reasoning and logic behind them. ... "
Universities traditionally are the "conveyors of wisdom and culture from generation to generation." Human intelligence, still not fully understood, might be genetically passed on from parent to child -- but memory of how we became intelligent must be relearned by each child. Memory is not passed on genetically in humans.

However, Universities are "about to find out" that our digital revolution with its "counterparts in education" will outdistance the pedantic task of passing on wisdom and culture.
" ... College 2.0 will witness a massive peeling apart process. Learning will become separated from the classroom. Courses will be created organically and formed around an on-demand, any-time, any-place delivery models. Professors will declare their independence and work for multiple institutions rather than just one specific college. Accreditation will shift from the Institution to the course and to the individual. And textbooks, the ink-on-paper version that we know today, will all but disappear. (Frey, thomas. ibid.) ... "
What MooPig Wisdom wants to pass on to its reader is that you don't have to wait for this to be perfected. Stay at home higher learning is here already, and effective as a source of educational advancement. It doesn't hurt to go ahead and enjoy the cost advantages of digital learning today; especially since it is how things are going to be. Just like libraries, music, newspapers, and broadcasters, Universities adapt to the digital era.
" ... An August 2009 study released by SRI International for the U.S. Dept of Education concluded that “On average, students in online learning conditions performed better than those receiving face-to-face instruction.” (ibid. Frey Thomas. [NY Times]) ... "
Meeting in classrooms, instead of driving to and from a location while supporting oneself, can be done online virtually. Room and board is no longer an added cost factor in educational pursuits.
" ... For colleges to survive and thrive, the coming years will find them searching for higher ground. Their struggle will be to transition themselves beyond regional objectives, political boundaries, and short-term thinking. ... "
" ... Cultural shifts: The perceived value is a core component of a college’s reputation, and that reputation is being continually re-defined in online communities.

  • 81% of Americans age 18 and over use the Internet. (Harris Poll)
  • On average, 245 million word-of-mouth conversations occur in the U.S. daily via e-mail, IM/text messaging or chat rooms/blogs, and 35% of advice givers in online conversations fall within the 13 to 17 age bracket. (Keller Fay Group)
  • 64% of college student Internet users consider word of mouth the most useful type of advertising. (Alloy Media + Marketing)
  • Many of the top attributes that teenagers value in a brand — community, collaboration, co-creation, empathy, real story and meaning — relate to authenticity. (ibid. Frey T. [Ypulse]) ... "
" ... The problem is that as online education becomes more pervasive, universities can no longer primarily be in the business of transmitting technical knowledge. Online offerings from distant, star professors will just be too efficient. As Ben Nelson of Minerva University points out, a school cannot charge students $40,000 and then turn around and offer them online courses that they can get free or nearly free. That business model simply does not work. (DAVID BROOKS. Published: April 4, 2013. LINK) ... "


Thursday, April 11, 2013

MooPig's Almost Friday :: "Breastaurant"

Let your Freak Flag fly
Googled by Pat Darnell  |  Apr 13, 2013  |  Bryan TX

[Picture LINK]

Hey, you're all welcome for the free advertising. All twelve MooPig readers will surely consider your "Breastaraunts" for future gatherings.

By the way, the outer layer of skin is called the epidermis, made up of about 25 rows of dead skin cells. Your skin makes up about 16 percent of your body weight, which means you have roughly 1.6 trillion skin cells. Of those billions of skin cells, between 30,000 and 40,000 of them fall off every hour. Over a 24-hour period, you lose almost a million skin cells.

Meanwhile, the average human head has around 100,000 hair follicles. On average, blondes have the highest density of hair: 140,000 hair follicles, redheads the lowest at 90,000 follicles, and those with black hair have on average 110,000 follicles. A human head sheds about an average of 127 hairs per day normally.

But let's be objective.

'Breastaurant' In Texas Gets Trademark - Business Insider: "Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill resides in Bankersmith, Texas, which was bought by Guller last year with the intention of changing the town name to Bikini, Texas and turning the area into an entertainment destination, or should we say, breastination.  Bikinis also has locations in Oklahoma, and North Carolina.  Hooters' sales fell 4 percent last year as competitors caught up to its formula. The chain responded by trying to appeal to women."

Sure thing, Hooter's is the new family restaurant, along with Cracker Barrel and Denny's.

[Picture LINK] You can leave your hat on ...

'via Blog this'

" ... While Hooters, Twin Peaks, the Tilted Kilt and other chain restaurants that feature bodacious waitresses in skimpy outfits have been called "breastaurants" for years, the owner of the Texas-based Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill is the first to make it official.

" ... Last July, Guller purchased the abandoned town of Bankersmith, Texas, in Kendall County, two hours driving distance from Austin, off Craigslist and made plans to turn it into a seasonal tourist destination. Guller is calling the city Bikini, Texas. (ALEX PEREZ, DREW THORRY and LAUREN EFFRON ... April 9, 2013. LINK)
In its bid for world domination, " ... the sports bar chain, which features waitresses dressed in revealing bikini tops, short jean skirts and cowboy boots, plans to grow to 50 eateries and nearly 4,000 employees over the next five years.
Meanwhile, Guller has several projects in the works, including taking the Keep Austin Weird mantra to Bikinis, Texas — a town he bought off Craigslist and plans to transform into a party destination. Another project is a proposed reality TV show that would film in the town of Bikinis.
“We hope the television show introduces the Bikinis brand to a much wider audience,” Guller told us in November 2012. “We don’t think we've even scratched the surface yet.” Meanwhile, Guller said he's excited to have received the trademark. "It just further solidifies that Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill is America’s only breastaurant," he said. (Sarah Drake Contributing Editor-Austin Business Journal. April 5, 2013. LINK) ... "
[PHOTO Above: This is Sarah Drake, the young woman who wrote the article.]

[PHOTO Below: Is this a good enough hair net?]
[Hurry to Bikini's Sports Bar and Grill...]


MooPig Trend Spotter :: "Triple Threat Fashion"

Victoria's Secret, Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr all in one Post
Names dropped by Pat Darnell  |  Apr 11, 2013  |  Bryan TX

1. Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr Leaving Victoria's Secret - Business Insider: "It's possible that Kerr, 30, simply became too hot for Victoria's Secret. The brand goes out of its way to hire models whom its customers can relate to, and the stunning wife of actor Orlando Bloom might not fit the bill."

2. Orlando Bloom and Miranda ... 
'via Blog this'

" ... Once Orlie' met Ma and Pa Kerr, Bloom perked up, and, as they were leaving, the "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor was seen giving Kerr's mum a big hug. Awww. Wonder if Orly will be in L.A. with Miranda next week? She's doing promotional appearances for Victoria's Secret, including the launch of a fragrance, Heavenly Kiss, at Eva Longoria's new restaurant, Beso, on May 6, 2008 (Elizabeth Snead April 28, 2008 LINK) ... "

  3. Victoria's Secret ...Shhhhhh 


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A Fantastically Flawed Script for a Jazz Rock Opera -- "GAZA"

A Fantastically Flawed Script for a Jazz Rock Opera -- "GAZA"
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Bill Gaines said it

Bill Gaines said it
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