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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sunday Funnies

 HaPPY Easter Friends and Lovers

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Friday, April 18, 2014

MooPig Freelance Journalist Department :: 'Hijacked flight 370..."

This is a Mystery Topic Challenge
mashed articles by Pat Darnell  |  Apr 8, 2014  |  Bryan TX

If we believe the simplest explanation, as explained in Occam's Razor, the solution to any mystery is the solution that requires the fewest guesses, assumption, to the problem's solving. Eh? So, this story came out after the disappearance of Flight 370.

We waited to post this bit, just to see if this solution held up. As you can imagine this story gave hope to a lot of grieving survivors of those who might have perished in the disappearance. It turns out, the story is a hoax. And the simplest solution still remains that the airplane had mechanical/electronic/hydraulic failure and careened off course and sank to the deepest part of the Indian Ocean.

Freelance journalist: 'Hijacked flight 370 passenger sent photo from hidden iPhone tracing back to secret U.S. military base Diego Garcia' | Intellihub News:

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" ... Stone also points out in detail how the above Exchangeable Image Format (EXIF) image data is the “smoking gun”, writing:

The Exif is intact. Exif data gets embedded in every image by every camera and includes the circumstances under which the photo was taken. It can be viewed by saving the image to your desktop, and then right clicking it and selecting image properties. Hit the details tab. You can see that the image was taken on March 18 with an iPhone 5, with the ISO at 3200 and a shutter of 1/15. The coordinates are included in the exif data because the iPhone knows where it is, and the coordinates are for Diego Garcia. THE FIRST TIME A BLANK PHOTO SAID IT ALL.

Exif can’t be rewritten with common software, it can only be added to in fields such as image credits with some advanced applications. It can be erased as well but NOT CHANGED. Photos with the exif intact will hold up in court. If the Exif is hacked and this is not real, the CIA or a really good hacker did this, which I doubt, I’d say it’s probably real.

Another smoking gun is that the voice recognition software put the word personal instead of personnel. This is completely consistent with a blind software assisted dial out.

Surrounding this story is the fact that the man who managed to get this information to Farganne (forum member Glitch) was harassed and received many threatening voice mails over it, that is another piece of evidence pointing to this as being real. One thing is certain, once it’s posted here on this site the genie is OUT OF THE BOTTLE. I cannot stress how important it is that the GPS coordinates in the photo do not perfectly match what Google says and are not posted anywhere on the web, because it proves that the source of those coordinates did not come from Google or Wikipedia, they really did come from the imaging device and it HAD TO be at Diego Garcia when it took the photo.

  • Girlfriend of 370 passenger Wood: ‘Fighter jets accompanied flight 370 in secret militarized operation, my husband is still alive’
  • Insurance payouts to family members of MH370 continue in exchange for waivers
  • Police Inspector General: ‘Crew of flight 370 not yet cleared, awaiting investigation of Captain’s simulator’
  • Malaysian politician: ‘The government is withholding evidence on missing flight 370′
  • Rothschild owned Blackstone Group benefits from missing flight 370, becoming primary patent holder of new technology, reports say
  • Partner of MH370 passenger accuses governments of cover up on BBC
  • Full manifest: Flight 370 — As released by Malaysian authorities
  • 15 questions about flight MH370 that the media isn’t asking
  • YouTube Investigator: ‘Flight 370 landed at Diego Garcia military base, plane and passengers then put in a Faraday style hangar’
  • Malaysia says there is sealed MH370 “evidence” that cannot be made public
  • Full Transcript: MH370′s radio transmissions before it went dark
  • Why was the Malaysian MH370 flight not detected by the Diego Garcia US Naval and Intelligence Base in the Indian Ocean?
  • Failure to find Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 sparks Chinese consideration to surveil the world (Shepard Ambellas. March 31, 2014. LINK ) ..."

"Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem."
"More things should not be used than are necessary." This is a literal translation.

Welcome to the New Age.


Sunday, April 06, 2014

MooPig After the Fact Department :: "Government Furloughs Then and Now"

Government Shutdowns are Meaningless
Mashed articles by Pat Darnell  |  Apr 6, 2014  |  Bryan TX

We were mildly concerned last time we had a Federal Government shutdown and workers were furloughed. Our lack of concern is, after the fact, warranted.

Percentage of essential federal employees in 1996 vs. 2013.: "After the 1995-'96 government shutdown, the Congressional Research Service detailed (PDF) how many employees at different agencies had been furloughed. The employees who were "excepted" from furlough would now be considered "essential" federal employees (Emma Roller. SEPT. 30 2013. LINK)..."

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Despite all the furlough hoopla, essential workers stayed on the job as "non-pay status workers." Government shutdown is nothing more than hat trick that bombastic politician hucksters have learned to use, when they are bored with everyday life. It happens when a bunch of congress persons need to call in a bunch of favors.

The preoccupation of Congress members with "size of government" bears no meaning in today's world. Government has its fingers in every business, every worker's pocket, and in every service. Just like banks, Government interrupts "perceived progress," with their funny rules, fees, regulations, and taxes. If you deal directly with the government you might make a profit, or break even in your business, but you as a contractor, are you a worker who could be furloughed? Who the hell knows! Thanks Ted Cruz, you are the modern poster child of PUTZ-dom.

Concerning the Chart above -- " ... This isn't a comprehensive list of agencies, for a variety of reasons. Some agencies, like Homeland Security, didn't exist in 1996. Others were incorporated piecemeal into new agencies. And not all agencies have said exactly how many of their workers will be furloughed [in the future]. (ibid. Roller) ..."


MooPig Tech Coroner :: "Good-bye to Gas-powered Lawn Mowers"

Lawn Mower | Lithium-Ion, Cordless, 56V | | EGO: "The EGO POWER+ Mower is the most powerful rechargeable mower on the market today! Powered by the industry’s most powerful battery, the first ever 56-volt lithium-ion battery has 40% more power than the leading 40-volt battery. The EGO POWER+ Mower delivers the performance of gas without the noise, fuss and fumes."

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It's in my CART.


MooPig Bombast Department :: "Blasting the SCOTUS"

What a Long Strange Trip it has Been
mashed articles of Jim Marquis by Pat Darnell  |  Apr 6, 2014  | Bryan TX

[Picture LINK]

Major Conflict: Dictatorship of the Dollars:Dictatorship of the Dollars  -- The Right is currently celebrating the Supreme Court's recent decision regarding campaign contributions. However, I have to believe they'll be singing a different tune when Adelson and the Koch brothers are replaced by younger, more liberal tech tycoons (Jim Marquis, Apr 6, 2014. LINK) ..."

“Money in politics may at times seem repugnant to some," he wrote, "but so too does much of what the 1st Amendment vigorously protects. If the 1st Amendment protects flag burning, funeral protests, and Nazi parades — despite the profound offense such spectacles cause — it surely protects political campaign speech despite popular opposition ( Robin Abcarian. April 2, 2014. paraphrased Justice Stephen G. Breyer. no date. LINK )...”

'via Blog this'
In his blog, Major Conflict, Jim Marquis shows us a twist in the wind of the time. Billionaires being replaced by billionaires.

Tech Tycoons ... bring 'em on ... MooPig Tech Coroner Department acknowledges the replacement of billionaires with younger billionaires ... probably with similar results, but nevertheless, it should be mildly interesting. Bill and Melinda Gates are leading the pack by trying to save all the children in Africa.

We must be talking about a new form of a high level of corruption based on Meritocracy, you know, from garage business start-ups to mega-billion industrialist slave driver multi-national corporations. Rags, to slave laboring sweat shops, to unimaginable riches, to philanthropist ... all in one life-time. Wow.

For those who die early, S. Jobs, we will have to sit and wait for his wife and offspring to spread $billions to what they perceive needs philanthropic-ing. Can't wait.

In its day Television was "high tech" ... yesiree Bob... and one of the rags to riches top dudes of that time was Art Linkletter,  [Arthur Gordon "Art" Linkletter (July 17, 1912 – May 26, 2010)]: "... Two of his television shows, House Party and People Are Funny, hold the top places for the longest-running shows in broadcast television history. Now in his ninetieth year, Linkletter is known as an entertainer, an author, a businessman, and a philanthropist. (LINK)..."
[Picture LINK]

"... Art and Lois Linkletter outlived three of their five children. On October 4, 1969, 20-year-old Diane died after jumping out of her sixth-floor kitchen window.[1] Linkletter claimed that her death was drug related because she was on, or having a flashback from, an LSD trip (toxicology tests later determined there were no drugs in Diane's system at the time of her death). After Diane's death, Linkletter spoke out against drugs to prevent children from straying into a drug habit. His record, "We Love You, Call Collect", recorded before her death, featured a discussion about permissiveness in modern society, along with a rebuttal by Diane, titled "Dear Mom and Dad". The record won a 1970 Grammy Award for the "Best Spoken Word Recording".[14] Robert Linkletter died in an automobile accident on September 12, 1980.[15] Son Arthur Jack Linkletter died from lymphoma in 2007.[16 (Y Ikki Peed Ya. LINK)..."
" ... He's a nonstop raconteur, and his life is a living history of the pioneering years of radio and TV. Abandoned as a baby in Canada, in 1912, he was adopted by a one-legged preacher and his wife. "We were really poor -- as poor as a church mouse. But I had one of the greatest assets a kid can have, a loving family." With just $3 to his name, he set out on his own at age 16 as a hobo riding the rails, which was not a life of poverty but "a great way to see America. I never begged, never borrowed, never stole. I worked all sorts of odd jobs (STEPHEN MOORE. Updated March 11, 2009. LINK) ..."
Tech-tycoons, what will be your legacy? Will you buy the SCOTUS?


Sunday Funnies

High Comedy
Pirated MEME's by Pat Darnell  |  Apr 6, 2014  |  Bryan TX

Burning Man 

Aug 6, 2001 ... "On vacation in Crawford, Bush receives a Presidential Daily Briefing warning, "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US." FBI highlights Al Qaeda activities consistent with hijacking preparations, as well as surveillance of federal buildings. [Date the public knew: 5/18/02] ...
"... CIA officer flies to Crawford to call Bush's attention to document. Bush replies, "All right, you've covered your ass now." [Date the public knew: 6/20/06] ..."

Who's gonna' save your teeth?

This survey in 1978 of post-pubescent young people means these misogynists are now your politicians and CEO's ... just sayin'

This is a transportation device, she pedals you wherever you want to go while you lounge in the V-Jay-Jay.

Old School

See the Madonna impression in my forehead?

Unless referenced with a LINK caption, Sunday Funnies is a bunch of pirated MEME's from faecesBook, YouTuber, Tweet'um and Tweet'um dee, Redditt, and other places where sources have been lost and are unknown. Give 'em Hell Henry. If you are offended then ASWC ... ask someone who cares.

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