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Sunday, August 26, 2007

T.O.E. -- Theory of Everything

Opinions / Editorials on Sunday
by Pat Darnell

I think, and am of the opinion, our Universe tends toward order. Its tendency is to be in a state of potential category, within a vacuum, reduced as a lowest common denominator. In the end our universe is a very massive single point of all forces bundled in a conserved material-energy orbiting in singularity, very ordered and very ambiguous.

I am posting to suggest Life in our universe on the other hand opposes universe rules, and is an abnormal state of affairs. For life to exist it has to be covered by forces that are ultimately unnatural to our universe's physics and combinations of materials, energies and methods. Life is exception to the rules.

In this theory is my discovered reason for existence that baffles most. We mathematize our realm that sustains our life, we try to balance the equation, when in fact we are not a balanced equation. Chaos actually is the reason for life. Water for instance in its natural state is a solid: it is ice. Methane in its natural state is a cloud hanging in a climate of swirling gases that can be found plentifully in gas giants' atmospheres. Life in its natural state is actually dormant, riding pieces of planets in vast space, hanging in there for chaos to rule.

This opinion reverses traditional thinking of humans, as a converse argument. As humankind has for all its history sought to find life elsewhere manifest as itself, it has proven that itself is the exception of the rules of its universe.

Forces that pertain to human life sustained for any period of time on earth are: magnetic fields, water in liquid form at a specific ratio of 68%, and food chain in abundance. Besides physical phenomenon, is unseen spiritual forces, faith, hope and of course love. Faith is a force of life that pushes us to embark on our missions.

Okay now say you -- 'I have put too much out here, or I am asking too much for any one to accept a theory way too over-simplified.' "Don't be ridiculous!" you say. I had that opinion for most of my life. For humans to believe in the unseen, for humans to see their existence as based on chaos, rather than static relationships with nature, goes against all our invention.

I base this different way of looking at human coexistence on simple verse in brother John's good book: 3:16. "For God so loved the world, ... " It has come to my attention at fifty-two years age, what is really being said here has more to do with the efforts God has made in providing a "World" our Earth, and he loves this world a great deal.

Also, in final regards, God so loves this creation World, he gives and gives and gives. All who believe in things he, she, or we cannot see will soon receive the whole picture with eyes and ears and feelings previously unavailable while existing on Earth.

Yes, yet another gift for us to receive: talk about the 'Energizer' never stops going... someone sure needs to advertise a universe that keeps on existing, and the Creator of it who nevers quits giving.

I call this getting real. It seems others tend to think the obsession in life is the love of life, I think it has more to do with the gifts we are given while alive, and how we appreciate them. Love is not obsession. Love is patient, kind and not jealous. There is no set of law against love and the rules that pertain to it. There are laws against obsession... called restraining orders!

My reaction to my own discovery is of late I ask those things that have been taken from my family and friends, and enemies in life, be returned in full to all of them. In this conservative prayer of mine, I have hope and I will imagine those who may have lost their gifts in earlier chaotic years of their lives are receiving blessings later.

Such as: later years of a long life on Earth should be a blessing. You will be able in my imagined second time around to appreciate benefit of a Universe entirely fashioned to sustain you, by surrounding your place on Earth with material-energy and spiritual blessings: built entirely for you to love as the Creator loves it.

In conclusion: My theory is this -- 'the entire Universe that expands around Earth is actually all built just for us, so we may receive the blessing of living here.' God's efforts are immense in this cause: For it is written in scripture God so loved the World , that would be Earth -- He has given his only son, so any who believes in this gift has a generous portion of life yet to live, even after one's departure from present conditions on Earth.

Virtue Al

Collecting endless data about outer and inner space and the capacity of Man to process it has reached some sort of absurd level. The farmer's fingers are too fat and meaty to get wi-fi info on a hand-held device, so he's out of the loop. The businessman likes data-collection but will pay attention only so long as he is getting an immediate and sizeable return on the info, so he isn't thinking of the big picture. The modern woman will collect the data faster and process it more precisely than any man, but has no damn idea why she's really doing it. I think the college student has the best chance of anybody to know what the hell is going on but no one will listen to them.

Will Durant " All science begins as Philosophy and ends as Art "

Man as Man -
Man as Machine -
Man as Spirit


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Reminder: Virtual Reality

The Internet is virtual reality.
By Pat Darnell
(vur choo el')

Virtual = ...implicit, essential, fundamental, effective, practical, near... "being something in effect even if not in reality or not conforming to the generally accepted definition of the term... physics used to describe a particle whose existence is suggested to explain observed phenomena but is not proven or directly observable... computing simulated by a computer for reasons of economics, convenience, or performance... computing used to describe a technique of moving data between storage areas or media to create the impression that a computer has a storage capacity greater than it actually has..." (Encarta Dictionary, 2003).

As much as we believe in our own ability to perform a virtual task, is it real? Parable and anecdote can be a task master to the same question, is it real? So, for instance, evidence points to existence of black holes , as well as large volumes of dark matter, in the large scheme of things. It turns out that humans cannot detect those spatial phenoms in real time, with our limited sensors. Yet they virtually exist in modern astrophysics realities.

Are those virtual, theoretical, and positional debates all a part of the whole of reality? Well, it turns out, yes. Yes in terms of empirical data passed down for the entire written history so far from generation to generation.

Is it all pretty? Is it all witty? Is there plenty of room for trial and error? No, no... yes.

So get with it whoever you are, what ever piece of wisdom has been given to you, start paying attention! Work your talent, use the virtual reality tools, get a clear head for your basic tendency. We each have a bit of the eternal in us, it is what makes each of us a personage, a redeemable coupon, accountable, useful, lovable, and least of all part of the greater whole reality.

This is from Enoch's book, as he used all of his eternal spirit to find reality beyond the virtual:
But that bull which was born from him begat a black wild boar and a white 13 sheep; and the former begat many boars, but that sheep begat twelve sheep. And when those twelve sheep had grown, they gave up one of them to the asses, and those asses again gave up that sheep to the wolves, and that sheep grew up among the wolves.

And the Lord brought the eleven sheep to live with it and to pasture with it among the wolves: and they multiplied and became many flocks of sheep. And the wolves began to fear them, and they oppressed them until they destroyed their little ones, and they cast their young into a river of much water: but those sheep began to 16 cry aloud on account of their little ones, and to complain unto their Lord.

And a sheep which had been saved from the wolves fled and escaped to the wild asses; and I saw the sheep how they lamented and cried, and besought their Lord with all their might, till that Lord of the sheep descended at the voice of the sheep from a lofty abode, and came to them and pastured them. And He called that sheep which had escaped the wolves, and spake with it concerning the wolves that it should 18 admonish them not to touch the sheep. And the sheep went to the wolves according to the word of the Lord, and another sheep met it and went with it, and the two went and entered together into the assembly of those wolves, and spake with them and admonished them not to touch the 19 sheep from henceforth.

Building Virtual
"...Scientists are building a seamless, global, astronomical resource: a 'virtual observatory' that will supply data at all wavelengths through a common interface. Vanessa Spedding catches up with European initiatives
The universe is being digitised at an unprecedented rate, a fact that presents opportunities and challenges in seemingly equal measure. Take the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, a project which, in the process of mapping and imaging one quarter of the entire sky and determining positions and absolute brightnesses of more than 100 million celestial objects, will ultimately gather dozens of terabytes of data in different formats and at different wavelengths. This is but one of many prolific sources of astronomical data.
Generally speaking, data from these sources remain unconnected. There is widespread recognition that the full potential of these data, as a result, is seriously underexploited. Not only that, the size of individual data sets has also exploded, particularly those delivered by large facilities (such as the ESO's Very Large Telescope). This presents particular concerns for astronomers without access to the computing capabilities necessary to explore such data sets. It seems that astronomy can now contribute its own particular chapter to the data deluge saga.
DATA DELUGE: a flood of a different kind!

"...There are six partner organisations currently working towards the AVO. These include the European Space Agency (ESA), research centres, consortia and observatories in France and UK, and the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in Germany, which is leading the project. The AVO consortium has quickly formed a close alliance with the US NVO and both teams have representatives on the other's respective committees.
Both are also in communication with other, similar initiatives brewing elsewhere, specifically in India, Australia, and Japan. The ultimate aim, all parties agree, is a truly global virtual observatory..."

Friday, August 17, 2007

Discussions > Optimization > Someone just called my website "fancruft"

"I am reading that Heaven was told her site is 'Fancruft...' here is the poop on that doop. " >>PD
Thank you According to wikipedia fancruft means
In hacker jargon, cruft describes areas of something which are badly designed, poorly implemented, or redundant. Cruft may also refer to useless junk or excess materials (including obsolete computer hardware) that build up over time and have no value, including things collected from rubbish bins, so "dumpster diving" is also called "crufting", and things collected from rubbish bins are "crufted".

Heaven, I've seen an awful lot worse on the net and given the subject and intended audience I think the colours and design are fine. BUT you do have some fairly serious layout problems on many of the pages. Have you checked your pages in Firefox and other browsers?
Even without these errors I might suggest that you try to use a little less space on the page. It's a good idea to make sure the important content of your page is as 'immediately visible' as possible and the spacings you're using mean that much of your content is pushed quite a long way down the page. You also have some elements that are 'on their own' down the bottom and which may not be seen if a visitor thinks the page has ended.

Thank you very much for your words, Marty. I was starting to get discouraged.
Jon, thanks for the very helpful advice and suggestions. I'll start working on it as soon as I get off work.
Vik, I'll try that. Thanks.
Dan, actually there is a navigation system in some of the pages, but you're right, there should be one in every one of them.
Hey did it ever occur to anyone that Heaven is just trying to get us all to go to his/her site and be recorded as a hit? I think this is more the query... and I salute such a creative curve on Heaven's part. Spin it, twist it, believe you me -- there is plenty of human elemental psychology in cyber space. >> PD

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Open Source: Some Follow up on Honey Bee Crisis -- Bee Colony Collapse Disorder

Research in its purist forms is Primary Research. Costs of primary research are high. Searching Literature, like in a Google-search, reveals whether others have done primary controlled experimentation that somewhat relates to our own quest for knowledge.

As a function of query, a Google search is called secondary research. Secondary sources are very helpful in open source Internet forums for blogging, discussion boards, and brain-storming. Attached below is a discussion board forum for the question "Bee colony collapse disorder: BCCD."

While primary research is being done, it is not available to us for immediate referral. We therefore continue appeal for discovery of cause and solution through online secondary here say, and conjecture. I am a supporter of this activity, and hope others can advance the art of discussion as if back on our streets, as plentiful open sources. Much of the solution to problems is in our perceptions of the events, and firm understanding of our questions.

So, if Honeybees were able to cast votes, Republicans would raise millions to find them. PD 15/Aug AM

Editor: Cheryl Woodard
Category: Environment
Updated: August 10, 2007
Submitted: April 22, 2007
ID# 9286 is a project of the Public Interest News Gate, a California nonprofit corporation founded in 2003 and located in Berkeley, California. Contact us through executive director, Cheryl Woodard.

Question Bee Colony Collapse Disorder: What's happening to bees, and what are the ramifications to food supplies?
Editor's Comments: Cheryl Woodward
Bees pollinate up to one third of our food plants, and in recent months, bee colonies have been mysteriously collapsing. Up to 70% of bees on the East coast have disappeared, and about 50% in other parts of the country.

One recent news account from New Hampshire says this: "The problem, called colony collapse disorder, already has hit beekeepers in 24 states, part of Canada, and several European Countries
Sunday, April 22, 2007 Widespread die off may be affecting area's bees By CHLOE JOHNSONStaff Writer...

Many bees seem to disappear, with few to no bodies of dead bees found near the hives. The remaining bees, meanwhile, show mysterious symptoms. "What's the Cause? Several theories are circulating, including these:

Cell phone transmissions, as reported in the UK (page not available)

Pesticides, as reported in the Palm Beach Post (page not available)

Viral Infections or Fungus is another idea, as reported in the Great Falls Tribune (page not available)

Genetically Modified Plants, as reported to a recent Congressional hearing.

Magnetic Pole Reversal, as described at Wikipedia and on the science program, Nova What's the Impact?There have been losses in bee colonies before, usually from diseases or pesticides. Some reports say that the current situation is more of the same. But there are some important differences. No dead bodies, for one thing. And no other physical clues.
Transcripts from the Congressional hearings are posted online, but offer no conclusive answers. Nationally, a Cornell University study said the value of bee pollination is $14.7 billion annually.

One scientist from Mississippi says, that “Ultimately CCD will affect fruit and vegetable production if we don’t have adequate pollination forces,” Collison said. “Bees pollinate many plants that affect wildlife and birds, so it’s not just the human diet that would suffer if bee populations are decimated.

”The Christian Science Monitor suggests that new agriculture policies are needed: "For many entomologists, the bee crisis is a wake-up call. By relying on a single species for pollination, US agriculture has put itself in a precarious position, they say.

A resilient agricultural system requires diverse pollinators. This speaks to a larger conservation issue. Some evidence indicates a decline in the estimated 4,500 potential alternate pollinators – native species of butterflies, wasps and other bees.

The blame for that sits squarely on human activity – habitat loss, pesticide use, and imported disease – but much of this could be offset by different land-use practices."The Sierra Club points out that the government has no national database of bio-engineered crops and therefore no precise way to study the impact of genetically modified food on bees. Writing to the Senate, the Sierra Club said, "Considering that loss of honeybee pollinators can leave a huge void in the kitchens of the American people and an estimated loss of 14 billion dollars to farmers, it would be prudent to use caution.

If genetically engineered crops are killing honeybees, a moratorium on their planting should be considered."News and updates are available at the Mid-Atlantic Apiculture Research Consortium.
Cheryl Woodard (Executive Director) co-founded the world's top-selling computer magazine, PC Magazine, as well as PC World and Macworld in the 1980's. She served for seven years on the board of the International Data Group (IDG)Publishing company in their San Francisco division. Her first book Starting and Running A Successful Newsletter or Magazine (Nolo Press, fifth edition, 2006) is the leading business how-to book for magazine publishers. Her second book, Every Nonprofit's Guide to Publishing (Nolo Press, 2007) will be published in May 2007. In addition to running, Woodard is full-time business consultant to publishers, and editor of Woodard is the only official PING staff person at this time. "We don’t sit in meditation to become good meditators. We sit in meditation so that we’ll be more awake in our lives." Pema Chodron

Comment #9
Information on a pesticide called imidacloprid suggests that this product may be causing colony collapse. The scientist says this: Bayer claims in many of its publications that the problems with bees are due to disease, not this insecticide. But I would draw your attention to this quote, from the label of Premise 75, a Bayer product with 75% imidacloprid and 25% inert used to kill termites and ants (other social insects like bees):Comment #9
Information on a pesticide called imidacloprid suggests that this product may be causing colony collapse. The scientist says this: Bayer claims in many of its publications that the problems with bees are due to disease, not this insecticide. But I would draw your attention to this quote, from the label of Premise 75, a Bayer product with 75% imidacloprid and 25% inert used to kill termites and ants (other social insects like bees): "Premise causes a range of effects in termites, they stop feeding and are unable to maintain their colony. A second effect, exclusive to Premise, is called Premise plus Nature. This product makes termites susceptible to infection by naturally occurring organisms. Either way, the termites die and your home is protected". Exactly, my point, weaken the colony of bees with lethal and sub-lethal effects and surely disease will set in, and it is crass to use this effect to advertise a product, and then use it to blame beekeepers' problems on diseases.

Read more about imidacloprid at

Comment #15 Lifespan of a bee - The queen can live from 2-5 years. The drone lives 40-50 days. Drones are male bees. Most of the bees are workers.They are females. They work hard making honey and stinging for defense! They live from 1-4 months. The life cycle of the worker bee: Egg (3 days), Larva (6 days), Pupa (12 days). This is a total of 21 days from egg (baby) to adult worker. Lifespan of a trout - Brown trout spawn in the fall, a little later than brook trout, when water temperatures are in the mid-40s to high 40s. Eggs are deposited in a stream gravel depression that the female prepares with swimming actions of her fins and body. Large females produce 4,000 to 12,000 eggs. Several males may accompany the female during spawning. The eggs hatch the following spring, with no parental attention. Brown trout eat aquatic and terrestrial insects, crayfish and other crustaceans, and especially fish. The big ones may also eat small mammals (like mice), salamanders, frogs and turtles. Large browns feed mainly at night, especially during the summer. Their life span in the wild can be 10 to 12 years. Bees pollinate everything that flowers - not just the pretty flowers we see growing in the fields but the flowers on food crops like strawberries, lettuce, almonds, oranges, lemons and on and on - in other words, everything we spread sludge and/or treated waste water on. Is it possible that the mutations we've seen documented in fish (with a lifespan of 10 to 12 years) are happening at a relatively faster rate to bees? A report I read recently suggested that scientists are looking at a virus or plague of sorts that might be killing off the bees. I might suggest that they start looking at possible mutations caused by the endocrine disruptor commonly found in sludge and treated waste water. Maybe the bees just can't reproduce anymore.

Comment #18 I just read a document from Penn State University where several scientist have been called together to study the problem. From what I read, the problem primarily affects bees that are part of commercial hives. Certain commercial hive practices cause stress on the bees, making them susceptible to other opportunistic diseases. These activities include trucking hives to distant fields, splitting colonies to start new hives and of course, taking their honey. There was another thought regarding environmental contaminants. There is a pesticide and a fungicide that alone are not a big threat to bees. But together, their strength is magnified 1,000 fold. The stronger combined toxin impairs a bee's ability to navigate and could explain why no bodies are found. They fly away, get poisoned, get lost and die. The fungicide and pesticide are commonly used and can often be combined in the same field. I've heard no mention of wild hives being affected in any way. If any of you have, please post here so we all know.

Comment #20 What about the queens? They keep the hive in line, functioning and workers working. The queens produce a pheromone or chemical scent to direct the other bees. What if that is malfunctioning like queen phero-menapause? From what I've read the queens are still there, the workers/drones are gone. How about checking into queens functionality?

Bees Even Affect Your Beef Purchases!
Like a little Angus with your meal? Well if the CCD problem isn't resolved soon, you might be paying top dollar for that fillet Mignon.Bees play an important role in fertilizing the alfalfa that cows are fed by cattle industry leaders. With no alfalfa, there will be no feed for the cows - or a pricier substitute will be found, and the cost passed along to consumers.

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Globalized Strip Center

What is globalization? Globalization advocates removal of all obstacles to the accumulation of profit as the best way to economic growth that will “benefit” everyone. Currently, globalization is led by the World Trade Organization (WTO) and implemented by various free trade agreements such as NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). The International Monetary Fund (IMF) ensures that capital (cash) is the basis of the global economy, and its aim is to have no borders to cash flow. Such an aim favors nations that are already rich, but many governments in developing countries also support it because it also benefits big corporations in those countries (many times owned by foreign capital) which are more influential on the governments and policies than are poor farmers and workers who live there. (Why Do People Cross the Border? Immigration, US Foreign Policy and Globalization, no date. Retrieved Aug 13, 2007)

Global Management in Practice

At the quasi-firm PMCo: Diversity is the Mother of Innovation Challenged Co-Mingling Cultures -- By Patrick Darnell

My discussion today is in response to current events surrounding globalization attempts by smaller corporations. The grand scale of larger MNC’s is well defined as they have successfully crossed cultural boundaries for the last twenty years.

Helpful information on $50 million or less sales, sized firms, was not available in the same literature reporting on larger MNC’s.

Information is found in reports about the smaller USA agencies and $10 million up sized companies that are servicing the grander sized MNC’s. Much service is provided MNC’s in their triple-bottom-line business cross-cultural ventures.
So it seems gaining entrance to the markets PMCo targets, requires following IBM, Wal-Mart International, Federated Stores International, or Exposition Partnerships, through portals.

Unfortunately, much of the diversity PMCo will encounter is more limiting to its venture, than it has been for the larger MNC’s. Could it be that the organizational structure and culture at home must undergo change before attempting PMCo’s bid for multinational status?

“What unites them is the acute understanding that companies based outside the huge U.S. market can compete only if they learn to create different faces to present to a wide range of constituencies. One key point of difference is that some American CEOs think of leadership development and diversity as different objectives.” (Brabeck-Letmathe, Peter, 2005)

Daunted Journey; Imperiled Innovation

The rhetorical questions abound: can traditional USA corporations make the adjustment to being the required triple bottom-line multinational corporations needed to sail into global markets? It appears that firms with less than $100 million in sales per year should not even consider advancing to the international boardwalks.

How can it be that clear? Look at the multinational corporations who dominate the globalization sectors. They are business partners with other nations. They have gross profits larger than many countries. They are companies like Hilton who have real estate holdings all over the world.

Will SMMCo with its measly $50 million in sales qualify to enter this money exhausting event? Let’s ask the mother of innovation.

È il viaggio; It’s not the Destination; But the Journey
Consider the event of traveling to somewhere to re-settle, as the model for initiating globalization. Put your goals and aspirations in a cruise ship. If the enormous Hiltons can do it, well so can PMCo; Right?

The Hilton’s are floating on the surface of globalization, in normal pressure, and visible seas, surrounded by plenty of light; a true pleasure cruise of stable seas, and rich, centralized databases.

Intrigue and mystery appears to bolster Hilton as multinational leader who easily meets the expense of the cruise. PMCo, on one hand has a benchmark in Hilton, and can aspire. On the other hand, is PMCo booked on a cruise, or a mission in a submarine?

The unfortunate trial by travel for PMCo is that it will be immersed in the journey, having to solicit experts at every juncture of their sub sea trip. Below sea level at 300 feet there is no light, and it is very cold.
If the PMCo stakeholders think they are going on a pleasure cruise, this could prove scandalous for the travel agent, the VP of International Sales. “But it was the necessary means to get there.”

Are submarine cruises surrounded by hostility? Aren’t pressures at deeper depth life threatening? The constraints of the vessel are stifling, and the arrangements are left up to experts, who are submariners certified in dangers of extreme depths. Result: PMCo will have no control of its global evolutional trek.
What are the Cultural Constraints down there?

Additionally, down in the depths are unfamiliar life forms that may require some kind of cultural payable. The surprises and confusions of the smaller want-to-be multinational corporation’s journey may deplete its coffers, and cause serious debt for passageway. The roads, channels, passageways, ducts and tubes may after many miles be closed to a smaller fish like our PMCo.

As the journey in its closing stages brings PMCo nearer its goals, does the small, budding MNC arise unscathed in the shallow water? Unfortunately, her dangers are not over as she searches for more shallow passages. Harbors are jammed with demands, and hassles. Intruders, and bureaucrats, and other corporations arrived just ahead of PMCo and are patrolling for the surfacing smaller fish groups, to impose a toll, or provide insurance, or some other expert clerical arbitration.

The burden of cultural ambiguity is on the newest visitor, always. Non- compliance invariably insures otherwise no advancement to the business boardwalk of the host country.

Why do we manage diversity in cultures? As culture affects the company in these areas, revolutionary ways to manage diverse groups of people can emerge:
· Morale
· Efficiency
· Training
· Time off, and holidays
· Mixtures of languages
· And cash flow?

What motivations can firms use within laws and regulations to achieve profitability, while complying with diversity? Try concentrating on these issues:
· Education and learning
· Management training
· Orientation
· Human Resources as liaison for between
· Behavior identification

“Is there a correlation to doing this preliminary work with understanding cultures and the success you will have as a manager in international business? Yes.” (Radighieri, Jeffrey; 37:00, July 21, 2006)

VP-international sales, PMCo

What could have been done before the journey got so bogged down?

First, the Vice President may want to get involved in building relationships with his present and future subordinates. His or her personal touch and individual toil adds the most value upfront.

Second, as she or he begins innovating in her or his own sandbox, sincerely attempting micromanagement of the entire effort and as each tidbit of learned information is illumined, her or his nurturing will make the future journey safe for the $50 million PMCo.

Your first culturally influenced adaptation: Sweat Equity

Micromanagement is not popular with US VP’s, managers or trainers, because traditionally the title requires delegating assignments, the ubiquitous response to every article and chore. What VP-I/ Sales PMCo needs is a model of what VP’s at smaller agencies are doing to globalize.

In China, “’...We know China will be increasingly important to our b-to-b clients,’ says Mike O’Toole exec VP-partner at PJA, which serves clients including Boston Scientific Corp., InnoCentive Inc., Invitrogen corp., Novell Inc. and SSA Global Technologies... ‘All have active businesses in China...’”, reports Kate Maddox in May 8, 2006 B2B, the Magazine for Marketing Strategists.

She further reports in the article Agencies chase China boom “ multinational corporations [MNC’s] expand into the Chinese market ...agencies that serve them are opening offices, forming partnerships and expanding their presence as well.” In her interviews she queried Michael McLaren, exec VP-worldwide director of global accounts at McCann Worldgroup, New York. “It’s not just the large agencies that are making inroads in China.”

Many learned global strategists have expressed their glee and feeling of renewal as they enter the new opportunities available in foreign regions.

According to McLaren: “Until recently, foreign businesses entering the Chinese market were required, under law, to operate as joint ventures with Chinese-owned companies ...McLaren, who has been to China three times already this year, said the job is also very rewarding. “You are building something up that takes your own blood sweat and tears,” he said. (Kate Maddox in May 8, 2006)

Landmarks in Cultural Co-mingling

First landmark: How visitors fit in the cultures waiting for them in foreign markets can be summarized: what would Dorothy do?

“In ‘the Wizard of Oz,’ Dorothy famously remarks to Toto, ‘I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.’ It’s the same feeling many US-based direct marketers experience upon entering global markets. Why? Media opportunities differ, as do regulatory environments. Then there are the sometimes vast chasms between the data available abroad versus what comes standard in the US.” (Syracuse, Amy; June 12, 2006)

Because the lessons of globalization have been taught by other globalization efforts for 400 years of US history, the legislatures in the US have passed the ADA. This implies diversity training begins in our own backyard.
“One need proceed no further than one’s own backyard experience nature.” Linnaeus, Carlos (Encarta Encyclopedia; English, 2003)

Despite the need to get ahead, training and learning, knowledge and agilities are completed at home, before any evolutionary journey is started.
Emphasis is on:
· Top executives integrating the Aptitude of Diversity.
· Having Adequate Representation.
· Achieving Over-all Goals of Organization.
· Helping Workers and Customers.
· Providing Management that Recognizes Diversity.
· Today, whatever is being done in the Cause of EEOC/ ADA, alone, is Insufficient.
· Realizing there is estimated 50 million Americans with Disabilities, amongst an overall U.S. population approaching 300 million.

Actual Compliance has also to do with Loss Prevention, I.e. Safety Training where Language Barriers exist. Training therefore must be in Trainees’ Native Languages. The Broadening Diversity in Customer Targets is Driving Workforce Diversity.

Possibly the most ambitious attempt at marrying all the cultures of the world was started in the 1970’s. Review of the various tables the “Geert Hofstede’s four-dimensional models identifying countries characteristics,” reveal some surprising observations made by last century IBM executive. "Culture is more often a source of conflict than of synergy. Cultural differences are a nuisance at best and often a disaster." - Dr. Geert Hofstede

The cultures of nations of the world are identified by 5 indexes. According to detailed interviews of the world citizenry, Dr. Hofstede’s rating metrics have become the “landmark” of this type of research. (Geert Hofstede™)

· Power Distance Index (PDI)
· Individualism (IDV)
· Masculinity (MAS)
· Uncertainty Avoidance Index (UAI)
· Long-Term Orientation (LTO)

Managing Diversity

If PMCo is launching products in foreign markets, management will apply the kind of measuring done by predecessor Hofstede and others. “One of the most important factors is research,” said Michael McLaren. (Kate Maddox; May 8, 2006) Research is developed in tiered survey and by interview of those already in places.
Information will help smaller firms to:
  • Identify similarities and differences between host countries, and the rest of the world
  • Identify key variables needed to address local agencies
  • Third challenge is in hiring, because qualified talent is scarce
  • And, retaining the hard to obtain employees.
Take the following list of diversity management parameters with you as you glance through the trade and business magazines of 2005-6.
· Is it Voluntary
· Focused on Productivity, efficiency and quality
· Includes all elements of diversity
· Emphasizes changing systems and operations
· Offers a perception of equity
· Is long term and ongoing
· Is grounded in individuality
· Requires a total secure network
(Dessler, Gary; 2005, Pp. 58-65)

One is diverted to value added resellers who have one major mindset: The majority of their value-added expenditures 2007 will revolve around Internet Technology, IT. That is a response to “customer driven markets that cannot be ignored.” Not surprisingly, it turns out the number one expenditure makes the web networks, and wireless voice activation more secure, and less prone to pilferage.
“Chinese companies will spend an average 48% of their IT budgets this year on computer hardware and networking equipment, 19% on IT staff, 17% on software licenses/ fees, and 13% on IT services. ...according to a March report by Forrester research ...and 54% of Chinese companies will increase their IT budgets in 2006.” (Kate Maddox in May 8, 2006)

E-Week, Retailer, Continuity, the Economist, and many others like B2B magazines are projecting major upgrades in 2006-8 in voice over activation computer aided technology. This is because the need for safe worldwide network environment is plausible today, and basically the latest breaking major expenditure development in globalization.

How important is Diversity Management?

The entire diversity management effort might be summarized by what I have often thought about. The United States is just north of Mexico, and separated by a border from past empire building European countries. Spain tapped into the cultures of the enormous American continents first. They gleaned gold and silver, in the billions of dollars, and put livestock on the land.

After Columbus discovered it, the Spaniards claimed the whole semi-hemisphere of continents. At that particular moment in cartography, the playing field was totally level, undivided and unburdened. The entire continental system from pole to pole has diverse landforms rich in resources, and grandeur. There is no hierarchy in the land except the pre-existing Aztecs who are wiped out by Spaniards. Any person at this point can become whatever he or she wants. Even prisoners were released on the continents. And so on.

What is the overwhelming difference between the two countries of Mexico and the USA? Whatever happened for these two countries to end up so dissimilar? Same land, same resource and riches, same people.

Simply the dissimilar “types of management” of the now divided countries, is the only real difference. This telltale comparison, though over-simplified, clarifies the absolute importance of beginning any new cross-cultural venture with wise and fully resolute, well trained management in place.

The implication for PMCo to gain long term continuous growth in diverse cultures is it must provide value to its target communities, and nurture those budding prospects for the next five years, not five months.


Beneath the glistening waters of globalization three hundred feet down, unfamiliar partnerships are being made. Fewer vessels are sinking in 2006 because the developing foreign markets are finally delivering better measures to ensure ROI, return on investment, in spite globalization risk.

Accordingly, fewer sinking vessels are hitting the barrier reefs because the huge global MNC’s need the services and products of the smaller agencies and associate PMCo sized firms can provide.

The best managerial style for the VP and top management of the global team is “hands on.” The higher the quality and better personal time spent with team members, the higher is the quality, efficiency and balance sheets of productivity.

Within the cultural constraints measured carefully in researches done before hand at PMCo, management will be ready to recruit and promote within the hosts’ countries.

In business IT management, the stakeholders have realized the networks and web, if secured, is the fastest highway into and out of cultural boundaries. Countries can most all agree on the expenditure for a safe and efficient information highway.

Simply, the dissimilar “types of management” of the now divided countries is the only real difference, separating the “well managed diversities,” and the “poorly managed diversities” of countries’ cultures and resources.

References / Notes / Persistent Links
Dessler, Gary; 2005, Human resource Management, tenth edition, Pearson/ Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ

Carlos Linnaeus, an 18th Century Swedish scientist, developed a system called binomial. ...Nomenclature, which means a “two name system.” The two names getting the global view: Nestle, led by Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, climbs to the #1 spot in this year's Best Companies for Leaders
Maddox, Kate; May 8, 2006, Agencies chase China boom, government relaxes ownership rules, page 1, BtoB the magazine for marketing strategists, Crain communications, Detroit, MI

Geert Hofstede™ is a trademark of Geert Hofstede BV, Velp, Netherlands, © 1967-2003, All portions of this Website are copyrighted by one of the following: Geert Hofstede - ITIM - The Sigma Two Group - all rights reserved ,

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Friday, August 03, 2007

Get your Eyes Naked, Mars is close: not as close as in 2003, but...

A Grand Time to Observe Mars
The 2007-2008 apparition of Mars will be one of the most favorable of the twenty first century for two reasons: Mars will be close to Earth, and. it will be above the celestial equator in our sky.
While the orbit of Earth around the Sun is very nearly circular, the orbit of Mars is not. During opposition, when the Earth and Mars lie in line with the Sun, the distance between the two planets may vary considerably from year to year depending on Mars' position in its orbit. If Mars comes to opposition when it is farthest from the Sun (at aphelion), then it will lie 61 million miles from Earth. But, if Mars reaches opposition when it is closest to the Sun (at perihelion), it will lie only 34.6 million miles from Earth. Perihelic oppositions occur every fifteen to seventeen years; the last two were in 2001 and 2003. In December of this year Mars will be six months past Perihelion and will be considered an Aphelic apparition.

Figure 1. Graphs showing the relative positions of Earth and Mars in their respective orbits around the Sun. Left: show the seasons for each planet. Right: Shows the relative posits of each planet as it relates to cardinal points in each orbit.
Because of the way Mars' orbit is located in space, the very closest oppositions occur when we see Mars against the stars of Sagittarius and Scorpius, the southernmost constellations on the ecliptic. Thus the very best oppositions occur when Mars is too far south for good viewing in the Northern Hemisphere. This is what happened in 2003: the opposition was closest it had been in nearly 60,000 years, but Mars was low in the sky in the Northern Hemisphere. In 2007 Mars will reach opposition in the constellation Taurus just 26.5 degrees north of the celestial equator. For northern observers, Mars will be 11 degrees higher in the sky than it was for the 2005 opposition. Because the light from Mars will reach us via a shorter path through Earth's atmosphere, we will have a better, sharper view of the planet.

Focus and Cogitate: Mars Spectacular was in 2003
Mars viewing for 2007 has begun, but the red planet doesn't rise before midnight and is best seen in the hours just before morning twilight.
Here's some 2007 viewing information about the 2007 -2008 apparition of Mars.
Don't believe the Mars in August hoax! There is a message which has been floating around the internet for years about the amazingly close opposition of Mars, but the email omits the year, which was 2003. This year the text of the hoax email has changed to say Mars will look as big as the moon during the August 28th Eclipse. If you don't believe me, then wait up to see the eclipse in the wee hours of August 28th and see tiny Mars nearby. For more information on the Mars in August hoax, see the hoax page. If you receive the email (which maybe is why you are here), just send this link to the person who sent you the hoax. Maybe they'll send it on to everyone on their email lists. Otherwise we can all look forward to receiving the Mars in August email again every August!
This Hubble image depicts Mars in its orbit around the sun, showing the apparent relative size of the red planet. There is another great size comparison image on this page. As soon as these are updated for 2007, I'll update my links here. This year's close encounter will compare in distance to the 1999 Opposition. Mars will be 54 million miles from Earth at opposition on December 19th, 2007 and will appear as a 16 arc second diameter disk. Look on the Hubble images and see the 1999 size of Mars as compared to the 2001, 2005 planet size and distance.

Hoax or No: Mars is a Cool puzzle to think about...

Picture of Earth looking from Mars: Earth as seen from Mars by the Global Surveyor/ Credit: NASA/JPL/MSSS

"Keep your eyes pealed, hold onto your teeth, it gets closer to home:"

In the year 2003, Mars was closer to Earth than any previous time in recorded human history. On August 27, 2003, Earth and Mars were a short 34,647,658 miles (55,760,000 kilometers) apart.

The two planets had not been that close in some 60,000 years. It was great news for astronomers because the Red Planet appeared unusually large in diameter. That made it relatively easy to resolve features on the martian surface with a large telescope.

In fact, Mars appeared very bright and its red-orange color was quite conspicuous. One frustration for astronomers, however, was a huge dust storm that happened to be raging over a third of Mars' surface, obscuring some features.


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Locale: Foggia, Italia

Photos by P. Darnell July 2007: Nikkormat 50 mm / Kodak 35_200 & Fuji film 35_200

Third Install of Foggia-ville and Me

Busty women hang their day's wash on wires stretched just outside window sills. The sills are monolith stones, white washed and continually peeling. They show worn because women rub their torsos on them as they stretch and pin garments. Everything is made of stone, brick and mortar. The city is devoid of dry-rotting wood. Their apartment is like a geode. When you slice open the rough round exterior, inside is a diamond cache surrounded by thick stone.

The standi panni dances in the breeze outside to tell all others that the house is in daily order. Holy Ghosts might dance in the day on the stone sill, gleefully around the fringe separating from the old towels, and conspicuous undergarments; Standards waving ciao and auguri to saints and sinners passing underneath; last goodbye to husbands going to work first of two shifts.

Someone sprayed "DayGo" on the bulkhead wall last night, in the alley. Others have spent hours painting a tribute to technology; shows a monster eating cell phones and CPU's. Huh?

And the beggars at intersections look pretty well-dressed. "Niente per tu," I learn to say to Gypsy's outstretched hand.

Word Jazz Foggian style starts when we are in our nephews' Fiat, Fiesta, or Opel. Only Foggian's drive here, and breathe Foggian epithets at Chinese and Moroccan drivers. Only Foggians are the masters of drift, pause and nose prerequisites of intersections-- where red lights are ignored, along with stop signs and flashing yellows. Smart Cars zip in and out almost as easily as Vespas, but there is obviously no room for Impala, GTO or T-birds. These US icons would be stuck at intersections, clipped by Peugeot, Alfa and Fiat.

In all locations of Foggia where I find myself, I meditate a lot. Even as my nephews drive I am in an alter state of conscience. Much thought is centered on colors, shapes and horizons. Each new panorama begins with a backdrop of yonder reckoned hues, not unknown to subconscious thought. Could I be more abstruse?

I painted while I was there. A nephew drove me to an art store, I found reasonably priced stretched linens and excellent acrylics, to make some storybook impressions for my in-laws. They loved it. Little ones sat beside me and watched and became enamored. What a joy to be able to share this triumph. On the flight home I still saw brush strokes and palettes in my head when I closed my eyes. How others cannot see the pattern and colors of Foggia-ville, well it is not for me to speak, but to paint and photograph.

Later might be more >>pd

Jewels of the Comal


love story:
spring water
dark waters streaming
broiling by
atop frigid

deep current

'neath temple of rock
holding each other\
watching others play
in water streams

shiver of love
fresh water spills
over your legs
ripples past our embrace

hosting our wake
over our waking
and sleeping
of snogging
>>pd July 31 2007

Comal River Conditions
Current River Flow is 8 Million GPH (Gallons Per Hour)
The Comal River may be the shortest river in the world, check it out in the Guinness Book of World Records. Just under 3 miles in length, the river begins and ends near downtown New Braunfels. The source of the Comal River begins from Comal Springs, which consists of many small springs located in and around Landa Park and Landa Lake. The springs form the Comal River, which eventually joins the Guadalupe River in the heart of downtown New Braunfels. The Comal River is popular for tubing and swimming. The Comal River features one of the largest collections of springs in Texas with an approximate 8 million gallons of water consistently flo

wing out of the springs every hour. The water is pure and sparkling clear and maintains a relatively constant temperature of about 72 degrees all year. Many local residents swim

in the Comal River year round. Comal Trivia

Spanish explorers 'discovered' Comal Springs in 1691 and found many Indian tribes living there, who referred to it as Conaqueyadesta meaning 'where the river has its source'. In an excerpt from his diary, Espinosa, who accompanied Domingo Ramon's expedition in 1716, described it this way: "Groves of inexpressible beauty are found in this vicinity. The waters of the Guadalupe are clear, crystal and so abundant that it seemed almost incredible to us that its source arose so near. It makes a delightful grove for recreation."

Comal is the Spanish word for basin, which somewhat describes the local geography. The springs were later visited in 1764 by French explorer St. Denis, and eventually became a stop on the El Camino Real.

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