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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It'a Official: Moopigwisdom.blogspot SUCKS !!!

Like Boh'd the Hemian...

One super esteemed Correspondent has left a note for this blog-site:

Who needs medicine ? I would much rather have healthy rants every once in a while. You!!!? You need to
build a @#(%&$#^ Deck, man, and a watchtower in the front yard so you can see me coming. And why not
put some @%$*^ Grapevines in that yard too; so Luigi can bless you with clusters of juicy heavenly love?

Man, can you hear a word I'm saying?! I'm on a Six-Day War against the realm of acronyms and urls.
I'm hurlin' urls and twirling purls and swirlin' in a world without girls. I've Beat the Nick and Boh'd the
Hemians, I'm taking my rage to Greenwich Station. Man, I mean oh MAN.

I am dumping on you and your ears are back like a great dane who don't want to hurt the silly Chihuahua.
I'll be done yapping in a minute, no I'm not drunk, I jes' can't swaller this cybershit sandwich anymore.
I should be writing this letter on paper with ink -but look, I can't because I would rather place my hands on
the black oracle of communications and stare into the eyeball-sucking screen. done

thank you Mr. Compostholestoy!!!!
We all need feed back and when strong passion guides life,
it becomes our true North, no?
And Compostholestoy needs a hug, a Polaris hug.

[...Hey Syd, can we email a polaris hug to Grand Rapids?]

It Just Keeps on Writing Itself...

MooPig stumbles into many arroyo's in its quest for grazes. Today's stumble is a dooozy. If we could have do-overs, would we have been more keen with our music lessons, and FYOGLS? Fake Your Own Gay Life Style, to become a Sir and a gaybillionzaire with a canoodle here and a cooodle there?

Good questions, few answers. Well this blogger, Wykskida, is on top of a little known fact: ELTON JOHN IS HILLARY'S REVEREND WRIGHT !!!

"Seriously, I realize that Sir Elton isn’t Hillary’s spiritual advisor, and that he didn’t marry Hil & Bill (though as a legally married gay he may just try to. It is a slippery slope …) but are the anti-religious rantings of one candidates’ $2500/head fundraiser any worse than the anti-American ravings of another one’s pastor?" (Ben Wyskida is a writer, activist, conscientious hedonist and political communications strategist living in Brooklyn.)
"I kind of hate Elton John, mostly because whenever someone important dies (Ryan White, Princess Diana) he just replaces Norma Jean with their name in Candle in the Wind instead of writing something new and then sings it at the funeral and I think that’s tacky.

"But today the evidence is mounting that Elton John may be something worse than tacky: He may just emerge as Hillary Clinton’s Reverend Wright, an anti-Christian 9-11 denier bringing down her depressing, optimism-crushing insurgent campaign on the eve of Pennsylvania’s primary.

"John is doing a fundraiser for Clinton next month. And slowly, America is asking tough questions: Does John, seen here canoodling with a certain 9-11 denying freedom French actress after the oscars, believe that 9-11 was a hoax, or for that matter that man never walked on the moon?

[Actress Marion Cotillard sparked a political row yesterday after accusing America of fabricating the 9/11 attacks.] (PETER ALLEN -3/Mar)

"Does Hillary agree that we should ban all organized religions, and concur with Elton’s assessment that organized religion (that’s you, Unitarians!) caused the attacks?

"Sir Elton John has said he would like to see all organised religion banned and accused it of trying to "turn hatred towards gay people".
Organised religion lacked compassion and turned people into "hateful lemmings", he told the Observer. But the musician said he loved the idea of the teachings of Jesus Christ and the beautiful stories about it which he had learned at Sunday school. And he said there were many gays he knew who loved their religion.
"Will she reject? Will she denounce? "Will she reject AND denounce? Or will she ignore and tolerate his bloodlust for freedom and sway awkwardly to Crocodile Rock, then join him onstage for a primary-pandering extraordinary rendition of Philadelphia Freedom ?In a PERSONAL email to me (It said “Dear Ben…”) Elton said that “there is nothing I like better than throwing a party for a good friend.” "Uhm, except, perhaps, denying 9-11, hating on r....

[...] see the rest here: Hillary's Reverend Wright ?

If Elton John is a Gay, doesn't that make him an incompetent Sir? We'll just have to wait it out.

Ah, yes, Lest [We] Forget.... Reverend Wright.... errr who?

No, No, No, nononono,, this is about Barry Bonds--

Barry Bonds Likely Done For
Good [File this one under Gerontology Bowback]

It's still hard to fathom how Barry Bonds remains jobless. Looking purely at his stats, here's a guy that OBP'd [On-Base Percentage'd] .480 last year. He got on base half the time he walked up to the plate. Most teams would kill for that. But as Tom Verducci points out today, once the Blue Jays decided not to pursue Bonds, the curtain has likely been drawn on the man.

"Now here's the bad news for Bonds: The Toronto Blue Jays, the very definition of that best-case scenario for him, want absolutely nothing to do with Bonds. [ ... ]

"The risks? The possibilities that he poisons the clubhouse, challenges the manager's authority (think he's going to listen to John Gibbons, such as if he asks him to stretch with the team?), demands special treatment, brings media and legal distractions, breaks down physically, turns 43 in July at a time when stars of the Steroid Era are falling off career cliffs, and generally harms whatever team culture an organization has established. As Jays president Paul Godfrey told a Toronto radio station, 680 News, back in March when Jays officials ruled out Bonds after, oh, five minutes of thought, 'We all agreed unanimously that Barry Bonds would be a major distraction to the team.'"
Ah yes, lest I forget, Bonds is more than just stats. He's viewed as trouble, a cancer, an aging, over-priced former superstar who despite what he would be worth at the plate, just isn't worth the risk involved....

Nice Guy Mr. Bonds: heard walking away murmuring this epithet --
"...Aye mr west we so outta here baby...

"...And me im mr weezy baby...yea im so bright not shady, my teeth and my ice so white like shady, ice in my teeth so refridgerated, im so **** in good like im sleepin with megan, im all about my franklins.. lincons and regans
Whenever they make them..i shal hayve them, oops I meant have them, im so crazy, but if u play crazy you'll be sleepin with dasiys, its such a habeet, oops I meant habit, and my drink still pinker than the easter rabbit, and im still cole(cold) like keshias family, stole on my waist turn beef to patties, and I ate it cuz im so at it, and I dont front, and I dont go backwards, and I dont practice, and I dont lack it, and u can get buried **** my..."

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Guitar may be Mightier than the Pen is !!

Guitarists reminisce on early days

[Retrieved today at: ]
By Dave Abner / Copyright © 2006 The Branson Daily News. All Rights Reserved.

BDN Staff Writer (Note: The following is the first in a three-part series of stories.)

There’s a cliché about the Branson music scene: You can’t throw a rock 30 yards in Branson without hitting 12 guitar players.

Maybe there’s some truth in the statement.

Music meccas like Branson, Nashville, Las Vegas, New York and Los Angeles always attract musicians.

Lots of them.

And there are always a lot of guitarists in the mix.

How many? Nobody knows.

Some figures – likely largely underestimated – state that 15 million guitarists dot the globe.

But with hard numbers tough to come by – and some sales figures showing several million new electric guitars sold each year in the U.S. alone, many of those low-end models sold to novice players – the number is quite likely much higher.

Maybe the important question is not “how many,” but rather “why so many?”

Some simple answers.

Guitars are relatively small. You can pack one in a small car for a trip to the park or to take on a picnic.

They can be relatively inexpensive, with a number of decent models hanging off music store shelves for a couple hundred dollars a pop.

But, beyond the expected answers, why do so many musicians choose guitar over harmonica, trombone, piano, drums, tuba?

The answers are as varied as the musicians who offer them.


Larry Holiday plays guitar and sings for “Take it to the Limit,” an Eagles tribute show at RFD TV The Theatre in town.

Holiday’s almost half-century guitar odyssey began in a dream.

He said, “I had a dream when I was five years old I wanted to be a guitar player.”

When he was eight, Holiday inherited his father’s Stella guitar.

“My brother had dropped it down a flight of steps and it was a bit bashed up,” Holiday said.

Jack Pribek has earned a living playing guitar all over America. He landed some years back in southwest Missouri and served as business manager, bandleader and guitarist for Bill Dees. Dees gained notoriety in part for penning a number of hits with rock legend Roy Orbison, including the Orbison-Dees classic, “Oh, Pretty Woman.”

"Someone’s got it in for me, they’re planting stories in the press," (Posted on 29 Apr 2008 at 11:31 am Under: Guitar, Media, Music) ...And, I know who it is too; musician/journalist Dave Abner. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I did an interview for a guitar story with the Branson Daily News. It’s going to be a three part deal and the first part hit the streets this morning. Part 1 can be found here.

Pribek got his first guitar at 14.

His parents weren’t thrilled by the idea.

Pribek said, “They wanted me to study a legit instrument... but said they would pay for the lessons if I saved up for a guitar.”

With a classically-trained pianist for a mother, Pribek’s parents insisted he learned to read music – a skill not held by all working musicians.

Holiday had a similar story.

“My dad made a deal with me. He said he would buy me an electric guitar and amp(lifier) if I would join band in school and play a horn.”

Holiday said he took up trombone. “The (teacher) goes, ‘You’re going to be a trombone player,’” Holiday said.

And Holiday was on the road to guitar ownership.

“(My dad) went to Montgomery Ward’s and bought me a Tesco Del Ray (guitar) and a matching amp.

“He got all of that for like eighty-nine bucks.”

Holiday’s first guitar lessons came in the form of what he heard coming out of a transistor radio during his formative years growing up in Indiana.

Raised near Chicago, Holiday said he went to sleep each night “with a transistor radio under my pillow.”

It’s where he learned about rock and pop, on radio station WLS out of Chicago, or what he heard on a late-night blues-soul broadcast on a station “out of Gary or Calumet City.

“I got pop music from WLS, and blues and soul from this other station.”

Pribek remembers an old Johnny Carson broadcast.

“I was about eight or nine and I remember seeing B.B. King on ‘The Tonight Show.’ He was making his guitar sing like a voice.

“Something about that grabbed me.”

Holiday remembers Elvis films that caught his eye years ago.

He said, “When I was a kid, I remember watching Elvis movies.

“He played guitar and it seemed like he was getting a lot of chicks.”

Pribek’s first gig – a real playing job, for money – is different than the $5-a-night tale told by many of today’s Branson musicians when recounting “first gig” stories.

In his early teens, Pribek and his young bandmates rented a community hall and hosted a Valentine’s Day dance.

They charged an admission and “made like four or five hundred dollars,” Pribek said.

Thus are guitar players – and concert promoters – born.

(Coming in Part Two: Becoming a professional guitar slinger.)

MooPig's Gum Shoe Department: Some one stoled this post !!

NOTICE: this post was attacked by Taliban sympathizers who took away our spreadsheet and pictures...

"It was a Taliban dating poster, sent to us on consignment!" explains the Gumshoe Editor," has anyone seen it?"

hhh... but now we are secretly selling them through the Sugar Shack in Dallas: (See Ernie.)]

MooPIg is very sorry for the delay in transmission. We will resume this s
ubscription as soon as we recover our "Taliban Dating Consignment Service Spreadsheet Poster:"

I've got the hots for the one on the bottom left!!! (Gone missing via zia Mageea- looks like this)

Next Three Words: "We ain't kidding..."

At this point in Blog-diddling, I really should concentrate on MooPig's Core Competency; I fear the worst, though, that it may be rotten to the corps.

That reminds me of a joke, about someone's sister, that I will spare the reader from, but in a distant rumble of thunder I hear the return of the Comanches. Yes, the gulf coast salt grass wandering, murdering, cannibals, Comanches. That still is not how this entry should begin.

Rather sad too, MooPig has lost its turn to shine due to some monkeys. As it linked and touted dreaded reads on some other's waffling blogs, only to look up and find it is 11:30 AM already.

Look at it this way! "That is the pattern of wonder lust that is waking up America; I say it is the thing that is possibly going to wake up dissed America!"

Americans, when you gonna wake Up! [Dylan]? It turns out Americans are dismally uninformed. Without some form of happenstance media form, free enterprise news, street-o-philes, America will turn into a fascist wafer. Many have posted their last nerve in the blogosphere on the subject, but still not enough. Ten Million have sacrificed their Carpals, just so hundreds of millions can get informed!

Blogoshpere! This is the planet that needs seeding. This is the firmament in need of watering. Get out of the plate and onto the fork. Dare to be eaten up.... I know what you might be thinking.

Eh!! Another blogger doop!

And? Yeah, I'm MooPig, and I'm Eat-up with a lot of dumb-asses, but if you do not get a perspective on socialistic organized media, you are not even edible. Prepare to be cannibalized, America. Your federal dollars just paid the bill for Saudis to hire our president for eight years as a hit man.

Challenge: The next three words out of your mouth is the title of your new FREE Blog.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Nello and Orso weigh in on Penguins: UPDATE !!

From high in the Appenine Mts. Nello and Orso would like to suggest that penguins are neither fowl nor fish, but only very well-dressed pigs trying to make it in the big city. It seems to be working for them since no one has ever heard of penguin-prosciutto. Donald Trumpt is actually a penguin (pssst - I mean "pig" !! See it's working for them)
Nello and Orso, Up in der

Fresh Penguin Meat---;

Horror of Reality if anyone were to really Think about it !!!!!
So, who is this? The Golden Compost? Son of Fleece?
What you thinking..? ...that you gonna start international business with Texas, and ... where you from... Puglia...? There's lots of paper to fill out, you know.

All right, but you can't blow the sheep brains out of their skulls with compressed air.

Lookin' forward to doing some bidness... funny or otherwise. Yeah, Donald Trumpt is a quacker, male chavez-ness piglet, in a tuxedo.

Concerning your concerns about Penguin-prosciutto: I refer you to this blogger:
Horror show face-off

Popeye, 6/27/07

So it’s been seven months and two plotlines since I’ve deigned to comment on Popeye’s spinach- and/or mescaline-fueled antics. If you’re not following along at home, I’m not going to give you any context for this, because it’s just all the more delightful as a surreal and horrifying standalone vignette. Olive Oyl laughing so hard that her jaw nearly unhinges as she presses the barrel of the gun to her temple, her breast-sporting doppelgänger laughingly urging her to blow her brains out as she slams her bracelets together with a hearty CLANK!, Wimpy ignoring the horrifying drama to demand more food — WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT IN A COMIC? In three panels, Popeye has managed to be more unsettling that the last 18 months of Zippy the Pinhead.

MooPig will gladly pay you Thursday for a Penguin-prosciutto gyro on Tuesday. Those are our Terms.

Also, We very much hope you will not be trying to cross breed too many bird-foul-human-mammals:

By The Way, btw,
Rocky, the 7-foot, 700-pound grizzly bear that wrestled with Will Ferrell in Semi Pro, killed his trainer Tuesday, ABC News and the AP report. Stephan Miller, 39, was bitten on the neck while working with Rocky alongside two other trainers in Los Angeles and died before help arrived... [click here for the blogger story, and tubeyou] Rocky, the bear from 'Semi Pro,' kills trainer

Thanks, Compostholestoy, for opening all these doors:
We look forward to some prototype Orso Burgers soon from you via Ostrich-mail. The contract is in the mail.
MooPig da' furst

Penguins could be the Sunday roast of choice if a plan to use the world penguin surplus goes ahead, Goliath Food Chiefs announced yesterday. Penguins, long considered to be inedible by even the most hardiest of sailors, have recently been discovered to taste a lot like veal, if cooked for long enough. [looks like chicken, tastes like veal]

Badasstronomy: Lovebird Galaxies do not escape the Peeping Hubble

Who's your Galaxy?

The two spiral galaxies started to fuse together a few hundred million years ago making the Antenna galaxies the nearest and youngest example of a pair of colliding galaxies. Nearly half of the faint objects in the Antennae are young clusters containing tens of thousands of stars. The orange blobs to the left and right of image centre are the two cores of the original galaxies and consist mainly of old stars criss-crossed by filaments of dark brown dust. The two galaxies are dotted with brilliant blue star-forming regions surrounded by glowing hydrogen gas, appearing in the image in pink.

So in vestal honor of all the sporting events, weddings, galaxies mixing it up, hullabaloos, chess matches, I treat you to a remembrance of the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Club "Supersonic..." as I was and still am a Trinity All Blacks Rugby Alum. God bless full body contact turf sports which are very much like galaxies colliding!!!!

MooPenguin Papers: Desiree is Crazy for Penguins

Coming Soon To a Blog Near You !!!

WholeEarth Catch Phrases, Watchwords, Slogans
MooPig wants to know these unlikely correlations and many other things that cross their minds on a regular weekend of laying on a couch... "It pertains to our ever widening observations of philosophy on the streets -- that professor Kelleher elucidated in 1998 -- Candle Wax Effect of social welfare, so we do not assume everyone has an agenda -- techno barbaric-ism !! For instance:
Blogger Huggers

Interloping Webels W/O a CauseWay: Perfection meets total Destruction

Cinema speak:
  • "Stay with me..."
  • "What is the worst case scenario?"
  • "A Must See !!"
  • "Gimme the Key !!"
  • "I'm an Actor !!"
  • "In Harm's Way !!"
  • "The best Thespians are the ones who dress like young women."
Global Strip Centers: No Handicap Parking Available

Way Out'ta Your League: Casino Royale [there is no system for Roulette]

Enjoy Your Stay, but Don't Eat the Cat: Part II []

Who's Your God-- Daddy?

Rude & Cowardly Enterprise Integration

REality Expletives Deleted

Yantra's To Go: BOGO

BligZards: the Chameleon Review

Faux-Arts School: Teen NetWorkings

I Don't Know How to Thank you... Thank God, not me, He wants us to survive
[The Pianist]

Pianist Review: That's the Relic we Need !!
  • "The Historical Imperative is at work; so look on the Bright Side !!" [The Pianist]
SlamPoon: Swank Moogazine
  • "What's all those years of wankering about, mean, anyway?"
Origins of Wickki -- Jewish Scribe? Rabbi? Contrived Anarchy Menorah?
  • No Flame
  • External Heat
  • Wax Melts
  • Leaves Wick Behind
  • Wickkedly Wickki !!
Techno Barbaric: Cut/Paste Gone Wilde

Duke Ellington Statue in Central Park, Harlem side----------------------}

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Blogger Adopt a Celebrity Program

The next two miles of Amy Winehouse is adopted by MooPig Wisdom Blogspot, blogger celebrity adoption program.

Don't Mess with Texas; and don't Mess with Amy!!

Manjiare !!! Chefs are Fleeing their Kitchens

MooPig's New "TV Chef" Department: Who'sa your Go-Daddy? -- first and last article on this subject.

Actress and model Padma Lakshmi, for one, has gone from guest-starring on "Star Trek: Enterprise" to hosting the popular reality show "Top Chef," where she muses about plating alongside
{--------------Tom Colicchio,
of People magazine's "Sexiest Men Alive" for 2007.

The [other] NRA, National Restaurant Association projects that restaurant sales will reach $558 billion in 2008, a 47% increase over 2000, and the Food Network, the culinary world's premier stage, has seen its subscribers more than double in that time.
Babe Ruth-----------------}

{----Rachael Ray (l)
As the financial stakes get ever higher, chefs are fleeing their kitchens in search of a bigger piece of the pie. Rachael Ray, the Babe Ruth of celebrity chefs, has ridden her culinary fame to a daytime talk show and her own magazine.

"There's absolutely no reason to buy my cookbook."
You say you love Bobby Flay's food and want to try to make it at home? Before you spend $35 on his Mesa Grill Cookbook, check out 's recipe database, where among the 36,000-plus recipes you can browse, a quick search will net you 1,914 of the master chef's recipes -- or 1,764 more than Mesa Grill contains -- and it won't cost you a penny.
Bobby Flay----------}

My God, man, how many recipes do you need !!!!!
Indeed, free recipe-sharing sites like, which offers 271,000 recipes, and, which holds more than 40,000, also threaten to make your favorite chef's cookbook virtually obsolete. But so far the vast storehouse of free recipes available on the web hasn't dented cookbook sales; in fact those authored by celebrity chefs have driven overall cookbook sales to $540 million in 2007, a 4% increase from 2006.

Rachael Ray (l) will be the first to say she's never run a kitchen -- "It's not necessary that there are professional chefs on the Food Network," says Anthony Bourdain, "Kitchen Confidential" author and a celebrity chef in his own right. "But what they really need are good cooks, and they have precious few of those." A Food Network spokesperson says the idea is "to represent many different perspectives on food."
{--------- Anthony Bourdain


Spokes persons -----------}


Today. Retrieved entirely from: By Jason Kephart; 10 Things Celebrity Chefs Won't Tell You Filed Under: Money Specials

"What's in your Salad?" asks miBwana Dik.
"Hmm.. smell like essence of ass," replies moBwana Duk.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


  1. randomize
  2. Fleisher
  3. Quakeress
  4. optical
  5. momentarily
  6. drought's
  7. spiritualise
  8. devolution
  9. homemade
  10. blazer
  11. netting
  12. chilly
  13. lustrates
  14. landfall
  15. caucusing
  16. amoristics
  17. filename's
  18. applaud
  19. apprenticed
  20. belonged
  21. Sikh's
  22. shovelling
  23. agreeability
  24. metaled
  25. anthropomorphise
  26. sordidly
  27. regurgitates
  28. cottontail
  29. noises
  30. digestibility
  31. penetrates
  32. severalty
  33. subscripts
  34. harpy's
  35. redwoods
  36. levigates
  37. Afghan
  38. unhesitatingly
  39. bashful
  40. precentorship
  41. etherized
  42. knobs
  43. inapparent
  44. harmony
  45. mascaras
  46. cytostatic
  47. houses
  48. overlords
  49. economizations
  50. baseball's
  51. protocol
  52. cabling
  53. office
  54. whir
  55. cribbing
  56. inexorableness
  57. untrue
  58. olfactometers
  59. altars
  60. incommunicado
  61. plowboy
  62. editable
  63. historian
  64. unlace
  65. limonene
  66. escapologist
  67. precessional
  68. Oklahoman's
  69. waterflood
  70. parfocalization
  71. permeative
  72. peritrichously
  73. unphilosophizes
  74. calculable
  75. Harley
  76. shutter
  77. authorise
  78. curvaceously
  79. trephined
  80. enthronement
  81. geographic
  82. soffit
  83. wealthiness
  84. submachine
  85. interiorly
  86. cajoling
  87. flexibilities
  88. Sammy
  89. photomicrograph
  90. forebrain
  91. foxholes
  92. altitudes
  93. sequester
  94. rickeys
  95. disauthorizes
  96. longed
  97. gynecologics
  98. evangelised
  99. Faustus
  100. anarchy
  101. basted
  102. pertain
  103. noses
  104. plums
  105. hermeticism
  106. twister
  107. illnesses
  108. centralised
  109. luring
  110. cherrylike
  111. honourers
  112. grandkids
  113. headlessness
  114. franchisee
  115. exsertion
  116. cathect
  117. ingenuous
  118. brotherhood
  119. Orin
  120. Wolcott
  121. tractional
  122. servation
  123. technic
  124. bifurcated
  125. sabra
  126. malign
  127. reoffense
  128. fantasticalness
  129. pencil
  130. rootlet
  131. adhere
  132. pyrogenicity
  133. revolutionisers
  134. geomagnetically
  135. quotation
  136. delocalise
  137. whizzes
  138. drownings
  139. certiorari
  140. snowed
  141. bookmark
  142. ghosts
  143. brighteners
  144. bimestrial
  145. arger
  146. uniaxially
  147. boomer
  148. literariness
  149. eigenvalue's
  150. clownishly
  151. extemporised
  152. repolymerization
  153. gloms
  154. piezometre
  155. loiter
  156. Loveland
  157. condensational
  158. razed
  159. paulownia
  160. mesomorph
  161. mazourkas
  162. chapels
  163. sententially
  164. murmurs
  165. unifiers
  166. rigidness
  167. derogative
  168. serrated
  169. awesomely
  170. iodisers

Friday, April 25, 2008

UPDATED: MooPig Gets FAced: Look Ponce SkwayzeWalker, der furst

Patrick is... Luke Skywalker
Total ponce...
[sound gay fag poser faggot chav chavs cunt indie loser nonce paedophile pansy pimp poof pussy queer skinny jeans wuss ...]
.... and jobs-worth do-gooder. He's not all annoying though, somehow he manages to rescue a bit of cool by being pretty damn hard in a bit of a wimpy way.

Yes, it is official. Patrick aka MooPig took a test on faceBook, challenged by his errant mid-twentyish aged children...

"I always suspected this about myself. Is it a syndrome I should be worried about?" comments Patrick.

Well, we ask you the reader to make a judgment. Go ahead -- its roasting the big Pig day!!
-- and --
More quizzes:
Do people secretly hate you?
Are you a mean girl?
what college best suits your personality?
What Greek God are you
Are You A Blonde Or A Brunette?
What rapper Are you?
How Much Do You Love Him/Her???
See More Quizzes

PONCE: urban(e) dictionary : "Hey at least I'm not a HomoPhobe!!!!"

1. An individual who attempts to fake having intelligence, class, or culture.

I knew he was a bit of a ponce, but what's with the monocle?

2. Widely used to reffer to a poser,camp or soft looking person- the type of person who looks like they would get beaten up by a girl

"Jimmy cried during titanic-hes such a ponce"
"Pato i cant believe your wearing make up,you ponce!"

3. a person who hangs around other poeple scoialy and never pays his way ie gets people to buy him drinks food etc but never returns the favour.

thats the 5th pint ive bought that cunt Dave hes such a ponce.

a pedantic idiot

you ponce!

5. A fuckin private school boy goin to an all boy school, usually a border, who thinks hes so top shit and never takes of his boater (fancy straw hat thing) and always wears his tie and blazer and top button done up even when its like 40degrees C. Strutts around as if the fuckin class system was still in place and refers to others of lower financial standing as 'plebs' or 'peasants'. Usually lives in some fancy-pants suburb like valcluse or mosman and goes to riverveiw, shore or cranbrook. Should all be killed with a sharp stick.

"Dude dyou see that Cranbrook boy?...hes such a ponce...i mean for gods sakes its saturday, he could at least take of his boater!!"

6. v. ~ to abstain from work while creating the illusion of working in order to avoid reprimand; similar to the expression "leaning on his shovel"; ponce, ponced, poncing

"Since I don't want my supervisor to give me more work, I'm going to ponce by shuffling papers on my desk everytime I hear him coming down the hall."

7. Famous Ponces --

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Found this Snapshot in a folder... Son and Daughter of Guns'

God Bless the Spirit of Ruggiero

Japan has one of the "Developed World's" highest suicide rates

Ijime: A Social Illness of Japan,Bullying is a common problem in every generation and every country. In Japan, it is a fairly serious social phenomenon. Actually, the amount of ijime, which means bullying in Japanese, has been decreasing; however, the bullying is getting much more sinister than before. Five years ago, it was top news for the whole year after Kiyoteru Okochi, a 13-year-old junior high school student, committed suicide to escape from being bullied by his classmates.

He left his note that proved and clarified the fact that he was suffering from cruel bullying. He was often forced to soak his face into a dirty river, his bicycle was broken repeatedly and his classmates even demanded that he bring money to them every day. The amount of money that he gave to the bullies reached about ten thousand dollars (Fredman, 1995).

This was not the first time that students committed suicide because of bullying. But it was the first time that Japanese media gave a lot of coverage to the matter of ijime. After that, bullying became one of the most serious subjects in Japan. People wondered why his classmates had bullied him and why he was bullied. There are many possible answers, but none of the causes is simple.

Japan has one of the developed world's highest suicide rates.

At least 30,000 people have killed themselves every year since 1998, according to national statistics. Police said the teenager mixed detergent with a liquid cleanser to make hydrogen sulphide. The gas is colourless but smells like rotten eggs and is highly toxic, leading to suffocation or brain damage.

Dewey's Idea of Sympathy and the Development of the Ethical Self:
A Japanese Perspective

Naoko Saito
University of Tokyo

Introduction: The Closeness Vs. Closedness Tension of a Community

In contemporary American society, political philosophers and educators are currently discussing the importance of community and group bonds.[1] Their common, basic claim is usually that the creation and definition of the self requires a communal relationship. However, close community bonds always involve the danger of exclusiveness and parochialism, the suppression of individuality, or what I will call "closedness." An example is found in contemporary Japanese education. The development of individuality is one of the main officially stated goals of Japanese education today. However, the school-bully problem shows how difficult it is to maintain one's individuality within the close, intense bonds of a group. This example from Japan challenges American proponents of community who emphasize group cohesiveness over individuality. Is it possible to resolve the tension between the closeness and closedness of a community? How could anyone emphasize close bonds of community while valuing individuality and openness?

Fredman, Lauren. (1995, March). Bullied to death in japan (teenagers' suicides). World Press Review, 42, 25. AvailableInfoTrak SearchBank / A16812378 [Reprinted December 26,1994]

Sakamaki, Sachiko. (1996, February). Fates worse than death. Far Eastern Economic Review, 159, 38-40.

[1] Robert Putnam, "The Prosperous Community, "American Prospect (Spring 1993): 35-42; Michael J. Sandel, Liberalism and the Limits of Justice (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1982); Charles Taylor, Sources of the Self (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1990)

As Ben Franklin said:

Our Michigan Correspondent, Compostholestoy, who was supposed to be covering the Pennsylvania Primaries -- must've fallen off the Amish wagon -- has filed this report. We believe in using lengthy metaphor to spread the daily snoop, and therefore we await the final report with baited breath. Go ahead C:

Very Important Information......................

To my friends who enjoy a glass of wine... and those who don't. As Ben Franklin said "In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in
water there is bacteria." In a number of very carefully controlled trials, scientists have demonstrated that if we drink 1 liter of water each day, at the end of the year we would have absorbed more than 1 kilo of Escherichia coli, (E.coli) - bacteria found in feces. In other words, we are consuming 1 kilo of poop.
Samantha for President, 2035------------------}
However, we do NOT run that risk when drinking wine & beer (or tequila, rum, whiskey or other liquor) because alcohol has to go through a purification process of boiling, filtering and/or fermenting.


Water = Poop

Wine = Health

Therefore, it's better to drink wine and talk stupid, than to drink water and be full of shit. There is no need to thank me for this valuable information. I'm doing it as a public service. compostholestoy/Zeeland, MI

C: We were hoping you had a correlation to Hillary's pounding down the shots and getting stupid with the pissed off white guys....

Seems we lost our embedded connection with Compostholestoy. So the story rests there... but don't be discouraged readers, we never let you down!

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{----"I am just too pooped to doop," squealed Hillary

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A Fantastically Flawed Script for a Jazz Rock Opera -- "GAZA"

A Fantastically Flawed Script for a Jazz Rock Opera -- "GAZA"
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