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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Interview Before the Rapture

7-1/2 Minute Lunch-break Interviews
by MooPig da' Furst

Today we will be interviewing Mr Lorrie Tannenbaum Kincaid from Montmartre in Paris.
We hold Thursday lunch time interviews with passers-by in hopes to randomly tap into a stream of thought that interests you -- you our beloved readers. And hopefully not before the Rapture breaks up our talk. Today's Subject? Well it's Visions... 

:: Do you have visions, Mr Kincaid?
-- You are in your car driving home. Thoughts wander to the game you want to see or meal you want to eat, when suddenly a sound unlike any you've ever heard fills the air. The sound is high above you.
:: What is the Sound Mr Kincaid? A trumpet? A choir? A choir of trumpets?
--You don't know, but you want to know... So you pull over, get out of your car, and look up. As you do, you see you aren't the only curious one.
The roadside has become a parking lot. Car doors are open, and people are staring at the sky.
Shoppers are racing out of the grocery store. The Little League baseball game across the street has come to a halt. Players and parents are searching the clouds ...
:: So, it is Summer time and Baseball Season?
And what they see, and what you see, has never before been seen. As if the sky were a curtain, the drapes of the atmosphere part. A brilliant light spills onto the earth. There are no shadows. None.
:: Do you see hues, Mr Kincaid, do you? 
-- From every hue ever seen and a million more never seen. Riding on the flow is an endless fleet of angels. They pass through the curtains one myriad at a time, until they occupy every square inch of the sky.
:: Is that myriad through Time, or curtain time on Myriads.. ?

Keep up --- I am saying  "North. South. East. West."
:: You don't seem to be following my questions ... Do you see the Cherubim, Mr Kincaid, and flanks of Angels? 
-- There - the Thousands of silvery wings rise and fall in unison, and over the sound of the trumpets, you can hear the cherubim and seraphim chanting, Holy, Holy, Holy... The final flank of angels is followed by twenty-four silver-bearded elders and a multitude of souls who join the angels in worship.
Suddenly, the heavens are quiet. All is quiet.
:: You are talking very, very loud Mr Kincaid, but you said it is all quiet now, are you in this vision now?
 -- The angels turn, you turn, the entire world turns and there He is... Jesus.
-- Through waves of light you see the silhouetted figure of Christ the King. He is atop a great stallion, and the stallion is atop a billowing cloud. He opens his mouth, and you are surrounded by his declaration:
:: Is it, is it the One? 
-- "I am the Alpha and the Omega."
:: You are the Alpha and Omega? 
-- No silly, I'm Jewish --  He is Alpha-Omega ... The angels bow their heads.... The elders remove their crowns... and set them on the ground as they all kneel...
:: So Jewish Elders are kneeling; their crowns are on the ground, yes? ...
-- And before you is a Figure so consuming that you know, instantly you know: Nothing else matters.........
:: What exactly doesn't matter, Mr Kincaid? I am terribly sorry your meal isn't Kosher...
Forget stock markets and school reports. Sales meetings and football games. Nothing is newsworthy... All that mattered, matters no more.. For Christ has come.
:: Earlier you mentioned Baseball games, is it Football Season... does this vision last for half a year?  Oooops,  'That is seven minutes and concludes our lunch break interview with you; do you have anything else you want to add?
-- YES !! Please let me know the exact time you publish this. It is mystical--honest.
This morning when the Lord opened a window to Heaven, he saw me, and he asked: My child, what is your greatest wish for today?
:: Very good we will file this one under "Mystical \ Honest" ... but I am confused in that you are now a Child? Are you part of the Little League Baseball game? Or ...
-- I responded: 'Lord please; take care of my family, my friends, the person who is reading this message, their family and their special friends. They deserve it and I love them very much'.
The love of God is like the ocean, you can see its beginnings but not its end.
This message works on the day you receive it.
:: What works exactly, Mr Kincaid? We always thought it was our job to point to the Lamb as the most worthy one around ... Or, no?
-- To some it may sound dumb, but the person who sent this to me was impressed with its timing. Let's see if it is true.
:: True? Okay I think Mr Kincaid is out to filibuster our date... go on take us out Mr K ... 
:: Okay Mr Kincaid ... We understand it is not a joke. We will get this out to at least seven people, who might read parts of it.
-- WAIT; there is one more thing, Put the Date and Time in the 'Subject' area when you read it. Lorrie T Kincaid; Knoxville Tennessee [ ... ]

That does it! Thank you all for joining us in this Thursday 7-1/2 Minute Lunch Break Interview with Mr Lorrie Tannenbaum Kincaid -- a Visioner.
This is MooPig da' Furst bidding you good afternoon after lunch.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

NO News Day :: Worst Scenes Category

Wow !! When this scene hits Zorgon, those monsters will be prepared for us. Dang it!
Retrieved by Pat Darnell

This morning we present three episodes of screened fighting in bizarre situations sent blindly into outer space over the past fifty years on very high frequency radio waves.

Later in the day we find Zorgonites practicing up for the pending fight with Shatner... without their rubber dino suits. Little do they know that Shatner will be the excretion of a glow worm in twelve million lightyears from now when they land on earth...

Thankfully, we have caught up with Bill Shatner and his Zogby School of Disdain, who is training young people to oppose the Zorgonites .... This is an instance when the other fella says: "Jim, I'm a Kung Fu Artist :: Not a Doctor!"

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

MooPig FWD Email Department :: A Soldier with no Guile -- OoooorrrraaaahhhhhH !

Retrieved by Chicago Correspondent Guy Visconti  HERE

A Great Story
Head east from Carthage on Mississippi 16 toward Philadelphia and after a few miles a sign says you’re in Edinburg.

It’s a good thing the sign’s there, because there’s no other way to tell.

On June 15, 1919, Van T. Barfoot was born in Edinburg. Probably didn’t make much news.

Twenty-five years later, on May 23, 1944, near Carano, Italy, Van T. Barfoot, who had enlisted in the Army in 1940, set out to flank German machine gun positions from which fire was coming down on his fellow soldiers. He advanced through a minefield, took out three enemy machine gun positions and returned with 17 prisoners of war.

If that wasn’t enough for a day’s work, he later took on and destroyed three German tanks sent to retake the machine gun positions.

That probably didn’t make much news either, given the scope of the war, but it did earn Van T. Barfoot, who retired as a colonel after also serving in Korea and Vietnam, a Congressional Medal of Honor.

What did make news last week was a neighborhood association’s quibble with how the 90-year-old veteran chose to fly the American flag outside his suburban Virginia home. Seems the rules said a flag could be flown on a house-mounted bracket, but, for decorum, items such as Barfoot’s 21-foot flagpole were unsuitable.

He had been denied a permit for the pole, erected it anyway and was facing court action if he didn’t take it down. Since the story made national TV, the neighborhood association has rethought its position and agreed to indulge this old hero who dwells among them.

“In the time I have left I plan to continue to fly the American flag without interference,” Barfoot told The Associated Press.

As well he should.

And if any of his neighbors still takes a notion to contest him, they might want to read his Medal of Honor citation.

It indicates he’s not real good at backing down.

Van T. Barfoot’s Medal of Honor citation:

This 1944 Medal of Honor citation, listed with the National Medal of Honor Society, is for Second Lieutenant Van T. Barfoot, 157th Infantry, 45th Infantry:

“For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty on 23 May 1944, near Carano, Italy. With his platoon heavily engaged during an assault against forces well entrenched on commanding ground, 2d Lt. Barfoot moved off alone upon the enemy left flank.
He crawled to the proximity of 1 machinegun nest and made a direct hit on it with a hand grenade, killing 2 and wounding 3 Germans. He continued along the German defense line to another machinegun emplacement, and with his tommygun killed 2 and captured 3 soldiers.
Members of another enemy machinegun crew then abandoned their position and gave themselves up to Sgt. Barfoot. Leaving the prisoners for his support squad to pick up, he proceeded to mop up positions in the immediate area, capturing more prisoners and bringing his total count to 17.
Later that day, after he had reorganized his men and consolidated the newly captured ground, the enemy launched a fierce armored counterattack directly at his platoon positions. Securing a bazooka, Sgt. Barfoot took up an exposed position directly in front of 3 advancing Mark VI tanks.
From a distance of 75 yards his first shot destroyed the track of the leading tank, effectively disabling it, while the other 2 changed direction toward the flank. As the crew of the disabled tank dismounted, Sgt. Barfoot killed 3 of them with his tommy-gun.
He continued onward into enemy terrain and destroyed a recently abandoned German fieldpiece with a demolition charge placed in the breech. While returning to his platoon position, Sgt. Barfoot, though greatly fatigued by his Herculean efforts, assisted 2 of his seriously wounded men 1,700 yards to a position of safety.
Sgt. Barfoot’s extraordinary heroism, demonstration of magnificent valor, and aggressive determination in the face of point blank fire are a perpetual inspiration to his fellow soldiers.”
[AMOR SIGNATUR IN HAC DOMO. 02.21.2010. Provenance 1610 Fairmount Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19130. SOURCE SOURCE ]

Sunday, February 21, 2010

mOOpIG mOVIE rEVIEWS -- Airport 1970

Before there was Terrorism -- there was good old Melo-Drama
by Pat Darnell

AIRPORT 1970 starring Burt Lancaster had it all figured out long before it happened. Just go out and rent it, and sit back and have an Epiphany of sorts. It is a pre-quel to all the airplane stuff since... like bombings, divorces, stowaways, hostage taking, slavery, philandering, Nip\tuck, Captain Picard.... oh mercy -- the list goes on forever.

That's a good Idea -- Use the following check list of things that have come true since this film premiered, New York opening: 5 Mar 1970 ::

All these Actors [and many more] in one movie:
__ Burt Lancaster -- Mel Bakersfeld
__ Dean Martin -- Capt. Vernon Demerest
__ Jean Seberg -- Tanya Livingston
__ Jacqueline Bisset -- Gwen Meighen
__ George Kennedy -- Pat Patroni
__ Helen Hayes -- Ada Quonsett
__ Van Heflin -- D. O. Guerrero
__ Maureen Stapleton -- Inez Guerrero

__ A mad bomber plots to blow up a jet on a snowy night [worst snowstorm ever in the Midwest]

__ Cindy, wants a divorce

__ Mel Bakersfeld ............Burt Lancaster "Don't talk to me about consequences! When Congress voted to cut airport appropriations, you never even sent in a letter of protest. And where were you when the airlines and the pilots and the rest of us were... were pleading for... for more airports and better traffic control? You were picking out the colors in the ladies' lounge. So now you've got your consequences!"

__ an elderly woman is trying to stow away on a jet to Rome

__ D. O. Guerrero comes on board with a bomb in a briefcase

__ the President does not appear in this film

__ Neither is Yoko Ono in this movie

__ Guerrero wants blow up the plane so that his wife, Inez, can collect on the life insurance policy he has just purchased.

__ Vernon Demerest, has just learned that his lover, stewardess Gwen Meighen, is pregnant

__ With Ada's help, Vernon attempts to get the briefcase,

__ Guerrero [the bomber] is blown out of the jet, through the wall of the toilet [Ocupado\ no Ocupado]

__ Vernon and co-captain Anson Harris manage to land on Lincoln's runway,

__ Patroni has just cleared the runway

__ Joe Patroni ............George Kennedy "Hold on, we're goin' for broke!"

__ Joe Patroni ............George Kennedy "I'll be back in time if I have to pull that plane out with my teeth!"

__ Joe Patroni ............George Kennedy "Let us put it this way: You promised me a box of cigars if I pull this off, right? Well, what're you standing here for? Go get 'em!"

__ Vernon's wife, Sarah, observes her husband's obvious concern for Gwen

__ Ada Quonsett ............Helen Hayes "My late husband played the violin. Not professionally, but he was very good. He once played the Minute Waltz in 58 seconds."

__ New York Life wants to talk with the Life Insurance salesman who sold the policy to Guerrero

__ A disabled jet has blocked the major runway

__ The genre of this movie is Melodrama

__ This is the disaster film that started a craze in the 1970's.

__ Winner of the 1970 Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Helen Hayes). Also nominated for Best Actress in a Supporting Role(Maureen Stapleton), Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Costume Design, Best Film Editing, Best Music-Original Score (Alfred Newman), Best Picture, Best Sound and Best Writing-Screenplay based on material from another medium.

__ Dean Martin received 10% of the film's gross which added an additional $7,000,000 to his salary.

__ The real star of the show, the Boeing 707 (a 707-349C, serial no. 19351 [503rd 707 off the production line])

__ Honk if you love Airport 1970 ...


Saturday, February 20, 2010

MooPig Speech Templates :: "I was Wrong and Foolish -- I felt Entitled...." Love, Tiger

[PICTURE Credit]

Use Tiger Woods' Speech as a Prompter Template in your Dag-nab'bit Apology for Latent Lasciviousness
Retrieved HERE by Pat Darnell

VIDEO HERE, ... and following is Tiger Woods' statement [transcript] in its entirety:

[ ... ]

“Good morning. Thank you for joining me. Many of you in this room are my friends, and many in the room know me, and many of you have cheered for me or you worked with me or you supported me. Now, every one of you has good reason to be critical of me. I want to say to each of you, simply and directly, I am deeply sorry for my irresponsible and selfish behavior I engaged in.
“I know people want to find out how I could be so selfish and so foolish, and people want to know how I could have done these things to my wife, Elin, and to my children. And while I have always tried to be a private person, there are some things I want to say. Elin and I have started the process of discussing the damage caused by my behavior. As Elin pointed out to me, my real apology to her will not come in the form of words. It will come from my behavior over time. We have a lot to discuss. However, what we say to each other will remain between the two of us.
“I am also aware of the pain my behavior has caused to those of you in this room. I have let you down. I have let down my fans. For many of you, especially my friends, my behavior has been a personal disappointment. To those of you who worked for me, I have let you down personally and professionally. My behavior has caused considerable worry to my business partners. To everybody involved in my foundation, including my staff, board of directors, sponsors and most importantly the young students we reach, our work is more important than ever. Thirteen years ago, my dad and I envisioned helping young people achieve their dreams through education. This work remains unchanged and will continue to grow. From the learning center students in southern California to the scholars in Washington, D.C., millions of kids have changed their lives and I am dedicated to making sure that continues. But still, I know I have bitterly disappointed all of you. I have made you question who I am and how I could have done the things I did. I am embarrassed that I have put you in this position. For all that I have done, I am so sorry. I have a lot to atone for.
“But there is one issue I've really wanted to discuss. Some people speculated that Elin hurt or attacked me on Thanksgiving night. It angers me that people would fabricate a story like that. Elin never hit me that night or any other night. There has never been an episode of domestic violence in our marriage, ever.
“Elin has shown enormous grace and poise throughout this ordeal. Elin deserves praise, not blame. The issue involved here was my repeated irresponsible behavior. I was unfaithful. I had affairs. I cheated. What I did is not acceptable, and I am the only person to blame. I stopped living by the core values that I was taught to believe in. I knew my actions were wrong, but I convinced myself that normal rules did not apply. I never thought about who I was hurting. Instead, I thought only about myself. I ran straight through the boundaries that a married couple should live by, and I thought I could get away with whatever I wanted to. I felt that I had worked hard my entire life and deserved to enjoy all the temptations around me. I felt I was entitled. Thanks to money and fame, I didn't have far...I didn't have to go far too find them.
“I was wrong and I was foolish. I don't get to play by different rules. The same boundaries that apply to everyone apply to me. I brought this shame on myself. I hurt my wife, my kids, my mother, my wife's family, my friends, my foundation, and kids all around the world who admired me. I have had a lot of time to think about what I have done. My failures have made me look at myself in a way I never wanted to before. It's now up to me to make amends, and that starts by never repeating the mistakes that I have made. It's up to me to start living a life of integrity. I once heard, and I believe it's true, it's not what you achieve in life that matters, it's what you overcome. Achievements on the golf course are only part of setting an example. Character and decency are what really count. Parents used to point to me as a role model to their kids, and I owe all those families a special apology. I want to say to them that I am truly sorry. It's hard to admit that I need help, but I do. For 45 days from the end of December to early February, I was inpatient therapy receiving guidance for the issues that I am facing. I have a long way to go. But I am taking my first steps in the right direction.

“As I proceed, I understand people have questions and I understand the press wants to ask me in detail for the times I was unfaithful, and I understand people want to know whether Elin and I will remain together. Please know as far as I am concerned, every one of the questions and answers is a matter between Elin and me. These are issues between a husband and a wife. Some people have made up things that never happened. They said I used performance enhancing drugs. This is completely and utterly false. Some have written things about my family. Despite the damage that I have done, I still believe it is right to shield my family from the public spotlight. They did not do these things. I did. I have always tried to maintain a private space for my wife and children. They have been kept separate from my sponsors and my commercial endorsements. When my children were born, we only released photographs so that the paparazzi could not chase them. However, my behavior doesn't make it right for the media to follow my 2 1/2-year-old daughter to school and report the school's location. They staked out my wife and pursued my mom. Whatever my wrong doings, for the sake of my family, please leave my wife and kids alone.
[Video at 13:25 BUDDHISM]  -- YIKES !!
“I recognize I have brought this on myself. And I know, above all, I am the one who needs to change. I owe it to my family to become a better person. I owe it to those closest to me to become a better man. That's where my focus will be. I have a lot of work to do. I tend to dedicate myself to doing it. Part of following this path for me is Buddhism which my mother taught me at a young age. People probably don't realize it but I was raised a Buddhist and practiced my faith until I drifted away from it. This teaches me to stop following every impulse and to learn restraint. Obviously, I lost track of what I was taught.
“As I move forward, I will continue to receive help because I have learned that's how people really do change. Starting tomorrow, I will leave for more treatment and more therapy. I would like to thank my friends at Accenture and the players in the field this week for understanding why I am making these remarks today. In therapy, I have learned the importance of looking at my spiritual life and keeping in balance with my professional life. I need to regain my balance and be centered so I can save the things most important to me, my marriage and my children. That also means relying on others for help. I have learned to seek support from my peers in therapy and someday hope to return that support to others who are seeking help.
“I do plan to return to golf one day. I just don't know when that day will be. I don't rule out that it will be this year. When I do return, I need to make my behavior more respectful of the game. In recent weeks, I have received many thousands of e-mails, letters and phone calls from people expressing good wishes. To every one who has reached out to me and my family, thank you. Your encouragement means the world to Elin and me. I want to thank the PGA tour, the commissioner and the players for their patience and understanding while I work on my private life. I look forward to seeing my fellow players on the course. Finally, there are many people in this room and there are many people at home who believed in me.
“Today I want to ask for your help. I asked you to find room in your heart to one day believe in me again. Thank you.”
* etc. , etc. , etc. , wtf?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Got the Travel Bug ?? Try Oberwiesenthal, Germany

Topless tobogganing divides German town
by Kraig Becker (RSS feed) on Feb 16th 2010
"... That rowdy crowd lined the slopes of a resort in the Harz mountains to watch young slide down the mountain in little more than a helmet, bikini bottoms and a smile."

Retrieved by Pat Darnell [HERE]

Citizens of the east German town of Oberwiesenthal finds itself at odds with a nearby ski resort this week, as plans for a controversial topless tobogganing event, scheduled to take place next month, move ahead.

[PHOTO Source unknown]
Yes, you read that correctly. A "topless tobogganing" event is being hosted on a nearby mountain, with a local property developer offering up travel and prize money for those that compete.

The developer in question, Jochen Nske, says he has "considerable support" for his big promotion, and claims that a similar event drew more than 12,000 spectators last year.

[ ... ] Read Article HERE

Despite the fact that the even is likely to bring a lot of visitors to Oberwiesenthal, the locals would rather Nske and his competition stay well away. The major of the town fears such an event would tarnish the reputation of his fair city, while others complain that it is sexist and demeaning towards women. (Becker, Kraig. 02.16.2010)

Say AAAHHHH to Michigan ....

Smitten by the Mitten
retrieved by Pat Darnell

MICHIGAN – [today]  Police pull over a woman who was wearing nothing but a bikini, and covered in Jello. She had a wrestling match at Dino’s Dugout Sports Bar and Grille she said.

Apparently it was to much effort to wash off and put her clothes back on. After taking a breathalyzer test her blood alcohol level was found to be twice the legal limit.

My question is…where is Dino’s Dugout Sports Bar and Grille, and how do I get there? -D. Dave [SOURCE]

[COMMENTS Appreciated]

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Interview Before the Rapture

7-1/2 Minute Lunch-break Interviews
by MooPig da' Furst

Today we will be interviewing Jaupeen Dooley. We hold these lunch time interviews with passers-by in hopes to randomly tap into a stream of thought that interests you -- our beloved readers.

:: Hello Sir; Who are you?
-- I'm not the Chosen One; I'm not special; and I'm no one in particular... just Jaupeen Dooley.
:: Okay, that explains who you are not... You are correct that no information follows your name on this list I have. Today our subject is Magic. Do you believe in Magic?
-- That would depend on the Magic I think. Sometimes I think my heart is Magic.
:: Are you married Mr Dooley?
-- Yes.
:: Any children?
-- Yes we have six children. Our third oldest is getting married next year.
:: What do you do?
-- Google, mostly.
:: Oh. That is an odd answer. That is all you do? It sounds like a door of diminishing return when you say it like that.
-- Yes ...
:: Like a predestined irony, like D[ungeons] and D[ragons] role playing online?
-- No ...
:: Then other?
-- Other?
:: Other online things like endless libido games or the "other," like porn...?
-- No, none of that. Although I understand your question.
:: I mean porn like shade tree mechanic thing, or shadow internet stuff?
-- Yes I get it. No I don't have interest in those.
What I Google is oddity. That's what interests me. If I play a game I play it rapidly to get to the statistics from empirical data that is produced in playing. For example; Poker, err 21, I would find a way to play five thousand hands in an hour just to get to end results of win\loss\push percentiles.. that sort of playing.
:: So you do play games?
-- Yes, but I have inside me these notions about String Theory. I perceive, for instance, a correlation between rising Brain Industries and our academic foray into String Theory. Googling helps me get past the usual lag times of these things... get that, eh?
:: That is more than a game Mr Dooley. It's a lot, actually. Are you a frustrated academician?
-- Sure! Isn't everyone? 'fer instance What would you point to if I asked you what living thing on earth might easily establish a strong emotional tie with you?
:: A human ... a child.
-- Oops; sorry I mean other than another human.
:: I don't know. What do you say, or point to?
-- I would point to my pet -- my puppy. I had a first puppy when I was only four and her name was Baby. I can still feel her tangled long fur in my hands. I can still remember her squirmy little body. Now I have a larger puppy with feel all her own. And of course the feel of your own children have this same lingering emotional sense in us all.
:: And this has what to do with your Google pastime?
-- Good question! I would say it is Google-worthy because it does not cause any affliction or barrier. To keep a personal tie, or emotional tie, with all correlations that interest me -- gives me more control over why-when-how  things go in my days. I can stay on track with my feelings as there is always this "play room" - Google - to go to. It is like a room that I visit. 
:: That is seven and a half minutes and concludes our lunch break interview with you; do you have anything else you want to add?
-- Yes, only this: there are millions of people out there who are oblivious to the opportunity offered by our Google-ized Internet. Many are retired Boomers, and they have no sense of how this all works to their benefit. It is either a joke or a thing to be feared.
It is time to ask the untold millions with their terrabytes of memories and emotional ties "do you want to have your own room to sort it out?"
Thank you all for joining us in this Thursday 7-1/2 Minute Lunch Break Interview with Mr Jaupeen Dooley -- Googler.
This is MooPig da' Furst bidding you good afternoon.


How is it here at MooPig, and every other self-promoting agency, such as Mike Moore and\or Jon Stewart, never fully chews on this "morsel of news" when ever it -- and where ever it -- raises its angry battered head and leers at the world from under a rubble that was once their country ??

Haitis is set up for plunder and slow motion genocide
Haiti Is Open for Business - by Stephen Lendman

In December 1984, Canada's conservative prime minister, Brian Mulroney, told the New York Economic Club that "Canada is open for business," meaning US companies were welcome, the two countries would work for greater economic integration, America's sovereignty took precedence of his own, and corporate interests from both countries could operate freely at the expense of most Canadians.

That's always been Haiti's curse, now more than ever. Under American militarized control, Haiti is occupied for profit, its pseudo government largely invisible, and predators aim to cash in to the fullest. On January 21, in his article titled, "Securing disaster in Haiti," Peter Hallward explained, saying:

"....the US-led relief operation has conformed to the three fundamental tendencies that have shaped the more general course of the island's recent history. It has adopted military priorities and strategies. It has sidelined Haiti's own leaders and government, and ignored the needs of the majority of its people. And it has proceeded in ways that reinforce the already harrowing gap between rich and poor. All three tendencies aren't just connected, they are mutually reinforcing. (They'll also) govern the imminent reconstruction effort as well, unless determined political action is taken to counteract them."
Is this last part some kind of standard writ of habeas corpus collasum cortex of fascism that must be penned every time the USA Military arrives on the scene with some aid for the broken and ruined folks?

Read entire article here -- [SOURCE]

Post-quake, conditions on the ground are horrific. Three million or more Haitians are affected. Most are displaced and struggling. Essential aid is obstructed and limited. Hundreds of thousands are being removed from the capital, not to help them, to "cleanse" the area for development. The official estimated death toll tops 230,000, over 300,000 are injured, and AP reported (on February 9) that the "Health crisis in Haiti enter(ed) a deadly new phase," the result of "a half-million (or more) people jammed into germ-breeding makeshift camps" where a health emergency is already apparent in the form of malnutrition, diarrheal illnesses, acute respiratory (and other) infections, at least one reported typhoid case, and fears of possible outbreaks of tetanus, measles, TB, malaria, dengue fever, diphtheria, acute flaccid paralysis, meningococcal meningitis, rabies, and other infectious diseases, including water-borne ones, particularly threatening children.

Independent reports cite outbreaks of tetanus, TB, diarrhea, scabies, ringworm and growing depravation, misery and anger, mostly unreported in the mainstream that instead focuses on disease containment and improving conditions. Daily, conditions are worse, not better, threatening a far greater disaster ahead. [ ... ]

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MooPig's Public Service Presents -- Your Wish might Come True !!!

It is the Question perched on every Wife's Lips ...
Retrieved by Pat Darnell from Google Ads ... up your Ads

Could my Husband be Gay?
Worried your husband might be Gay? Take the test and See. Free Online

Is Your Man Gay?
Nobody wants to think their significant other is playing for the other team, but anything is possible. Some men are in a committed relationship and living on the down low. Is there a chance your man might prefer the company of men? Take our telling quiz and find out if you're at risk for losing your man to the handsome guy next door.
  Question 1 out of 19
How often do you have sex with your man?

We just know this TEST will make, or break, your wonderment .... 
[Go ahead; click the LINKS to answer the questions.... then return to your closet] 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

IMAGE :: Haiti Presidential Palace Damage

PHOTO Sources Unknown
[NEWS Source HERE]

Lore of the Blond BroadCaster -- Nick comments 10/09/2008

Retrieved HERE by Pat Darnell and Dolly BroadAx

In 1968/1969, I [Nick] was going through the Good Will store in Seattle. I played bass at the time but was keeping my eye out for an inexpensive guitar. I saw the neck of a guitar sticking out from behind some boxes in the back room (not in the sale area). I asked someone there if I could look at it. I looked at it and decided to ask how much they wanted for it. They told me $6. I purchased it. After getting home and checking it out, it was a Broadcaster - SSN: 0069. (I never heard of it) I learned later it was the 69th guitar Fender produced. I loaned it to a guitar player I was working with, Doug Hastings. He played it for a year or so and then I took it back. A few years later I traded it in for a GMT power head. Just one of my many mistakes I've made in my life. So out there somewhere is a vintage Broadcaster. It may be in the Seattle area. That's where I traded it in. Damn! [Nick; 10/09/08]

HexaKopter ?? Buh-bye.... buh bye....

MikroKopter - HexaKopter from Holger Buss on Vimeo.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Evacuate the City HOW? :: Park and Ride, of course ... Bicycles, that is.

Get Ready, Get SET ... Go !!
Article Retrieved in Entirety [HERE] by Pat Darnell

Dennis Markatos ... founder of Sustainable Energy Transition (SET)
Posted: May 26, 2009 06:45 PM

US Bike Sales Higher than Car Sales in 2009
During the first quarter of 2009, more bicycles were sold in the US than cars and trucks. While the Great Recession is hurting bike sales, they didn't fall as fast as automobiles. Around 2.6 million bicycle purchases were made, compared to less than 2.5 million cars and trucks that left our nation's lots.

Bicycle Sales Still Hurt by Recession

I don't mean to say that bicycle sales are unfazed by the recession. They are actually down more than 30% from the first quarter of 2008. But that percentage drop is slower than the 35+% drop in sales for cars and trucks. Since nationwide gasoline prices are now rising above $2.40 per gallon at the pump, we may see another wave of US residents shifting to bicycles for their everyday trips. The large savings from riding a bike over short distances rather than driving can help consumer confidence and support economic recovery.

Even Long Trips Can be by Bike

Visionary activists are creating opportunities for cyclists to safely travel longer distances as well. For instance, the East Coast Greenway Alliance aims to connect greenways from Key West, FL, to Calais, ME, on a 3,000-mile long paved trail. For me, it's an exciting potential to visit family and friends in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Rhode Island (or even the longer trip to my native state of North Carolina!) via bicycle. So far, many corridors of the East Coast Greenway (ECG) are built. But gaps in the trail exist that we all can chip-in to connect. One important current opportunity is for us to show our elected leaders that we support the completion of the ECG and other trails throughout our country as part of the federal transportation bill to be deliberated this summer.

Climate Benefits of Bicycling

Not only are there cost savings from such local and intercity rides, but there are environmental benefits too -- especially in the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. While an average solo car trip or airplane ride emits more than 1 pound of CO2 per mile, bicycling or walking emits close to zero. If we need to travel hundreds of miles, there are great low-carbon strategies for travel that include mass transit and carpooling, keeping our average emissions less than 1/2 a pound of CO2 per mile.

Infrastructure Development Crucial

For Americans to put these millions of new bicycles to use, government leaders from the federal to the local level need to give more support to the construction and maintenance of safe bike lanes and greenways. Such work can be a much-needed source of job growth. From neighborhood paths to an urban counterpart of the Appalachian Trail, bicycling has great growth potential.

Let's make it happen!
* Dennis, if MooPig is with you, who on earth could be against you???

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Documentary Movies about Rockers ?? Hmmm ... Good Idea !!

Retrieved by Pat Darnell


"   'Untitled Levon Helm Documentary' explores the current life of former rock star Levon Helm. In the 25 years since The Band broke up following The Last Waltz, Helm has taken a hard fall from fame: He battled drug addiction, throat cancer, bankruptcy and his bandmate and friend Richard Manuel's suicide while they were on tour together.

He's somehow survived it all, having holed himself up in a cabin in the forests of Woodstock and settling into a quiet life surrounded by a tight-knit family, his wife, his daughter, his manager and the members of his new band. But when Dirt Farmer, his first solo album in a quarter century, suddenly becomes a hit after being nominated for a Grammy, Helm is forced out of his shell.

[ ... ] Read Article HERE

By the end of the film, Helm has reemerged as a musical talent in his own right, having won the Grammy, and looks to further build on his musical legacy by starting writing his own music once again, even if he can't ever reconcile the demons from his days with The Band. "

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

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