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Monday, June 30, 2008

More about me

I am gravity.

I am married to atmosphere.

I am divorced from mists.

And the kids we have are not goats...

That's about it.

We all have things we’ve never revealed about ourselves on our blog, things our readers wouldn’t know about us but might be interested to know as it gives them a better insight into who we are. Here’s your chance! Tell us about something that you’ve never written about on your blog before. After reading don't forget to vote...Jayne d'Arcy


Andy D

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Discovering New Web Sites

...this page goes out to our Barack Obama for his unique way of insulting men.

The word for June 15 was daddy badge

Vomit or snot from a baby found around the upper chest or shoulders of their father which shows the world that they are a parent.

Nice shirt Pete, was the daddy badge an optional extra?

 MooPig Wisdom s31PatrickDarnell traffic report for Sunday, June 15, 2008


-- Site Summary ---

Total ........................ 4,538
Average per Day ................. 20
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Total ........................ 7,153
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Green Gas?

What do old codgers have that young pups do not?

I don't have any idea Pat... judging by the title is it "Green Gas?"

Nope -- "Travel experience!"

and so?

And so it means we know how to pack.

Who you calling we?


It's a suitcase and it contains all the essentials young'uns need for a successful gig, exposition, lead generation... where to get good penguin meat... etcetra... West Texas Bar in Atlanta... no not really but if they did... then eat up young'un.

Okay, your turn.

>>Pat Darnell,

Movie Review: Strictly Ballroom

If you're lost... and less than bombast; Time after time, you will find your way again, and MooPig will help you as your understudy. If you fall we will catch you... and you will catch us, and we will be then dancing!

Ever wondered what happens to old men? Strictly Ballroom. That's right, they all go strictly ballroom. Memories like faded ticket stubs in a drawer, and clippings of newspapers... and brief heart palpitations when a familiar tune is heard... sound accurate? There are lots of songs about faded memories, and I think I just put a little of each in the last few sentences.

If you are in a bad time of life; or can't put up with the present conditions of your mid-life crisis, we at MooPig Futurism Coalition, governed by the Kurzweil Vision -- suggest you go visit an Old Folks' Home today. Yes, the visiting hours at the nursing homes are 8 AM to 8 PM everyday. Few restrictions keep a visitor from wandering about in any and all the wards of Nursing Homes. Once a visitor found himself in the Alzheimer's ward. There was no one around the halls or doors except patients, not even staff.

"Once you start volunteering to visit Homes, then you come to conclusion to end your funk, and that betterment is in the present. These are the good old days right now. Yes, it is that simple," says MooPig Philosophy Department.

"Strictly Ballroom" is a movie addressing a very important understudy problem in 21st Century human society.

MooPig Wisdom purports that "the truest form of appreciation an audience can bestow on musicians is to dance as they perform. And the truest appreciation the musicians can bestow on their audience is to play with rhythm that makes human hearts want to dance. This is the total edification utility of our human musical heritage."

The movie states this special relationship through its use of ageless dance angle, music splendor, and every age of human being; and proves the possibility of rehabilitation for all of us. If all else fails, go Strictly Ballroom.

Directed by Baz Luhrmann
Produced by Tristram Miall
Written by Baz Luhrmann
Andrew Bovell
Craig Pearce
Starring Paul Mercurio
Tara Morice
Bill Hunter
Pat Thomson
Music by David Hirschfelder
Cinematography Steve Mason
Editing by Jill Bilcock
Distributed by Miramax Films
Release date(s) August 20, 1992

Friday, June 27, 2008

MTC 13: What I've never told anyone

Jayne d'Arcy


Andy D

We all have things we’ve never revealed about ourselves on our blog, things our readers wouldn’t know about us but might be interested to know as it gives them a better insight into who we are. Here’s your chance! Tell us about something that you’ve never written about on your blog before. After reading don't forget to vote...
Every Secret needs an authenticated vestige of Truth
by Patrick Darnell
Hello my name is Tittio Pinelli. I’m a liar. I had a childhood friend, Jimmy Totter, who was also a liar. He once told his mother that his dad had bought a mink coat for her Christmas present. You see he was true to his name: he forced something open using a jimmy of a lie.
“She tore up the whole house for two weeks before Christmas,” said Jimmy.
We were standing in the Methodist Church back lot at twilight when he told me this. It was Tuesday, Scouts night, and we were looking for suitable grapevines on the back fence for stogies. It was our Scout Troop ritual to smoke these particular grapevines as a tradition to pass down to tenderfoots.
“Your mom?” I was astonished. “You told your mom that? What did she do?”
“Here,” said Jimmy to a sixth grader, “see you have to find a dried vine that is mostly hollow. Like this one.”
“My mom, yeah, she looked in every closet and up in the attic, and then Dad’s work shop in the garage,” said Jimmy after showing the trick of the vine, sucking in smoke and puffing out a smoke ring.
“Did you get in trouble?”
“Oh, yeah, especially my Dad...” Jimmy pointed his nose more downward, and his eyes twittered ever so minuscule.
This is the point when embroidery begins for Jimmy; for me it would have been the moment I begin to reel him in. From my perspective most lying starts with a stonewalling, and a pause, then a long list of things that “his Dad did to him.” His vacillated tempo between attitudes gave up his dotter and wobble, and a little shoulder shake was his final totter before the humdinger.
“That’s the time I got coal in a stocking, for Christmas,” said Jimmy. Not so good a liar, Jimmy.
Sure, his dad was a hot head, and probably worked out a little frustration on Jimmy’s behind... among other things, but Jimmy really was telling me this before he knew I was his superior liar. You see Jimmy could lie about trivialities.
There has never been anything trivial about my fabrications. I am the greatest natural born liar; I am Tittio, the Fellini of liars.
Jimmy lied more to gain attention for himself. He had not begun to enter my sphere of lie. It turns out, I lie to protect others. I lie to dissuade other's actions, or to defuse tense moments and gain time. I don’t tell the same lie over and over again. My lie is a continuous head trip, improvisational modal development. I will use just enough truth needed to steer the situation to mutual complacency. That is the root of being a trustworthy liar.
As it turns out, Jimmy became a ship’s pilot on freighters, and made a bundle as his natural ability turns out to be very good for that business. As Ship's Captain he had a slew of underlings to lie to at great length. His talents gave him berth on a career that he could retire early and wealthy from. He successfully shuffled cards. He hid real intentions behind his stonewalling, and there is no doubt he found treasure on many of his excursions; in unclaimed freight. He could be friend to everyone, and friend to no one.
If I am trundling along on a train, I engage fellow passengers with a parable to keep our trip poignant at maximum speed. I hope secretly distraction makes them miss their stop. If I am on the platform, I offer a lie to make small talk and muck up a stranger’s mental processes. It is mental conditioning set on superficiality, and acknowledgment of regimens.
My gift is something I suffer with emotional ineptitude. My lies are a sinking car being swept along a river bottom with me in it; a tomb. Yet despite the unswerving certainty of death, half-truths have served well to mitigate risks, in my unsavory swaggers, but have not served to soothe despair.
An existence masterfully created out of lying could one day actually become true; stuff of lies could be perceived as bona fide houses. Lying to survive in one's own fabrications requires so much synthetic superficiality, the structure might be insupportable. Others could find it too crazy to keep up maintenance on a house of cards.
A true liar, as I, has not only height and width in his lies, but also breadth. Factoring in breadth makes lying three-dimensional. There is a devil and an angel sitting on my shoulders; it is Faust, and demons, angels, and curmudgeons, and twins.
All the faking, and constant inventing, inventing and weaving concoctions, comes alive in the moment of motive. A childish flare imitates desire. A sordid type of bonding takes place. My victim is captured for the moment. Then when it seems a good time to splits-Ville, I might hold another delicious carrot up to my acquaintance‘s nose.
In final survey, what really gets my goat though is my altruistic lying has interrupted my settling down. I always appear available. I’m not available, and I want like mad to settle down.
Only by practicing this state-of-the art in lying avidly, like a ritual, could anyone ever perfect it. Or of course you could have been born with it like fabulous me.
Fellini once said; “Rinaldo, I managed to spit on her ass!” and I believe him. He's an excellent liar. I heard it through the grapevine.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I used to watch Lexx

I am the Lexx, I am the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes. I was grown on "The Cluster" which is ruled by "His Shadow". The food was good there. My Captain is Stanley Tweedle. I blow up planets for him.

Stanley used to be a security guard class four on the Cluster until he became a fugitive. He is my captain now because he got my key from heretics who wanted to steal me, but he was the one who took me away.

Stan was helped by Zev of B3K. She was made into a love slave as punishment for failing to perform her wifely duties but things went wrong. Now she is part Cluster lizard so sometimes she is not a nice lady.

A robot head, 790, got part of the love slave transformation that was meant for her. He is in my crew too. Because she is a love slave, Zev likes men, except for Stanley Tweedle.

The only other man on board is Kai, last of the Brunnen G, but he's dead so he can't make Zev happy. Two thousand years ago, Kais planet was destroyed by his shadow and all of his people were killed. They kept Kais body and used him as an assassin but he got his memory back from a Devine Predecessor and then he became part of my crew.

The Time Prophet said that Kai would destroy His Shadows Order but that will be hard because his proto-blood is running out and he must stay inside a very cold box. My crew are afraid of his shadow, the ruler of the Light Universe. His shadow wants me back and he wants his divine predecessors back too but he especially wants Kai destroyed because he is afraid of the prophecy. Zev and Kai and Stan don't want that. They took me beyond his shadows reach through a fractal core to the Dark Zone, the universe of evil and chaos. And now we're looking for a new home."

Lexx (TV, 1997-2002)
Creatively Culpable: Paul Donovan, Lex Gigeroff, Jeffrey Hirshfield

By Marilyn Ferdinand

The 61 episodes that comprise the two universes of Lexx, a fiendishly fun space opera from Canada/Germany/UK/US, may be my favorite scifi entertainment of all time. Its brilliantly conceived and executed first season, leading to the inevitable letdown of the second season, and moving on to existential meditations on life and death, heaven and hell, and finally renewal in its final season on the most corrupt and evil planet in the two universes, the “Little Blue Planet" a.k.a. Earth, comprised a year-long adventure I’ll never forget.

Bringing muscle to the ship is Kai (Micheal McManus) a 2,000-year-old dead man, the last of a race called Brunnen G, who is killed by His Shadow in an opening flashback. Now employed as a hitman for his killer, the grim-faced Kai murders just about everyone he sees until he comes to his senses, and joins up with the fugitives on the journey through a fractal core to THE DARK ZONE.
"Who's the hero? There ain't one," Said Downey, who plays Stan. "Kai is the perfect guy, but he's dead. And Zev is the perfect girl, but she's got a bit of Cluster Lizard in her. So I guess you could say my character is the one the audience identifies with--by default."
In the four, two-hour movies, the LEXX crew must do battle with evil, poetry spouting holograms, a man-eating cannibal, and drug-addicted dwellers on a planet of garbage. And in the final story, the plot comes full circle, as LEXX returns through the fractal core to confront His Shadow and a mammoth planet-sized insect with plans of its own.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

REPORT: The Celestial Monochord; Journal of the Institute for Astrophysics and the Hillbilly Blues

TOM WAITS (photo: Anton Corbijn)----}

Refer to the Celestial Monochord:

Journal of the Institute for Astrophysics and the Hillbilly Blues for more information... "But it would be absurd to say I've finally been "proven right." Waits has often been pretty generous in acknowledging his debts to other musicians, and folk has always been in the mix.

The Anthology at Tom Waits Concerts


from "KPFK Will Air Folk Fest"
The Pasadena Star Bee, July 3, 1974

Tom Waits is on tour — a rare enough news story in itself.

But note that the music piped into the theater before and after the shows, to date, has been The Anthology of American Folk Music, edited by Harry Smith.

I've often pointed out the folk lineage of various Tom Waits songs, showing connections between:

Cold Cold Ground and Stephen Foster,

Georgia Lee and Blind Willie Johnson,

Swordfishtrombones and Bascom Lamar Lunsford,

Better Off Without A Wife and Chubby Parker, The Carter Family, and John Lomax, and,

Down There By the Train and Uncle Dave Macon and Henry Thomas (although I really "buried the lead" on that one — scoll down).

... I have a lot more of these up my sleeve and I may get more of them written up some day ... (06.25.2008 4 AM Retrieved at:

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Examples of a No News Day... standby

No News? That's okay; we look around for big names from the past to plug with keywords that will attract your younger hunger, greed and avarice. It's all good.
-- and --
Current status of Humanity: still crawling, but a much faster rate of repetition. See below what Mars, Wine, House, Naked, Steroids, Knockout, Female, Emphysema, and Mixed Martial Arts all have in common. And more!
-- plus --
I sure wish today I had bought
that pharmaceutical stock back in the 60's... damn!

Standby: for Following Ripped and burned throughout Internetdom today: "So, Say We All!!!!"

_____First up No News 06.24.2008
Posted: 2008-06-23 20:57:26
Gina Carano: By the Looks of Her

In her first interview since becoming the first female fighter to capture a victory on prime-time network television, Gina Carano reveals her little known street fighting roots, admits that she’s not so tough that critics can't hurt her feelings and shares humorous stories from her dating life. The Elite XC MMA star, also known as "Crush" on American Gladiators, currently holds a 6-0 MMA record, and is fast becoming one of the most searched names on the Internet.

Carano Takes On All Comers

DAVE HOLLANDER: When was the first time you knew that you enjoyed punching someone in the face?

GINA CARANO: I think the first time was probably in a basketball game in high school. You know how you go down for those loose balls? We were all on the ground. And we’re like this Single-A Christian school. And this girl had a problem. Because you know, I guess we were both being really way too aggressive. She stood up and called me and explicit name. So I overhand-righted her. We both got thrown out of the game. (pauses) Actually, she started charging me first, then I over-hand righted her.

DH: How did it feel?
GC: I felt wonderful. Except the embarrassing part was I didn’t know how to throw a punch. The overhand right just came natural. But then I just started bonking her on the top of her head all awkwardly. So me and my friends had a really good laugh about that. They were like “Why were you bonking her on her head?” And I was like “I don’t know!”

____Next CONTACT SPORT No News for 06.24.2008
Posted Jun 23rd 2008 6:17PM by Michael David Smith
Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw said in a radio interview with Dan Patrick last week that he used steroids during the 1970s, when he was leading the Pittsburgh Steelers to four Super Bowl titles.

Will the REAL Terry Bradshaw Please Stand Up????

Bradshaw indicated that he obtained the steroids with a doctor's prescription, and that his primary motivation in using them was to recover from injuries, not to build muscle.

Terry Bradshaw Says He Used Steroids

"We did steroids to get away the aches and the speed of healing," Bradshaw said. "My use of steroids from a doctor was to speed up injury, and thought nothing of it. ... It was to speed up the healing process, that was it. It wasn't to get bigger and stronger and faster."

It's been well established that several players on the great Steelers teams of the 1970s used steroids, but this is, I think, the first time Bradshaw has said he used them.

____Next CONTACT SPORT No News 06.24.2008
Posted: 2008-06-23 21:44:08

Burck sued to protect trademarks he had obtained as he appeared in television shows, movies and video games, including a Chevrolet commercial that debuted during Super Bowl XLI.

U.S. District Judge Denny Chin said a jury would have to decide whether Mars' advertising campaign left the impression that Robert Burck, who became a tourist attraction for strumming a guitar while wearing just boots, underpants and a hat, had endorsed the product.

Chin tossed out claims that Burck is owed compensatory and punitive damages because the M&M video advertisement that appeared on two electronic billboards in Times Square and a mural violated a New York State law protecting privacy rights of individuals.

Naked Cowboy vs. M&M's Moves Forward

The judge said the law protects the name, portrait or picture of an individual but not a character created or a role performed by the person.

______Down on her Luck No News Story 06.24.2008
Posted: 2008-06-24 07:33:44
Emphysemic Winehouse Caught Smoking...

A fan responds: imagemedgeorge 10:33:45 AM Jun 24 2008


__And, on a day Paris Hilton gets out of Jail, Imus gets back in hot water
Imus resurrected his radio career six months ago with a pledge to mend the wounds caused by a racist and sexist comment he made about a women's basketball team.

AP Posted: 2008-06-24 10:24:17
NEW YORK (June 24) - Don Imus said Tuesday morning on his radio show that he was trying to "make a sarcastic point" in his latest on-air remarks about race, but that they had been misunderstood.

On Tuesday he said he was following the spirit of that promise by calling attention to the unfair treatment of blacks - in this case the arrests of suspended Dallas Cowboys cornerback Adam Jones.

"What people should be outraged about is that they arrest blacks for no reason," Imus said. "I mean, there's no reason to arrest this kid six times. Maybe he did something once, but everyone does something once."

Imus Defends Remarks as 'sarcastic'

...called the flurry of criticism surrounding the comments "ridiculous" and said that his program's cast is now more diverse than ever - and includes a black producer and two black co-hosts.

"How insane would I have to be? What would I be thinking?" Imus wondered aloud.

Co-host Karith Foster - who is black - came to Imus' defense during Tuesday's broadcast, saying, "People who interpret what you said as racist clearly didn't hear the whole thing, and they don't know who you are and what the program is about - and they obviously haven't been listening."

Blue Angels Tribute -- Like I have never seen before!

Forwarded through email, "Blue Angels from a different perspective..." thanks to Wendy and Bob for taking time to give me photos of my favorite subject.

I hope this inspires and preserves hope in United States for all who view these.

The aerial views are spectacular, and the backgrounds are history. See the Twin Towers in the background?

To me there is two Holiest of Holy United States' institutions that should never be messed with: Blue Angels, and Harlem Globetrotters.

"After leaving VP47 in 1967, I was the Admin Chief for the Blue Angels... "
Chief Flora, retired USN...
"Enjoy the pictures."

Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin was arrested several times after performing the bit live

PEOPLE Magazine Reports: "A fierce critic of modern civilization, Carlin told Playboy in 2005 that his vision of the afterlife included a "heavenly CNN."

"The world is a big theater-in-the round as far as I'm concerned, and I'd love to watch it spin itself into oblivion," he told the magazine. "Tune in and watch the human adventure .... That's what I want heaven to be."
"George Carlin, the edgy comedian and counterculture icon, died Sunday at the age of 71.

"The stand-up comic and author – best known for his groundbreaking routine "Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television" – reportedly died of heart failure at Saint John's Health Center in Santa Monica. (Carlin, who was open about his long struggle with drugs and alcohol, had a history of heart problems, including a previous heart attack.)

"In 1978, the bearded comedian famous for his clever wordplay and often-explicit commentary on sex, drugs and the absurdities of modern life found himself in the middle of a court battle that went all the way to the Supreme Court.

"But even after the high court ruled that his "Seven Words" routine was indecent, Carlin refused to abandon the material. (He was arrested several times after performing the bit live, although the cases were always dismissed.)

"The author of 1997's bestselling Brain Droppings, Carlin remained active on the stand-up circuit. Just last weekend, he performed The Orleans in Las Vegas, the New York Times reports.

"In November, the Grammy-winner was scheduled to receive the John F. Kennedy Center's coveted Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

"He is survived by his wife, Sally Wade, and daughter, Kelly Carlin McCall. Carlin's first wife, Brenda Hosbrook, died in 1997."

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Strained attempts to Battle against Life, by Pat Darnell

MTC #13 Coming Soon to MooPig
Cinch up those reins, childrens, and tighten those apron strings... gettin' ready to panderin' and to postin' and practicin' votin':

Topic for MTC # 13 No longer a mystery:
So Says Prez and SGS'z: "That’s right. A little later than we usually like it but SomeGo and yours truly have been hard at work emailing back and forth trying to come up with the perfect topic.

We discarded a whole bunch for simply not being good enough, and then being the super-amazing mod-type people we are, decided that we should tweak the wording of the topic to get it just right. No effort is too much for our loyal MTC-ers.

{-----PHOTO: Boot Scootin' Boogie Penguin

Without further ado, Blog Ninjas Present MTC#13:

We all have things we’ve never revealed about ourselves on our blog, things our readers wouldn’t know about us but might be interested to know as it gives them a better insight into who we are. Here’s your chance!

Tell us about something that you’ve never written about on your blog before.

If you haven’t already signed up remember you have until the posting day to do so.

Posting day is June 27th.

Untitled: "Would you Like some Linguine; Mister Penguiny?"













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