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Monday, March 31, 2008

MooPig's: Report from the Middle... Schooler

Week 30 homework assigned on Monday, due on Friday
Test on Friday
Math Teacher
Sam Rayburn M.S./B.I.S.D
6th grade math

Do you have pre-teens? I get these email notes from Pat2's teachers all year long. It has helped much in the management of a sixth grader's career. [for instance: JFK was shot when I was in Sixth grade].

[ :Pat2's blog.]

Thus, out of respect, I have taken a back seat and let number six ride the waves more on his own, letting him feel the terror of forgetting assignments and articles of necessity -- while toting around the sum total of 12,000 years of human knowledge stored in his Apple Laptop, gratis Bryan Ind School District. All this before he hits the big top: High School.

So far it has not back-fired. I am grateful to the BISD 6th grade this year as they have partnered with Apple and given every incoming middle-schooler the laptop and network to use knowledge at all times. They received this pilot project as part of the enrichment program sponsored by higher ups... go figure.

Each child is born to his/her own time. I find much of my wanton desires is realized in the children I have been given. There are restrictions in their ability to access the Playboy or Playgirl sites, youTuber, and probably a lot of your sites... but I am very enriched by his experience.

Okay, so stop your crying, you don't have to worry so much about my youngun's. I know you all wonder how I could ever be of any use to a whipper snapper... but I am telling you this: I am the one who is learning! And that is how its done.

Kansas City Kansas Public Schools, KCKPS Laptops for Learning - Frequently Asked Questions
Why are we considering providing each high school student with a laptop computer? Laptops are powerful instructional tools that will:

  1. Increase instructional time by supporting outside of classroom work.
  2. Provide differentiated instruction by allowing students to learn in multiple ways (videos, tutorials, differentiated review, tutoring, drill and practice) at their instructional level.
  3. Prepare our students to be college ready through access to college on-line college information, applications, and scholarships. In addition, web based learning has become a way of life in college classes and our students will become comfortable and confident in that arena before they enter college.

We've realized that our students learn differently than most of us did. They would rather create, produce and learn through digital media than in traditional ways. At the same time, our society is becoming more global: we live in a world in which everyone contributes to the information and creation of products. We need to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to be productive participants in society. We feel continuous access to technology would be a key tool in helping our kids reach higher levels of success, thus closing the gap. (retrieved at KCKPS site today)

Now, who's your Daddy? That's our report from the Middle... School; and we're sticking to it. pd

Coming in June 2008

MooPig offices will be closed on June 19th... in honor of Juneteenth!

MooPig's only prejudice is that the agrarian South survives intact

"There's a neighborhood in Houston's Fourth Ward named "Freedmen's Town", with narrow, brick-paved streets, and people still living in shotgun shacks. Shotgun houses were actually an architectural innovation brought to America from Africa via Haiti and New Orleans, although I don't suppose the people who have to live in them know that.

Juneteenth: Real History by Aussie Meyer

"So what's real history? The "Dickens on the Strand" festival that brings my hometown tourist bucks each winter, the locals in period drag, like Wiliamsburg, pretending to be Oliver Twists and Artful Dodgers? Or Juneteenth? I'm going down to the island on June 19th, and I'm going to go stand on the corner at 22nd & Strand, and close my eyes and see if I can see it.

"One third of the people in Texas were slaves; hell, Galveston was probably the last slave port, the last slave market in America. There were black faces in that crowd, listening to the news, dropping their burdens, hugging each other..." (click on link to read whole article from 1998, Meyer, A. ).

Sunday, March 30, 2008

They like me, they really like me!!!!!!

I have just returned from my safari with Hg Wells, we had a mercuric time! So I just got the news that I have been honored as a winner in the MTC chronicles. Number nine is mine!

It was a hard fought chad ridden runoff. For once, I am speechless, and therefore bloggless. After this week in Pigstock, I will be obliged to get back to you all. Some where over the rainbow a drop of water sparkles for Ich! and du, and du, and du...

Vielen Dank und Gott segne!

Tool Shelf with Schmitty and Billy

TOOL SHELF coming in May 2008
MooPig is proud to announce a new guest writer to the family of MooPig Bloggers... She apprenticed in Italy, and moved to USA in 1979. She has a range that most carpenters only can wish for.

Her name Schmitty, tells a story all by its own. Her crew loves her and will basically follow her into a chemical fire.

Joining her is the home grown Billy "Broad Butt" Budd. He will be teaming up with their carpentry exposes. He is nervous because he only has one forefinger, and typing is a problem. But he promised to "bring his own sawhorse."

Look for articles creeping into our already beloved blogg, and look forward to more entertaining reads as we continue on mission to explain everything.
Editors MooPig Wisdom

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Honoring Honey Bees with Yellow and Black

This week MooPigWisdom honors the Honey Bee by changing our colors to Black and Yellow to welcome Spring Flowers and our sacred Pollinators. Pollinators At Risk ~ Assignment Earth
(11.9 MB, QuickTime movie)
Go to these links to find some followup info -- What is the Pollinator Garden Wheel?
The Pollinator Garden Wheel is an engaging, colorful, and informational resource aimed at generating a more active gardening population, aware of the importance of pollinators – the birds, bees, bats, butterflies, beetles, and other animals that enable the reproduction of 85% of flowering plants and are responsible for as much as one-third of our food supply. Click here to view the Pollinator Garden Wheel.

"This week we at MooPigWisdom honor the Honey Bee by changing our colors to Black and Yellow to welcome Spring Flowers and our sacred Pollinators."

The Bees in Brazos Valley have returned, and reports that they are in Neighboring Houston Area make the Pig and I happy.

"Pig and I thought we were goners, extinct, when last year Honey Bees disappeared."

MTC #10

Mystery: Foreign agents have infiltrated your Dojo at BlogNinjas. The Dojo was at one time cloistered and private. Dojo elders decided to make it public.

These competitive aliens come from many walks as writer warriors and have challenged MTC twice and walked away with top honors twice.

Often strangers mysteriously creep into our lives as to immigrate. It seems they would invade our circle of comfort, and stir up things, but after all, they are catalysts effecting growth and change... or, regression and pain.

Topic: Illustrate, using any medium available to you, someone, or some others who have changed your life...

The mystery lies in the secret that they don't know it.!!!

Challenge: ...Put best KungFu MTC presentation strategy to work. You know you have practiced it enough. Do not allow upstart blogger-warriors infiltration for a third time, lest you may lose BlogNinja Dojo, and be dishonored.

All forms of content, style and voice should be called upon in this third assault on the new brave format of the MTC #10

Winner Topic 10 --
There is a prize offered for first place: either the Tee
3. designed by MooPig, or a gift certificate from "Zazzle" -- so you can design your own prize!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Copmapre and Cotrast these pohotos

evangelism versus Rock and Roll ...absolutely no difference..
young Billy Graham, at an evangelical mid-nite Ramble...

E at work...

Who is what? and who da whadda?

Can you see the relation of one to the other?

Look at these juniors, rockin like the elvis... in a time before time... of Billy G, and it is no respector of the times that are a changing...

Thanks to Dr. Otto Beckman "who saw the picture..."' of the "Visual Age.."

beeeeaches its so bittta, but it is soooooo gooooood!@beaaaache .com
Go dark chocolate; and for the rest of your life you Bark! at the moon.

UPDATE: Look Out Baby, 'Cause Here I Come....... RECESSION

Ides of March -- Idus Martiae... Recession !!!!

Any language you say it, it means doom. "Ides" is the 15th of the month, as in the day Caesar was assasinated in 44 BC, the term has come to be used as a metaphor for impending doom. This story has the drama and the look of a curse upon it. Bear Stearns, see also: Urban Dictionary.

"March 15 - a weekend - JP Morgan and the Federal Reserve Bank Board stepped in to rescue an 85 year old Bear Stearns Wall Street Investment bank. A company that was valued at $20,077 million last year, was bought for a mere $2,362 million on that beleagured weekend just past, JP Morgan was the buyer at $2 per share, 98% less than what it is worth."

"The Federal Reserve has agreed to put $30 billion in the deal." (Mark, Roy & Perelman. eweek, March 24, 2008; paraphrased pp 33-4.)

"Well tweedle dee, tweedle dum, look out baby 'cause here I come. (Rare Earth. Get Ready) Here is Dusty Springfield, because when I feel the doom I play this tune:

Buy Low Sell High: the article goes on to say: "On March 5, 2008 the Federal Reserve put out a report that found economic growth to be sluggish in 2/3 of the 12 districts it surveys... rising food, energy, and materiels costs utting pressure on growth ans slowing hiring..."(eweek; March 24, 2008, pp34).

"It is certainly a buying opportunity for strategic investors," [said Ward Carter, president of mergers and acquisitions advisory company Corum Group], "After all, you want to buy at the bottom, not the top."

Well Duh! Man, we were a bunch of Freaks in 1973! The year I graduated HighSchool:


On this Day March 15, 1973:

by Charlie Crane, Thorofare, NJ
Pink Floyd, Spectrum, March 15, 1973
Pink Floyd had been touring for over a year doing the Dark Side of the Moon line-up of songs — although they hadn’t released the album yet. Everywhere they played, it seemed a bootleg of the concert was released. The album would be released on March, 24th 1973 — but at that time it was still somewhat of an unknown for many. The program called the concert “Eclipse - a Piece for Assorted Lunatics,” as it had been called for about a year of live shows. But it was song-for-song and word-for-word Dark Side of the Moon.

PF came out without much fanfare and proceeded to perform the entire album uninterrupted by breaks for applause. It was awesome. They just played it straight through. Back then they hadn’t developed the elaborate special effects such as remote-control planes, flying brass beds, mirror balls, laser-beams, larger-than-life projections and red eyed floating pigs. The effects were limited to carbon dioxide “smoke” illuminated by mostly pink and green floodlights. There was a large gong that they used for their encore numbers, but it broke loose from its mountings when struck and the roadies had to do a quick repair. It was worth the wait, as they played “Set the Controls for the Center of the Sun” and set fire to the kerosene-soaked rim of the gong. The flickering flames dwindling down as the long epoch song slowly ended seemed to weave a magic spell and draw everyone into the gong — as if it had become the sun.

Before the show, almost everyone made paper airplanes out of their program and sailed them around the Spectrum waiting for the concert to begin. I kept mine as a souvenir and still have it — a testament to this piece of music history.

Fat Pat

Anyone else experiencing this? Left-over Easter Candy out the Wazoo?

Every year this happens, and the sad part... I am the Cookie Monster who is supposed to be at the AA of Sweets,

Hello, My Name is Patrick:

Hi, Patrick!!

I ama blubber holic!

So are we!!

Blah, Blah, Easter Candy, blarbble flaccle, gobble, fliccle flicadderbaba, chocolate bleberballies....

...And i have just relapsed after ten months...

Aaaaah! Too, too bad for Patrick.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cheap Shot Artist: Lawyer Ball

Urban Word of the Day

March 26, 2008: Lawyer Ball

The art of playing the rules instead of playing a game. For example, trying to
work out a walk in slow-pitch softball. Swing the bat, you puss!

Also applicable to weenies who demand free throws after the slightest contact in
a pick-up basketball game and d-bags who take yardage penalties in backyard
football games.

Pops: Hit it out of the park, boy!
Son: Don't pressure me, I'm trying to work the count.
Pops: Don't play lawyer ball, son.

HeHe... lawyer ball --Thanks Urban D.
--One of my pet peeves since I was old enough to have peeves, has been cheap shot artists. You know who they are, and they know who they are. I get a full tilt adrenaline charge whenever the pip-squeak twerp shows up with his/her tired act. I have to watch it, though, because I kicked one's ass so hard once, ...well it wasn't pretty. So... go ahead twerps give it your best, then byte me.
Iowa Legal Malpractice Attorney, Waterloo Lawyer, Ball, Kirk, & Holm
Legal malpractice harms the image of other lawyers all over Iowa. Our attorneys at Ball, Kirk, & Holm, PC, in Waterloo, IA, are dedicated advocates who...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

UPDATED -- Oooooops: should've shipped Fedex

This is a helicopter battery:

(CBS/AP) The Defense Department announced on Tuesday that it mistakenly shipped non-nuclear components for an intercontinental ballistic missile to Taiwan but has recovered them and launched an investigation.

"Go ahead, make my day."

And if I had a photo of one of those Minuteman Fuses mentioned in this story, I would have had about a billion hits on my page this morning...

MINUTEMAN Then and Now

For decades of Cold War Minutemen trained to battle in all kinds of conditions.
Video Fix: Takes Pepper Spray, Dishes Out Hurt
By Noah Shachtman April 30, 2007 6:00:00 AMCategories: Video Fix
Watch a soldier take a face full of pepper spray -- and still manage to club, smack, and shove a whole mess ...

and Now...

Today we have taken many of the MM's apart... and well some fuses got mishandled. Click on the aol AP link for the whole story.

US Mistakenly Shipped Arms to Taiwan
Posted: 2008-03-25 19:01:37
Filed Under: Nation News
WASHINGTON (March 25) - Shipping by mistake electrical fuses for an intercontinental ballistic missile to Taiwan raised concerns Tuesday for U.S.-China relations and triggered a broad investigation into the security of Pentagon weapons.
China vehemently opposes U.S. arms sales to Taiwan. Four of the cone-shaped fuses were shipped to Taiwanese officials in fall 2006 instead of the helicopter batteries they had ordered.

Despite quarterly checks of the inventory, defense officials said they never knew the fuses were gone. Only after months of discussions with Taiwan over the missing batteries did the Pentagon finally realize - late last week - the gravity of what had happened.

Once the error was discovered, the military quickly recovered the four fuses. How it happened, and whether the incident constitutes a violation of any treaty or agreement governing international sales of missile technology, were lingering questions.

At a hastily called news conference Tuesday, Ryan Henry, the No. 2 policy official in Defense Secretary Robert Gates' office, said President Bush as well as Chinese leaders were informed of the mistake - an error Henry called intolerable.

"I can not emphasize forcefully enough how strong the secretary feels about this matter and how disconcerting it is to him," Henry told reporters. He added that in an organization the size of the Defense Department there will be mistakes, but that "they cannot be tolerated in the arena in strategic systems, whether they are nuclear or only associated equipment, as was in this case."

In a comment directed at the Chinese concerns, Henry said the error does not suggest that U.S. policies on arms sales to Taiwan have changed.Taiwan, which split from China amid civil war in 1949, is the most sensitive issue in U.S.-China relations. Chinese officials repeatedly complained about U.S. arms sales to Taiwan during meetings with Gates in Beijing last fall. The U.S. insists it only provides weapons that would allow Taiwan to defend itself.

Beijing claims Taiwan as its own and has threatened to attack should the self-governing island make its de facto independence formal. Washington has hinted that it would go to war to protect Taiwan.

...The fuses were manufactured for use on a Minuteman strategic nuclear missile and are linked to the triggering mechanism in the nosecone, but they contain no nuclear materials.

Copyright 2008 The Associated Press. The information contained in the AP news report may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or otherwise distributed without the prior written authority of The Associated Press. All active hyperlinks have been inserted by AOL.
2008-03-25 18:35:25

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mystery Topic Challenge #9

Jousting at the Cross Roads, by Pat Darnell
March 23, 2008

In a bar once on regular Thursday-Girl’s-night-out, a young chap who had been stilted by the girl-next-door several times in his life tells this story. His listener is a mature woman, widow, who had to say 'No' to suitors on a regular basis. The bar had gone quiet for a while, and she found the young man a good listener, after introductions.

She described her business: “I am a merchandiser representative for retail vendors all around Houston. I find it very rewarding. I remember the last part of the eighties, after my husband died, when I began to awake to the stimulation's of the world,” she said. “Before that there was no intellectual stimulation. I amaze myself now with the things I express openly. There was this block before, just routine, you know raising the kids and all, and then my husband's long fight with Sjogren's Syndrome.”

Richard, a regular Thursday night patron found she was easy to follow, honestly, while simultaneously an old story from childhood started to build up in the same area of his brain, adjacent to his temples, where his ears were recording his widow friend's speech.

“Now I have this job, and all these clients: I drive all over. And the traffic is getting so…” she couldn’t finish the sentence for want of the proper word. To describe the traffic on roads inside the Beltway was sort of like asking, “Where do they all come from?” Or, “Doesn’t anyone work during the day?”

The oft'-jilted man felt at ease and relayed his misery and fright of the outlying boulevards of Houston's suburban bedroom communities. She listened intently. “Fender benders, and silly, stupid road rage… non-stop, all day long,” he said. He too stayed on the road with his courier business. Unless he had to dispatch he also handled some of his older clients himself. “Yes, I know exactly what you mean.”

“And, they are filming us now!” she exclaimed. “If you are caught in the intersection after the lights turn red, well, I got a ticket in the mail!”

He nodded his head. He spied a booth opening up. “Can we sit over there in those booths, where it is quieter?” he suggested.

“No problem.” They moved and settled in and both realized this was beginning to be an unusual Thursday Girl’s-night-out for both of them. Both felt cozy, unhurried and relaxed, ready for conversation.

“My grandfather used to tell this story to us grand kids. It seemed like he had to tell us… like he was passing on the knowledge of something.”

“Oh?” She did not feign interest, she was truly curious and entertained; so instead she encouraged him to continue. “Like fables?” She was having a relaxing time, for the first time in many years of avoiding Thursday night men. She didn’t mind that the young man was obviously becoming absorbed with his own memories.

“Exactly,” he said. “Just this minute listening to you, I think I am realizing the true meaning of his old story. You see he was a man who sort of remained a child all his life. Even until his last years, at 89 he still held the Bible close to his face, reading, as if he were eating the pages.”

She thought to herself: “That is so true; the Bible is called Bread of life…” She remembered her late husband reading the Bible.

“Old Pop was a Methodist minister out of Martin, Tennessee. He was a tough man who had change of life experience at age fifty, after trying so hard all years before to make it on his own. He admired ‘self-made men’ of his generation. He used to go on rants about the TVA, and how it destroyed Tennessee. He always pointed at their ‘Idiot Box’ – the television – to condemn it as public enemy number one, unneeded distraction in his world. I think you get the picture?”

“What’s that again – TVA?” she asked.

“Oh, sorry that’s the Tennessee Valley Authority, started in the ‘30’s to… well you know post-depression, economic development,” he said. “Funny thing is it was humongous and is still a model for helping third-world places... like Iraq... get their economy up and running for the poor people.”

“Okay, so your grandfather told you the story of TVA?”

“Well, indirectly, but his story starts like this:” as he began to remember words his Old Pop had said, he looked very serious, and inanimate. She meanwhile took a long draw on her Manhattan Iced Tea, and signaled for a nother round.

“In days of knights on horseback, there were two roads of that era in 1500’s that were well traveled. One road was east-west, the other was north-south. Heading east the Grey Knight had taken the straight and flat road called via Richmondvillversterhaden, and the Black Knight was north bound on the ancient straight and flat road called Hillcroftenbiederflakenster. Mind you, the roads were so straight that crows could often be seen flying right down the middle of them.”

She giggled, "That's cute. Silly crows."

He smiled and continued: “You realize the Grey and Black Knights were headed directly toward each other at the intersection of these two grand roads. …From five miles away each could see the other’s dust created from each other’s often errant entourage of roadies, walking behind, since their warlord masters lead them. It was a familiar sight on the roads of the time.”

“Store proprietors anticipated early Spring travelers. They looked for dust kicking up from dried out gravel roads, crows scanning grounds for winter whey and pieces of trash, hawks circling in pairs to drop on any returning robins exhausted, easy prey after their long migrations.”

"OOOOh," She thought of her own backyard full of robins pecking the ground for the fat earthworms.

“It seemed the Knights knew for the whole hour and a half they approached the crossroads that they would meet precisely at the intersection. However, neither slowed or sped up. The circus following them started making long distance threats at each other. Gestures were being thrown down at each other."

“A frightened shop keeper as spectator watched from the intersection where his general store and roadside attractions catered to travelers. The last mile or so up to the intersection is paved with stone. He listened intently to the ‘clip-clops’ that were as regular as heartbeats, of the knights’ enormous Belgian Chestnut under Grey Knight, and Belgian Black under Black Knight.

She thought of her dearly departed husband’s love for horses. “How he wanted to retire in Kentucky near the beautiful equestrian pastures,” she whispered to herself.


“Oh?! Nothing really I was just remembering things about my late husband; he loved horses,” she said. “Please go on, you were saying about the horses…”

"I love horses too," he said, “It was like the two alert, competitive horses knew that their paces were identical, and they became more proud as their hoofs hit the cobbled stone. The beat was as frightening as a whale’s heartbeat is to Jonah.”

She giggled. Memory of her quiet childhood being disrupted by someone walking down asphalt roads of her neighborhood… her puppy tensing up for a moment as the surprise sound gave way to recognition; she could recall the feel of her puppy’s fur in her fingertips.

“The proprietor of the outpost, Richard Chainybarker, heard the processions and made sure he posed out front staid and at attention. At the same precise ‘clip’ all sound ceased at the intersection. It made all anxious to hear the last ‘clop.’”

“Neither of the two kings’ men was willing to move into the intersection,” he paused to catch up with the stream of words now invading his frontal lobe. His brow felt heavy.

He looked at his booth companion, but she looked deeply interested. He thought of ‘Old Pop sure knew things.’

He continued, “And of course the knights’ travel companions had to remain behind their lords, until instructed. Then with outstretched arm the Grey Knight pointed south. Then the Black Knight raised his arm to point west. There was a silent hum throughout all gathered.

"And the store keeper, Chainybarker, put his arms akimbo, hands on his apron strings. He became agitated and went back in his store to his wife: ‘They are at the crossroad; and there is no room in the roads for them to cross each other. For the Grey Knight wants to go south, and the Black Knight wants to go west!’”

“There they sat in afternoon sun, for two hours. Then as if by some knightly secret signal, each man dismounted his steed, with a great clattering of armor, and with much assistance from their seconds. They flipped open their face pieces revealing ignoble scowls and squinting. After making eye contact with each other, Grey and Black seemed satisfied to stand at ease. As the late afternoon turned to dusk, fires were started and sup prepared to the rear of each entourage.”

“Each knight then sat on a wooden stool provided him at side of his horse. They each removed sword and outer armor. Evening passed in utter peacefulness. Swords were drawn and laid to rest at the foot of each knight, as each group’s trumpeter blew mighty notes into the night, attracting bats and coyotes into the gathering.”

“Chainybarker sat with his wife at serving tables in his store, shivering and unable to sleep thinking about the outcome of this situation. He had never seen two nobles arrive exactly at the same moment at precisely the same spot, with intention of going the other’s way.”

“At first light next morning, knights put on their armor waist skirts, breast plates, and helmets removed last evening after vespers. All morning they stood with swords at front. Then after noon dinner they mounted their steeds only to sit at attention until the dusk of a second day."

“’A siege; I never thought of that,’ sighed Chainybarker. He and his wife had never experienced cordon. What would it mean if it lasted longer than time when supplies arrive from the west, and pilgrims traveling from the south?”

“Is that it? They just stopped there?” asked our nostalgic widow. “Is there any thing after the second day?”

“Yes, of course,” said the third generation Tennessean storyteller, “The same thing happened each day and night for a fortnight.”

“You're kidding. What’s a fortnight again?” she asked. He signaled another round to the waitress.

“I don’t remember either, but the time passed like continents crossing the crust of the earth. Generations of flies, gnats, and dandelions came and went. Babies were born amidst the entourages. And behind each of the unbending knights, stalled pilgrims, supply convoys, and other traveler traffic had piled up for ten miles. However, no one dared to countermand, nor pass without proper signaling.”

“Chainybarker was about to close up his establishment. He was completely sold out, and had no certainty of replenishment for stores. And besides the once pastoral countryside was now noisy and foul smelling. ‘We should just move back to Londonderry,’ he said to his wife.”

“As the flying bugs of summer began to hatch out, a squire from Grey Knight’s castle moved to the front of the line. He announced arrival of his lord’s three lances. On Black Knight’s side so too did his lances arrive. It turns out the intersection constituted a jousting arena, and protocols of rival governances sent lords a'leaping to find a solution that could satisfy both parliaments. And believe me, those bands of murmurers and grumblers take their own sweet time to meet.”

“You see, the two knights were half brothers, each returning to the other’s domain to take wives, who are half-sisters, bequeathed to insure the continued peaceful, safe and efficient passage of people and goods on these roads.”

“Wait,” she slipped out of hypnosis of the story. “Isn’t that…?”

“Incest? Uh, yeah… but that is my Old Pop’s version, and I honor his words.”

“Remember the warlords had arrived at the intersection on their heavy war horses. Heavy horses that are helpful giving devastating force to the rider's lance with its weight, as it is about twice as great as that of a traditional riding horse.

Inside the intersection, the knights would have to face and bypass each other in an unlikely tilting stance, so they had waited for signals, actions, gestures or fortune to end their stall at the intersection. Now with orders, for certain each needed first his lighter weight horse, because the charge would only be a quick canter to the center of the intersection.”

“Chainybarker recalls it this way: To Grey Knight the lord Patchalter said: ‘Your sister has signaled her impatience.’ This communication signaled the end of the divergence, as on the other side Sir Guy d' Vicente delivered a similar statement to his Black Knight.”

“Upon this, the lord Patchalter, marshal of the army, went up to the barriers, and said to Sir Guy d' Vicente, ‘Let your squire come forth: he has found one who will cheerfully deliver him; and we will afford him every security.’”

“The Black Knight was much rejoiced on hearing these words. He immediately armed himself, in which the lords assisted, in putting on the different pieces, and mounted him on his lighter horse, the Charger which was his medium-weight horse bred and trained for agility and stamina.”

“Attended by two others, he came out into the intersection; and his varlets carried three lances, three battle-axes, and three daggers. He was much looked at by the Grey knight’s entourage, for they did not think any Southerner would have engaged body to body. There were besides to be three strokes with a sword, and with all other sorts of arms. Sir Guy d' Vicente had three brought with him for fear any should break.”

"Grey Knight mounted his fresh Charger, and weighed his lance. At another silent knightly signal both riders reared their horses and proceeded to blunt each other until lances broke, or a knight fell. Grey Knight broke three of his while Black Knight fell once only to tie the contest, breaking only one of his lances. After the last jousting, they charged their horses at each other hacking at each other with their battle axes, then swords. Until exhausted they moved in close clutching the other's horse's mane and stabbed at each other with daggers."

"Between episodes there were long sag breaks bracketed by loud trumpet fanfares. Anyway you get the picture. It went on all day and into the dusk."

"...However something very interesting happened as the sky turned indigo.”

"As the sun sank below the horizon, a host of lightning bugs lit up the fields and roads, and began swirling around the intersection and exhausted warlords. Children and eunuchs started chasing the lantern lit insects, and all interest was lost in the fighting knights. Midst the glee, our two heroes stopped, circled each other twice and on the third pass they raised their hands in salute as they both proceeded on their way -- south for the Grey Knight; west for the Black Knight. The horses relieved as well swayed, in slow canters. Children circled around them, leaped in the air and tried to capture lightning bugs for themselves."

“What’s the matter?” he looked at her pensive visage.

“The story is so romantic!” she put a napkin to her eyes.

He reached over and put his arm around her, and slid up next to her, close. She stood her ground, and pushed back. His lips found hers and they had a good snogging, filling the booth with steam. He gave her a good once over with once jilted hands, as she returned the favor, unable to restrain from grabbing her young suitor.

They sat a long time red-faced, breathing deeply. Then he turned to her and asked, “Same time next Thursday?” She giggled.

“Yes!” she said. Then she quickly added, "Richard, please, tell me your name again?” as they readied to leave.

“Oh, Richard Chainybarker,” he replied, "Chainybarker, like the shop keeper."

"I thought so," she said;

“So, Richard Chainybarker the 25th, ...a moral to your family story could be:

"Patient horseman and husband be
…If you’re joustin’
…down in Houston vicinities
"With your spit-fire hard hittin’ horse

"At cross-roads danger lurks in threes
…crossing foes’ lines
…times of the signs
…dark dusky skies
"Pay attention, you’ll stay alive
as Patience is virtue of thine's...

Thus: at cross-roads you’ll stay on course.”

Shocked and jarred, he exclaimed, “Where’d that come from?!”

She gave him a long hard look-over, up, and down: “I’ll tell you next Thursday,” she replied ever so softly. "Till then?"

Sleep Blogging

Great name for a blog. Last night my wife was sleep blogging on her friends's sites.

She was dancing to this:

Friday, March 21, 2008

Hitlary needs a Shamrock named Paris in her Hat

Hitlary Klinton has peer confirmation that she is a woman, and she is running for Prez of the USA. This article, reviewed here by MPW says a lot about the feminine attitude toward ascension in mortal life:

Paris says, “There is no sin worse in life than being boring—and nothing worse than letting other people tell you what to do.”

Blah, blah, blah... [Confessions of an Heiress. Yes, Heiress Paris’s philosophy on life is so much like Heiress Hillary’s, that it’s hard to see any differences between the two women at all. Except one very important one.]

As for the boring part, let’s face it—Hillary is so boring that I’d rather watch brownies rise in the oven. Paris could teach her a few things in that regard. (retrieved today from: Posted by Joyanna Adams in Vox Populi on November 4th, 2007)

In concert with the above and below statements, MooPig wants to express an opinion. This historic event is the first female run for the US Presidency... it is foolish for voting Americans to think her campaign will ever be similar to a male's campaign.

Paris says, “Always have a very big bodyguards.”

Last time I saw Hillary on C-Span, her four bodyguards could have picked up a mobile home and carried her in it.

Paris says, “If you cheat, just don’t get caught. And if you do, deny it. Heiress’s are very good liars when they want to be.” Really?

In the end, if Paris Hilton was running for President, I would vote for her hands down over Hillary on this comment alone: “You kick out a guy if he lies to you or cheats on you.”

Spoken like a true American Woman. Paris is the real heiress, Hillary is just a common…
Well, go for it.
(This entry was posted on Sunday, November 4th, 2007 at 1:18 pm and is filed under Vox Populi.)

By the way, both you'se gurls can leave your hat on. >mpw

The Insult

Here's a Polysyllabic that can't be sung without a little buck-board and snuff engineering; FIDIMPLICITARY/ˌfɪdimˈplɪcitəry/ ... I worked with an Electrical Engineer in the 80's at JCPenney Co., Bob Shapiro, who loved this cultural aspect of generations past -- Putting down others with what was "misplaced inventiveness" as described below.

Putting one's faith in someone else's views.

It rather looks like the sort of word somebody has forged in a fit of misplaced inventiveness. It was created by Sir Thomas Urquhart in 1652 in a book with a Greek title I won’t try to reproduce but which has the subtitle The Discovery of a Most Exquisite Jewel. He took it from the church Latin fides implicita, implicit faith.

He used it as a scathing epithet for academic types, gown-men, who were very happy to believe the assertions of their predecessors and were prepared to take all things literally on trust and without examination. So far as anybody knows, Sir Thomas was the only person who ever used it. It did appear in an issue of Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine in 1817, but in a caricature of Sir Thomas that had him refer to “those shallow and fidimplicitary coxcombs, who fill our too credulous ears with their quisquiliary deblaterations”.

Those are a nice pair of knock-down words, as Humpty Dumpty might have said to Alice. Quisquiliary is Urquhart’s variation on quisquilian, meaning worthless or trivial; deblateration comes from the Latin deblaterare, to prate or blab out.

These old-timers certainly knew how to insult people. We’ve largely lost the art of elaborate epithetical impugnment, relying more on crude invective these days. Polysyllabic scurrility should be our watchword!" (retrieved today at: World Wide Words is copyright © Michael Quinion, 1996–2008. )Your comments and corrections are welcome.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Honey Bees are Back in Bryan

I will put updates here as more developments come available. But there are bees on the holly hedges, and ladled all over the lavender. So bee it!

Hitlary needs a Shamrock in her Hat

The staff at MooPig has reached a consensus: all but one correspondent thinks Hillary should hire Paris Hilton as her Campaign Chairperson. Please read the following. It is an expose on why Gen JC Christian, our one dissenting field observer, is on the warpath about the Democrat's smear campaigns! Whaddya all think? >MPW

Gen. JC Christian, Patriot writes:
Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hillary Clinton: Secret Vogonzuelan
Luke Esser, heterosexual
Chair, Washington State Republican Committee
Dear Chairman Esser,
I want to commend you and the state party for all the good work you've done spreading the word that Barak Obama is secretly a card carrying Islamunistofascist. I'm particularly delighted to see that the Clark County Republicans featured the story on the front page of their web site and that Cathy Colley, Chair of the Grays Harbor Republican Party, distributed it via an official email to inner and outer party members.

That said, I find it inexcusable that you are not also facilitating the distribution of this companion email about Hillary Klinton:

If you do not forward anything else, please forward this to all your contacts...this is very scary to think of what lies ahead of us here in our own United States... better heed this and pray about it and share it with everyone you know.

Who is Hillary Clinton

Probable U. S. presidential candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton was born in MOSCOW, Idaho to Jose Chavez, a brown FOREIGNER, from Caracas, Venezuela and Prostetnic Vogon Zwentz, an ILLEGAL ALIEN from the planet Vogsphere in the Vogsol System of the Megabrantis Cluster. Hillary's parents met at the BOMB Shelter Tavern in PARIS, Idaho.

When Hillary was two years old, her parents divorced. Her father returned to Venezuela with her brother, Hugo, and her mother married a FREEMASON named CHARLES MANSON Rodham. When Hillary was six years old, the family relocated to the planet Vogsphere, where Hillary studied poetry at a MONTESSORI school in Vogtavia.

Hillary takes great care to conceal the fact that she is half Vogon, half Venezuelan, and the sister of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, a known LATTE DRINKER and lapsed CATHOLIC. She is also quick to point out that her Vogon past has nothing to do with her brother's acquisition of Vogon BATTLE CRUISERS, and that her sudden interest in relaxing trade restrictions on dilithium crystals for Venezuela is simply an example of her commitment to free trade.

Hillary will NOT sing along when a Toby Keith is played at an event. Instead she will pretend to cough while uttering the words "blow me" into her hand. Let us all remain alert concerning Hillary's expected presidential candidacy.

Please give as much effort to distributing this as you gave to the Obama smear.

Heterosexually yours,
Gen. JC Christian, patriot

Posted by Gen. JC Christian, Patriot at 12:29 AM

Location; location; location

Olympic-like Re-locating Sites for The Federal Government: Hey!! Why not?

Uncle Sam Going Mobile
by Pat Darnell, Correspondent

20 Mar 08

I think the US Government would have a better chance of surviving the ensuing divisive nature of global politics. Open letter to the Comm-in-chief:

March 20, 2008

Dear Dubya:
"Please unplug DC on your way out. Please sell it to Disney. Then please have our great cities in different states sponsor the Federal Government in increments of eight years."

"It breaks my heart to see my Federal Capital looking so unfriendly. That style of centralized, fortified government locale has lost all its meaning and appeal. Besides, castle balustrade structure was all about ancient day rivaling feudal warlords who provided protection for local folk. We are the land of the free and home of the brave, still aren't we?"

"I strongly suggest the beauty that is our heritage Capitol in Washington DC would be preserved as an amusement and entertainment capital. It looks like a ghetto now. Maybe it could start earning afew bucks instead of sucking dollars into its gaping pie hole!"

Thank you for listening
[add your name]

Or something like that.

Could we have a change of locale every eight years or so: like the Olympics. Salt Lake City for eight years, then to Fort Lauderdale for eight years, and so on? Why not? Hey even Las Vegas could house the gambling, horny legislators for a term or two. A mobile government is much less a target for terrorist style cheap shot tactics.

It would propel the various state economies into prosperity. Also, natural selection and various tribal-like rivalries, like football rivalries could crop up. We all know how prosperous our national sports programs are. This would naturally extinguish much of the waste of federal governmental bureaucracy. It would create natural attrition, just like Uncle Sam needs in this hour of seven-hundred battlefront lines world wide.

Hey, and also why not limit lame duck re-elected Presidents to only two more years, for a total of six years, in office. We wouldn't have to watch a president going around for the last two years in office looking for things to do. And the additional benefit is off-year Presidential elections. Isn't that exciting??

Faithful Reader -- Please add your two cents, or scents, to this one... [sense, pence, tuppence, coin, bank roll]

>>mpw/ pdarnell real estate correspondent

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


The unauthorized not-hand-painted MooPig T-shirt's for you
Yep. There it is. In a commercial, just like on TV. It's only like $32. Wow what a bargain; or should we say a gar-bain of the highest cost of doing no business. I have high hopes you will just send me the $32 direct, and I will send you a receipt, for donating to my children's' college funds.

MooPig is Eat up. It is a known fact -- if you were once before eat up, but not now, you still will be eat up eventually. Its the law of life.

What do you think an alien to this country first thinks of as they enter the boundaries? They are the same as earthworms, wolves or cheetahs; it's time to find something to eat.

Have you ever been abducted? Well, I don't know if I was either... but when you are you might want to wear your MooPig Eat up T-shirt. It could direct the big eyed grey dudes to eat the livestock first. Just a friendly reminder. That kind of communication is, well, priceless.

I offer one more suggestion: visiting Zazzle and picking your sizes etc, go also to to see more offerings from Zazzle, in all its pithy splendor.

MooPig wants you to be in your most sartorial splendor of pithiness.

Monday, March 17, 2008

From Dave, the winner of the 8th Mystery Topic Challenge, here is our next topic:

I was speeding down Hillcroft toward Richmond, in Houston, late as usual. The left turn light was green, then yellow and the cars ahead were poking along thru the turn. I had the adrenaline rush to go for it and it turned red. I went, enticing the car behind to go, too. The strobes went off and we will get tickets in the mail. The drivers northbound all shot us the bird with their eyes, all late for something, ready to run their own red lights. I wondered who started this red light running, where they did and when and why.
Get writing, folks! Posting Day is next sunday, the 23rd of March.

My apologies for getting this up late, but I was sick this weekend and forgot to poke Dave.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Internet Technology Can't be that Simple!!!!!!!

MooPig would very much like to point out something about the Internet. It seems we mid-lifers are divided on a simple issue, when in fact it is not an issue. "Why would I ever trust anything on the Internet?"

Answer: Do you trust yourself? -- sort of like when you fill out a W-2 form -- do you claim yourself?

Friends will never understand the Internet if they do not understand the simple origins.

The basis for the Internet is the code shown in the graphic left.

Yes three tags in this order: "html, head, and body" make up the entire website caucus.

Nothing else. That is all it is... for everything you see in here. Do not be afraid... it is harmless. It is public forum, it scares the politicians like Hillary and Barack, because they are unable to control the self-rule/democratic nature of a fully free system of media. Thank you all for listening, or not listening.

If you still don't believe us go to the "View" drop down menu in your menu bar at the top of this page. click "Source," and wallah -- there is the code for this entire blog. All there, all for the world to see, copy, poke, spin... just like "what you see is what you get." >mpw ed

Friday, March 14, 2008

Give me a pill that makes me Perfect!!

MooPig Current Events Department: Resignation is a popular four syllable word in 2008

MooPig Correspondent Jerre Darnell did not have to travel far when asked to reveal her opinion on an editorial about "to E-mail; or not to E-mail, that is the question." Our senior scooper in the field, Jerre, says, "The District Attorney Rosenthal, in Texas, has an as-yet unspecified syndrome that made him stupid and was brought about with something about his therapy. It led him to bad judgment, and he implicitly wrote public announcements to a former niche lover from the 80's, Kerry Stevens."

In the quickened state of imbecile, DA Rosenthal put two and two together and made four big booboo's.

"I will definitely never get email," said our octogenarian correspondent.

1 "Joe Owmby, an assistant Harris County district attorney who is chief of the office’s police integrity division, says Rosenthal notified his staff of his resignation by e-mail hours before the press release was issued..."
Harris County DA Chuck Rosenthal Resigns By JOHN COUNCIL, MARY ALICE ROBBINS and BRENDA SAPINO JEFFREYS Texas Lawyer Friday, February 15, 2008

2 February 19, 2008 Texas District Attorney Resigns
In the wake of an e-mail scandal brought on by prescription drug “impairment,” a Texas district attorney steps down from office.

The Texas Lawyer reported today that Harris County District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal resigned from office Feb. 15. The decision comes amid a controversy that took place in December when e-mails he sent and received were disclosed as part of discovery in a federal civil rights suit, Ibarra, et al. v. Harris County, Texas, et al.

The e-mails on his office computer included several romantic notes Rosenthal had sent to his executive assistant, Kerry Stevens. As a result, Harris County Republican leaders pressured Rosenthal to remove his name from the party's March 4 primary ballot, which he did on Jan. 2.

Several days later, more e-mails from Rosenthal’s computer were disclosed as part of Ibarra, including messages he sent to assistant prosecutors in his office seeking help arranging a barbecue to kick off his re-election campaign. An act that is illegal under Texas law.
In a press release he sent out the day he resigned, Rosenthal said prescription drugs had impaired his judgment.

3 “Although I have enjoyed excellent medical and pharmacological treatment, I have come to learn that the particular combination of drugs prescribed for me in the past has caused some impairment in my judgment,” Rosenthal wrote. “This position is much too important for anyone to be less than their best. I am currently in a different regimen of therapy from different health care professionals and am looking forward to concentrating on the restoration of my health.”

4 Intrigue in the DA's office...
E-MAILS, I don't think I will ever use email again.... comments on the flava of love:
In a three-day period in July of this year, Rosenthal wrote to Stevens' home email saying, "You saw me looking at new toys yesterday. I could buy one or save the money to take you somewhere."
In another brief email, he says, "Bet I could make you sleep."
And on the Fourth of July, he writes to her, "I love you so much."

comment: Posted by: Royko December 28, 2007 at 07:42 AM
"I guess the Harris County Republican Party's family values are a bust?
No pun intended."

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Whoa, hold on a New York Minit! Prosecutors Might want to persue a heftier pedophilia charge on resigned Gov!!

UPDATE!!!! March 14, 2008


This is not his first dirty ugly scandal. And still NY only votes blue.
FIRE SPITZER (prior scandal)
It's a GREAT Day! SPITZER has EGG ALL OVER HIS FACE! different scandal, same face

Mr. Spitzer, who ran on a platform of cleaning up Albany corruption, was elected governor in 2006 by a landslide.
His cell phone records tied him to the Emperors Club prostitution ring. The ring launders money and launders Spitzer too I guess. Ouch.

UPDATE: Fox News is reporting that SPITZER WILL RESIGN. WOOT! He is/was despicable. The must be doing the cha cha down on Wall on Broad.
Spitzer was indicted by the Southern district on February the 7th. Wow.

UPDATE: I HEARD THE CORNER OF WALL AND BROAD BROKE OUT IN CHEERING WHEN WORD BROKE. Comments: "I bet Andrew Kennedy Cuomo is fookin yodeling. ..."

MooPig asks this: "Why would anyone even try to become a politician today?" MooPig would never make it past the first round. He would have a bunch of people in the back of the assembly, waving handkerchiefs, "Hey, imbecile, remember us?" Considering being a leader? Good luck.
______________________________________________The John and the Jill

March 12, 2008: MooPig Correspondents have scooped the governor's prostitute's mysPace... "We feel that the mind that wrote this biography is the mind of an 'AAD' -- American Acoustic Development -- victim. With the panache of a prepubescent, she says she was 'discovered while uncovered,' and we find that to be a definitive Venus d' Milo moment. Proof, have you, that literature is living, and living is literature." It is as hairless as Greek classic art, making Gov Spitzer for sure a fence walking pedophile. MPW Ed.

Read on here the clips from or visit to Ashley's myspace... by clicking the title below you can visit her sight. Careful though; this girl has more psuedonyms than Cassius Marcellus Clay. "About Ashley Alexandra Dupré, by Ashley Youmans Rae Maika DiPietro Alexandra Dupré Kristen:
I am all about my music, and my music is all about me… It flows from what I’ve been through, what I’ve seen and how I feel. I live in New York and am on top of the world. Been here since 2004 and I love this city, I love my life here. But, my path has not been easy. When I was 17, I left home. It was my decision and I’ve never looked back. Left my hometown. Left a broken family. Left abuse. Left an older brother who had already split. Left and learned what it was like to have everything, and lose it, again and again. Learned what it was like to wake up one day and have the people you care about most gone. I have been alone. I have abused drugs. I have been broke and homeless. But, I survived, on my own. I am here, in NY because of my music. It started when I moved in with a musician during my odyssey to New York. One day, I was in the shower singing “respect.” He and his lead guitarist burst in, had me repeat it and it started. We wrote, rehearsed and toured. After recording a bit with them, I decided to move to Manhattan to pursue my music career. I spent the first two years getting to know the music scene, networking in clubs and connecting with the industry. Now, it’s all about my music. It’s all about expressing me. I can sit here now, and knowingly tell you that life’s hard sometimes. But, I made it. I’m still here and I love who I am. If I never went through the hard times, I would not be able to appreciate the good ones. Cliché, yes, but I know it’s true. I have experienced just how hard it can be. I can honestly tell you to never dwell on the past, but build from it and keep moving forward. Don’t let anyone hold you back or tell you that you can’t…because you can. I didn’t and here I am, just listen to it…. What we Want is my latest track. It’s really about trust, something my past has made very difficult for me to feel. This one was inspired by a guy, who taught me not to confuse my dreams with the sounds of the city…I hope you like it.
I created my own profile using nUCLEArcENTURy.COM and you should too!" all by Ashley...

Sorry, Boys, This Is Our Domain
February 21, 2008
Research shows that the cyberpioneers of the moment are digitally effusive teenage girls.


In conclusion:
Comments from veteran Musicians not on Ashley's list...

"Two Quick Items" March 13, 2008 Upcoming Gig: The Oli Brown Band

I’m So Stupid Posted on 10 Mar 2008 at 02:35 pm Under: Duh!, Guitar, Music Don’t know what I was thinking but, I forgot to tell you about something...


Monday, March 10, 2008 The Poorboys in Hartlepool
Last Friday night I went to The Woodcutter in Hartlepool (my home town) to see The Poorboys. The last time I was in The Woodcutter I was probably only 17!


Learn to not be the best!In: My journey Monday Mar 10,2008

For a few years, every year, I used to go with my band to a national rock/jazz/folk contest open to students, that takes place in Romania since 20 years or so...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge... I solemnly swear..."

Yeah, I dropped in to Mo's one day, and there she was at the table. I said to Mo: "Gimme a' onion, sliced, toasted wid' cream cheese, pickle on the side..." like I always do.
She said "that's exactly how I like it..."

Then I paid her $4300 eighteen times to have sex wid' me.

"That's how you met your wife?"

No, ya' crazy? That's how I met Kirsten... errr, I mean Kristen, sumpin' lik' dat!

Look What I found Dumpster Diving yesterday!!!

a Zancha Model and the Holy Grail


You Don't Care About Identity Theft?!

The Internet is full of warnings that you should shred all your documents that have personal information on them before you throw them away.

But, let's be honest, you don't do it.

Even the Consumer Response Center from the Federal Trade Commission lists dumpster diving as the No. 1 way thieves steal your identity ahead of skimming, phishing and changing your address.

Since dumpster diving is perfectly legal in most cities in the U.S. (if you ever decide to try dumpster diving, be sure to call the local authorities to make sure it is legal and follow the basic rules of courtesy), it's up to you to keep your information from falling into the wrong hands.

I came across numerous papers that had useful identity information including photos, IDs, passwords, applications and account numbers that anyone could use to steal your identity.

While you may think that the chances of having this happen to you are small, providing any type of chance when there is an easy solution doesn't make sense.

Buy yourself a cross-cutting shredder (other shredders are better than nothing, but a committed identity thief can piece together the information if he really wants to) and then shred all documents that have any personal or identifying information on them before putting them into the trash.

While this won't guarantee that your identity isn't stolen, it will make it much less likely that anyone who goes through your trash will be able to do so.

2. You Buy a Lot of Food You Never Eat

It's amazing how much food you buy that you never eat and end up throwing away.

Some of it is leftovers or parts of meals that were too large. Some is food that has gone bad or passed its expiration date. Most surprising, however, is that some is still in the package and appears to be perfectly good.

Timothy Jones, who works at the University of Arizona, conducted a study on quantifying food loss. It revealed that an average family of four throws out approximately $600 worth of good food every year. Of that food, 14% hasn't expired or even been unpackaged.

Taking the time to shop better and only purchase food in the amount that you will eat and what you will eat can cut down waste and help you save part of that $600 you're currently throwing into the trash.

3. Your Diet Is Costly

When looking at the different types of foods you throw away, it's obvious that your diets end up costing you a lot of money in wasted food. Of the perfectly good food that was thrown away, almost all of it consisted of candy, sweets, snacks and other junk food.

If you go on diets on a regular basis, don't stock up on a huge amount of junk food during those times when you aren't on a diet. If you do, it's all going to end up in the trash the next time you decide you need to lose a few pounds.

4. You Throw Away Stuff That Isn't Fully Used

I'm not sure why this is, but I came across a large number of bottles in the trash that hadn't been completely used. This included half-filled bottles of cleaning supplies, shampoo, make-up and similar items that still had a good amount of the product left.
Your Trash Is Full of Treasures
Posted: 2008-03-10 01:29:39

Monday, March 10, 2008

Acqua di' puzzo: L'odore di acqua cattiva, cattiva acqua, fallo acqua

Probe Finds Drugs in Drinking Water AP
Click on title to get whole report
Posted: 2008-03-10 06:49:46
Filed Under: Health News, Nation News, Science News
(March 9) - "A vast array of pharmaceuticals — including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones — have been found in the drinking water supplies of at least 41 million Americans, an Associated Press investigation shows..."
"Philadelphia: 56 pharmaceuticals or pharmaceutical byproducts, including medicines used to treat pain, infection, high cholesterol, asthma, epilepsy, mental illness and heart problems..."

Let the Moopish Wisdom prophets re-speak:
"I must have a drink of breakfast. W. C. Fields
I never drink water, fish f*&(*%k in it. W. C. Fields
I never drink water; that is the stuff that rusts pipes. W. C. Fields
I never drink water. I'm afraid it will become habit-forming. W. C. Fields
If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull. W. C. Fields
Once, during Prohibition, I was forced to live for days on nothing but food and water. W. C. Fields
Remember, a dead fish can float downstream, but it takes a live one to swim upstream. W. C. Fields, and I'll be sober tomorrow, but you'll be crazy for the rest of your life." W. C. Fields

In conclusion refer to the AP article... [this about covers the regional identifiers]

"New York City: Heart medication, infection fighters, estrogen, anti-convulsants, a mood stabilizer and a tranquilizer... "New Orleans: Pain reliever naproxen, sex hormone estrone and the byproduct of an anti-cholesterol drug... "Southern California Watershed: Anti-epileptic and anti-anxiety medications... "Washington, D.C.: Six pharmaceuticals... "Northern New Jersey: Metabolized angina medicine and the mood-stabilizing drug carbamazepine... "Upstate New York Watershed: Caffeine... "San Francisco: Sex hormone..."

"...Tests were conducted in 35 of 62 major U.S. watersheds, the natural sources of most of the nation's water supply. Pharmaceuticals were detected in 28 of them." (AP; Mar 10, 2008)

"We know we are being exposed to other people's drugs through our drinking water, and that can't be good," says Dr. David Carpenter, who directs the Institute for Health and the Environment of the State University of New York at Albany."
Copyright 2008 The Associated Press. The information contained in the AP news report may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or otherwise distributed without the prior written authority of The Associated Press. All active hyperlinks have been inserted by AOL. 2008-03-09 8:50:12

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