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Sunday, December 14, 2014

MooPig Church of the Beach Department :: "Catholicism"

The catholic Case for a New Strategy
Mixed Mashed Articles by Pat Darnell  |  Dec 7, 2014  |  Bryan TX

Generally we avoid discussions on religions. Doesn't that sound familiar? Almost all social networks post in their guidelines that discussion of liturgy and religion latency will not be tolerated. Then you have atheist groups that don't talk about religion, but actually do talk about religion... eh?

It is the end of the year and all our thoughts turn to our immortal selves, even though we are mortal. But anyway, what we believe seems to have bearing on our living conditions. Pedagogy dodgy, trite, trans-humanism, psycho babble, building maintenance, large salaries; seems a bit much for a non-taxed institutions, that there are more denominations of than there are grains of sand on the beach.

At present churches in the USA seem to have screws loose. I cannot find a church in Bryan TX that isn't heavy-handed pedagogy, starving financially, or stodgy dodgy. But that's me. I have always desired a church that has an architecturally significant building that houses exquisite melodies and is filled with edifying, profound Bible teachings.

We, the MooPig Church of the Beach Department are not going to take on the Catholic Church. NO way. Others are significantly invested in petitioning the Catholic Church to expand in some areas and to cut off branches of the vine in other areas of Christianity. We don't have to add to that. One of our faceBook friends, Annie Gottlieb, posted this article:

After the Future: Walker Percy's Postmodern Catholicism: "Elie quotes Dorothy Day, who somewhere said that the saint is the one who lives his life in a way that would make no sense if God did not exist. The logic of faith, is therefore, the obverse of what makes sense in the broader culture. What is rich is poor, and what is poor is rich. What is fullness in the one is emptiness in the other. The proud shall be humbled, the meek exalted. What is powerful in the world is weakness in the eyes of the Church, or should be. If the Church as Institution truly understood this and organized itself according to this logic, it would not look at all the way it does. And its spiritual authority and credibility would increase a hundredfold. The world longs for such a Church."
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MooPig Church of the Beach editor, William Rathnistein, says, "We are entering the 'Efforts of the Generalists' in Post-Modern Pre-Revival Modern Pre-Quel Age' of pastors. They put on a show, speak in psychological terms, and rally large crowds under the banner of 'Abundant Living, and pass the collection plates.'"

According to today's article the "world longs for such a church." Not the one we just described but --
"...What is rich is poor, and what is poor is rich. What is fullness in the one is emptiness in the other. The proud shall be humbled, the meek exalted. What is powerful in the world is weakness in the eyes of the Church, or should be. If the Church as Institution truly understood this and organized itself according to this logic, it would not look at all the way it does..."
Therefore, we turn to “Burning Man” type stuff, and its counterpart, post-Modern multi-purpose, multi-use “Kit Churches’...” a couple of crucibles with stand-offish natures.

We are always committed when we start a new thing; and always uncover some revelations from our hospital beds. As often the case, our upstart, in-house discussions so far have invariably ended in fine strands of sifting Sand; like sand in an hour glass.

And, in the case of Joel Osteen, we say "Beware the Mullet."

We always include a conclusion at the end of our articles. We are hoping that you, dear readers, all seven of you, will at least read this bit of quantitative-subjectivity, if you do not read the rest of the article. Unfortunately, today, we seem to have lost our train of thought, and have strayed from our intended subject matter, post-Modern Catholicism. It's a bust.


Saturday, December 13, 2014

MooPig Community Chest Department :: "A Community Garden"

Folks, we need Planet Saver Tactics...
Mixed Martial Articles by Pat Darnell  |  Dec 13, 2014  |  Bryan TX
[Picture LINK]

In 1979 a magazine called Mother Earth News published extensively about self-sufficiency on a five acre plot. It was my mantra. But five acres in those days in Chicago ... well, even back then that would have cost about $900,000 just for the land, and that is very conservative.

Any type of wetland conservation idea is needed now. We over-build into our natural water ways, until we start to experience floods and mud-slides. Architecture that is designed to augment the natural ways of things on planet earth should be "built" as designed. Community gardens would be included in the land development master plans. If it were not for "bottom-line" developers, we might have such places in our communities.

Most good ideas that would make the earth a less hostile environment are "deep six'd" in the final financial analysis, land has to be paid for. Watershed imbalance today is confounding communities all over the world.

The article we include today says to invite all people who are interested in community gardening, is the first step to:

10 Steps to Starting a Community Garden | American Community Garden Association: "The following steps are adapted from the American Community Garden Association’s guidelines for launching a successful community garden in your neighborhood."
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MooPig Economic Summit Department :: "The Recovery"

A Time to Verify: a Time to Lie
Mixed Martial Articles by Pat Darnell  |  Dec 13, 2014  |  Bryan TX

It has come to the attention of MooPig Economic Summit Department writers that people in government office lie about economics. "We want to know the truth," said Ernst T. Bone, Editor-in-chief of the department. Don't take our word for it.

Republicans aligned with their funny economic strategy from the Reagan years seem to be the biggest spinners of economic haphazardry ... But,

The Obama Recovery Has Been Miles Better Than the Bush Recovery | Mother Jones: "Paul Krugman writes today about the dogged conservative claim that the current recovery has been weak thanks to the job-killing effects of Obamacare and Obama regulation and the generally dire effects of Obama's hostility to the business sector. But I think Krugman undersells his case. He shows that the current recovery has created more private sector jobs than the 2001-2007 recovery, and that's true. But in fairness to the Bush years, the labor force was smaller back then and Bush was working from a smaller base. So of course fewer jobs were created. What you really want to look at is jobs as a percent of the total labor force. "

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Monday, December 08, 2014

Sunday Funnies

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

MooPig Stall Tactics Department :: "McConnell Pushes Back... on what, we do not know"

Congratulations McConnell, you are now Main Stream Politician
Mixed Martial Articles by Pat Darnell  |  Nov 29, 2014  |  Bryan TX

In Leaked Tape Mitch McConnell Admits The Koch Brothers Are Running The Republican Party: "In a leaked audio tape of the Koch brothers top secret June 2014 retreat, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) not only admitted that the Republicans would be lost without the Kochs, and revealed who the real power is in the GOP."

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I tried to listen to this monologue by McConnell, I really tried. I got to about 11 minutes in, out of a 23 minute long tape. Blah, blah, blah... McConnell is obsessed with not being able to say what he wants to say. It sounds like a childhood abuse case. Who beat him up so much and didn't allow him to speak when he was a child?

He refers to the Koch assholes by their first names. Are they his "found" daddy figures?

Then at 14 minutes McConnell opens up questions from the floor. The first question is about engaging in war and "is their anything in the Obama administration" that keeps us from going to war when attacked?

McConnell hims and haws and says a bunch of hucksterisms, and doesn't answer the question. McConnell talks like he has a mouth full of marbles. Then he circles the wagons, HA!, and tries to move into foreign policy on the poor confused questioning women named Cheryl. Then the whole crowd laughs about something.

Then David Koch gets on the microphone and mumbles something about Supreme Court stuff, and blah, blah, blah ... [inaudible corporate-ese shit]. And old man McConnell jumps right back into freedom of speech monologue and says that even Ted Kennedy voted against it "fifteen years ago." Invoking the dead is like talking to the dead, Mitch, they really can't fight back, you know.

Dear readers, all six of you, used to be seven but one retired, we are up against century long feuds between addle-brained career politicians who cannot even speak clearly.

Then at 20:54 McConnell is trying to itemize what we should do, and he says something peculiar. If the Republicans control the two houses "that means we can pass the spending bill. And, I [Mitch] assure that in the spending bill, we will be pushing back against this bureaucracy by doing what's called putting riders in the bill ... We're going to go after them on healthcare, on financial services, on the Environmental Agency across the board ..."

Then at 22:41 McConnell admits to insanity by pulling out the abused old saw from Einstein, "...the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result..."

When McConnell talks about "THEM" he is talking about "YOU AND ME." YIKES!

If you want to be a politician, you had better be prepared to be the last person on earth that anyone wants to talk with. You will be a billionaire's bitch, and will have to learn to take in in the ass.

SUGGESTION: Listen to this tape if you like to puke.


MooPig Inventor Minute Department :: Dean Kamen--An Inventor’s Unconventional Life

This Machine is Designed to Make 1000 Liters of Clean Water a Day...
Mixed Mashed Article by Pat Darnell  |  Nov 29, 2014  |  BryanTX

"...'The myth of invention,' he said, 'is that innovators like Kamen “snap their fingers and things happen. The reality is that it can take 20 years to make something happen.”

"...What Kamen does differently from other entrepreneurs or business people, and what makes him successful, Lazarus said, is that he looks at a problem from the bottom up, rather than the top down. And he doesn’t take “no” for an answer (Nicola Smith. Friday, August 8, 2014.  LINK)..."
"... One of the great things about Dean is how childlike he can be. He’s non-cynical, and non-biased, which helps you to break through to seeing things differently. My admiration for him is how much of that he retains,” Lazarus said. (ibid. Nicola Smith) ..."

An Inventor’s Unconventional Life | Valley News: "Kamen has spent his life coming up with ideas for how to make life better for people — better dialysis machines, better wheelchairs, better heart stents. He’s probably best known for inventing the Segway, a motorized scooter that he hoped would reduce our reliance on cars for transportation. Although it generated enormous press, the Segway didn’t quite take off the way Kamen anticipated it would. What becomes clear as the 93-minute film progresses is how little Kamen cares about doing things the conventional way"
'via Blog this'
"...There is a eureka moment when Kamen realizes that there is one multi-national corporation that gets its product into the remotest of places, and that is the Coca-Cola Co. So Kamen goes after Coca-Cola to team up on distributing the systems, and persuades company officials to sign on. Even so, that’s hardly the end of the story.

“There are 206 countries with 206 different solutions. Nothing you do in Ghana applies to Ecuador and nothing you do in Ecuador applies to Mexico,” Lazarus said. (ibid. Nicola Smith)..."

Dean Kamen has the ability to think from the bottom up on problems of catastrophic proportions. A billion people worldwide without clean water sparks his ingenuity. He then invents, designs, and builds a solution.


Saturday, November 29, 2014

MooPig Site Review :: "Dean Kamen's New Stirling Engine will Get you Off the Grid"

"...Will the utility-run electric grid only be used as back up to consumers and businesses? (LINK)..."
Mixed Martial Articles by Pat Darnell  |  Nov 29, 2014  |  Bryan TX

[Picture LINK (10-26-12)]

That's a great question. American industry stumbles along when it comes to long term commitments to energy sources other than our standard pole and wire power supply. No one in North America is independent of our electric grid. We all plug in our devices and run our things from our 100 year-old utility-run grid.

"... It’s amazing that in this day and age, when investment bankers routinely take home $50 million paychecks, we can’t seem to work out how to help the majority of people on this planet from being at risk through lack of water and power. Astonishing. Here’s hoping things change sooner rather than later (Nigel. red ferret. March 29, 2008. LINK)..."

Segway Inventor Dean Kamen Thinks His New Stirling Engine Will Get You Off The Grid For Under $10K: "The Stirling is quieter than an internal combustion engine, and it’s more efficient because the heat is retained inside the engine to do more work rather than allowed to escape to the environment."
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"...Though Stirlings are highly efficient, they haven’t caught on because it takes them a while to warm up and they can’t change power output quickly. That makes them unworkable for cars and trucks, but potentially ideal both for power generation and water heating. More than just a backup generator, these machines, depending on the price of natural gas, could also provide round-the-clock power to a home or business. Beats solar panels (LINK)..."
”We don’t think we should be just selling a box,” says Kamen. “We think we should be part of a system of the future, powering the evolution of microgrids.” (ibid. Forbes) Fuel for his engine is not a problem, "... 'We have powered them using cow dung in Bangladesh, and even by burning olive oil,' Kamen says..."

So in 10 years will everyone have one?

“I’d say yes. Ten years from today the probability that you are depending on wires hanging on tree branches is as likely as that you’ll still be installing land lines for telephones. Close to zero. (ibid. Forbes)”


Funnies :: Thanksgiving Edition

It's THANKSGIVING all over the world!!!!

Unless referenced with a LINK or caption, Sunday Funnies is a bunch of pirated MEME's from faecesBook, YouTuber, Tweet'um and Tweet'um dee, Redditt, and other places where sources have been lost and are unknown. Give 'em Hell Henry. If you are offended then ASWC ... ask someone who cares.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sunday Funnies :: Multi-Use

The world is truly coming to an end..It has been revealed that the pastor in this picture asked his female members who are spinsters to a beach where they were asked to undress and were kissed on their ass as a sign for them to receive their prospective husbands which they quickly agreed to..Can you imagine such madness. (CKN. November 19, 2014 · by udumakalu . LINK)

Unless referenced with a LINK or caption, Sunday Funnies is a bunch of pirated MEME's from faecesBook, YouTuber, Tweet'um and Tweet'um dee, Redditt, and other places where sources have been lost and are unknown. Give 'em Hell Henry. If you are offended then ASWC ... ask someone who cares.

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