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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm No Virgin: or do we start over after AD 2000?

This will be Short, by Pat Darnell
Hello Dear Patrons:
Believe you me I struggle for enlightenment. As of late, I have been noticing something: Change is constant. Last year at this time were concerns about global warming, a digital age, and other foreign occupations. Now a bigger picture is in the news, that WW III is on our horizon, so says the Bush Regime.
So be it. World War is a percentage thing: if over fifty percent of the nations are in a skirmish simultaneously because of "Have / Have Not" issues, well that spells World War.
WW II and counting... And at last count we ended number two around 1946-ish, or shouldn't we have a better name for this century? The following is an excerpted report about President 'Dubya' Bush's comments:
The Herald (Harare) OPINION 30 October 2007 Posted to web 30 October 2007 Scott Ritter Harare Zimbabwe: Bush's Delusions of World War Iii Disgraceful, Banal.... "...At a White House Press conference two weeks back, just in case you haven't heard, (United States) President (George W.) Bush informed the American people that he had told world leaders 'if you're interested in avoiding World War III, it seems like you ought to be interested in preventing (Iran) from having the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon'.
...Pundits have raised their eyebrows and comics are busy writing jokes, but the
president’s reference to Armageddon, no matter how cavalierly uttered and subsequently brushed away, suggest an alarming context. ... There is still no official
policy in place within the administration concerning Iran. While a more sober-minded national security bureaucracy works to marginalise the hawkish posturing of the neo-cons, the administration has decided that the best policy is, in fact, no policy, which is a policy decision in its own right. ... A policy of no policy results in secret policy, which means, according to Hadley
himself, the Bush administration simply does whatever it wants to, regardless.
In the case of Iran, this means pushing for regime change in Tehran at any cost, even if it means World War III (Ritter, Scott, 30 Oct 2007)." Scott Ritter was a Marine Corps intelligence officer from 1984 to 1991 and a United Nations weapons inspector in Iraq from 1991 to 1998. This is part on an article that was first published on
Some of you know, I am from the kindergarten class generation that actually practiced in the hallways at good old West University Elementary duck-ing and cover-ing. My classmates and I grew up in fear. Cold war or hot war, it is all the same to us.

It turns out, War Veterans tell us the real story: Most saying --"war is constant." Marines tell us it's the "Suck." Did not Jesus say it would be akin to being pushed through the eye of a needle to avoid persecution?
Scripture also points to the bigger war up there that is being fought between fallen angels and unfailing servants of God.

Hey! And still many people around the world talk about virgins... Moslem's on his Jihad looks for thirty or forty virgins after incinerating himself; wanton Catholics pray to virgins for intercession, Hefner preys upon them, and Buddhist... I don't know, I think he took bowls of milk and rice-pudding from several virgin maidens. Greeks.. never mind.

Moses talked about grass widows... Madonna exposes herself as quasi-virgin, and the web has Virgin copyrighted. Someone hit me if I'm wrong, but that just about covers everyone, except the Mormons, it came to pass, they like to marry a dozen or so of them all to one guy. Let's see, is their any other sect I can insult; maybe later I will think of other groups?

"I strongly suggest we not allow Geo Dubya' Bush to name the next world series of war after himself: VOW I instead of WW III..."

Virgins are so sought after, I think we should name the next War after them. The Virgin Of Wars -- or VOW I -- hey, we avoid the confusion of "" and "WW III," and GWB ii, which are surely in conflict for those who might be trying to sort out acronyms. Besides it's catchy when the acronym says something else: "Yo, I VOW to kick you ass!"

Every new century should have a new character, new voice, new content. The 21st Century definitely begs a new style: thus beginVirgin Wars , supplanting three W's confusion! And I am relieved Dubya only had daughters... oops, now I've insulted all the groups.

Darnellism #1: It is Official -- We are now all Virgins reborn; We are imprinted via preceding Oval Office discussions since AD 2000.

And that is how one correlates world war to virginity -- Remember: MooPig Wisdom lives on with or without your support. - 208k

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dear George Bush: (either one)

Open letter to the commander-in-chief and the Prince of Elements of the cowboy republic formerly known as the USA:

Re: CCD, WMD and Big Dicks of Texas and surrounding states, water and Prince of the elements

cc: H. Clinton "Beware the leaven of Men"

Dear George Bush, either one:
CCD is the real enemy of this country; we are not hit men for the Saudis.

The Department of Justice should put some of its resources into fighting the microbes of Cascading Colony Disorder, CCD, and save some bees before looking for WMD, weapons of mass destruction.

Let me explain: since you are a rancher, it is in your best Geo Bush interest to control the forces of nature. That Katrina mess should have given you a clue.

Item One: You have the technology and the purpose, and the funds to make it rain in Iraq, Iran and all those screwed up mid-east countries.

  • Seed the atmosphere like you have been doing here in Texas

Make it rain hard in the desert

  • Iraqis have no experience with water and will surely have a revolutionary reaction

  • Water will bring "flowers to the desert."

Item Two: Moslem's and Arabians have been living centuries in a region where they have no water. They therefore develop from childhood with less water and green vegetation than the rest of the world. Having little water makes a population smaller, and weaker. Most evident is a lack of zinc in the diets of arid domiciled populations. It turns out:

No zinc in diet results in smaller average penis size
  • Smaller male genitals makes males less able to please females

  • Males must resort to extreme repression to hold onto their females

Now I thought every big dick Texan knew this. Especially the Bushes, since they are such big Texans. Or are they? Either way it is in the Commanders' best interest to make rain in Iraq, let those hapless people in on the secrets of happiness: Cool Clear Water, and normal, functional sexual activity, with big, water filled, strong women like Anna Nic-Smith.

Poor women of Arabia... I feel their pain!! (could have been said-- Sen. H. Clinton)

Once you have put water into sheep dip hideouts for despots, latrines and hovels... maybe the culture will discover chairs and quit eating off dirt floors that are becoming damp. Just ask your untapped constituency west of the Allegheny mountains, and East of the Rockies:

Midwesterners are sick of going into police actions in 700+ countries and trying to remedy the eating, hygiene and sewer problems with police action. Our troops have become sitting ducks for the last time, Mr. President... oh, you are a lame duck yourself, sorry forgot.

More water, more rain, just spray the stratosphere with the stuff you have been putting in the sky above Texas and Midwest. I guess I am trying to say as your peer George: Don't be such a fool -- scripture says the enemy is subdued by the Prince of Elements... so seize the day and make it rain on those poor bastards. You are the Prince of Elements, and you don't even know it?

Remember if you don't take care of the CCD in bee colonies soon, you won't have any Angus on your dinner plate. And if I find out you are a drugstore cowboy, who doesn't know the condition of his own pasture sod, I might have to ask my fellow Texans to consider censure on your doings. I get the feeling you don't realize Bonanza was a fictitious TV show.

Yours, with warm regards,

Patrick Darnell, BS BA Management, CTU, Trinity University Alumnus

"The roughest road often leads to the top." Christina Aguilera

"I was 23, and he was 86. I saw a very sick man. I just wanted to just talk with him. There was no physical attraction at all. He was very much attracted to me. ...Vickie Lynn Hogan is my birth certificate's name." Anna Nicole Smith

MooPig Wisdom Eros

Pig: "Eros is two-sided... evident in the argument between body and soul. Am I just a victim of hubris pierced, mocked, and dishonored, by you?"

"In my own openness, you remain a stone. I, the soul of us, am smitten in the estrangement of passing moments, and changes occurring at all times to our body. I quote Diotima who concedes... 'before preparing a method of ascent, that could remedy the problems -- souls with their thoughts, feelings, and desires, are no more stable than bodies.'"

"A certain kind of self-critique, perception of our cracks and holes, seepage's that makes us comic poetry, and somehow we salvage our self."

Cow: "You do go on, Porcine, like a comic poet of your own disaster."
(Solomon, R. C., paraphrased, 1991)
Solomon, R. C. and Higgins, Kathleen M. editors. (1991) Philosophy of erotic love, the; University Press of Kansas, USA, p 308-9

Friday, October 12, 2007

Revelation is not just for the Chosen

Preparing for old age: It’s all about opening those Seals!!
In Heaven John
witnessed seven seals broken on seven scrolls. If you had not a seal of a bonded servant on you forehead then you were party to seven of the most explosive extinction level events ever attended.

In my own rights of passing, seven scrolls have obviously been unrolled that may be responsible for extreme aging events: the mirror reveals the progress.

The first seal is broken and I am given 5 bundles each of 10 pound fat bags that have made my girth grow exponentially. The second seal was broken and my eyesight was smitten by a third. I stumbled in darkness, until I fell into a lab where a technology had been developed -- and proven on 80,000 previous patrons. There I received lazed surgery and could see once again , just in time.

Now seeing clearly I could gauge a major shift in the abdominal area and very significant increase in shadows I was casting on the walls.

A third seal has been broken revealing several new developments. A third of my hair seems to be missing; a third of my face is moved into my chin, and some funny lumps cover a third of my skin. Oh yes, a third of my muscle has turned to lumpy butt parts, and my inner organs are singing in thirds. Significant thirds of the brain has fused into crystalline intolerance causing a third fewer people who want talk to me.

As the Fourth seal is broken extreme aging forces descend that levels the places I walk, luckily since my feet have turned to clay. It turns out a third of the previous acquaintances who used to visit with me now make a 133% larger circumnavigation to avoid me.

Also, tying shoes has been revealed to me as the baby boomer nightmare. Let me be specific. B-Boomers are the 4 million births a year average from 1946 to 1964. Beware the leaven of Man!!

Therefore, reported increase of 333% sales of Rockport Penny Loafers and Boating shoes with Velcro straps have paralleled sales of comfort fit jean shorts and Academy camo accessory. Really sucks, you know: others getting rich off my natural selection adventures.

“Who are ...Baby Boomers? During the nineteen years between 1946 and 1964, roughly 76 million babies were born. Approximately 17 million more babies were born than would have if fertility rates during this period equaled those of the early 1940s. ...As these 76 million Baby Boomers grew up, their sheer numbers have greatly affected every segment of our society and our economy. Today, boomers represent about 33 percent of the nation’s population. They are a group that will have a dramatic impact on the future of our society (Thompson, Jamie H. )” Huyer, J. (1997). Sources: AARP (1994). Aging Baby Boomers: How secure is their economic future; Single, Divorced, Widowed Professional Women: Retirement, a question of independence or dependence.

I should really stop here, daring not continue into the fifth through seventh seals, as this reveals almost too much detail for even the most stoic reader. You will have to wait for my novel to come out. >>pd


Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Age of Anti-Form

Light streams through the window in a very old photo. Calendar on the wall says March 1920. Fellow with a pipe and suspenders forms the stimulus of the bubbling question on the mind of the onlooker, before the observer actually sees the man.

As the uncertainty of the photo percolates to the surface of the onlooker's conscience, something fails to lock the forms into a happy conclusion. Lack of format of the photo plays havoc with defining form or content for the onlooker. Style and voice do not come out, or speak a language.

"Establish method of expression or practice; fixed way of proceeding; conventional or stated scheme; formula; as, a form of prayer." (Copyright 2007

Artists have known for centuries how to format a still life and how to form its elements into harmonic composites, with a little disharmony in the work.

Recently an article explains the Mona Lisa's smile is a function of the onlooker's eye moving from other elements of the masterwork, back to her eyes. At some peripheral glimpse of the observer's a glimmer of recognition emerges from the face of M. Lisa to astonish and stimulate us. Message to art lovers: Most of us painters are in the business of just having a final product that: "Hey, see, made you look!"

D'Vinci is no exception. We are in a business to produce work that captures more than five seconds of a person's attention; then if there is a "double-take" artists know satisfaction a second look brings. Staring at our work, well that is more than compensation for us artists.

This photo is a real subject from a photo album of work and work places of my father's dad and uncles. The fellow in the shadows at the left, smoking his pipe is as yet unidentified. Could be Grandpa, or a Grand Uncle. Behind this shop is a lumber yard.

Now as I have described the photo as a snap shot, really from March 1920, it takes on form and contiguous meaning. Yikes; such large ambition from a simple art form.

"You must first clearly see a thing in your mind before you can do it. Alex Morrison But no work from a first rate mind is ever really second rate. Gerald Finzi"

Our minds are a function of natural power that conceives, judges, or reasons; if not for the mind we pretty much remain in the realm of "anti-Form."

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Introduction to Organizational Change

Seed of Change: Diagnosis for the quasi-firm "Custom Food and Feed Corporation: CFFCo" By Patrick Darnell

Diagnosis: Seed of Change, Dynamic, and a Constant

Vice President of Human Resources has convinced the president of the company that the first change is to put a Human Resource Manager, HRM in the Tech division. The president agreed. (Task Detail; CTUOnline, 2006)
You are the newly hired Human Resource Manager for the Tech Division. As you meet your new department personnel and your purposes are disclosed, an Adage: “...the more things change, the more they stay the same;” quickly becomes the corporate chant. Try to relate “latest mandates of the Officers” with the “nonstandard ubiquity of nepotism,” stir in the total resistance and squawking that will follow, and most trials lead to no change with little in return on investment, ROI. Nevertheless, no proper gain in “better organization” is unacceptable.


This essay reports on previous conversations of the Human Resource group. Recommendations of Models for diagnosis based on understanding organizational functions are discussed to plan changes in the Tech Department. Changes were mandated by chief officers at CFFCo. Change diagnosis methods discussions have led to much speculation throughout CFFCo. Three possible techniques have been repeatedly mentioned: Force-field analysis; Socio-technical Systems; and, Analytical or difference-integration model.

Major Risk Factors Discussed
The Value at Risk is the major thing diagnosis tackles. Return on investment is the first place the need for changes is noticed by stakeholders. Unfortunately it trails behind the human factors.
Addressing displaced, retiring, and sustainable Human Capital at CFFCo should be the first risk concern for maintaining and improving the long term and consistent growth values. Will diagnosis for the department ask first “what can be done for the already disgruntled frontline supervisors and their subordinates?” Many may feel that “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.”
Time is the displacement factor that makes many a worker uneasy and wants to sit it out, flee or move on. For older workers, the major concern revolves around retirement and the money available to them in later years. These stress factors are mortifyingly important in making a good initial diagnosis. The worker / employer relationship is at stake in:

  • Confidentiality
    Analysis Paralysis, depending on where one looks for problems
    Shortened Crisis Diagnosis
    Threatening/ Overwhelming Diagnosis
    Biased and Selective favoritism Diagnosis
    Diagnosis of symptoms without regard to basis of the problems
    (Brown, D R; 2006; pp. 142-3)
Regardless, the concern is CFFCo could do with change, because the system is flawed: the workers are inefficient: the process is incomplete: the workplace is dangerous and non-compliant? Yes, that is the report. However, analysis of CFFCo “change problem” has been delayed due to resistance in CFFCo home-grown Tech Department of self-governed obligated workers. The convolutions in CFFCo Tech Department’s structure are due to the culture of nepotism in the ranks. (Nickols, Fred; 2004)
“Many Americans like to think the United States is a meritocracy. Adam Bellow’s book, [related to Saul Bellow] however, shows that nepotism is alive and flourishing in twenty-first century America.” (Bellow, Adam; 2004)
Could it be most merit-able to go directly to the people and ask what they want for change? It is often indispensable to find common “ways and means” that many of the supervisors and workers rally around. Action then becomes a “treatment, justifying how, what, and why is [CFFCo] going to be fixed." (Nickols, Fred; 2004)

Resistance: from where does it come?
Assume, HR staff agrees at the end of the day, “In this way the change mechanic is a notion, an opinion, made up of all the inputs of those who are directly affected.” So the strategy is perceived by the whole group as their idea, and has been their idea from the very first. Workers indebted to each other for benefit of work, related to altruism, or because of nepotism, never suspect they have been divided and thus more conquerable. (Brown, D R; 2006)
Some prerequisite conditions are widespread at CFFCo. They are: Organization Leadership is dissatisfied and troubled by its situation; there is resistance to change in the organization; the precise measures needed to exact changes are not well known; externalities and the environment is imposing forces on CFFCo to enforce changes; technologies are outdated, if not altogether extinct; and, international competition is exercising market threat without boundaries. In the first model, force-field analysis, management plays the pivotal role in driving resistance factors lower, replacing with positive growth factors. (Brown, D R; 2006)

First: Force-field Analysis
One change model recommendation is “the force-field analysis method, a diagnostic technique.” This general-purpose approach views “organizational behaviors, not as a fixed pattern but a dynamic balance of forces working in opposite directions.” (Brown, D R; 2006)
Prior discussion covers the hefty anticipated human forces that define “for and against.” Sure enough both positions begin to form along many lines of contention, as soon as word gets out. (Brown, D R; 2006)
Change resistant employees want the organization to remain stable as “they perceive stability, and consequently serve to resist change.” The force-field analysis model measures the two forces and moves the “fulcrum of balance toward change resistor end” until the leverage is all in favor of the objective modifications. (Brown, D R; 2006)
The other positive, less stable, “forces encourage the change to occur. The relationship of the two forces is strained to a breaking point so that an imbalance between the two forces exists.” (Brown, D R; 2006) Only at break point will progress be made, and the planned modifications begin to grow: hopefully not wane. Therefore with complications already rearing opposing opinions, things get more obscure. Adding fuel to the fire, change installation occurs when the recipe is right and the opinions are leveraged:
· Empowering more driving forces / lessoning the restraining forces
· Adding new forces of competition, challenges and human interest
· Decreasing the strength of some forces
· Positive Results: Workers’ Ability to install changes effectively (Brown, D R; 2006)

Second: Socio-Technical Systems Change Model
On a different horizon is the Socio-technical Systems Change Model. It is based upon three general principles: 1. Tech Department is combined with Technology and Social Interest, thus the name Socio-technical System. 2. In the workplace, members must interact with their environment. The system is open as it relates to many aspects of human resource and how it will be compliant with diversity, as mandated in the 21st century. 3. Last, within this model, solutions to problem areas derived from social sciences are analyzed in strong technical rationale. (Brown, D R; 2006)
Individual and team behaviors, organizational group and team culture, management practices, leadership style, the degree of communication and openness, and individual needs, wants, and desires, dresses out the Sociological attributes of the model. (Decker, C; 2006)
Sartorial splendor is achieved when the model is accessorized with Technologic archetypes of production technology such as:
· limited priority mass customization production, with lower inventories
· Level of interdependence: such as Pooled, Sequential, and Reciprocal
· Physical work setting and Time constraints
· Complexity of production process with Variety and ability to be analyzed
· Response to Environment and status of raw materials (Brown, D R; 2006)

Where and when in time and space these co-habitats meet, will the offering of socio-technical system of diagnosis will find its place in the system of change at CFFCo. Other Socio-Technical guidelines in question at CFFCo are compliance with federal and state regulatory regulations: (Task Detail; CTUOnline, 2006)
· Safety in the workplace for all employees
· Environment toward the triple bottom-line corporation
· Quality re-defined in newer slicker production
· Federal and State Labor Laws compliance, toward global operations
· Equal Employment Opportunity and ADA guidelines transcendence

Number Three is a Simpler Sculpt: Analytic Model
Precursor to the previous “...the analytical model, also known as the difference-integration model stresses foundation of planned change” as the organization’s grounding for analytical diagnosis of CFFCo problem areas.
Four concepts for Tech Department in evaluations are:
· Degree of structure
· Time orientation of workers, distaff, and Chief Officers
· Interpersonal orientation of members toward peers, environment and Managers
· Departments’ members’ commitments to CFFCo change goals
“Diagnosis by analytical approach can be extremely vague in determining specifically root issues” at the base of CFFCo problem areas. Outside consultants are required to achieve objective analysis, is expensive; better saved for the most perilous change issues. (Brown, D R; 2006)

Diagnosis SWOT
The more implacable CFFCo is in “identifying the two dynamic forces -- supportive and degenerative” -- before plans to make changes are announced, the more CFFCo will be proficient in implements of the change. Upfront, Simple Strengths/Weaknesses that make opportunities or threats identifiable effectively increase efficiency. (Brown, D R; 2006)

Encarta Dictionary, 2003 MSN Define Nepotism: Modulus of Elasticity in Nepotism: Diagnosis Nepotism: favoritism shown by somebody in power to relatives and friends, especially in appointing them to good positions

Dooley, Jeff; 1998; A Whole-Person/Systemic Approach to Organization Change Management “Over the past few decades large-scale organization change has become...”
Website: glossary direct link: copyright © Contingency Analysis, 2004 Fred Nickols 2004 change Management 101: A Primer ©

Holton, Glyn A; Defining Risk, Perspectives, Financial Analysts Journal, Volume 60, Number 6; 2004, CFA Institute

Bellow, Adam; 2004; Groenewegen, John; “Who Should Control the Firm? Insights from NIE and OIE” Journal of Economic Issues 38 June 2004: 353–360 in Praise of Nepotism: A History of Family Enterprise from King David to George W. Bush, by New York: Anchor Books, Paper, ISBN 0385493894, 565 pages
The story of man cover story Source: Economist; 12/24/2005, Vol. 377 Issue 8458, p11-11, 1p, 1c Document Type: Article

Decker, C; 2006; live chat interview one, August 18, 2006; minute 39:30, HRM450-0603B-03: Organizational Change PH 1 DB 1: Diagnosis, Professor Carolyn Decker; August 21, 2006

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