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Thursday, December 03, 2015

MooPig Bipolar Disorder Department :: Am we Bi-Polar? PART ONE

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Find Someone Who will Listen to You
Mixed  Mashed Articles by Pat Darnell  |  Dec 3, 2015  |  Bryan TX

13 Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder: Are You Bipolar? | Health Cure Center: "Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder that affects millions of people from all walks of life. According to medical professionals, people who suffer from this condition experience episodes of mania, which are typically followed by episodes of depression and vice versa."
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MooPig Bipolar Disorder Department :: Am we Bi-Polar? PART THREE

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It's a Good Thing, or No
Mashed Martial Articles by Pat Darnell   |  Dec 3, 2015  |  Bryan TX

One time I asked friends to comment on some free verse that I had written. One of them said, "It's a good thing he never did drugs."

For reals, he may have said a summary of my life in the Hypomania ... "his difficulties preclude him from leading a normal life" ... the sign of a good friend who can tell me to my face what is happening. I have held that comment near to my heart for all this time. In other words, at least one person got me.

That is why I am attracted to this article:

21 things you only know if you’re bipolar | Health Care Plans: "3. It doesn’t mean you’re up and down all the time Everyone’s different – you can have rapid cycling (where you quickly go from high to low), mixed state (when you have symptoms of depression and mania at the same time), or go gradually up and down with periods of ‘normality’ in between. 4. You may be mildly amused by people who take drugs recreationally There’s something rather tame about pill-popping in a field of muddy campers on a Bank Holiday weekend when you’re walking around with what feels like a permanent pharmacy dispensing random chemicals in a Russian roulette style in your head."
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Carry on.


MooPig Bipolar Disorder Department :: Am we Bi-Polar? PART TWO

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Talk About, Talk About, Talk About ...
Mashed Martial Articles by Pat Darnell  |  Dec 3, 2015  |  Bryan TX

What scares a parent more than anything? I think it scares parents when their child doesn't fit in with normals, or their child might stand out in odd ways. Consider Vincent Van Gogh's parents for a moment:  they probably grew old never knowing why their son could not fit in.

Where do I find all these bipolar articles? I find them on faceBook.

Three Bipolar Disorder Symptoms No One Wants to Talk About | Cure Connect: "I work with parents and partners of those with bipolar disorder. In the majority of situations, people who are in a strong dysphoric manic episode can be dangerous, aggressive and violent. Physical assault and weapons are not uncommon. Many men go to jail because of this behavior when they actually need psychiatric help. People, both men and women who are mild mannered and kind when well, get super human strength along with the aggression- ripping a sink out of the wall- punching through windows- throwing chairs and other dangerous behavior are not uncommon."
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There was a time in the not so far off past when people were not labeled. With the advent of the human DNA mapped, and constant crush of Healthcare and Pharma, and lists to be made, we have labels now for every phase of existence. And we say, "Isn't that all silly."


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