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Friday, October 31, 2008

Solar Concentration Array

See for Yourself

Solar concentrators are essentially just like parabolic satellite dishes lined with mirrors. Regardless of where the sun hits the disc, it’s reflected into a center focal point, generating abundant amounts of power. You can pick up hundreds of tiny mirror tiles on eBay for just a few bucks. So basically, it’s like this power plant in Australia, except in your backyard:



OBAMAWEEN and the Obamanoids

:comment to Alex Velaquez, on the following -- Posted by: Denice | Saturday, October 25, 2008 at 09:46 AM Obtw, if I were you, I would be very careful at opening your emails, once the obamanoids get a sniff of your vid.

"OBAMANOIDS" -- raucous caucus there Denice...
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
(Retrieved by PD, 10.25.2008: at
Atlas Shrugs Blog HERE)
Dear Pamela,
It's a weird occurrence today,... me writing to you (and, I must confess, a handful of your fellow writers as well). I was a libertarian for quite a long time before this election year. I did my thing,... clung to the middle on many social issues and used the constitution as my catch-all shield against extreme liberalism and (to be honest) anything else that I didn't really like that well. But, unfortunately for me, I started reading many of your blogs with mild amusement at times, and mild jealousy at others (all wannabe writers feel this I suspect)... all of these thoughts pocketed like Swiss political ideology queso,... with holes of logic that ran through the conservative philosophy, found their way straight into my own worldview. It was undeniable...

I didn't yet know it,... but I was becoming republican.

Now,... under normal circumstances,... I admit... I would simply turn on my Xbox 360 and see if I could find a way to hack the "Rock the Vote" channel being showcased, or maybe go out with my wife to dinner and discuss how "unusual" and "interesting" peoples' opinions have become these days ...

Fate, however,... has ... intervened,... :

1-We were in fact grownups. Oh sure, before Ace came along we had played at being "cool", going out, drinking cocktails with names that are unspeakable in decent company, and singing karaoke until the audience's noses were bleeding,... but really, underneath it all, we were proud, happy, stay-at- home and chill-out,... parents.

2-We were politically conservative. You see all of a sudden, it actually became important to us that the American Dream be a tangible, ... these things that define our roles and character and affect colleagues, friends, and relationships on a day-to-day basis,... all of it,... from the gas we pumped into our car, to the late nights at the office,... it didn't seem so ephemeral to us anymore. ... vacations to places where we would all learn new things and our son could step proudly on our shoulders and BE that next generation. ...They were God, and Country and being part of something bigger than one's self. They were fun and laughter and a great big wide country that bursts at the seams with adventure and technology and history and culture,... a culture all its own. All of this,.. it all became,... well, just... REAL.

3-We were downright appalled. I will say it again. Appalled. The fact the Senator Barack Obama has made it as far as he has with virtually no experience on the world stage is strange. ...It just shows how difficult the "sales pitch" was to begin with. The fact that only a limited number of people seem to be using the tried n' true, job-interview, best-qualified person-for-the-job litmus test as the best way to go about "hiring" a president,... it is BEYOND illogical. And,... (ahemm) it is ALL downright SUSPICIOUS (now I sound like a libertarian again don't I! ;) ) But most of all, we were appalled... at ourselves.

And so, with my crazy-producer's hat in my hand, I sat down at the little four legged fold out table from Wal-Mart, parked serenely like a "2008 : A Space-Wasting Odyssey",... serenely in the family-room nerve center of our baby-gear infested apartment, amid "new-parents-live-here" festooned, clutter-cubes dotting the carpet landscape, and peeping from every nook,... (think Johnny Depp in the scene from BLOW with boxes of money,... but instead of money, think diapers)....
  • I sat... and started writing out a silly song.
  • That song turned into a recording.
  • That recording begat a series of drawings.
  • Those drawings became a video. That video was posted to YouTube 3 days ago.
Now let me first say,... we did not KNOW that this video was going to receive the amount of traffic that it has. It is silly. Obnoxious. Downright campy in places. The music (to quote one of the reviews) sounds like bad 80's rock)... and (again to quote) apparently people "love it".

"Love it" to the tune of almost 35,000 views in three days (as of this writing).

And so, I thought to myself... can a stupid, meaningless YouTube video really change anyone's mind? Or is "spoof" (as an animated art form,... and I use the word "art" loosely... though Lorne Michaels might disagree with me...), is spoof more of "window" onto ourselves as Americans? Or, more personally, a window onto the past "me" (not that I ever would have voted for Barack,... but you get the gist).

So after some pondering, I thought perhaps I would simply send a note (and at this point, a long-winded one!) to some of the people who got me here in the first place, the writers whose internet WordPress's I "lounged" over lazily, during a time when politics (to me) were an endeavor for, older, wiser, crankier people who wore darker, more expensive suits than me,... and where opinions were merely jagged stones that were thrown grumpily into a small pond,... where the strongest of arms and the random coalescence of merging ripples would always (and sometimes seemingly randomly) prevail over others. Well,... I am proud to say,... that age for me is over.

I am an American. I do NOT support Barack Obama. I threw a stone in the pond. And I invite you to give this particular stone a view... (OBAMAWEEN)

Should you like it or wish to critique it, please feel free as I respect you as the one of the "serious" minds in the room (but really, how does that sound coming from an indie film producer? ;).

But whatever the case may be, God Bless You for Fighting Hard for what's right, even when guys like me did nothing for so many years.

God Bless the First Amendment (which still gives silly filmmakers the right to churn out animated spoofs named "Obamaween").


God Bless America.
I don't know what will happen on November 4th,... but I will see you and some of your colleagues on the other side, ready,... with a stone in my hand and a pile of them sitting beside me.

Very Respectfully,
C. Alex Velazquez
(Atlas Shrugs Says: I have to say with all of the fascinating email I receive, generally wonderful stuff from my readers, this was my favorite today. The video is great - the drawings even better. 40,000 views in a couple of days? That's damn good - usually that requires a bikini :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just another Age-Old Tradition of Honour Killing

by Pat Darnell

I have opinion that really hedges around roles of females in the world. I feel I am not the best person to editorialize about women's roles because I am a man who abandoned my first wife and child. She was just eight when I decided to not stick around for the aftermath of divorce.

So when I speak of this it is not an easy topic for me, and probably about 6 out of ten fathers out there.

I feel that women have been the undisputed "repressed" champion martyred group in all human history. Forget skin color, because I guarantee females of that same skin color are more discriminated, repressed, neglected and under-funded than any male of the said skin color.

Therefore I see this very bright and beautiful young woman, who obviously has much talent, threatened to be sacrificed and repressed by the very same "goat herder mentality" that underlies civilization. Believe me, I have thought long about the futility of female tribulations in 12,000 years in obtaining best conditions for their interests.

Look in with me at these two articles from March 2007, concerning weirdness caused when West meets Middle East customs...

- - - - - - -

The Times | March 9, 2007

Miss Israel finalist quits after family’s honour killing plot

Ms Fares’s story has dominated the Israeli media as a high-profile example of a foiled “hon-our killing”, where a woman is murdered by members of her own family for supposed sexual offenses that have somehow brought shame to the family.

Last year, seventeen Palestinian women were reported killed in honour crimes, twelve in the Gaza Strip and five in the occupied West Bank. In Israel, seven women were similarly killed for “crimes” ranging from having sex before marriage to being the victim of rape.

For Ms Fares the controversy began last November, when she decided to enter the Miss Israel contest. She chose the name “Angelina” in honour of her idol, the American actress Angelina Jolie, and spent hours watching Fashion Television to prepare for her audition.

The first phase of the competition was a bikini contest. Ms Fares knew that parading in her red two-piece could be considered controversial in the Druze community, whose religion is an offshoot of Islam.

Her participation in the pageant even raised the judges’ eyebrows. “They were very surprised when they found out I was Druze. They asked me if it would be a problem for me to be in the contest. I told them ‘no’, that my whole family supported me,” Ms Fares said.

Dalia, Ms Fares’ mother, defended that decision, saying that she did not want to interfere with her daughter’s dreams. “She was there to represent herself, not the whole Druze community,” she said.

Ms Fares was chosen as one of twenty finalists, convincing the family that they had done the right thing. “Ever since childhood I was preparing myself for this. It was like the dream I had lived inside my head for so long,” Ms Fares said.

- - - - - - - -- - -

Miss Israel Quits With Honour
Posted by gasmonso on March 13, 2007 [SOURCE]

If you aren’t familiar with the Druze than do yourself a favor and go here. Don’t be ashamed; I never heard of them either till now.

Let us take a trip to the peaceful land of Israel. Here I will introduce to you a lovely girl named Doaa Fares… she is the girl pictured here. She was raised in a deeply conservative Druze village where women are born into a traditional conservative role.

But Fares was ahead of her time and looking to break the mold. She changed her name to Angelina and entered the Miss Israel beauty pageant with delusions of grandeur… a cash prize, a car, and a modeling career.

Unfortunately for Angelina, she was amongst the land of the religious freaks. She was the first Druze to compete in such a competition and was thus targeted faster for extermination than Sara Connor. Even more troubling is the fact that it wasn’t the Terminator trying to silence her… it was her own flesh and blood. Her family was evoking the age-old tradition of Honour Killing to protect their own honor.

I know in the past I have labeled this phenomenon as an Islamic one. Many wrote to suggest otherwise and this may be evidence. If anyone has knowledge on the Druze I would appreciate your insight.

The reason I labeled this story under Islam is because the roots of the Druze appear to stem from there. I must emphasize that the Muslim community does not recognize the Druze.

Foreclosure -- Grass is Brown / Pool is Green

MooPig's "Housing Watch Dog" Department:
Retrieved by Pat Darnell
[SOURCE: HERE and HERE] Watch the Video --

Episode 101 | Foreclosure Alley, by Correspondent Lisa Ling
September 23, 2008 11:02 PM
Inland Empire in Riverside County has been one of the fastest growing counties in the state - home to a major housing boom. But now the Inland Empire is pretty much the poster child for the foreclosure crisis.

"..Southern California is a sprawling, complex and perpetually changing place that enchants some and confounds others. But that’s also what makes it such a great place for stories. SoCal Connected, both online and on air, is dedicated to bringing you the most important and compelling stories - and voices - shaping life in our region."
.."Although it was horrible to see the reality of Foreclosure Alley, I can't help but recall how I was never able to purchase a home due to the soaring prices caused by the "feeding frenzy" of all those who jumped onto the sub-prime mortgage bandwagon.

"No one forced those people to buy into what they could not afford, now they must suffer the consequences of their own ignorance and greed. Read the contract- it's just like pulling out that credit card: you can buy it now, but you better be darn ready to pay when the bill comes."

-- and --

"..Most of these homes were 100% financing or 95% and values dropping up to $150k or more due to short selling this is why the foreclosure market. Wall Street sold mortgage back securities in bulk to investors. Do you ever notice when you buy or refinance a loan your loan is sold to another lender? Your loan is sold in bulk by the thousands to investors and the investors make money on Wallstreet and they want the taxpayers to pay for their mess? I say NO DEAL.-"

No Complaints

[SOURCE: Sabermetric Health Care,]
What's in your daily Cocktail?

UPDATE -- RE: The 2008 World Series Infield Fly, Balls and All

No Call on Infield Fly Rule Baffles Everyone Posted Oct 28th 2008 11:00AM by Matt Snyder
Soon after Game Five of the Series, this fan site was talking about it:
You don't play hockey on melting ice, and you don't play basketball outside in high winds. Right? Right. So you don't play baseball in a freaking monsoon.

The infield fly rule is used in baseball all the way from youth leagues to the majors. During a pivotal part of the World Series game last night, however, it was ignored by the umpires. Why? Let's sort this out.

"Last night, the Phillies had runners on first and second with one out, and a pop-up was hit to Carlos Pena at first base. The umpires, as I said earlier, chose not to call the infield fly rule in this instance... "

[ Blah, blah, blah... and so on, ad - nausea, whimper, whimper...] [SOURCE]

Conversation amongst commenter's led to ridicule from our very own MooPig, balls and all:

"I believe it [infield fly] should have been called ... and I don't think I'm in
the minority." F***k-'n A...yes it should have been called, it's
still in play right now... "

This is for everyone except Jerome and JD... and Matt the blogger:
PHOTO: This Athlete brought along his/her harmonica
For the love of God and Country: this is baseball -- you all sound
like you never played before. Those umpires were all standing around
crying for their mommies.

Good Lord, Americans, grow a couple. Bad weather is the tenth man in
sandlot and in the majors... infield should have picked up the ball,
go to third, tag a runner or two and shove that same wet muddy ball
up the Ump's arse.

Mary and Joseph, whad' a bunch of ninnies: where's Johnny Bench when
you need him? None of you 2% 'ers mentioned Rugby did you... no? I'm
really beginning to wonder about the state of our Union.

knuckelkids said... I am with Jerry Lewis on this one soccer is for F#GS. As for the no call the man just fazed out and had to say somthing so as not to look more of a fool the he did. And other then golf (which I play every time I get a chance) Baseballers are some of the most out of shape over paid sudo-child cry baby's I have ever seen. Tell'em what I said Pete Rose!!!!!

Chileman guys have way to much unemployment time to be discussing this. Get a Job man!!!!
Wendy said... It looks like retired hockey refs are now calling football and baseball games.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid's Secret to Happiness -- Sorry this post has nothing to do with Dennis Quaid. MooPig is trying a new tactic to get certain market segments to look in and do a page view. It's actually just another article about Obama and the winds of Bull-Baiting...

"Alexander Cockburn: Obama, the first-rate Republican"
by Alexander Cockburn: Is there anything the front-runner will not say to become President? No progressive cause would have a chance with him in charge...
Sunday, 26 October 2008 | [SOURCE: Read it HERE]

"After eight years of unrelenting assault on constitutional liberties by Bush and Cheney, public and judicial enthusiasm for tyranny has waned. Obama has preferred to stand with Bush and Cheney. In February, seeking a liberal profile in the primaries, Obama stood against warrantless wiretapping. His support for liberty did not survive for long. Five months later, he voted in favour and declared that "the ability to monitor and track individuals who want to attack the United States is a vital counter-terrorism tool".

"Every politician, good or bad, is an ambitious opportunist. But beneath this topsoil, the ones who make a constructive dent on history have some bedrock of fidelity to some central idea. In Obama's case, this "idea" is the ultimate distillation of identity politics: the idea of his blackness. Those who claim that if he were white he would be cantering effortlessly into the White House do not understand that without his most salient physical characteristic Obama would be seen as a second-tier senator with unimpressive credentials.

"As a political organiser of his own advancement, Obama is a wonder. But I have yet to identify a single uplifting intention to which he has remained constant if it has presented any risk to his progress. We could say that he has not yet had occasion to adjust his relatively decent stances on immigration and labour-law reform. And what of public funding of his campaign? Another commitment made becomes a commitment betrayed. His campaign treasury is a vast hogswallow that, if it had been amassed by a Republican, would be the topic of thunderous liberal complaint.

"Obama's run has been the negation of almost every decent progressive principle, with scarcely a bleat of protest from the progressives seeking to hold him to account. The Michael Moores stay silent. Obama has crooked the knee to bankers and Wall Street, to the oil companies, the coal companies, the nuclear lobby, the big agricultural combines. He is more popular with Pentagon contractors than McCain, and has been the most popular of the candidates with Washington lobbyists. He has been fearless in offending progressives, constant in appeasing the powerful... (Cockburn, A; 10.26.2008) Excerpt retrieved HERE; emphasis's by Pat Darnell]

"...So no, this is not an exciting or liberating moment in America's politics. If you want a memento of what could be exciting, go to the website of the Nader-Gonzalez campaign and read its platform on popular participation and initiative. Or read the portions of Libertarian Party candidate Bob Barr's platform on foreign policy and constitutional rights. The standard these days for what the left finds tolerable is awfully low. The more the left holds its tongue, the lower the standard will go." (Alexander Cockburn co-edits, the US left-wing website, and is a columnist for 'The Nation' and 'The First Post')

One day I was cleaning my Brushes

by Pat Darnell
At the end of the day, I really hate wasting left-over paint on my palette. Occasionally, I use up the paint to make a little painting like this one.

After it dried, I scanned it, and put it in my iGoogle Picasa Photo cache. Then I noticed one day the different tools available in Picasa "View and Edit."

So I said if musicians can mix their compositions with digital manipulations, why not me mix my colors and techniques?

I began adding and smudging... this is as much fun as painting the thing in the first place. I can't get enough of this digital madness.....

Sharpen, change day to night, give it a Vaseline vignette. It almost starts to look like an illustration. To do this "back in the day" would have required a second mortgage on the house, to have paid for all the different photo operations.

Now I'm not a ninny, even though some of you may think so, but this is available for free, and is adequate for most of the stuff I need to experiment on.

Free, oh did I say no cost? There you have it.


That's it! I can't keep up any longer.

@*$*%^& you, you @*$*%^&'in Internet. Takin' up all my @*$*%^&'ing time every @*$*%^&'ig n night when I should be @*$*%^&'ing sleeping or paying my @*$*%^&'ing bills. Your pictures and videos and playlists and endless content without content !!! Take this, 'an take that you dirty @*$*%^&'in rathole-of-human-time-and-brainwaves! Your Facebook and MYspace and Take in5 and Up-your-nose-with-the-@*$*%^&'ing-FriendFinder.
Hey Internet....Get a@*$*%^&'ing JOB, Man!! I want to play scrabble again.

Oh no, it's 11:45 pm and I have a 6:30 am meeting.........did it again.

@*$*%^& Me

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Good News and the Bad News: ALERT

The good news -- "These monsters were caught before they did anything."

The bad news -- "There are monsters like these two guys loose in our neighborhoods."

SKINHEADS: The men, Daniel Cowart, 20, of Bells, Tenn., and Paul Schlesselman 18, of Helena-West Helena, Ark., are being held without bond. Agents seized a rifle, a sawed-off shotgun and three pistols from the men when they were arrested. Authorities alleged the two men were preparing to break into a gun shop to steal more.

The numbers 14 and 88 are symbols in skinhead culture, referring to a 14-word phrase attributed to an imprisoned white supremacist: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children" and to the eighth letter of the alphabet, H. Two "8''s or "H''s stand for "Heil Hitler."

Helena-West Helena, on the Mississippi River in east Arkansas' Delta, is in one of the nation's poorest regions, trailing even parts of Appalachia in its standard of living. Police Chief Fred Fielder said he had never heard of Schlesselman.

However, the reported threat of attacking a school filled with black students worried Fielder. Helena-West Helena, with a population of 12,200, is 66 percent black. "Predominantly black school, take your pick," he said. (Associated Press writers Erik Schelzig in Nashville, Tenn., and Jon Gambrell in Little Rock, Ark., contributed to this report.)

Feds Disrupt Skinhead Plot to Kill Obama
WASHINGTON (Oct. 27) - Law enforcement agents have broken up a plot by two neo-Nazi skinheads to assassinate Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and shoot or decapitate 88 black people, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives said Monday.

In court records unsealed Monday in U.S. District Court in Jackson, Tenn., federal agents said they disrupted plans to rob a gun store and target a predominantly African-American high school in a murder spree that was to begin in Tennessee. Agents said the skinheads did not identify the school by name. [SOURCE, AP Story being retrieved by AOLNews]

Want to Buy a Brick?

MooPig welcomes you to the *Jim Bakker* School of Donations and Re-attributions: which MooPig affectionately calls the: *Two Strikes Culprit [kk] Radical Accounting Method**

Review by Pat Darnell

Anyone within the sound of this blog, might want to consider going door to door in your neighborhood with a bucket. For instructions read this Campaign Finance...

The timing is excellent as it seems ripe pickings for election 2008 voters are ready, willing, and able to separate themselves from large amounts of cash. All you give them is a picture of the *brick*** or simply a Lego block, shown above, no receipt required. Don't forget to say thank you.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
*To quote "Jim Bakker began the PTL (Praise The Lord) ministry in Fort Mill, South Carolina back in 1974. Affectionately named Heritage USA, he built the ministry from the ground up, and would eventually have a 500 room luxury hotel, its own cable TV show, an amusement park, and an amphitheater. The PTL claimed in 1987 to have 13 million subscribers and assets of $175 million including Heritage USA, a 2,300-acre Christian theme park theme park, which was home to PTL and his cable show, called the Inspirational Network." Various people from various directions became distracted by the money going through Heritage. Jim was selling lifetime memberships for $1000 a pop. This got you a 3 day stay every year at PTL. Unfortunately, they sold more memberships than they built rooms... this was a red flag for some, coupled with the large numbers coming in, and people began to watch... namely, the IRS, FCC

**Jim Bakker, evangelist / convict -- "Between 1984 and 1987, the Bakkers received annual salaries of $200,000 each and Jim awarded himself over $4,000,000 in bonuses. Their assets at that time included a $600,000 house in Palm Springs, four condominiums in California, and a Rolls Royce.

In their success, [as evangelists] the Bakkers took conspicuous consumption to an unusual level for a non-profit organization. For example TRUE or FALSE --
  • PTL once spent $100,000 for a private jet to fly the Bakkers' clothing across the country.
  • It also once spent $100 for cinnamon rolls because the Bakkers wanted the smell of them in their hotel room.
  • According to Frances FitzGerald in an April 1987 New Yorker article, "They epitomized the excesses of the 1980s; the greed, the love of glitz, and the shamelessness; which in their case was so pure as to almost amount to a kind of innocence." [SOURCE]
- - - - - - - - - - -
***Their [Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker's] PTL television ministry was a money-generating colossus centered on a wild, unscripted talk show with ratings higher than Johnny Carson's. But a virtual community wasn't enough for this duo - they'd gone on to build a brick and mortar town and name it Heritage, U.S.A.
October 2004, Fort Mill South Carolina. This was a really cool and unexpected walk through. I had heard about the park off and on for a few years prior to visiting. I try to keep a running tab of some of these abandoned parks in the back of my head, just in case I might some day be in the area. I was headed to North Carolina with a good friend of mine to see the Sponge Bob Square Pants NASCAR race...The giant unfinished hotel (often confused as the condo's) was looming over us everywhere we went. You could see large sections of brick falling off, and birds flying in and out of the open windows. The PTL ended before the hotel was finished right around 1987 ...[SOURCE]

Texas Longhorns 28 Oklahoma State 24

Aggies won too. Texas Aggies 49 Iowa State 35

UT Attendance: 98,518 | [STATS]

The top-ranked Longhorns (8-0/4-0 Big 12) survived a rough-and-tumble offensive shoot-out with the rugged, ninth-ranked Cowboys (7-1/3-1 Big 12), who should be moving up in the BCS rankings as a result of their stellar performance rather than down.

Texas continues a murderous stretch of games next Saturday night against undefeated and sixth-ranked Texas Tech (8-0/4-0 Big 12) in Lubbock, which makes it four straight weeks that the Horns will be playing in one of college football's elite games of the weekend.

By the way, there has to be a great deal of concern in Longhorn coaching circles this week on how Oklahoma State's offense carved up the Longhorn defense and special teams (217 yds rushing/200 yds passing/137 yds on returns). Tech's offense is OSU's on steroids.

PHOTO: Texas Tech's offense is OSU's on steroids.

MooPig's Photo Essay Regala: Romania -- Kathleen Laraia McLaughlin

Kathleen Laraia McLaughlin has this to say about Romania... through the lens:

[SOURCE] visit site for captions

- - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - -

October 27th, 2008 at 5:47 pm

How cool,PD!!! The pictures you have posted show, indeed, Romanian traditional activities, people dressed in traditional clothes, but, honestly, people only dress like this in the country side, for traditional holidays or when some traditional dancing shows take place.

But they are true, Romanian, just that chances to see young girls dressed like this, well, are very small. Think mobile phones instead, cars, etc.

But you can still find in the villages the horses and unfortunately even in some areas close to the city, sometimes you have the surprise to see horses crossing some roads, next to a BMW X6, if you get my point…

The image with the sheep is however true, you can easily find that in the country side. The truth is that the country side of Romania may be really wonderful and in some cases looking like 300 years ago. [SOURCE]

Sunday, October 26, 2008

KABOBfest says "Thanks" to Gov Sarah Palin

And MooPig would like to say "Thank you" to Muslims for not eating either beef or pork.

Sunday, October 26, 2008 | Thank you Sarah Palin
By QuiQui [SOURCE]
Since we're on the topic of having to thank even the vile for coming to the defense of the Muslim faith...
One of the two VP candidates just said that religious discrimination is both inappropriate and unacceptable and that their party welcomes all Muslims. That candidate wasn't Joe Biden. And that party wasn't the Democrats.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
Sarah Palin Welcomes Muslims To Republican Party
[SOURCE] By Davin Hutchins on Oct 23, 2008

Amid a growing distrust among her conservative Christian supporters of anything Islamic, Sarah Palin goes on record stating emphatically that Republicans and the McCain-Palin ticket welcome all Muslims, adding "it is not acceptable in my book" to discriminate on the basis of religion. Her message of tolerance comes amid a growing tide of Islamophobia at McCain-Palin presidential rallies in Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio. How Christian fundamentalists interpret her remarks in the last days of the campaign is anyone's guess.

Tailgating Party Posters/ Conversation Starters

MooPig TailGate Party Department has sponsored the re-release of these comfortably reproducible posters for avid Tail Gaters...

"Party starts when yo get here," say your friends.

Arm chair QB, or Statistician... be careful you might just stay in the parking lot!

UBoTGP, United Bloggers of Tail Gate Party, all say TGIS, Thank Gowdy Its Sunday!

Play the SportsCaster Drinking Game:
[We here a do not condone excessive drinking or under age drinking. We expect that our readers understand that this page is intended fortheir fun and entertainment and trust that they havethe sense that they are responsible for their own actions. By publishing this page I am not telling anyone to drink. I am not pouring booze into your glass and I am not forcing you to drink it. If something bad happens to you after taking an idea from this page then it is your fault, not mine.Please just use your head. Now go have fun!]
Click HERE for Details !!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

On-Blur Try: Carving or Ripping

Wish List
by Pat Darnell [SOURCE]

TRIKKE 3 Wheeler -- a new Product for Locomotion

Ambulating coeds have found a new wheeled device to take them around the block. The top of the line is shown here. They cost $600 retail.

Models shown are:
Trikke 12 Roadster with customized, high-pressure pneumatic tires and disc brakes eat up bad road and pushes T8 carving envelope times 10.

Carve deeper and ride harder with confidence and control, and tackle hills like a giant slalom skier tackles the mountain.

Perfect for athletes wanting to combine a fast and exhilarating ride with excellent cross-training for endurance, balance, agility and strength.
This is a cambering vehicle that you can take to the limit, this one's got the girth.

Also, because of its larger wheels and heavier frame, you'll find that it takes less turns to keep your speed essential for anyone interested in long distance carving.

It's the best ride we currently offer; not for the faint of heart. Suggested Weight Limit 250lbs.

There's no snow around here, but here also is the SKKI for those with powder to support triple ski's... at only double the price: $900... retail.

...Future ripping fun on the slopes. Just jump on and go. A total free ride that can be enjoyed by all in the comfort of your after-ski boots!

No more torturous boots and bindings. The Skki is equipped with custom, European-made, wood-core, shaped skis and generous foam-padded handlebar; The skis are easily removed for transport, and the entire machine comes pre-packed in a custom carry bag that can be worn like a back-pack or carried by the shoulder strap. Not heavy either, the entire package only weighs 34 lbs.

And now for a little Coltrane: MooPig take Ten Department

Pick Your Own Party Animal

As good as it can get -- politics humour, fur real:
Pick Your Own Party Animal
by turfgrrl | April 9th, 2008
1 Anonymous // Apr 9, 2008 at 12:30 pm

This is too good. I would like to suggest for the Republican Party: the snake, because of the corruption that infests it; the pig, because it managed to take a budget surplus and turn it into a record deficit; the parrot, for rubber-stamping everything Jr. wants; the chicken; for the cowards who prey on America’s fears of terrorism and use that to undermine our civil liberties; the shark, for preying on the underclasses by giving tax breaks to the rich and corporate fat cats, and finally, the amoeba, because it doesn’t have any intelligence beyond the need to reproduce itself.
2 Anonymous // Apr 9, 2008 at 2:11 pm
My My, let me guess, you are a democrat with blinders! Like the democratic party is so wonderful? I was looking for a weasel for the D’s because of the way they all voted for this stupid war and when it became unpopular they all tried to weasel their way out of the blame game. They seem to weasel their way out of alot of things and put the blame on others more times than not. If this weren’t true Ted Kennedy would be in jail for all that he has done over the years. But you all keep voting him back in office because he represents the midset of most of you. I don’t think there are too many that are happy with Jr. on either side of the aisle but you can’t point fingers at all the Republicans either. Give us a break, there is corruption, rubber stamping and cowards in both parties. (by turfgrrl; April 9th, 2008, pick your own party animal)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Throwing the Game? No Proof, just Gut Feel...

by Pat Darnell, a question

I have a simple question. Does it seem like John McCain is making decisions as if he is trying to throw the race?

Sometimes the truth is more strange than fiction. In this case it appears that someone who has the say so, said "Okay, John, you can run for President; but you will not win."

For instance -- Obama already beat up one woman contender... why pick another as his Republican VP running mate?

-- and why does McCain look like he isn't all that interested in the big prize? He is on the merry-go-round, but not reaching for the gold ring... in my estimation.

Obama came from nowhere, with plenty of bias and prejudice seething in his careless speeches, and slanted slanderous attacks on establishment. How did he do all that damage control so fast, while McCain can't get a break on any of that Jeremiah Wright, Michelle, dirty boxing stuff?

I am convinced that McCain has reached as far as the "big whatever they are's" will let him. It is mandatory for the Democrats to be in the Executive this term, according to some deal cut decades ago?

A.I.T. [[artist in training]]

So far, so good.
Trippy lookin piece of art. I love it!
This is what I am working on.
This is the first photo copy...
There is soon to be more.
Comment, please?!?!

Death and Taxes

A very interesting visual of the US 2009 proposed budget... where are federal tax dollars going? This is only a small part of larger image, click to see the whole picture - read info and buy the print here.

(Source HERE)

This is too large to show it all here. Go to the site for a bigger picture; or it sells for $24, as a poster, plus TAX and shipping, of course.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Moo_Pig Anti _Bombast Detail Threatened by Youth Movement

We should be a little concerned about these, what appear to be, possibly, Commandos from a Lord of the Flies Regiment and maybe a young Hockey Mom Spawn. There is a look of Earnestness and Focus that worries me. I don't see ear-buds.

They look as if their missions are to dominate our Icons. Next what?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

And Now for Something Completely Different

Beating the Pavement Chalk
All the plain Political parlay of Palin and the others getting to be too much? Too much talk about recession? Well, it is at MooPig Headquarters.... let's take a well deserved break from it.

Today, here is some more sidewalk artistry for your cogitation, and consideration. We do not know who the sidewalk artist is -- these photos keep coming into MooPig email... here is the latest lot.

the artist could be one of these or all:

Kurt Wenner HERE
-- or --
Julian Beever HERE
-- or --
Half Bakery just add Oughta' HERE
-- or --
youTube Time Lapse J. Beever HERE
-- or --
Ulla Taylor HERE
-- or --
If you're new HERE, you may want to subscribe to the RSS feed and see core content on culture jamming, urban exploration, unusual furniture, green design, themed hotels and wonders of the world.

Maybe we could provide Public Works jobs for all these out of work stock brokers. They appear to have slurped up a bowl of Depresso Soup..

"Tell them they can keep their hats on."

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A Fantastically Flawed Script for a Jazz Rock Opera -- "GAZA"
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