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Monday, December 07, 2009

At the Message Leave a BEEP, Please

Pits on the Nose indicates Heightened Olfactory Sense Organs, and, Heightened Drama [for NAT GEO, that is!
by Pat Earnell and Archie Ologgee

College Station, Today -- So, and therefore, a gigantic ancestor of amphibious killing machines -- Crocodile\Alligator -- had in its anatomy highly developed sensory organs. Sensing characteristics one would have needed to sense motion, odors, sounds and imaging of its would-be also gigantic prey -- no matter if prey is hiding in dark waters of rivers, jungle streams or briny bogs full of pond scum, all are fair game to SPINOSAURUS.

Also as a particular nasty amphibian, similar to alligators today, 9 ton, sixty-feet long Spinosaurus had hind-legs, land-walk, capability, enough to warrant a five-star presence in the gargantuan land animal parades of yesteryear. The fossil record offers tales of the tape measure, and scales.

Does anyone ever wonder why the DSC and NATGEO TV channels run host to so many alligator and shark shows?

That is because those two animals, Shark and 'Gator, both have a direct DNA linkage to 100+ million years ago dinosaur ancestry. They, therefore, get a lot of scientific brain hours and film time to ponder the fossil records. [Note: This does not, however, explain in glib fashion, why Disney would also extra spend time and money on these creatures, big mystery.]

Did we inherit some of those sensory organs along the way? Every dinosaur that achieved enlarged proportion in antiquity started out small. Generations of sun fresh days, unhampered healthful moonlit evenings, ample creatures to eat, foliage like a Caesar salad, supplied with sparkling living water, cleansed in highly enriched oxygenated air of our dazzling Nubian Earth's climate encouraged dinosaurs to grow and grow over the 165 million years they roamed.

[I am not Fred Flintstones, so don't start arguing timelines with me, okay? Fair e'nuff'. ](:  )]

Run your finger along the tip of your nose. Do you feel bumps like hills, or valleys, like sink holes?

If yes, these are pockets of saurian, reptilian extrasensory characteristics... It turns out, increase in surface area of bone surfaces increases olfactory capabilities in exponents. More little hills and valleys the more capillary action and more blood to those vesicles of flesh.

Also it is a function of time savings, extra-sensory shaves seconds off reaction times. Right? Consider when Spinosaurus walks in to a library he can identify all living things in the area in mere fractions of a second, and pick its dinner ala carte, touche'.
[Jib Jab Funnies HERE]

Spinosaurus is the greatest predator the earth has ever bred. What could beat its size, speed and cunning? guess what killed it off: "It was unable to adapt to CLIMATE CHANGES...." YIKES !! ... there's that combo word again.... "CLIMATE CHANGES."

Organisms were comfortably hard-body, prosperous, well-fed, lanky and lean, fast and quickened, living for millions years as shown in the fossil record.

Then -- Boom Ba -Lada- boom ba -lada, -- they go away. No more bones in the dirt. The unique amphibian Spinosaurus had the best of all lives, in pure "la vida loca." What happened?

It isn't about abundance, or lack, of CO2 either: With CO2 enriched environment supposedly what occurs is that "a three inch high Tyrannosaurus Rex eventually hatches out of its egg" and has now a 12 inch jaw.

Enriched air with various combinations, some think, works as a catalyst for environmental adaptation. Not a hard pill to swallow, if you happen to be the top Pirate on Earth, eh Al Gore?

That's right, it is a recurring cognitive day dream of all six MooPig's readers -- that first go the leaf eaters off the fossil records.

Then the larger dung eaters merge with extinction events, and then go the way of extinction Spinosaurus's, T-Rex's and extra huge Brontosaur's whose amazing development took advantage of 165 million years of Blue Ball Earth.
Figure 10.— Astrodon femur, currently the largest dinosaur bone known from the East Coast of the United States: (a) femur being cast in plaster for removal from Muirkirk clay pit by Dan Chaney (left) and Peter Kroehler (right) of the National Museum of Natural History in May, 1991; (b) in the laboratory at the National Museum of Natural History, March, 1996; shown at approximately 1/10 size; note hammer for scale; (c) sketch of an Astrodon family.
No action in God's Nature is greater than that spirit of Culling action of natural phenomenon happenstance just like the nuclear reaction part of the rapidly shifting changing environment 95 million years ago.

Those who live by the claw -- sometimes, Die by the Claw: The fate of our initial beast, the Spinosaurus -- in its final act -- it would fall, and roll over as its big fin, on its back, would prove a fatal snapping of the animal's spine.

Science is using CT Scanning to find internal structural evidence of new ideas about the Dinosaurs. The shapes of the animals served them well as when alive, doing the happy predator thing, splattering flesh with huge claws to feast on tasty internal organs... but as form follows function, its shape finally gave it an obstacle too great to overcome.

Don't you find it interesting that the greatest eater ever to grow from the dust of Mother Earth, did suddenly disappear from the fossil record -- POOF!  Astonishing? You bet'cha.

NEXT WEEK: "Fake Your Own Extinction" -- Real Time Examples For You... hint: do not go quietly.

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