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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Piggy Bank wants to issue a Credit Card

Welcome Compadres, Confidantes, and Co-conspirators:
I have some questions; I hope you have an answer. Too bad we can’t make it a symposium. I suppose, this is as close to “philosophy-in-the-streets” we can get for now. I am sending my bit-strate from The Brazos Valley, Bryan, TX. Here we make an industry of watching the grass grow.(footnote)

I have confidence in you, my national networking peer-tormentor group:

1. Piggy Bank (PB) is entering a final stage of decision making. “Credit Card Incentives” is the key word.
Is it safe to say sampling a “Cluster” can be effective, even if from a cluster of businesses that are similar in their offerings? I.e.: Credit Card companies, Holding Companies, or, Multi-National Merchandisers? Or, do I have to limit my research to the population cluster of PB patrons?

2. Is this an example of “Simple Random Sample:” Throw darts?
For example: Is the event “Curling” in the Winter Olympics an example of “Simple Random Sampling?”

Typical Incentives: products in malls and get points, like airline mileage points
...use the credit card and get a dividend return each quarter
...order family plan of four or more cards, and receive discounts one product and get another half off
...give your cards to homeless people and receive good kharma

3. If the truth on a segment of “Incentive” is intangible, can the statistician table it, and call it inconclusive? Because really: How do the statistics spell the truth, if Piggy Bank is paying the consultation fee? If PB wants something to be true, how is speculation wiped from the equation? Is speculation truly the second oldest profession?

4. Where does, my, the consultant’s, liabilities begin and end? As the client comes up with a new test idea for incentive, I have recommended a different, unique, fact-gathering strategy each time.
Does this confuse the client, and force an undesirable situation, where he lets me make the final decision for him?

___________________ _____________________
(footnote) In my opinion the two strangest random occurrences in Central Texas in 2006... Reported as “Other news from Central Texas: Report from the Middle Feb 14, 2006”
First: Shooting
I guess the event yesterday gives new meaning to “pepper spray.” Re: the D. Cheney shooting incident, is it random or set up? Controlled experimentation or a survey at the mall? ...could Yesterday have origin in the mystery about this indelicate date in history? The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre “Eve,” and be foretold in the Torah code?

Second: Helicopters overhead and cellular signal fade
We live in Bryan, twin to College Station, where the Fighting Aggie's reside at Texas A and M. The Geo Bush, Sr., Presidential Library is here. Additionally, the Geo W Ranch is only 20 minutes away, as the crow flies. The President’s three Navy helicopters just passed overhead, on the way to the ranch. You know the ranch… We call that “AREA 52.” ...Don’t worry, the preceding is only a test: to check if Big Brother really is listening. I'm looking for free publicity... only if!

At the top are the tools of the survey we will need for proper management of the case for credit cards. PERT, and Gantt charts.

That’s all from here, Brazos Valley, where the women are strong, the men are good-looking, and the children are all above average. Yours, PD

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