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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Musicians and Celeb's Missing in Action

This Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill is Genocide
by Pat Darnell

While the world scurries about trying to figure out how to package the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill 2010 for mass consumption, we are reminded of Actions not Taken. In 1942 a telegram to USA State Department told us of the extermination-like activities of the Nazis. USA did not respond.

At the end of WWII in Europe, in 1945-46 Hollywood Mogul Film producers, Meyer, Wilder, and Huston, and others, were sent to Nazi German, newly discovered concentration camps, where extermination of mostly Jews had occurred.
******** CALLING ALL CELEB's and MUSICIANA *********
For a first line journalistic view of the bodies piled up and the mass graves, the Hollywood celebrities agreed that this atrocity will be in films following their visit. Turn of events  made producers hide this knowledge. "Hollywood is running over with Communists" ... as stated by McCarthy and the Committeemen on Un-American activities ... so the Hollywood Motion Picture Industry put the "Holocaust Tapes away."

As also, television made a break-away in 1946 and stoled away the attention of John Q Publick, by going into his living room and bedroom. USA as a whole was in a hurry to get away from all military activity. Post War attitudes were "let's get home and make families." No one wanted to hear about mass graves full of civilians.

Except with the Anne Frank Story, that soft sells what happens after Anne leaves the attic, millions of books were sold and a hit Broadway play, very little trace of the atrocities of genocide and keyword "GAS" were allowed in film.

No one can make it in the 1950's unless one goes with the bliss of post war-isms. Packaging the Holocaust tapes for mass consumption became second fiddle; those atrocities became unknown.

As the Great Imaginary Witness of the Holocaust... Celebrity is missing in action, and will continue that skirting for the next 60 years.

Today, Katy Couric, mentioned a question from one of her TWEET's: "Where are the celeb's during this Oil Spill Disaster?"

MooPig asks the same ... "Does this disaster have a VOICE out there? Or is it just an imaginary witness, for actions not taken?"

Now that takes a lot -- a real lot -- of Guile!
Remember EXXON Valdez ??

* 20 Yrs Later- Alaskan Beaches Remain Polluted by Oil From Exxon Valdez Spill
February 18, 2010 Kyriaki (Sandy) Venetis
____________ EXCERPT  " ... On Thursday evening, March 23, 1989, the Exxon Valdez, a very large crude carrier and one of Exxon’s then two largest oil tankers, left the Port of Valdez for Long Beach, Calif.

“The shipped passed through the Valdez Narrows and the pilot disembarked. Captain Joe Hazelwood ordered the vessel to procced outside the normal traffic separation lanes in order to avoid ice which had calved from the Columbia Glacier and was reported near the shipping lanes.

“The captain indicated to the mate where he wanted the vessel to turn to bring it back into the shipping lanes and then left the bridge. The ship did not make the turn prescribed by the captain, and shortly after midnight on Friday, March 24, 1989, struck Bligh Reef and fetched up hard aground. ... "

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