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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gulf of Mexico; Oil Spill 2010 -- GULF OIL DISASTER

Thursday's QUIZ -- Match the TITLE with the Disaster EVENT DESCRIPTION, en Fuego !`
by Pat Darnell and the PigMarx Bro's. News Teamn

Today's Topic: "DISASTERS" We noticed in the "no-news" News Reports today -- our "Gulf Oil Spill" is now referred to as the "GULF OIL DISASTER" -- or "G.O.D." for short.

MooPig suggests: "Define Disaster ..." by looking at how that word is thrown down around the world. GOD be with us.
HERE is your Quiz, should take you about three hours, if you don't cheat.

Title of Disaster

Description of Disaster
Operation Eagle Claw 1

... Explosion and fire in the graphite core of one of four reactors released radioactive material that spread over part of the Soviet Union, eastern Europe, Scandinavia, and later western Europe. 31 claimed dead. Total casualties are unknown. Worst such accident to date.
B G O D -- Gulf Oil Disaster, The Deepwater Horizon, April 24, 2010 2 Nearly 700 oil wells were set ablaze ... The resulting fires burned out of control because of the dangers of sending in firefighting crews. Land mines had been placed in areas around the oil wells ... Somewhere around 6 million barrels of oil were lost each day.
C 1995 July 12–17, Chicago 3 More than 225,000 people have died from the disaster, a half a million have been injured, thousands still remain missing, and millions were left homeless. [...] Catastrophic damage included the destruction of entire cities, the contamination of farmland and forests, and the depletion of fishing stocks. Some areas faced starvation and increased susceptibility to disease.
D KARACHI, PAKISTAN 4  In 2003, additional surveys determined that while the majority of subsurface oil was in the mid-intertidal, a significant amount was also in the lower intertidal. The revised estimate of oil was now more than 21,000 gallons ... This ... oil is decreasing at a rate of 0-4% per year, with only a 5% chance that the rate is as high as 4%. At this rate, the remaining oil will take decades and possibly centuries to disappear entirely.
E Amoco Cadiz, 16 March 1978 5 This ..., is a viscous mix of liquid hydrocarbons, compounds made of the elements hydrogen and carbon. [This Substance] ... forms underground as plant and animal remains decay over time. ... Refineries separate [raw product] into products such as fuel oil, asphalt, and gasoline.
F 2010 Jan. 23, Port Arthur, Texas: The oil tanker Eagle Otome 6 ... witnessed its worst environmental disaster in its 56-year-old checkered history when a 24-year old, obsolete tanker Tasman Spirit carrying 67,535 tons of Iranian light crude oil, ... went aground on July 27, 2003 in the channel of the port ... amid rough weather.
G PETROLEUM or crude oil 7 ... [Oil well] blew out, spilling an estimated 140 million gallons of crude oil into the open sea. Although it is one of the largest known oil spills, it had a low environmental impact. Mexican authorities also drilled two relief wells into the main well to lower the pressure of the blowout, however the oil continued to flow for three months following the completion of the first relief well.
H Kuwaiti oil fires 8 Nov. 13, Spain ... [Tanker] suffered a damaged hull and was towed to sea and sank. Much of the 20 million gallons of oil remains underwater.
J 1993 Aug. 10, Tampa Bay, Fla. 9 ... Wrecked supertanker ... spilled 68 million gallons, causing widespread environmental damage over 100 mi of Brittany coast.
K Indian Ocean Tsunami 10 This is the first collision of two solar system bodies ever to be observed, and the effects of the comet impacts on Jupiter's atmosphere have been simply spectacular and beyond expectations. July 16 through July 22, 1994
L Exploratory oil well Ixtoc 1,
 3 June 1979
11 [Tanker] and a barge collide in the Sabine-Neches Waterway, causing the release of about 462,000 gallons of crude oil. Environmental damage was minimal as about 46,000 gallons were recovered and 175,000 gallons were dispersed or evaporated, according to the U.S. Coast Guard.
M Tanker Prestige 12 ... [Tanker] lost power and ran aground near Port Sulphur, La., dumping 567,000 gallons of crude oil into lower Mississippi. Spill was largest in U.S. waters since Exxon Valdez disaster in March 1989.
N Comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9 collided with Jupiter 13 ... On April 24, 1980, which mission resulted in a failed mission, the destruction of two aircraft and the deaths of eight American servicemen and one Iranian civilian.
O 2008 February 7, Port Wentworth, Georgia 14 Due to its disastrous history, the name of this American made product has become synonymous with failure.
P Exxon Valdez 15 739 people died in record heat wave.
Q 1986 April 26, Chernobyl, near Kiev, Ukraine 16 ... At least 84 killed and 147 injured by stampeding soccer fans before a 1998 World Cup qualifying match between the home team and Costa Rica
R - June 21, 2010
China weather disaster
17 On 27 August four enormous explosions took place at 05:30, 06:44, 10:02, and 10:41 local time. The explosions were so violent that they were heard 3,500 km (2,200 mi) away in Perth, Western Australia and the Indian Ocean island of Rodrigues near Mauritius, 4,800 km (3,000 mi) away, where they were thought to be cannon fire from a nearby ship ... Each was accompanied by very large tsunamis, which are believed to have been over 30 meters (100 ft) high in places. A large area of the Sunda Strait and a number of places on the Sumatran coast were affected by pyroclastic flows from the volcano. The pressure wave generated by the colossal final explosion radiated from the explosions at 1,086 km/h (675 mph). It was so powerful that it shattered the eardrums of sailors on ships in the Sunda Strait and caused a spike of more than two and half inches of mercury in pressure gauges attached to gasometers in the Jakarta gasworks, sending them off the scale. The official death toll recorded by the Dutch authorities was 36,417, although some sources put the estimate at 120,000 or more.
S Nov. 28, 2000 Mississippi River south of New Orleans: oil tanker Westchester 18 ... Three ships collided, the barge Bouchard B155, the freighter Balsa 37, and the barge Ocean 255. The Bouchard spilled an estimated 336,000 gallons of No. 6 fuel oil ...
T 1996 Oct. 16, Guatemala City, Mateo Flores National Stadium. 19 Recently ... an explosion fueled by combustible sugar dust killed 13 people and injured several others at the Imperial Sugar plant in this southern state.
U Ford Edsel, 1958-59, 60 20 Investigators discovered a leak in the wellhead itself. As much as 60,000 barrels of oil per day were leaking into the water, threatening wildlife -- affected about 125 miles of coast. By early June, oil had also reached Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi. It is the largest oil spill in U.S. history.
V 1883 eruption of Krakatoa 21 Torrential rains battering ...  have left 175 people dead and forced the evacuation of 1.7 million, as washed out roads and railways hampered rescue work Monday. Premier Wen Jiabao called for greater efforts to battle flooding that has also left 107 people missing since June 13, as more rains are forecast in the next few days, the government said. "In the coming days another round of heavy rain will hit areas in the south. We are facing a bigger test, so we need to make better preparations to avoid disaster," Wen said on state television. "We are in a crucial period. We must be fully prepared and step up organisation of disaster response work," he said on a visit to the water-logged region

Answers: A13, B20, C15, D6, E9, F11, G5, H2, J18, K3, L7, M8, N10, O19, P4, Q1, R21, S12, T16, U14, V17

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