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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

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Fifteen Healthy Foods for 2012

Victory for Internet Freedom: US Congress Shelves SOPA Bill.

The Protect IP Act and Stop Online Piracy Act have generated intense opposition
because of their crackdown on Internet freedom–and that opposition just won
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Is Your Social Media Experience Being Controlled?

There is a little known industry lurking in the dark recesses of the corners of
the internet, especially in the United States and China, called
Crowdturfing, coined by associate professor of computer science at the
University of California Santa Barbara Ben Zhao, is a combination of the terms
“crowdsourcing” and “astroturfing.”
Crowdsourcing means to outsource (hence the sourcing) relatively easy tasks to a
large work force (hence the crowd).
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Sunflower Design Enhances Solar Energy Prospects.

There are only a few solar concentrator plants in the world, mainly because
these multi-mirrored solar power production facilities require giant chunks of
land and hefty investments. A new design developed at MIT could make these
plants more feasible.
Using sunflowers as their inspiration, MIT researchers, led by assistant
professor of mechanical engineering Alexander Mitsos, came up with a biomimetic
design — a design that mimics nature — that better arranges the mirrors.
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Homeowner Takes on BOA for Foreclosure and Mortgage-Backed Security Fraud.

Can Bank of America foreclose on a homeowner without showing any evidence that
their client actually owns the promissory note?
Can a Mortgage-Backed Security sue for damages after they have already been made
whole through credit default swaps and a negotiated settlement with the
originator of the security?
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The Power of Meditation.

Right now in the world the old fear based reality has become unstable and is
beginning to fracture. It’s what science calls the movement of disordering
free entropy. But wherever you have that destructive energy breaking things
down, the miraculous thing is, re-constructive energies take shape immediately
the parts of the old consciousness fragment. It is a reordering energy science
calls ‘neg-entropy‘ and the Awakening Movement knows much more appropriately
as unconditional love! It’s drawing us into a higher paradigm of greater
energetic harmony. Meditation has the power to do this. We become channels of
consciousness for the new energies to flow in. Not only is meditation powerfully
healing for us, but the whole of life on our planet.
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US Government Attempting to Censor Scientific Journals.

Two of the world’s foremost scientific journals, Nature and Science, have been
asked to censor information on a man-made bird flu variant, claiming that it
could fall into the wrong hands.
The United States’ National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity (NSABB)
requested that Nature and Science only publish redacted versions of the studies
amid fears it might be used as a bioweapon.
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Zero Deaths in 38 Years From This Raw Food – So Why is it Condemned?

There are two entirely different types of raw milk. Milk from grain-fed cows
raised in large confined animal feeding operations (CAFO’s) is rendered safe
for consumption through pasteurization, while the milk from grass-fed cows
raised on smaller, clean farms can nearly always be safely consumed without
being pasteurized
Most of the actual nutrition found in milk is destroyed during pasteurization.
The process also alters the milk molecule and as a result, pasteurized milk tops
the list of allergenic foods.
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