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Saturday, January 21, 2012

MooPig Site Review :: "Is Your Social Media Experience Being Controlled? | Wake Up World"

[Visit Picture LINK] This picture is not what this article is about, but we like the pun-iliciousness of it.

As the World Turns, enters CrowdSurfing 
Retrieved by Pat Darnell  |  Jan 8 - 21, 2012  |  Bryan TX

EXCERPT  |  " ... This could very well incarnate in politicians, political parties, or special interest groups hiring tens of thousands of crowdsourcers to create a false impression of popular support for an issue, candidate, or whatever they might want to promote.
" ... Sandaha is a younger player in this crowdturfing industry but they still process tens of thousands of dollars every month in transactions.

“This industry is millions of dollars per year already and [shows] roughly exponential growth,” Zhao said.

“I think we’re still in the early stages of this phenomenon,” he added.

This is hardly a reassuring assessment, and I think Zhao is quite right given that the entire globe is experiencing economic turmoil and many will jump at the opportunity to make money from the comfort of their home and in the more impoverished nations they will do so for nearly nothing. (Ruppert, Madison. 18 Jan 2012. HERE) ... "
If the industry continues at this rate of growth, the potential profits very well might become so lucrative that they justify larger, more sophisticated startups which focus on creating realistic internet personas, communities, and dialogues just by paying people ten cents or so for each task.

Is Your Social Media Experience Being Controlled? | Wake Up World:

What's 'the next big thing' you may ask? (Pribek, J. December 3, 2011. HERE)

Using the old idea of sharing files, one creative person could provide employment for the entire cell phone, Kindle, or iPad owning public, worldwide. For example, my best friend does her whole work day on a cell phone. She is a merchandiser in grocery stores. She reports all her activities by controlled questioning on a company supplied cellular. Eh?

For example what if an American blues guitar player cuts a new album, and needs a cheaper method of advertising his accomplishment? He could seek out a person in China to translate the TEXT or BLURB of his album to Chinese via cell phone. Then he would seek out a  crowdsurfing group or crowdturfing He then taps into a 1,348,950,000 person Chinese market. That would become a good base for anymore of his future albums.

'via Blog this'

Just today, Jan 21st, I have noticed that my favorite News Clearing House Site, is offline. I don't know if it is permanently gone, but I certainly hope not. You see, many sites that provide large amounts of LINKS as the function of their existence, whether they advertise or not, have been told cease and desist... Other examples of site shut-downs are sites such as those that provide LINKS to copyrighted properties, like movies and music.

We have to draw our each own conclusions about this control method by government agency. It is the basic principle of the Internet to share files of information alongside the spam generators, and viral piracy's of our day. It is the state of the art for now. But is targeting web sites part of controlling our Internet, if we in fact can claim it as ours?


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