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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Ancient Aliens :: Frank Zappa on UFO and Intelligent Life

Snagged by Pat Darnell  |  Aug 3, 20102  |  Bryan TX

Rare Zappa Interview
"Everybody believes in something and everybody, by virtue of the fact that they believe in something, use that something to support their own existence."
- Frank Zappa



Pribek said...

The ramifications of this are almost incomprehensible. Our lives will be profoundly changed

MooPig_Wisdom said...

@LINK: "... We are now pretty obviously facing the possibility of a world that the supranational corporations, and the governments and educational systems that serve them, will control entirely for their own enrichment—and, incidentally and inescapably, for the impoverishment of all the rest of us.
- Wendell Berry

Pribek said...

Yeah but, if you look close it's the Carroll Quigley (remember him, Bill Clinton's "mentor"?) school of thought i.e. Yeah, this all happened this way and it's ugly and people don't want to know but in the end it's for the best.....the common good.
Can't really put my finger on where you're coming from these days...the site is either a brilliant snap shot of the devolution (both meanings really, biological and political) or strobe flickers of an addled cortex. My suspicions and hope lay with the former.
Do you truly believe that it's not a one party system? Or...was it just that a spot came open on the bowling team?
All is not vanity. All is not tragedy. All is attrition. All is public domain.
A few links before i saddle up and ride...

Keep your powder dry and try to get the high ground to go now and see a man about an urban assault vehicle.

MooPig_Wisdom said...

Hey, cool LINKs. No, it is the addled cortex syndrome, I've been doing lots of research of late... got some new insights ... also I quit drinking coffee and subsequently lost my blogger-doodle interface ...

Reaction to the common good, blah; two party system -- never existed. Hopelessness abounds.

Pribek said...

Would you buy a used car from Mark Potok?
Coffee thing makes know all that stuff about heavy coffee drinking staves off early dementia and all.
I had a hunch early on that the whole education system was rigged, now I know why.
I like the home school option.
Often, I feel frustrated but not hopeless. People are catching on.

MooPig_Wisdom said...

Maybe I was a bit stark on my replies... but you know how we men's go through mood swings... ? Well, I am in full swing lately.

You open up several gateways in your comments, that should be addressed, but I don't know if I have words enough to reply. Could be I would actually buy a used car from Mark Potok if I didn't have Internet accessibility. Back story's are a way of life now for me.

So, I see you have expanded and neatified your many blogs and it all looks great! I have the sneaking suspicion about my blogging efforts that they are obsolete and will soon be dealt a blow in the great "Internet Cleansing Era" that looms on the horizon.

That being since the writings are plenty pirated materials, and the pictures are volumes snagged off Google Images ... I think my articles will not be grandfathered, rather they will be smitten.

Thus, the newer concept of getting the whole thing backed up and put into a book, or such, for my own pleasure in my waning years, is my latest priority.

I hope that translates for you ...

Pribek said...

Now is the time for back stories.
Like you say, there will be a cleansing.

Notice too, that the same copyright laws that could not be enforced when all of the true creative types were still creating stuff...are the very same copyright laws that will be used to deal that hammer blow.

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Bill Gaines said it
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