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Thursday, March 07, 2013

MooPig Merger Watch Department :: "Jim Hightower"

There is no Safe Harbor for the Common Person
Scooped by Pat Darnell  |  Mar 7, 2013  |  Bryan TX

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Financial types, and they definitely are a subset of humanity, do things through sleight of hand. The reason they sneak around is because they foretell futures of money as it flows through society. They have formulas that tell them when tomorrow will be a winner or a loser. And this propriety, they think, gives them the right to lurk about. Just like a diamond dealer won't tell you where the diamonds are stashed, right?

The rest of us, in context of work-a-day, go about our business mostly ignoring the financial types. They seem to be doing nothing, and that seems foreign to one who works.

I did an experiment ten years ago. I got jobs working as an insurance agent, first with Farmers Insurance, then second with Western Southern Enterprises. I did okay in the application processes until they gave me a psychological evaluation type test. I was border line, as I was told later. But I worked in the financial industry for six years.

You see, there is no right or wrong answer to psychological test of that kind. My answers were "compared" to answers from other applicants, and/or, successful financial types. The comparisons told the company if I fell in the zone of successful financial types, or not.

Having been in Construction Management, and having grown up through the trades, my answers were "not" in the zone, but rather on the edge of that bell curve.

You, see, financial groups, like insurance companies are pyramids, only they are built out of playing cards. It may surprise you to learn that a regional manager at Farmers Insurance makes about $3 million a year; yes, that's right, and it is hardly ever publicized. The guy at the top of the heap gets the biggest check. His money is made off the backs of others.

When a bunch of financial guys get together they try to act like normal people, but their inherent hatred of anything "not financial" makes them play their hand.

I find these financial types intriguing; like being at a Cabaret, I sometimes imagine. A group of men usually who wear facades, and talk percentages, but just below the facade is a regular smelly, old wool, metallic scented pile of protoplasm that will shrivel up if it has to find common ground with a common person. Or, if you stare at their hairpiece too long they will try everything to turn your gaze from it.

"Oh, I jog three miles every morning," he'll say. This is supposed to fit into his gimmick world. Misdirection is the whole story, the only story, and the way of financial types out there.

So, when Jim Hightower reports on the sweeps of the financial district, that means we are right now in a national state of intentional "mis-direction," and maybe it is time to WAKE THE HELL UP!

Jim Hightower | Wall Street gets giddy over the urge to merge: "One Wall Street economist says, giddily, that today's urge to merge is "a sign that corporate America believes that the [economic] expansion is going to accelerate." Yeah, and run right over us.

"Confidence on Upswing, Mergers Make Comeback," The New York Times, February 15, 2013. 

"A Job-Hacking Fed Policy," Austin American Statesman, February 24, 2013.

"Buyouts a boon to investors," Austin American Statesman, February 18, 2013.

"From ketchup to computers, companies are buying each other again. Is a flurry of LBOs next?", February 15, 2013."

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Pribek said...

The "Safe Harbor for the Common Person" is common sense.
The guys that really succeed in the financial sectors do not base decisions on common sense. Some will have some success based on "trends" (a term used as if it has some common sense application i.e. if things are moving in this direction they will continue this motion or, things can only move in this direction for a limited time and they will no doubt, go the other way).
But, the real big dogs have inside information. Not always "criminal" or "actionable" but, info that those who study trends aren't privy to. They make the trends. Not only that, they own the media, including the insider media that report the trends.
On any given day, you can find that JP Morgan owns X amount of public shares of various media conglomerates. X amount varies. At the same time you will find a number of mutual funds own X amount of the same stock. Morgan owns shares in the mutual fund as well but, the amount of shares is not available and the members of the public who own shares in the same fund have no voting rights. Therefore, Morgan knows the fund's next move and will vary their movement with the public stock in the media company that they own accordingly.
Tangled web, and that's just one example of how all of this stuff is tied together.
The good news is that common sense can prevail. The more people are told that everything is positive when, on the dirt level it sucks shit through a straw, they are less and less likely to believe what they are being sold.
At some point, it can become a tipping point and we out number them.
The entire financial system is not reality. Has nothing to do with basic human needs.

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