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Friday, April 05, 2013

MooPig Hegelian Dialectic Department :: "Rothschild's Solution" PART TWO

Children Telling the Truth Never gets Old
Corroborated by Pat Darnell | APR 5, 2013 | Bryan TX


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" ... economists around the world is struggling to break free of the clutches 0:04of the financial crisis box a twelve-year-old canadian 0:08knitters what needs to be done 0:09the story grown took the internet by storm in the myself to video open 0:14slamming calibers bangs for robbing the people 0:17when viral 0:20brought this about a half of the bulge dato 0:23have credited financially and save the people of color line 0:29liability let's let me just like that 0:33or are you 0:34but im actually gave you a minor 0:36necropsy i had come here acting as a fact that money out of 0:41budget proposal not loss 0:44all the 0:44probably are pulling 0:47that we have enough problems are not part of our courses start dot com 0:50support at all 0:52will lead you to stop this current 0:57well we've got internet since issue between grant in her mother masi grant 1:01on the line from canada right now 1:03so the drug what sort of your speech is quite long so can you just very briefly 1:07tell us what's being bothering u about canada's banking system 1:14um... well it's been not a meeting is that 1:17our government has been borrowing money from private banks and putting us into 1:22that 1:23and they're not doing anything about that cell 1:26they're just standing by and watching the private banks make us think on 1:30cutting contracts 1:32don't clearly understand what's happening there in your country do they 1:34need solutions for the world's economic problems 1:41my solution is that 1:43let me stop buying from private banks and we start buying from the bank of 1:47canada i with my daughter knowing chest 1:50worawut but ok now you'll just twelve years old what do you think you 1:54understand what's wrong with the economy that you have the answer in world 1:57leaders don't 2:02camping researching and watching documentaries and 2:05uh... like reading bucks and it's not that hard to understand when c start 2:11researching 2:12and uh... 2:14right let me as they probably 2:16now what's happening is just they're just they're not doing anything about it 2:20why not t_v_ why do they care 2:25uh... i think they don't care because they're benefiting from what they're 2:29doing fine 2:31all right now i know you mum city makes you must yet how do you feel about your 2:34daughter becoming an internet sensation and not even talking to global news 2:37channels liability 2:41biased and um... it's been quite exciting we never knew in this project 2:45started what would happen with this region actually dream of this would 2:48happen but it's exciting at six a_m_ ever getting people talking 2:52and doing their own research and whether they agree or disagree there at least 2:56and listening and um... exploring 3:00well at the door at as a similarly i saw your presentation it was very impressive 3:04uh... i suppose a lot of people ask you this question did you really come up 3:07with the bullies ideas yourself 3:13and my dad had been watching documentaries cell i'd be taking alex 3:17and then let you know i clean rate down and then 3:20we put it into my speech 3:22so this is a lonely disguising operating so you've been discussing this 3:26with your dad 3:28and clearly is something that is really taking 3:31your interest by storm and i i do you feel that you you definitely have a 3:34message 3:35to to tell not just people of your generation of your age but but the whole 3:39of the world from what your understanding now 3:45alright not dozens of course people around the world but with we've seen you 3:49explaining what's wrong with uh... what about you yourself yet your mum's 3:54oversee pretty excited bout of this but what about the attention on you know 3:59dance families a man 4:02i like that so many people i like it because they king that information on on 4:06what's happening and making chan tell other people about it 4:10but some people your age my say economics financial boring isn't it 4:17you have probably a big but what you say to them is actually important for our 4:21lives 4:25markets and playing the has 4:28it's something really bad happenings senile light 4:31week a bit 4:32go well at online living like just like one meal a day and if this keeps getting 4:36worse 4:38what about them when you grow up 4:40what your ambitions to you 4:42one of the economist you would be at the prime minister 4:48well i want to be acting changes nine ac 4:51bag i'm definitely going to keep studying on monetary reform 4:57seated at the interior designers say your creative as well as sir 5:00having a financial mind as well 5:03well we wish you the best of luck in your career 5:05thank you very much indeed victoria graham and also a mother masi agron 5:09joining us live there in canada thank you ... "


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