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Sunday, June 09, 2013

MooPig Water Department :: "Potentially Drinkable Water"

Conjoined articles by Pat Darnell  |  June 9, 2013  |  Bryan TX

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Pretty soon we will have to book a flight to Mars to get a drink of fresh, unadulterated, water.

Recently on Mars, the ten year old mission record breaking NASA's Opportunity, discovered what "Scientists believe ... a lot of water once flowed through these rocks through some sort of fracture, leaving an unusually high concentration of clay. (Agence France Presse. Jun. 8, 2013. LINK)"

In a temperate climate, on Earth, adequate intake of water for males is about 13 cups, and for females it is about 9 cups a day. Water makes up 60% of the adult's body weight. To keep your eyes, ears, and, throat moist, like they are supposed to be, requires adequate intake.

So at an average of 10.5 cups per human times 7 billion, ... [cursor blink, blink, |...|...|...] ... That's 73500000000 cups of water a day across Earth.

A note from USGS web page: "...Data compilation for the report Estimated Use of Water in the United States in 2010 had a delayed start in Fall 2011. Report completion and data availability are not expected until 2014. ... "

Potentially Drinkable Water Found On Mars - Business Insider: ""This is powerful evidence that water interacted with this rock and changed its chemistry, changed its mineralogy in a dramatic way," said principal investigator Steve Squyres of Cornell University. He described the research as "some of the most important" of the decade-long mission because it showcases a very different chemistry than most of the previous discoveries about water on Mars, which is now quite dry."

It makes evidence for the argument that there was water on Mars with balanced ph, "water that you could drink" about a billion years ago. But from this rock formation Opportunity has found "prebiotic" water, moisture that could support life forms.
"Opportunity and its twin rover Spirit launched in 2003 and landed in January 2004 for what was initially meant to be a three-month exploration. Both discovered evidence of wet environments on ancient Mars. (Agence France Presse. Jun. 8, 2013. LINK) ..."
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No water; no life.

The most pristine body of water on Earth is a lake in Australia. Scientists claim it is untouched by climate change for the last 7500 years. (Weather Channel. Jun 5, 2013. LINK)
" ... Blue Lake on Stradbroke Island, which lies off the south Queensland coast of Australia  ... The water here is so pure that the bottom of the nearly 33-ft.-deep lake is visible from the surface. ... "
Earth's population would drink that lake dry in one day, okay maybe in a week ... but you get the drift. Again, no water; no life.


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