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Saturday, July 13, 2013

MooPig Financial Trends :: "Budget Surplus June 2013"

Blended by Pat Darnell  |  July 13, 2013  |  Bryan TX

Major Events from 1940 to 2012

Great Depression - 1929 to 1938
WWII - 1939 to 1945
Korean War - 1950 to 1953
Vietnam War - 1955 to 1975 (US combat units deployed in 1965)
Oil Embargo - 1973
Soviet Union Collapses - 1991
Gulf War - 1990-1991
9/11 - September 11th, 2001
Iraq War - 2003 to 2011
Global Financial Meltdown - 2007 to ???

In the last 69 years, the U.S. government has managed to post 12 surpluses, with the most recent coming in 2001.

The largest uninterrupted stretch of surpluses came between 1920 and 1930. This eventually came to an end after the government spent billions of dollars combating the Great Depression.

The largest uninterrupted stretch of deficits came between 1970 and 1997.

President Running A Budget Surplus - GOP In A Panic As They Witness Election Hopes Evaporate -: "Here comes the fiscal cliff fight again, with the GOP ready to take the nation hostage in order to hurt the middle class for their corporate overseas masters…. but wait a second, instead of running a budget deficit, the federal government is running… a surplus!! Queue up the horrified GOP leadership, who just lost their one trump card. Rather than facing the debt crisis with the next election over a year away, thanks to these budget surpluses, now the GOP is faced with the real problem of having the debt ceiling fight turned into a midterm election issue."

'via Blog this'

1* - Presidential control
2* - Senate control
3* - House control

D = Democrat R = Republican

YearNominal DollarsInflation Adjusted1*2*3*

1940$2.9 Billion Deficit$48.33 Billion DeficitDDD

1941$4.9 Billion Deficit$77.78 Billion DeficitDDD

1942$20.5 Billion Deficit$292.86 Billion DeficitDDD

1943$54.6 Billion Deficit$737.84 Billion DeficitDDD

1944$47.6 Billion Deficit$634.67 Billion DeficitDDD

1945$47.6 Billion Deficit$618.18 Billion DeficitDDD

1946$15.9 Billion Deficit$191.57 Billion DeficitDDD

1947$4 Billion Surplus$42.11 Billion SurplusDRR

1948$11.8 Billion Surplus$114.56 Billion SurplusDRR

1949$0.6 Billion Surplus$5.88 Billion SurplusDDD

1950$3.1 Billion Deficit$30.1 Billion DeficitDDD

1951$6.1 Billion Surplus$54.95 Billion SurplusDDD

1952$1.5 Billion Deficit$13.27 Billion DeficitDDD

1953$6.5 Billion Deficit$57.02 Billion DeficitRRD

1954$1.2 Billion Deficit$10.43 Billion DeficitRRD

1955$3 Billion Deficit$26.09 Billion DeficitRDD

1956$3.9 Billion Surplus$33.62 Billion SurplusRDD

1957$3.4 Billion Surplus$28.33 Billion SurplusRDD

1958$2.8 Billion Deficit$22.58 Billion DeficitRDD

1959$12.8 Billion Deficit$103.23 Billion DeficitRDD

1960$0.3 Billion Surplus$2.36 Billion SurplusRDD

1961$3.3 Billion Deficit$25.78 Billion DeficitDDD

1962$7.1 Billion Deficit$55.04 Billion DeficitDDD

1963$4.8 Billion Deficit$36.64 Billion DeficitDDD

1964$5.9 Billion Deficit$44.36 Billion DeficitDDD

1965$1.4 Billion Deficit$10.37 Billion DeficitDDD

1966$3.7 Billion Deficit$26.62 Billion DeficitDDD

1967$8.6 Billion Deficit$60.14 Billion DeficitDDD

1968$25.2 Billion Deficit$169.13 Billion DeficitDDD

1969$3.2 Billion Surplus$20.38 Billion SurplusRDD

1970$2.8 Billion Deficit$16.87 Billion DeficitRDD

1971$23 Billion Deficit$132.95 Billion DeficitRDD

1972$23.4 Billion Deficit$130.73 Billion DeficitRDD

1973$14.9 Billion Deficit$78.42 Billion DeficitRDD

1974$6.1 Billion Deficit$28.91 Billion DeficitRDD

1975$53.2 Billion Deficit$231.3 Billion DeficitRDD

1976$73.7 Billion Deficit$303.29 Billion DeficitRDD

1977$53.7 Billion Deficit$207.34 Billion DeficitDDD

1978$59.2 Billion Deficit$212.19 Billion DeficitDDD

1979$40.7 Billion Deficit$130.87 Billion DeficitDDD

1980$73.8 Billion Deficit$209.66 Billion DeficitDDD

1981$79 Billion Deficit$203.08 Billion DeficitRRD

1982$128 Billion Deficit$309.93 Billion DeficitRRD

1983$207.8 Billion Deficit$487.79 Billion DeficitRRD

1984$185.4 Billion Deficit$417.57 Billion DeficitRRD

1985$212.3 Billion Deficit$461.52 Billion DeficitRRD

1986$221.2 Billion Deficit$471.64 Billion DeficitRRD

1987$149.7 Billion Deficit$308.02 Billion DeficitRDD

1988$155.2 Billion Deficit$306.72 Billion DeficitRDD

1989$152.5 Billion Deficit$287.74 Billion DeficitRDD

1990$221.2 Billion Deficit$395.71 Billion DeficitRDD

1991$269.3 Billion Deficit$461.92 Billion DeficitRDD

1992$290.4 Billion Deficit$484 Billion DeficitRDD

1993$255.1 Billion Deficit$412.78 Billion DeficitDDD

1994$203.2 Billion Deficit$320.5 Billion DeficitDDD

1995$164 Billion Deficit$251.53 Billion DeficitDRR

1996$107.5 Billion Deficit$160.21 Billion DeficitDRR

1997$22 Billion Deficit$32.07 Billion DeficitDRR

1998$69.2 Billion Surplus$99.28 Billion SurplusDRR

1999$125.6 Billion Surplus$176.16 Billion SurplusDRR

2000$236.4 Billion Surplus$320.76 Billion SurplusDRR

2001$127.3 Billion Surplus$168.16 Billion SurplusRDR

2002$157.8 Billion Deficit$205.2 Billion DeficitRDR

2003$377.6 Billion Deficit$479.8 Billion DeficitRRR

2004$413 Billion Deficit$511.14 Billion DeficitRRR

2005$318 Billion Deficit$380.84 Billion DeficitRRR

2006$248 Billion Deficit$287.7 Billion DeficitRRR

2007$161 Billion Deficit$181.51 Billion DeficitRDD

2008$459 Billion Deficit$498.37 Billion DeficitRDD

2009$1413 Billion Deficit$1539.22 Billion DeficitDDD

2010$1294 Billion Deficit$1386.92 Billion DeficitDDD

2011$1299 Billion Deficit$1350.31 Billion DeficitDDR

2012$1100 Billion Deficit$1120.16 Billion DeficitDDR

2013$900 Billion Deficit$900 Billion DeficitDDR


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