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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

MooPig Free Range Grazing Rights Department :: "Unemployment Benefits"

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Captured by Pat Darnell | June 29, 2013 | Bryan TX

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North Carolina Becomes First State To Eliminate Unemployment Benefits: "RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — With changes to its unemployment law taking effect this weekend, North Carolina not only is cutting benefits for those who file new claims, it will become the first state disqualified from a federal compensation program for the long-term jobless."

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"Like many states, North Carolina had racked up the debt by borrowing from Washington after its unemployment fund was drained by jobless benefits during the Great Recession. (EMERY P. DALESIO JUNE 28, 2013. LINK) ... "

Whoops! That one slipped by: define "the Great Recession."
" ... A period of economic downturn experienced by the United States beginning in December 2007. The downturn is not described as depression since the severity has not encompassed the levels of the Great Depression in the 1930's. The US market housing decline is pointed out to be one of the causes of the Great Recession. ... "
Why is it politicians, in this case the GOP Governor of North Carolina, make policy decisions that adversely impact their very own constituents, their voters? Discontinuance of UC is in fact directly related to the Great Recession, as an after shock upon the demagoguery. Blimey.

The Emergency Unemployment Compensation was due to run out in January in North Carolina. Instead the Governor ended it this month, to "ease the burden on businesses." As in all cases political, two out of three questions are ignored: 1) Is it legal ... 2) Is it the right thing to do? ... 3) Who benefits from this? Follow the money.

MooPig relies on secondary research for its existence. When are we going to see the "free press" digging into the money trails for all these jokers in leadership positions?



Pribek said...

Funny that the phrase "Great Depression" has been on my mind lately. I'm still fighting through the Quigley book and, he goes in to great detail about how the Great Depression came about. However, I don't right this second recall him using the word "Depression". He instead often describes it as an world wide economic collapse or crisis.

Stronger words than depression or recession indeed. Depression makes it sound like the economy was a little blue and recession sounds like it just took a time out.

But, the word "Great" now seems permanently attached to the depression that started roughly in '31. "Great" recession seems to be a new admission...perhaps a statement of half guilt as great is modern day synonymous with very good rather than huge..."Have a great day"..."Boy, that was a great recession wasn't it?".

As it turns out, I posted today about how the administration has cooked GDP numbers back to 1929 and, as it turns out, according to the modified stats, the recession wasn't so bad after, my proposal is that we should hereafter refer to it as the "Super Fantastic Recession!"

Patrick Darnell said...

... Summa cum laude !!!!

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