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Sunday, September 29, 2013

MooPig Brain Industries :: "Sabotage"

Let's examine the issue and attempt to get at the truth behind the myth.
Mashed articles by Pat Darnell | Sep 29, 2013 | Bryan TX

Have you ever heard the claim that mankind is perverse? Well, here is a theory being bounced around. Our own intelligence is being sabotaged by our aggressive neediness of "wanting to believe." And some say we only "use 10% or 11% of our brains capacity."

No matter how you slice it, those who think they know stuff about our brains, heaven help them, may try to stimulate logical brain activities with truthful factoids, but many brains will rebel just because that is the brain's predetermination.

"The climate is not changing because of increased CO2 in the atmosphere," says the brain of someone who lives on the edge of denial.

Most Depressing Brain Finding Ever | Marty Kaplan: "Maybe climate change denial isn't the right term; it implies a psychological disorder. Denial is business-as-usual for our brains. More and better facts don't turn low-information voters into well-equipped citizens. It just makes them more committed to their mis-perceptions. In the entire history of the universe, no Fox News viewers ever changed their minds because some new data upended their thinking. When there's a conflict between partisan beliefs and plain evidence, it's the beliefs that win. The power of emotion over reason isn't a bug in our human operating systems, it's a feature."

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Today in our society brain industries is quackery, say we. How many times do we "brain carrying species" have to be reminded that our capacity to use it in a constructive way, is below par? That brain bucket of ours just doesn't want to behave logically in the face of catastrophe. Let's look in at Wikki ...
" ... The 10% of brain myth is the widely perpetuated urban legend that most or all humans only make use of 20%, 10% or some other small percentage of their brains. It has been misattributed to people including Albert Einstein.[1] By association, it is suggested that a person may harness this unused potential and increase intelligence.
Though factors of intelligence can increase with training,[2] the popular notion that large parts of the brain remain unused, and could subsequently be "activated", rests more in popular folklore than scientific theory. Though mysteries regarding brain function remain—e.g. memory, consciousness — the physiology of brain mapping suggests that most if not all areas of the brain have a function.[3][4] (Y ikki peed ya. nd. LINK) ... "
Who you going to believe? Do we or don't we use our brains for anything useful?
" ... The human brain is complex. Along with performing millions of mundane acts, it composes concertos, issues manifestos and comes up with elegant solutions to equations. It's the wellspring of all human feelings, behaviors, experiences as well as the repository of memory and self-awareness. So it's no surprise that the brain remains a mystery unto itself. ... (Robynne Boyd. Mind & Brain :: Fact or Fiction :: February 7, 2008. LINK) ... "

Our brains are not fully understood, but the myth that we don't use it is an attempt to explain why we sabotage logic all the time, with our beliefs. Ten percent of the brain is made of neurons, and the other 90% is glial cells. We don't yet know how the glial cells function or what they do -- glial cells, which encapsulate and support neurons, but whose function remains largely unknown.

It's not that we use 10 percent of our brains, merely that we only understand about 10 percent of how it functions.

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