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Saturday, March 29, 2014

MooPIg's Sure-fire Solution for Writers' Block: a "Vision QUEST"

Ovidiu Confessed Writers' block,
by Pat Darnell

"These days I am in one of those periods where nothing really comes to me easy, in terms of inspiration, or whatever you want to call it… I didn’t post anything yesterday because nothing came to my mind. Period. Yesterday evening while rehearsing with my band, I searched for a better “solution” for the guitar part of one new song and frankly it was not that great. (Ovidiu; Lack of inspiration In: Rocking in the free world. Sorry -- LINKS no longer valid. Thursday Jul 17, 2008)"

Dearest Ovidiu:
I will never leave you alone in the doldrums. I will be there when you are feeling down. You’ve got a friend.

Here is the antidote:
This very afternoon, crash a private party where a garage band is playing its heart out to a mosh-oriented crowd of dowagers.
Challenge the biggest fella, or gal, to a Tequila Shots Chug Contest. Kindly, invite any others to join in if they want at stage front during the band’s break. [you really need a good brand of Tequila, Cuervo Gold preferably, you might bring your own case]
After each shot you all have to do a physical exercise, like jumping jacks, push ups, head stands, step-ball-change-kick-kick-clap line dancing... etc…
Win the contest: even if it takes 42 shots.
Accept the love from the crowd as you grab a girl and exit into a silent night due to the effects of Tequila, not actual silence. Use your judgment that is remaining and carefully drive yourselves home to your place.
No hanky panky… just talk to her as you throw-up from your balcony… evolve into a walking pass out… speak of your profound love for the universe and all god’s children’s… great and small
Until you stumble into you couch and pass into heavy heavy sleep known as “alpha level: dormant as a desert cactus needle.”
When you wake up at the crack of dawn, you call the little lady a cab… no it isn’t over yet.
You jump right away in your car and go out to find a rugby team that is looking for a fifteenth man, a hooker, otherwise they “will have to forfeit” sob stories. You volunteer… and not only hook every ball, but score three tries as you win the tournament for strangers’ company.
Wow, I wish I could be there with you… When you look up into that panoramic sky and become engulfed in Tequila Amnesia. That is when you will receive your vision quest !!

Just pay it forward, don’t thank me. Or you could send a contribution to my children’s education fund. I am preparing them similarly for college…
As always, your friend, saying: what are friends for?

Pat and Friends, aka MooPig da' Furst


"...To illustrate I will tell you uama story. I worked with some lovers of Tequila and our conversations over drinks always surrounded her. I once went to a farewell coworker and decided to take lots of beer after the race who take it anymore Tequila . 4 entered the contest, first triple for each, mexican style (round Tequila pure) and all well. Second round and triple todoa well. Third eodada teheeipla and tooooudsooosssss and soft, and then comes the maledetta fourth round triple and so on 12nd Tequila the world went off, I woke up in the hospital wondering the video game 1000 real that I had bought the day, the second participant agreed vomiting on the car window with his wife driving without a license and the other 2 have proved the aphrodisiac side of Tequila , waking underwear, 2, on the same couch...."


Ovidiu - said...

Hey, PD, thanks for the credits ;-)

As always funny! You made me smile and frankly helped me out of that bad state. I think it is a general state, not only related to blogging. It is also related to being tired sometimes, to not be in the mood, a lot of things may go wrong, if you think about it. But nothing a few shots of Tequila can't fix, right? ;-)

MooPig_Wisdom said...

Dear Ovidiu:
I know that you are such a high evolved Palikar in the arts and sciences, that is why I bring you into my venue.

I sense you are a natural born entertainer.. no? Honest yet light hearted?

I trust you will always grant me a moment of your valuable time, in the fraternal order of blog-o-rama while we still have some-fun-a'rama ..

As always, warmest regards,

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Bill Gaines said it

Bill Gaines said it
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