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Friday, March 14, 2014

UPDATE Honey Bee Down :: "Somebody is Monkeying Around"

Symbioticism, Commensalism, Mutualism, Parasitism, Oh My!
Perpetrated articles by Pat Darnell  |  Mar 14, 2014  |  Bryan TX

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MooPig is all about symbiosis, thus the pig in the bull, but can the pig live without the bull? Sure it can. Can the bull live without the pig? Yes. So the two groups do not harm each other.

Let's look at another symbiosis, can the human live without the bees? No. The honey bee is "matchmaker of crops and bringer of honey (Jennifer Frazer | January 31, 2014. LINK) ... "

So the larger group of bees can live without humans all right. This is not a symbiotic relationship. It is a relationship where one group benefits while the other is unaffected by that group. Bees pollinate flowers, fruit and nut trees, vegetables, and 90 in all foods, despite human intervention. Bees make honey regardless of human activity. Yes, we humans are almost a parasite to the honey bees, because someone has their arm in the honey comb.

How do we skip evolutionary steps? It is by diddling around with genetics, and by making splendorous insecticides, that's how. So, where does this take us? Where does it leave the honey bees?
"... [D]iseases that result from pathogen host shifts are a threat to the health of humans and their domesticates. RNA viruses have extremely high mutation rates and thus represent a significant source of these infectious diseases. In the present study, we showed that a plant-pathogenic RNA virus, tobacco ringspot virus (TRSV), could replicate and produce virions in honeybees, Apis mellifera, resulting in infections that were found throughout the entire body (Ji Lian Lia, R. Scott Cornmanb, Jay D. Evansb... 20 October 2013 Accepted 13 December 2013 Published 21 January 2014. LINK) ..."
Suspicious Virus Makes Rare Cross-Kingdom Leap From Plants to Honeybees | The Artful Amoeba, Scientific American Blog Network: "When HIV jumped from chimpanzees to humans sometime in the early 1900′s, it crossed a gulf spanning several million years of evolution. But tobacco ring-spot virus, scientists announced last week, has made a jump that defies credulity. It has crossed a yawning chasm ~1.6 billion years wide."
"... According to the authors of this study, this is the first evidence that honeybees can be infected by plant-virus contaminated pollen, but it might not have been the first or last. About 5% of plant viruses are pollen-borne. The genetic material of most? RNA.(ibid. Jennifer Frazer.)..."
'via Blog this'

" ... The evidence of systemic spread and propagation of a plant-pathogenic virus in honeybees raises awareness of the potential impact of new viral disease emergence on bee health. While findings from this study have important implications for understanding TRSV transmission and pathogenesis, much remains to be learned about the intracellular life cycle, species-level genetic variation, and pathogenesis of the virus in honeybee hosts. Although the cause(s) of CCD and the decline in the worldwide bee population is not yet fully understood ..., a growing body of evidence has indicated that parasites and pathogens are key culprits involved in widespread disappearance/death and population declines of honeybees (ibid. Ji Lian Lia. LINK) ..."

i.e., [that is to say; in fewer words] No Bees, No Humans!

[Picture LINK unknown]

_____________________Reference  1. "Pesticides and Honey Bees: State of the Science," Pesticide Action Network North America 2. " Insecticide 'unacceptable' danger to bees, report finds," Guardian, 1/16/13 3. "European Agency concludes neonicotinoid pesticides too dangerous for bees," NRDC, 1/16/13 4. "Leaked document shows EPA allowed bee-toxic pesticide despite own scientists' red flags,"Grist, 12/10/10

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