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Friday, May 14, 2010

MooPig Movie Reviews: "LEGION" [2010]

Not just another Apocalypse Frolic
by Pat Darnell

Time frame for LEGION is like Dusk to Dawn without all the vampires and adolescence. The viewer needs to be a veteran in the genre. Arc Angel Michael lands on Earth and takes off his inter-dimensional collar, and does some gruesome self-mutilation in the first scenes. This is not resolved until his final showdown with Arc Angel Gabriel in the last scene. It is in the final scene Michael delivers his reason for rebelling: "You gave Him what he ordered: I gave Him what he needed."
Rated R for strong bloody violence, and language.
100 Minutes
Directed By: Scott Stewart
Written By: Peter Schink, Scott Stewart
Staring: Paul Bettany, Lucas Black, Tyrese Gibson, Dennis Quaid, Charles S. Dutton, Adrianne Palicki, Kate Walsh, Willa Holland, Kevin Durand
LEGION is a Six Year project for the screen writer Peter Schink who settled on director Scott Stewart. With Paul Bettany, Lucas Black, Tyrese Gibson, and Dennis Quaid, we are entertained by a quintet of some of our favorite actor/director/producers. No wonder we are shocked when Dennis Quaid gets blown to bits in a loose high-pressure hose gas stove explosion. That never happens to him! At worst Dennis Quaid should undergo transfiguration; but even that is left for Lucas Black. Sort of a statement there; "Dennis -- you're the past :: Lucas -- you're the Future."

Understand, Quaid's character didn't want to be where he is in the first place.

Others in the ensemble die in various spectacular ways, as the story spreads its wings.

Jaw dropping animatronics, squibs, zerk hits, and fire gags, play big roles in the various demises of cast and crew. And there is an almost legion of unfortunate zombie-like humans. We learn they are actually faithless humans possessed by angels sent by now faithless God. Of course there is the usual erased memories and personalities, convulsions, fits and fainting as if one were dying, and climbing the walls; makes the plot worth watching-- with all the footprints on the ceiling.

LEGION's plot is so well punctuated in mastery of direction, and in diversionary eye candy, that we viewers might forget what the problem is, or, for that matter what the solution is. Remember, Arc Angel Michael rebels; Arc Angel Gabriel has to try to reign Michael in. Their battles sets off the stipulated number of crucibles, beheading's and neck bites, and car crashes that can be stumped until this horrendous, long, night breaks toward dawn.

Love, Fear, and Hope are as much actors in the movie as the characters. Valuable effort is spent exposing and stretching these standards; Hope is a Zippo lighter, Love is Michael's oath and back pack, while Fear is in all those who defend to protect innocence.

But if I told you what they are all fighting about, it would ruin it for you.

Story and screen write by Peter Schink - Exclusive Interview with LEGION screenwriter
The scribe talks scares and "Angel-fu" (not to be confused with angel food).
By the way, just what is a Squib?
Squibs are used in emergency mechanisms where gas pressure needs to be generated quickly in confined spaces, while not harming any surrounding persons or mechanical parts. In this form, squibs may be called gas generators. One such mechanism is the inflation of automobile air bags. In military aircraft, squibs are used to deploy countermeasures, and are also implemented during ejection to propel the canopy and ejection seat away from a crippled aircraft. They are also used to deploy parachutes.[why ikki peed ya] Squibs are also used in automatic fire extinguishers, to pierce seals that retain liquids such as halon, fluorocarbon, or liquid nitrogen.

What is a Zerk?
Besides being the sparks on surfaces produced to look like bullets hitting the walls and cars and large oil drums... used in special effects for the movies... 
A Zerk is described like this:
The actor and the bus are initially at rest in an inertial frame fixed on the ground. A force causes the bus to accelerate forward. No force in the horizontal direction is initially acting on the actor, so he will remain at rest with respect to the ground. Once the bus starts moving, frictional forces between the floor of the bus and the actor's feet will try to prevent relative movement. Since relative to the floor of the bus the actor moves backward, the frictional forces opposing this motion pull his feet in the forward direction. His feet do not stay under his center, and he falls.

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