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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Uno de Mayo

What Will You be Wearing for UNO de MAYO?
Retrieval and Editorial by Pat Darnell

Bryan\College Station TX | 04.16.2010 PM
I can almost hear tonight an over-wrought Barry Obama talking into the adoring ears of his loving family ...
"I need to feel like I am accomplishing something ..." pines Barry.
He continues to stare into the now watering eyes of Michelle, until the Secret Service changes shifts and clocks out; the sound of the time clock clicking from the kitchen. *[--Click -- 'Good night Mervin.' Click -- 'Good night Nancy.' click -- 'Good night Joseph.' click --'Good night Al.' click -- 'Good night Sylvia.' ... etc]*

Who is looking after Obama's campaign promises while he gets routed by the twenty levels of government above him?
"Why can't we just re-win the election everyday, my love," says an exhausted, tiring Michelle.
It turns out, Barry recently had to release yet another mega-army to the Mideast, just like his predecessors did. Before that, his attempting to pass legislation that is not in the interest of the largest, most sophisticated Lobby in the world -- the AMA -- all by his lonesome, still looks like a Mexican Standoff. Systems Normal; All Fouled Up. Pres Barry did not turn out to be the Congress Whisperer he seemed at first to be, after all.

Just like I hear Michelle, this makes me wish also we could all go back to the day of celebration when Barry and Michelle and cute kids had won. Why didn't he just say the truth:
"Okay, everyone, I proved a non-white, non-Caucasian, non-Sequitur, can win the US Presidency. Now if you don't mind I would like to just hand it over to the runner up."
So there you have our present condition of 'STAGNATION.' They once called it 'Stagflation' in the last century.

Enter Latino persuasion in DuPage County Illinois:
Not to confuse Cinco de Mayo with new Latino leadership lobbyist group: Immigration Solidarity DuPage, the nation will be entertained with gatherings of Hispanics and sympathizers driven rallies on Uno de Mayo:
"Hundreds of Latino leaders in Chicago's suburban communities plan to demand new legislation in a protest on Saturday. ...
"Across the nation, several marches also are being planned for May 1.
"Cristobal Cavazos of Immigrant Solidarity DuPage said advocates are growing impatient with what they see as President Obama's unkept promise to overhaul the nation's immigration system, and they are organizing demonstrations to express their anger. (Margaret Ramirez.April 16, 2010 8:29 PM. HERE)"
  • In DuPage County, tensions have grown as deportations continue and tougher enforcement measures are being used by employers. Last month, a UPS facility in Addison fired more than 200 employees under the online employment verification program known as E-Verify. Under a rule approved last year, federal contractors are now required to use E-Verify.
  • Cavazos said many of the recently fired UPS workers are expected to protest in Saturday's march. In addition, hundreds of parishioners from St. Joseph Church in Addison and St. Isidore Church in Bloomingdale will demonstrate. (Read Ramirez Article HERE)

    Blimey, Barry, I feel for you. What a bum rap you are getting.

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