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Sunday, June 24, 2012

MooPig Site Review :: "Our Tattered Campaign Fund System"

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A Mumbling Waste of Time?
Retrieved by Pat Darnell  |  June 24, 2012  |  Bryan TX

Watch dogs for this mess are falling down and drowning in their own water bowls. There is a mess of dark money being infused into our 2012 presidential race. The thread of legality is that these super PAC's must maintain a "facade" that they are independent of the campaign that they are sloshing billions into.

What is the Dark Money? Non-disclosure is the slippery device that is used to avoid being evaluated by the American people and their watch dogs. Super PAC's say: 'We don't have to disclose our contribution, and we will go to great lengths to make sure no one can find us.'

All of this is happening right now. Because of a Supreme Court decision made since the last election, this presidential election will be the most expensive in the history of mankind. The decision to allow unlimited corporate spending on campaigns is called the Citizens United vs Federal Election Commission decision that Democrats condemn was a "clear signal that the Supreme Court takes a dim view of campaign finance."
" ... WASHINGTON — David Axelrod, President Obama’s political strategist, recently invoked a common perception about the 2012 campaign by blaming the Supreme Court for empowering 21st-century “robber barons trying to take over the government.” (JOHN HARWOOD. June 22, 2012. NYT. HERE) ... "
" ... In the case, a bitterly divided court ruled 5 to 4 that the government may not ban independent political spending by corporations, as well as labor unions and other organizations, in candidate elections. (NYT. June 21, 2012. HERE) ... "

What would make a skin-flint billionaire, cheap shot artist, spend $10 million of his money on a candidate? It is because the election is slanted towards the rich! The less rich candidate cannot keep pace with the rich in their attempts to "quickly, and without disclosure" push through their candidate. A less rich candidate cannot even make a tiny splash with his money raising donations in $25,000 units.

Who is going to file all the lawsuits this rich man's game creates? No one could get ahead of it, or afford it.

LISTEN to Democracy Now! video HERE:
" ... Part two of our conversation with Monika Bauerlein and Andy Kroll of Mothers Jones magazine. The new cover story in the magazine is called "Follow the Dark Money." We discuss at how Karl Rove, Sheldon Adelson and others are bankrolling Mitt Romney’s campaign, why President Obama has opted to accepted unlimited SuperPAC donations as well and Stephen Colbert’s role in the debate over campaign finance. ..."


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