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Thursday, November 14, 2013

MooPig Tech Coroner :: "The Internet of Everything"

The Death of the "Internet" -- and the birth of the "InterWorld"
Mashed articles by Pat Darnell  |  Nov 14, 2013  |  Bryan TX

[Picture source Unknown] This small-cap company's product is roughly the size of a silver dollar -- but it enjoys a dominant market share and air-tight patent protection.

Who is talking about this? I checked my gmail, and up came Motley Fool, an investing group who has my number.

Meaning tens of billions of regular "things"... Sidewalks and cereal boxes...minivans and dress pants...the lawn mower in your shed and the pillows on your bed... Will soon be connected together in an Internet of Everything.

Gmail - They're turning off your Internet -- make $44,500 when the Web goes dark: "4 Words, Can't-Miss Opportunity... Get in NOW on "The Internet of Everything" Sounds kind of funny, doesn't it... "The Internet of Everything.""

'via Blog this'

Get ready for your new sneakers to be Internet-connected ... football helmets will show probabilities of plays success to quarterbacks in the huddle ... Your wedding rings will be Internet compatible so you never again forget your anniversary day ...

Need a stock tip for your future? Well this one might be a doozey. This bit proclaims every thing will be connected via internet. It claims the internet-connected devices globally will grow from 1.5 b
trillion devices to 50 billion devices by 2020.

Most investors haven't heard about the InterWorld yet -- they're still busy trying to figure out when Apple will release another piece of "iJunk".

Why NOW is the final stage of the Digital Era's "Implementation Gap"

Put simply, the Internet of Everything is the final stage of the Internet's progression.
But you haven't read this far just to hear the simple explanation!
So consider this: in 1969, when the Internet was first invented, it could only be used by a few professors operating some clunky switchboards in Menlo Park, California...
Future of the Internet
By 1986, a handful of high-powered players in the international community, including research institutes, educational systems -- and, so the rumor goes, the Pentagon -- were able to harness the power of the Internet for some secretive tinkering...
Then came the 1990's.
The convergence of desktop PCs and Internet Service Providers (or, as I like to call them, "those $@!% cable companies") brought the World Wide Web to consumers everywhere.
And for the next two decades, as companies like Apple and Samsung continued to release new gizmos and gadgets, the Internet went from being in two or three switchboards in California to two or three devices in every home in America.
But just like electricity made a snap transition from a "specialized technology" to a regular feature in everything from sneakers to school-supplies...
The Internet -- and all the potential for progress it brings with it -- is about to move from "Internet-Only" objects to EVERYDAY objects...
Meaning tens of billions of regular "things"...
Sidewalks and cereal boxes...minivans and dress pants...the lawn mower in your shed and the pillows on your bed...
Will soon be connected together in an Internet of Everything.
Granted, the "Internet of Everything" is just the term that scientists, CEOs, academics, and other brainiacs are using to talk about this incredible opportunity...
(And boy are they talking about fact, for nearly a century the brightest minds in the world have been eagerly anticipating this enormous new market.)
But frankly, even though this shift will be absolutely massive in terms of its real-world impact, I think there's a relatively simple way to describe what's happening...

The Death of the "Internet" -- and the birth of the "InterWorld"

The Economist is breathless about how it will do everything from lowering crime to reducing road accidents...
The Wall Street Journal expects it to radically change both business and personal life -- from "the hand-towel dispenser in the washroom" to "your car, your kettle, your toaster... even the mousetraps in your attic."
The European Union is so convinced of this technology's massive impact that it already has a hush-hush multi-national committee (codenamed "Unit D4") working around the clock to introduce laws and governance for it...
And over in China the Beijing bureaucrats are planning to use it to make telephone-booth sized virtual health clinics for billions of rural villagers.
Heck, even the NFL is thinking about getting onboard. Pretty soon, referees might be out of a job...
Because the football will automatically "know" when it's crossed the goal-line!
We don''t make this stuff up. And MooPig loves to share Technological Deaths. Apparently Motley Fool's claims are based on population of 7.1 billion today. The purchase of the stock in the company they suggest is expected to increase at 89% a year for the next six years.
" ... [R]egardless of how you feel about the revolutionary technological shift the InterWorld represents, the facts of the matter are painfully clear:
  •  The InterWorld revolution is already underway -- and gaining momentum at an incredible pace.
  •  There is exactly one company that sits at the very heart of the InterWorld market...and it stands to rake in hundreds of billions of dollars between now and 2020. ... "
Of course, Motley Fool gives you all this information, but leaves out the name of the company that they recommend. It will cost you about $100 to find out what this is all about.

We cannot figure out why investment people write and vlog such long verbose speeches about what they are discovering. Do you know why? I get up to three new "blockbuster stock announcements" per day, but usually read, or listen, to only one every month. One a month seems tolerable.

We cannot offer advice on stock purchases because MooPig Enterprises doesn't know its ass from third base about stocks and stuff.

This reference will not work with most reader's ...

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