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Monday, June 09, 2014

MooPig Brain Industries :: "Lasting Brain Damage from Sports"

Opinions Expressed are Probably Humorous
Mixed martial articles by Pat Darnell  |  June 9, 2014  |  Bryan TX

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Truth is that getting hit in the head is stuff of Comedy. Someone gets conked in the head, begins stumbling around, saying nonsensical things, is theater fodder throughout written history.

When I got hit in the head in football, or baseball, or basketball, my dad used to ask me: "Did you see stars?" That was the test for concussion back in my day, eh? If I had not seen stars, then I was okay. In fact either way didn't stop me from going right back into the game.

In MooPig's Bovine Thirst for Information Department, the editor's ran across this cool article:

A Major League Pitcher's Guide To Baseball's Bullshit Unwritten Rules: "Brandon McCarthy thinks vigilantism wouldn't get out of hand because there are more unwritten rules policing that. "In hockey, guys don't take their skates off and slash an opponent's throat with the blade." See, everyone: progress! McCarthy's choice of analogy is not without irony, since hockey is getting pushback against fighting in the wake of increased awareness of lasting brain damage, something McCarthy full well knows the dangers of. Is it not hypocritical to endorse head gear to protect pitchers from line drives, yet endorse fighting and beanballing?"
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The writer tells stories of sports heroes who have established the myths of unwritten laws in games. Much like the unwritten law of "seeing stars" means a concussion according to my dad. "...(Assuming [a player] survives the barrage of behavior-adjusting fastballs sent at his head in the meantime.)..."

In other words, a bean ball can be an attitude adjuster in baseball, rendering a judgment of long time grudge for a player, inflicting brain damage. Cool, huh? Well, at least is it comical? Says Dirk Hayhurst:
"...If being a humble servant of the game means holding on to grudges for years until the chance to exact revenge presents itself, then my moral compass is off. If being a selfless, I'm only hitting you with this 95 mph fastball because I love you guy is how you play the game the right way, I was happy to play it wrong... When you start inventing rules for why it's OK for you to hurt someone for making you look bad, you're not a gamesman; you're an egomaniac..."
Emotional damage, brain damage, and institutional bullying are the basis for unwritten rules of sports.

[Picture LINK] Side Note: On Aug. 16, 1920, Cleveland Indians shortstop Ray Chapman was struck in the head by a pitch. He died a day later, becoming the only player in major league history to die from a pitched ball.


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