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Saturday, June 07, 2014

MooPig Extinction Level Events Department :: "Grappling with the Truth"

Can We Handle the Truth?
Mixed martial articles by Pat Darnell  |  June 7, 2014  |  Bryan TX

[Picture LINK] ... buffy-tufted-ear marmoset ... Specieism aside, this little fella has lost his habitat ...

The most difficult part of writing is 'staying focused on a story.' MooPig Enterprises takes too much time in following up on its own stories, well, because we don't read our own Blog all that often. But when we do, we get downright self-righteous, and scold ourselves for not following up on that Woolly Mammoth story, or that 12/12/12 story, and how about that cool article we did about Ten Things You Need to Know This Morning! 

Most of today has been spent writing lemmings on faceBook posts, and watching the House of Anubis marathon on TeenNick. I guess that is that. But ...

I actually have a bookmark on my Chrome menu header for The Extinction Protocol blog site. I have to remind myself to check out what is going on in the Extinction Level Events calendar, with this visual/tactile reminder button. And folks, it is surprisingly ambitious of that blog site to post as much as they do about volcanoes, earthquakes, pandemics, and other natural cataclysmic happenings.

The trouble with all that is that scientists are limited by collection of "believable" data. Empirical data exists in modern times only by pre-modern-scientific observations recorded in holy books, scrolls, and the like. Journalism dates only to first novels written, say 1700's. Newspapers date to the 1800's and provide the clearest picture of weather patterns and maybe some natural events for modern scientists to add to their body of knowledge.

Okay, Captain Obvious, let's play cards, shall we? At MooPig Research Department, we grow weary of always having to read about kings, queens, and rich people, as if these legacies have anything to do with anything. Have you ever noticed how holy books talk about kings and what happened during some king's reign; or how many women a king deflowered? We noticed.

So, let's say, you are a lowly scientist fresh with a doctorate in your particular field. You proceed to work in your chosen field. You get beat the hell up by those already ahead of you in your chosen field. But let's amuse ourselves and think you as newbie actually hold the winning hand in the poker game of predicting species extinctions.

The Extinction Protocol | Geologic and Earthchange News events: "In 1995, Pimm found that the pre-human rate of extinctions on Earth was about 1. But taking into account new research, Pimm and his colleagues refined that background rate to about 0.1. Now, that death rate is about 100 to 1,000, Pimm said.

" ... Numerous factors are combining to make species disappear much faster than before, said Pimm and co-author Clinton Jenkins of the Institute of Ecological Research in Brazil. But the No. 1 issue is habitat loss. Species are finding no place to live as more places are built up and altered by humans. Add to that invasive species crowding out native species, climate change affecting where species can survive and over-fishing, Pimm said.

"... The Buffy-tufted-ear marmoset is a good example, Jenkins said. Its habitat has shrunk because of development in Brazil, and a competing marmoset has taken over where it lives. Now it’s on the international vulnerable list."
'via Blog this'

Our truth is we must travel the more difficult road if we are to understand our environment, and live on as a species. As an earth dwelling species, we humans have been given 'somehow' the ability to understand our environment, and to change it with tools.

Y ikki peed ya states: "...Animal rights is the idea that some, or all, non-human animals are entitled to the possession of their own lives, and that their most basic interests – such as an interest in not suffering – should be afforded the same consideration as the similar interests of human beings. (Taylor. 2009. wikki LINK) ..."


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