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Sunday, November 30, 2014

MooPig Stall Tactics Department :: "McConnell Pushes Back... on what, we do not know"

Congratulations McConnell, you are now Main Stream Politician
Mixed Martial Articles by Pat Darnell  |  Nov 29, 2014  |  Bryan TX

In Leaked Tape Mitch McConnell Admits The Koch Brothers Are Running The Republican Party: "In a leaked audio tape of the Koch brothers top secret June 2014 retreat, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) not only admitted that the Republicans would be lost without the Kochs, and revealed who the real power is in the GOP."

'via Blog this'

I tried to listen to this monologue by McConnell, I really tried. I got to about 11 minutes in, out of a 23 minute long tape. Blah, blah, blah... McConnell is obsessed with not being able to say what he wants to say. It sounds like a childhood abuse case. Who beat him up so much and didn't allow him to speak when he was a child?

He refers to the Koch assholes by their first names. Are they his "found" daddy figures?

Then at 14 minutes McConnell opens up questions from the floor. The first question is about engaging in war and "is their anything in the Obama administration" that keeps us from going to war when attacked?

McConnell hims and haws and says a bunch of hucksterisms, and doesn't answer the question. McConnell talks like he has a mouth full of marbles. Then he circles the wagons, HA!, and tries to move into foreign policy on the poor confused questioning women named Cheryl. Then the whole crowd laughs about something.

Then David Koch gets on the microphone and mumbles something about Supreme Court stuff, and blah, blah, blah ... [inaudible corporate-ese shit]. And old man McConnell jumps right back into freedom of speech monologue and says that even Ted Kennedy voted against it "fifteen years ago." Invoking the dead is like talking to the dead, Mitch, they really can't fight back, you know.

Dear readers, all six of you, used to be seven but one retired, we are up against century long feuds between addle-brained career politicians who cannot even speak clearly.

Then at 20:54 McConnell is trying to itemize what we should do, and he says something peculiar. If the Republicans control the two houses "that means we can pass the spending bill. And, I [Mitch] assure that in the spending bill, we will be pushing back against this bureaucracy by doing what's called putting riders in the bill ... We're going to go after them on healthcare, on financial services, on the Environmental Agency across the board ..."

Then at 22:41 McConnell admits to insanity by pulling out the abused old saw from Einstein, "...the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result..."

When McConnell talks about "THEM" he is talking about "YOU AND ME." YIKES!

If you want to be a politician, you had better be prepared to be the last person on earth that anyone wants to talk with. You will be a billionaire's bitch, and will have to learn to take in in the ass.

SUGGESTION: Listen to this tape if you like to puke.


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