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Saturday, October 13, 2012

MooPig's Famous Last Words Department :: "NDAA"

Remember a While Back, POTUS signed away all our Rights...?
Snagged by Pat Darnell | Oct 13, 2012 | Bryan TX
" ... Quote Source: HERE
Gary Null interviewed Birgitta Jonsdottir from Iceland's Hreyfingin (the Movement) political party on the status of the Hedges vs. Obama lawsuit regarding the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Section 1021 which allows for the indefinite detention of American citizens and any other global citizens that Obama desires to incarcerate and possibly torture. The act uses some nebulous, other factors, catch-all criteria, ambiguous language that Obama's attorneys have failed to define after 9 months of litigation. (The Gary Null Show -€“ Birgitta Jonsdottir - 09/28/12) ..." 

" ... No Mr. President we can not trust you not to use it, because if that were the case you would not be so insistent in it being left in there, even though it was found unconstitutional by a Federal Judge. And even if we did trust you, how do we know the next Presidents won't use it. The inclusion of "indefinite detention" suggests that someone is trying to make it legal, because they are already doing it. (Terry Clay. 10.12.2012)... "

" ... President Obama doesn't make laws. Congress makes laws. If ya'll want better laws that don’t infringe on civil liberties, than you need a better Congress. I'd suggest you all research this bill, and reasons for the signing by Obama, instead of attacking him for having no choice.

I did a lot of research on this bill! Mainly because I thought it was such a crock and I still do! IT's SO SAD, to have no choice but to sign such a piece of shit bill. BUT, since most of you don't seem to know, It's one bill he didn't have the power to Vetoe... how whacked is that!? ...

Since the NDAA was a "must pass" bill with how it was written, a vetoe would have been overrun by votes anyway, so it still would have become law. If your President, didn't pass the bill, many military, including veterans, would not have gotten pay-checks. What a sad law to have to pass. Come on people. Do your research.

It's not Obama you have to worry about with this bill, it's the future administrations. Just my research. Prove me wrong. (James Cordeiro. 10.12.2012) ... "


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