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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

MooPig FWD faecesBook Department :: "Mitt Romney"

Nick-Names for Robmoney... the Whack-a -mole King ... The Complete List (A-Z)
Snagged by Pat Darnell | Oct 10, 2012 | Bryan TX

  • The Complete List (A-Z)

    American Borat

    Bain in the Ass (David Letterman)
    Below Average (reference to his not-so-good grades in school, business and politics)
    Bermuda Barracuda (Mike Burch, reference to his corporate raiding and offshore shell corporations)
    Big Data (reference to the android Data on Star Trek)
    Bishop Romney (he actually was a bishop in the Mormon church, with his own diocese, called a "Stake")
    Book of Moron (Young Turks, pun on the Book of Mormon)

    Captain AmerCIA
    Captain Ameri-con (Mike Burch)
    Captain Chucklebuns (Jon Stewart)
    Capitol Gains
    Cayman Chameleon (Mike Burch, reference to his waffling and offshore IRAs and pun on Karma Chameleon)

    Darth eVader (Mike Burch)
    Decepticon (Young Turks)
    Dipshit Mitt
    Ditto Dubya
    Dog Dispatcher (Mike Burch, for strapping his dog Seamus to the roof of his car for an 11-hour road trip)
    Dubya Ditto

    Empty Suit

    Fancy Cheesebag (at prep school)
    Fee-Fee (pun on fees instead of taxes, as Massachusetts governor)
    Flip-Flop Mitt
    Flip-Flop Romney
    Flip Romney
    Flip Willard

    Gutless Wonder (

    Javelin (secret service code name, referring to a car produced by his father's company American Motors)

    King of Bain (Newt Gingrich)
    King of Bane
    King of Pain

    Lord of the Flies (a fellow student)
    Lord of the Rings (Olympics)

    Magic Undies (Young Turks)
    Massachusetts Mauler
    Matinee Mitt
    Med-evil Mitt (Mike Burch, pun on Dark Age thinking and evil medical plans)
    Mega Millions Jackpot (his wife Ann)
    Meh Romney (I don't get it either)
    Miffed Mitt (Mike Burch, when he doesn't get his way)
    Mighty Mormon Power Ranger
    Missionary Mitt (he was a Mormon missionary too)
    Mitt Moneybags
    Mitt Inappropriate (Mike Burch)
    Mitt Robbed Me
    Mitt Robme
    Mitt Rotney (Maxine Waters)
    Mitt the Flopple (Mike Burch, pun on Mott the Hopple)
    Mitt the Omitter (Mike Burch)
    Mitt the Press (David Letterman)
    Mitt the Ripper
    Mitt the Ripster (Mike Burch)
    Mitt the Shit
    Mitt the Twit (The Sun of London, Rupert Murdoch)
    Mitt the Twitt
    Mitt Twitter (Mike Burch)
    Mittler (LGBT community)
    Mittsy Bainer (pun on Mitzi Gaynor)
    Mitt Witt
    More Money (at Bain)
    Mr. 1%
    Mr. Ego
    Mr. Roboto (at high school)
    Multiple Choice Mitt
    Multiple Mitt
    Mute Romney (
    Myth Romney

    Nacho Romney (his grandfather moved to Mexico in order to practice polygamy)
    Nit Wit Mitt (teksyndicate)
    Nit Wits 4 Mitt (his supporters)
    Nowhere Man (The London Times, Rupert Murdoch)

    Obama Lite
    Omit Mitt (because he leaves out all unpleasant facts about his career as a vulture capitalist)

    Pac-Man (Young Turks, pun on Political Action Committees)
    Pander Bear
    PepperMitt Patty (Mike Burch)
    Phony Bologna
    Pink Slip
    Pink Slip Mitt

    Quit Mitt, Shit! (a cry of agonized distress from his Bain victims)

    R. Money (ghetto name; Romney misspelled)
    Rigger Mortis (Mike Burch)
    Robmoney (while Massachusetts governor)
    Robocorp (Young Turks)
    Rombo (David Letterman)
    Romney and the Romulans (reference to cold-blooded Star Trek aliens)
    Romneycon (Mike Burch)
    Romney Hood (President Obama, pun on Robin Hood stealing from the poor to give to the rich)
    Romneygeddon (Yahoo)
    Romnuts (David Letterman)
    Roof Doggy Dog
    Rook Romney
    Rosy Palm

    Serial Killer (reference to "corporations are people")
    Shit Romney
    Silver Spoon
    Slick Dancing Mitt (Massachusetts)
    Stuporman (Mike Burch)

    The Early Front-Runner
    The Job Cremator
    The Lie
    The Massachusetts Marxist (Village Voice)
    The Mormonator (David Letterman)
    The Romneybot
    The Rommunist
    The Terminator (at Bain, for firing people and destroying entire companies)
    The Perminator (Mike Burch, a pun on his stiff 'do)
    The Sperminator (Mike Burch because he wants to force rape and incest victims to bear their abusers' babies)
    The Verminhater (Mike Burch, because he seems look down on people who aren't richer than Midas)
    The Wrath of RhomneyKhan (Mike Burch)

    The Waffle
    The Weasel (
    Tin Man (reference to no heart)

    Unfit Mitt
    Un-Mitt-igated Disaster (Mike Burch)

    Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy

    Weather Vain
    Weather Vane (constantly changing direction)
    Willard (reference to the rat movie)
    Willard Billhard (Mike Burch)
    Willard Fillmore (Mike Burch)
    Wily Willy (Mike Burch)
    Wrong Way Romney (Mike Burch)

    X-Mitt (Mike Burch, as in "hopefully crossed out at the ballot box")

    Yugo (his father was "Rambler" at American Motors)

    Ziggurat Mitt (he thinks he's closer to heaven and the gods than the rest of us mere mortals)

    The Pander Bear speaks

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MooPig_Wisdom said...

Daleks, Autons, Axons, Boks, and the Beasts from the Pit, Cassandra, Clockwork Robos, Cybermen, Daemons and Davros, Face of Boe, Empress of Racnoss, Destroyer, Fendahleens, Ice Warriors and Jagaroth, Macra and the Master ... yeah, Robmoney built it all himself... what a floating turd is Mitt.

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