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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

MooPig Report from the Middle -- PRIVATIZATION : the Game, Part TWO, UPDATE

by Pat Darnell  |  Oct 31, 2012  |  Bryan TX
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DISNEY TO ACQUIRE LUCASFILM LTD. | The Walt Disney Company: "Lucasfilm to join company's global portfolio of world class brands including Disney, ESPN, Pixar, Marvel and ABC."

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Marvelous, now you can summon your Earnings Per Share, EPS, on your Disney stock... and watch that blue chipper soar... or not. Is this just another old guy looking to cash in on his long held business?

With Star Wars Episode 7 due out in 2015 ... will it be animated totally using zoo animals? I think we can forget about creativity for now. This is 'bidness' and it talks mighty to the net earnings crowd. Like we say at MooPig Creative Counsel Meetings, the more bidness, the less creativity.

With all bidness practices now being challenged throughout the world, I wonder if the New World Order Crowd has upgraded their modus operandi. Has Rothschild decided to change his name again; to something more NWO-ie... like "Zanzibar," or *[Google: 'catchy new world order names']* ... phone rings, dead air and some heavy breathing, no one talking... "Nibiru" new world order News planet ...?

We have obliterated the fine lines between one-of-a-kind creative genius in our time. Tragic, but true. It is our post-modern contribution to arts and entertainment; for now. You want it and you want it now, no point in telling you that "what you want" has a one year delivery time on it!

Disney should own all the cartoony stuff... why not? One day satellite Disney will start to orbit the earth like the moon, and we will have Wizards of Waverly on our headsets.

I still say we should lease Washington, DC, to Disney for 99 years, and let them turn it into a theme park. Criminy, yes, and then let the federal government could move around to different cities every six years. Most two term Presidencies last about six years, the last two years of presidency are lame duck activities like foreign affairs, and catching up on state trips around the world that weren't taken in the first six years.

Sure thing: six years in Denver, another six in Salt Lake City, hell maybe even a six year gig in Paris, who knows... the federal government butt buddies could govern from across the pond, away from all this climate change malady.

Oh, what about the federal government paper stuff? We know that can be housed in a medium sized metal building in a secret place provided by our military. We should make sure the terabyte computers are all waterproof though... *[lessons learned from Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina.]*

How It Works/Example: Let's assume that during the fourth quarter, Company DISNEY GALAXY reported net income of $400 trillion. During the same time frame, the company had a total of 10 million shares outstanding. In this particular case, the company's quarterly earnings per share (or EPS) would be ...

... hmmmmm calculated as follows: *[wait a minute we need a calculator... call the Calculator Department, Nathan]*

... $400 trillion / 10 million shares = $4,000,000 or at current dollars adjusted for future inflation is about $0.40 centavos ....

So, keep believing in your blue chipper funds, they will certainly keep the private sector alive, just barely.

[Picture LINK]

[Picture LINK]

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