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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

MooPig's Debate Watch :: "Comments From the Street"

Retrieved by Pat Darnell  |  Oct 23, 2012  |  Bryan TX

[Picture LINK] ...  "WASHINGTON, — You watched the conventions, you’ve been bombarded by political ads, you’ve seen the candidates umpteen times on the evening news, and you may have even heard President Obama and Mitt Romney speak from the stump in person. And in the last couple of weeks you have seen the polls in swing states shift dramatically in favor of President Obama.
Now with less than a few weeks before Election Day, November 6, comes that watershed moment, the Presidential Debates. It can be make or break time for a candidate, especially for Mitt Romney, who has had a bad few weeks. ... "

From the STREETS ...
Jason Williams
We also don't have many horses and bayonets *dead*.....
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Kevin Hendrix Have u seen anyone as slimy and slippery as Mitt???
about an hour ago · Unlike · 2

Gina Moore-Sanders And we have these ships that go underwater that are called nuclear submarines!
about an hour ago · Unlike · 4

Scott Hite So telling a republiCorp "fuck you and the horse you rode in on" is actually feasible?
about an hour ago · Unlike · 2

Mario Diaz do we still have those cool looking powdered wigs??
about an hour ago · Unlike · 4

Eric OccupyChicago Roberts Can you believe that conservatives are saying stupid shit like "the marines still use bayonets and horses"....apparently they do not know that fewer/less does not mean none. I also heard one saying that ships don;t go under the water...only submarines...I am amazed at the stupidity of people on the right. Can they really be that fucking stupid? Or is ti just show?
about an hour ago · Unlike · 3

Khadijah Fakhrid-Deen and we have these aircraft carriers that planes land on lol
about an hour ago · Unlike · 3

Mario Diaz no they really are that stupid
about an hour ago · Unlike · 2

Eric OccupyChicago Roberts Something i did learn tonight. The Army apparently stopped doing bayonet training in 2010. I remeber my bayonet training when i was in the Army. Fun stuff. Nothing like shredding dummies with a slashing weapon...w00t!
about an hour ago · Unlike · 1

Mario Diaz they'd eat shit if you told them it was pudding
about an hour ago · Unlike · 3

Gina Moore-Sanders @Eric OccupyChicago -- He's trying to bring back betamax, too.
about an hour ago · Unlike · 4

Earl Lewis Romney spent half this debate and was agreed with obama....i can't stand his flip flopping behind
about an hour ago · Unlike · 1

Eric OccupyChicago Roberts ROFL Gina!
about an hour ago · Unlike · 1

Eric OccupyChicago Roberts The final CNN/ORC post-debate poll shows 48% of respondents who watched the third presidential debate thought President Barack Obama won the event, compared to 40% who thought Mitt Romney won.
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Gina Moore-Sanders Well this group supports Romney >>
about an hour ago · Like

Eric OccupyChicago Roberts 40% think Romney won? WTF drugs are these people taking? I want some.
about an hour ago · Like

Earl Lewis i'd vote for mitt if he said something
about an hour ago · Like

Eric OccupyChicago Roberts Whitehouse bought that Gina...
about an hour ago · Like · 1

Earl Lewis I can't vote for a candidate whose own state isn't voting for him....HOWS THAT FOR A FACT!!!!
about an hour ago · Like

Eric OccupyChicago Roberts You have nothing to fear Earl...he won't ever say anything smart.
about an hour ago · Like

Mario Diaz i wouldnt wait on that bus Earl
about an hour ago · Like · 1

Gina Moore-Sanders There are no smart ones in that multiple personality disorder of his... Ann Coultergiest did call Obama a "retard"
about an hour ago · Like

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Gina Moore-Sanders You know @Earl that does take one talented to throw away all that kind of money, but I guess they're betting on the people being stupid or force the change in voting to where smart people can't vote.
about an hour ago · Like

Kalik K Crick From the same CNN poll 25 said they will vote for Romney and 24 said they'll vote for Obama. 50% no difference..
41 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Scott Hite I hear they've got Buffalo soldiers too. We will invade Iran on a blazing herd of buffalos.
40 minutes ago · Like · 1

Kalik K Crick Romney 2012
38 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Patrick Darnell Robmoney: "Well, if I can't screw it, or throw money at it, it's not worth my time...."
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