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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

March Against Monsanto Is The Beginning of The End For Monsanto

March Against Monsanto Is The Beginning of The End For Monsanto:   EXCERPT  |  " ...Even organic and natural farmers are subject to such legal attacks, since it’s possible for the patented seeds (which India calls biopiracy) to blow over to such farms and begin to grow. This is also how widespread GMO contamination begins, to which the USDA simply responds ‘get insurance’.

" ... We can even go back decades to find that Monsanto was integral in the creation of the infamous Agent Orange, a Vietnam-era chemical warfare weapon which estimates say killed or maimed around 400,000 people and caused a startling 500,000 birth defects. But the days where this information could hide as footnotes within the media are over. (May 14, 2013 . by Anthony Gucciardi. LINK) ... "

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About a year ago last April, I wrote a Report from the Middle about depression, HERE. Count your blessings if you have no depression. Some say love of money, the root of all evil, invokes depression on a large scale.
EXCERPT  |  " ... A survey documented in the 2010 World of Work Report published by the International Institute for Labour Studies suggests that the [financial] crisis has induced an unprecedented global decline in life satisfaction. In concrete terms this has translated into greater pessimism about the quality of life, diminished confidence in the ability of governments to shape brighter and fairer futures, and greater social unrest among other things. (Chen, Michelle. April 28, 2012. HERE)... "
It is becoming more evident that the large corporations are not helping in this matter. Rather they continue to figure out ways for working people to pay for global take over of the food sources.

In a comment from my April, 2012 post comes this:
"Monsanto, which is almost synonymous with agriculture, developed Round-Up some years ago. It is a safe and highly effective herbicide, when used properly. The first non-selective type that is comparatively safe around the root systems of plants.(I will qualify all of my statements here because the X-factors of greed and impatience aren't included in the chemical equation of glyphosphate, which is the weed killing compound in Round-Up).
"Properly used, it is sprayed on the leaf structure of a plant, kills its way to the roots and then basically stops harming vegetation.
"Some types of food crops have been genetically altered to tolerate glyphosphate, making them able to be treated and continue growing. Other seeds have been altered with certain organic genes to prevent insect damage. The trade off is, the companies trying to help the situation are "For Profit Companies" and would like to sell more seeds. The plants are fairly sterile to facilitate replenishment by the companies involved.

"Food and fiber are important, as are many other things. American farmers are the bell tower of the world when it comes to producing and delivering these commodities. Left alone, they would make the U.S. would look like a cornucopia. Spilling out into a hungry world. (Darnell, David. July 14, 2010.) "
Genetic engineering of food sources has sped up de-evolution of mankind, and sped up the impending demise of Monsanto.


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