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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

MooPig Free Range Grazing Rights Department :: "Madness DeLayed"

Texas Politics always Shady?
Mashed articles by Pat Darnell |  Oct 30, 2012  | Bryan TX

Does anyone remember dodgy DeLay? The mesmerizing houdini of negotiations, who negotiated himself into a jail cell. He recently was let go, by "divine justice," so he says.

It's Texas bullshit as usual. This state is so full of bombastic idiots, that it really seems to be the norm -- to be several cards short of a full deck.

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Tom DeLay: I’m back and I’m on a mission from God | The Raw Story: "In his speech to the group, DeLay waxed on about how his faith in Christ helped him struggle through criminal charges for money laundering and racketeering. His money laundering conviction was overturned in September by a Texas judge.

“It’s really happy day for me, and I just thank the Lord for carrying me through all of this and it really drove my detractors crazy because I had the joy of Jesus in me and they didn’t understand it,” said DeLay to reporters in September.

The man known as “The Hammer” for his aggressive negotiating style spent more than $12 million in legal fees in order to avoid jail time."

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Comments at the end of the article:

mgardener • 20 minutes ago − Think he's confusing his "God" with his banker. Of course he's out, he spent 12 million dollars and had a Bush appointed judge. Didn't need 'God' when you have money and a judge. You know, maybe God is punishing us, not because of gay marriage, but because we have.... Republicans!!!

rt5guide • 41 minutes ago − It would seem that "God" has been doing a shitty job in the messenger department as of late. Where's the burning bush stuff? THAT I would pay heed too. The ones that God has "chosen" to carry water as of late, not so much.

stingray68 • an hour ago − Run, Tom, run! What could be better than having a crooked hack like you back in Congress as the "new" face of the GOP. Why let Ted Cruz have all the fun of being the nation's Number One Scumbag?

surgethis • 3 hours ago Just think about the back rooms and sickening conversation with whiskey breath and cigar smoke in the air where Tom DeLay made his deals and crafted the facade that he is a god fearing man.

surgethis • 3 hours ago DeLay has nothing left but the religious card. He is bankrupt as a human being. The radical religious right that wormed its way into our system like a blood sucking parasite will embrace any broken sociopath willing to spew the lies and distortions they call Christian values. Values that they claim gives them the right to lie, cheat and steal all in the name of god who they claim speaks to them directly. Dangerous revolting pigs.

althejazz • 3 hours ago − Looks like the nutters are now running the asylum

Autumn V. • 5 hours ago − Hey Tom - God just spoke to me also, and he says you are a blooming idiot!

Angela Monger • 5 hours ago − People like him really need to be locked away in a mental institution. It wasn't some deity that got him off the hook for being a crook. It was the money that did that. And quite frankly I could do without his revolution.

D_C_Wilson • 6 hours ago − It's official. God hates America.

Foundryman • 6 hours ago − Who does he think he is? Elwood Blues?


Jerry Callender • 9 hours ago − The effrontery - everyone knows god only talks to Pat Robertson.


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