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Monday, October 07, 2013

MooPig Brain Industry :: "Brain Initiative"

We Wonder if Barry reads Our Stuff ...? or, Have Brain: Need Map!
By Pat Darnell  |  Oct 7, 2013  |  Bryan TX

[Craniotomy Picture LINK]

MooPig Wisdom Enterprises does not toot its own horn -- except this one time. Back in April 2013 the White House led by Barry Obama announced the "Brain Initiative." And why we toot our own horn is because we thought of it first. In fact we were talking about brain industries a decade ago. Brain references began early in our MooPig Wisdom blog: here --Brainstorm: Smaller world, bigger market
JavaJoy, Inc. ..., By Patrick Darnell, Marketing Research Practices, ... and here -- Ever thought about letting professionals do your Marketing?  ...   GI, Going International  ... and ...  Generalists have a place in Tech... Everyone needs Pedagogy once in a while  ...  all "brain-storming" articles from online courses taken in 2006. Brain tickling such as:
" ... Editing, reducing, summarizing, looking for patterns, and applying statistical techniques to data will provide advanced knowledge of customer segments, and loyalty. ... "
We even wrote this poem in 2000:
Brain Industries
My brain is mysterious
it contains all that I am
a macro in a skull of bone
... mind you, mind me, my mind.

It says all the time
I am what I eat
Yet it eats everything
and I do ...
mind you, mind me, my mind.

Some might say
'You control the brain
then you control the heart...'
Not so ...

My brain is libido,
my heart is motion;


This brain sits
While the heart runs

... times factors in billions ...

Do you get it?
Patrick Darnell (10.2000)

And this free verse in 2010:
Visitors and Brain Industries
Elongated cranium
fashion from
Sirius B and A,
Potolo Ama,
and Dogons,
knew it --
"Star Knowledge"
told through oral culture.

Artisans -- split apart hybrids ...

Catalogers left to hash it out ...

Sirius B -- how far away is that?

Zuni -- 1200 BC
Egypt is at bat

Dogon Spacemen
visitors, Sky People
Keepers of Space

Dance each year
in full head dress
in costumes to re-enact
coming of Space gods
and elongated cranius
That's a fact!

Copyright © 2010 Patrick Darnell
What we have learned over the past fifteen years is that understanding of our beautiful Brains' Industry is that it is in its infancy, and any body of knowledge about Brains is going to be out of date before it can be printed. Brain Initiative by Barry Obama pontificated on April 2, 2013, initializes work toward the goal of "mapping the activity of every neuron in the human brain, an initiative that has been projected to cost more than $300 million per year for ten years."

In a news conference on April 2, 2013, President Obama announced "that he would seek an initial expenditure of $100 million for fiscal year 2014." In a January 2013 meeting, a group of neuroscientists concluded that "the project would generate about 300 exabytes of data every year, presenting a significant technical barrier."

Furthermore, the usefulness of most of the currently available high-resolution brain activity monitors is limited because they are highly invasive, being implanted by a process that involves surgically opening the skull.

MooPig Wisdom and all its Enterprises are tickled pink to be an axle hub on the wagon of this pioneering event -- the sorting out of Brain Industries as to be discovered by the Brain Initiative 2013. Open your minds; open your skulls. Have Brain -- Will Travel.

Eight years of work, thousands of researchers around the world, $1 billion spent — and finally it was done. On April 14, 2003, a decade ago this week, scientists announced that they had completed the Human Genome Project, compiling a list of the three billion letters of genetic code that make up what they considered to be a sort of every person’s DNA.

And, now, it's the Brain's turn!!

[Picture LINK] CAPTION: "My name is Dana. In April of 2012, I was diagnosed with...unfortunate brain news. This is where you can read and watch my story unfold. I had a bean-sized mass / tumor / house boat living in my brain that I was on a quest to destroy. After one crazy craniotomy in July of 2012, we discovered it was a low-grade neuronal neoplasm--a rare but FORTUNATE form of growth. I will still have to get quarterly bi-monthly MRI's to monitor the remaining bits of the tumor, but I'm cool with this as long as I get a cupcake afterwards. My tumor's name is Brain Worm, Clampy, James, or Neutron Dance. I also talk in a strange language like one of the Navi." [



Patrick Darnell said...

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Now, as humans, we can identify galaxies light years away. We can study particles smaller than an atom, but we still haven't unlocked the mystery of the three pounds of matter that sits between our ears. But today, scientists possess the capability to study individual neurons and figure out the main functions of certain areas of the brain. But a human brain contains almost 100 billion neurons, making trillions of connections. So Dr. Collins says it's like listening to the strings section and trying to figure out what the whole orchestra sounds like. So as a result, we're still unable to cure diseases like Alzheimer's or autism, or fully reverse the effects of a stroke. And the most powerful computer in the world isn't nearly as intuitive as the one we're born with.

So there's this enormous mystery waiting to be unlocked, and the BRAIN Initiative will change that by giving scientists the tools they need to get a dynamic picture of the brain in action, and better understand how we think and how we learn and how we remember. And that knowledge could be - will be - transformative.

Patrick Darnell said...

Not only have federal parks, courts, NASA, and US Web sites gone dark during the current government shutdown, but the government's high-tech BRAIN mapping project also has been halted.
Led by a handful of federal agencies -- like the National Institutes of Health, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and the National Science Foundation -- most people working on the initiative are on a forced furlough, leaving the project to gather dust in the interim.
If the shutdown lasts for more than a few days, it could stall the project far into the future, according to Popular Science. This is because of how the funding is allocated. If the National Institutes of Health isn't able to start giving scientists their grants immediately, the scheduled 2014 launch and future goals of the initiative could be delayed, causing unforeseen consequences.
"The government shutdown will very definitely affect BRAIN -- will bring it to a complete halt in fact," Stanford University professor Bill Newsome, who is a co-chair on the initiative, told Popular Science. "If this stoppage is protracted, the start of the BRAIN project in 2014 will definitely be at risk."
Newsome said that if the shutdown ends this week, the project will be able to get back on track. "I think if people were called back to work on Friday, this whole thing becomes an incredible nuisance, but it's not a showstopper," he said.

Patrick Darnell said...

Since April, the neuroscience community has been gearing up for the Brain Research Through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies initiative (BRAIN), the Obama administration's ambitious plan to map the human brain. Its goal is to "accelerate the development and application of new technologies that will enable researchers to produce dynamic pictures of the brain that show how individual brain cells and complex neural circuits interact at the speed of thought.” The BRAIN initiative is being led by the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation and DARPA. NIH, which pledged $40 million to the initiative, was due to start allocating its BRAIN funding to scientists soon, but now that the government shutdown has furloughed most of its staff, the project, already on a tight schedule, has been put on pause.

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