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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

MooPig FWD Email Department :: "A Funny Thing happened today on my way to Work..."

Gub'mint Shutdown, Day One
mashed articles by Pat Darnell  |  Oct 1, 2013  |  Bryan TX

EXCERPT  |  " ... The mild market reaction is probably justified if the shutdown only lasts a few days. The impact will grow more-noticeable with time.

The furloughed workers are the tip of a potentially much-bigger iceberg. For example, Wall Street analysts rely on federal agencies like the Bureau of Labor Statistics to help feed their economic models with new information. Data-starved models, of course, are useless.

And now, the monthly employment report covering September that’s due to come out this Friday probably won’t.

Remember, the Federal Reserve is on the edge of a major policy change that depends on employment data. A slight delay may not matter since their next policy meeting isn’t until Oct. 29-30 — but we may never get an October jobs report. The raw survey data will not exist if the federal workers who collect it are still off the clock in mid-October.

Housing is another big question mark. Home prices are already dealing with higher mortgage rates. Now the Federal Housing Agency is down to "essential" staff only. Getting a mortgage just got harder.

The same is true for all sorts of federally backed loan programs. SBA small-business loans, USDA farm loans and others are all affected. Delays won’t help people waiting on loan approvals so they can move into new homes or expand their businesses.

One agency that won’t close down is the Federal Reserve Board. The Fed is "self-funding" and actually makes a profit from its monetary policies. They will carry on business as usual — but business will grow less and less "usual" if the shutdown drags on. (Brad Hoppmann | October 1, 2013. LINK) ... "

UPDATE :: from faceBook

Nina Gray Facts: I know some people cant wrap their heads around this word so I will try to use as little words as possible.

Say you make $11 an hour at your job. But you know someone that makes less than you. You know what the ACA is now going to require? The lowest salaried persons in YOUR workplace is the deciding factor on your weekly premium. Let me put that into perspective. Where I work, our premium is around $35 a week. I make $11 an hour. If someone there makes $9.50, their salary is used to consider if my healthcare is affordable.

At 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year, said person makes $19760. The cap set forth by ACA is 9.5%. So what that means is their premium cant exceed that. So that means their yearly premium cant go over $1877.20 ($36.10 a week cause I know most get theirs nailed on a weekly basis). But at the same time, my premium cant go above that either because its a flat rate for the company.

Tell me how this is wrong?

Another thing that is happening, at least in Maine, adults are going to be phased out of Maine care. So they have to go get jobs and get insurance or face fines. And there are other states imposing that too. Also, illegal immigrants cant get insurance. No SS#, no insurance.

Tell me how that is wrong?

Oh and if you have a pre-existing condition, you cant be denied coverage. Women cant pay more than men now (cause multiple studies have been done that show women paying more). 80% of what you pay NEEDS to go to your care now instead of lining your insurance companies pockets. Kids can be covered to 26 which I think is great if they are continuing school. I would rather have to pay for my insurance and know she can concentrate on school instead of her trying to balance work and school in an effort to keep insurance.

Tell me how that is wrong?

So there are multiple people that are losing benefits and pay. Thankfully the president signed a bill at the last minute last night that ensured that the 1.4 million active duty military still get paid. Thank you president.

Tell me how that is wrong?

There are 100 people in the senate. 99 of them make $174,000 a year while the leader gets $223,500. Thats a grand total of $17,449,500. Just for the Senate. The house of representatives is another 432 people at $174,000 each (a couple make more but Im low balling for measure). Thats another $75,168,000. Altogether, our "congress" makes close to 1 billion every year. And the kicker? They work about 120 days a year. And in this shut down those fuckers still get paid.

Tell me how that is right?


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